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This reminds me of when Survivor came out..Kat-tun also~

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70,000 copies of JYJ's special edition has been sold out. Remixed versions of [Get Out] and [In Heaven] were also released in a new style.

On 30 November, their management agency C-JeS Entertainment said, "Even though they were prohibited from TV, JYJ's special album which was released in September sold more than 250,000 copies. Their special edition, which consists of a music video DVD and remix versions of their songs, went on sale this week and 70,000 copies were sold out." C-JeS Entertainment said that the special edition included remix versions of the songs [Get Out] and [In Heaven], both of which are immensely popular.

JYJ said, "Because they are our own compositions, the remix versions hold special meaning for us. For the people who are hoping for a sentimental winter or the people who are going to party with their friends; there are various types of songs that everyone can listen to, relax and enjoy." The remix tracks for [Get Out] and [In Heaven] will be revealed through major music sites like Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Cyworld and more, on 1 December.

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SNSD, KARA and TVXQ have been confirmed for this year’s NHK‘s “Red and White Singing Battle” (Kōhaku Uta Gassen).

Japan’s Sankei Sports and other newspapers reported that SNSD and KARA will join the list of attendees for the first time and TVXQ will be attending for the group’s third time in a row.

This is an annual event held in Japan. At this event, fifty singers and groups come on, split up into the Red team and the White team and sing their heart out.

Sankei Sports said, “It was already big news that Korean stars Jang Geuk Suk, Supernova, 2PM and SHINee would be performing at the event, [so it's exciting that] SNSD, KARA and TVXQ have been confirmed as well.”

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NHK hasn't released any information so please take this news with a grain of salt. Only Korean sources has confirmed this. NOT JAPANESE.

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CM: For those watching excite,
YH&CM: Hello, we are Tohoshinki!
CM: Yes, the title of the single CD this time is “Winter”.
YH: Aaaaa~~~winter!
CM: Winter, since it is winter, it is a special winter plan, so the title is called “Winter”. In this album, Winter Rose, and
YH: Duet, winter version, the Christmas version of Duet is included.
CM: First of all, for Winter Rose, normally, roses do not bloom in winter
YH: Yes
CM: But we want them to bloom with our warm hearts. We want to convey our warm feelings to many of you. The song is a love song, including these thoughts.
YH: And for Tohoshinki, it is the first time we will release a Christmas song, so everyone, please look forward to the album. And for Duet, it is different version from the Duet that everyone has heard before. It is the Duet from the album Tone, but the musical arrangement is new, so please support this song, too.
CM: Yes.

(The PV filming)
CM: The filming for the Winter Rose PV. Personally, I thought that the snow was real.
YH: Isn’t the snow real?
CM: No, it isn’t.
YH: Yes
CM: When you look at it from a near distance, it is salt and others, fake ones, but looking from far away, it looks
YH&CM: Real. The scenery is really beautiful.
CM: Yes, it is. And we were together with the 2 cute children. So it became a pure and warm PV.
YH: Yes
CM: Yes
YH: They were really cute, and that child
CM: They were really cute.
YH: I was said to be 30 years old, and I…. Well, we really had a good time filming the PV. I think it was a fruitful year, we did our best running through the days. We would like to work harder and harder, so everyone, please support us.
CM: Yes. Starting from Jan 18, 2012,
CM: From Yokohama
CM: We will start our new concert tour TONE.
CM: Since it’s a tour after a long time, I want to show you the grown Tohoshinki.
YH: We would like to enjoy the time together with everyone. We want to make it a good live.
CM: Yes. We would like to make it a good live.
YH: Yes
CM: Winter, as we released as a Christmas present from us,
YH: Winter Rose and Duet (winter version). Everyone, please hear the song.
YH&CM: Sent to you by Tohoshinki.
YH: Bye-bye

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(Before the drama’s broadcast, 0:00-0:41)
I’m Changmin of Tohoshinki. Paradise Ranch, which I took the leading role for the first time, will be broadcasted starting today. There are beautiful sceneries, and the highlights of the drama are the pure romantic love story of the young in such sceneries. It was the first time I acted, furthermore, I was very embarrassed by the love scenes, but I think we were able to film without any problems.

(After the drama’s broadcast, 0:42-1:12, from the Japanese subs)
It’s not heavy.
Let’s go, 1, 2,..
Step down even if you aren’t told. What do you think you are?
Cut! Once more.
I’m sorry.
Oh…are you busy today?
Can I omit “Oh”?
Please look forward to the next episode!

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Merry Christmas!
The year 2011 has passed by in a flash! I will be wishing from the bottom of my hear that next year, all of you will be given all the happiness. Have an amazing Christmas!
- Yunho

Please have a very happy Christmas and spend this time with your most loved one. ^_^
- Changmin

To Bigeast~! Merry Christmas!
This year’s winter is also very cold isn’t it? I hope that by listening to our warm lyrics it will give some warmth of all of you! I wish that all of you will have an amazing Christmas with all the loved ones in your life~ Yeah~
- U.Know

The time of Christmas has arrived again~ >.< Is everyone ready with their Christmas preparations? With our song Winter Rose, please send this Christmas with all the treasured people in your life. - Changmin

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Popular Japanese singer Koda Kumi spoke about her relationship with Tohoshinki.

On 29 November, at the welcome meeting for the [2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards] (henceforth MAMA) held at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, Koda Kumi responded to the reporters during the media Q&A session.

Koda Kumi said with enthusiasm, “I’m honoured to be able to participate in such a big event. I will do my best. I hope everyone will look forward to it.” She added, “Beecause there are a lot of wonderful things in Korean culture, I want to show the charm that comes from the merging of Koda Kumi with that.” When asked who is her favourite Korean artist, she said, “I worked with all 5 members of Tohoshinki before previously and even now, we’re still close.”

Today’s welcome meeting was attended by Super Junior, Miss A, 2NE1, Kim Hyunjoong, Wei Chen, Lang Lang and more.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Male group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has left a 7th anniversary congratulatory message for My Daily.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I sincerely congratulate My Daily on their 7th anniversary. Please continue to convey a lot of good news, and write good articles for JYJ. I hope that you will continue to prosper through your 10th, and 20th anniversaries. My heartfelt congratulations.”

Aside from being a singer with JYJ, Kim Jaejoong has been active as an actor in “Protect the Boss” and due to it’s popularity, will be holding his “2011 Kim Jaejoong fanmeeting in Shanghai” by himself at the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center.

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