Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Japanese fans mobilized to see JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

At 6.30pm on 6 December, Kim Junsu appeared at the 3rd Asian Jewelry Awards in Seoul, and participated in a charity performance.

Large numbers of Japanese fans turned up for this performance to see Kim Junsu, crowding the location. Kim Junsu performed on stage together with Miss Korea, making the Japanese fans envious.

Kim Junsu not only participated in the charity performance, but also joined the charity auction to raise funds for UNICEF, and was awarded the Korea World Kpop Superstar award.

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It has been reported that the most searched male celebrity by internet users in Japan is Hallyu star Tohoshinki.

On the 8th, SM Entertainment said, "Tohoshinki was first out of 50 male celebrities in the [Search Keyword Yearly Ranking 2011] held by the portal site MSN Japan."

Also, in the [2011 Search Word Ranking] for January to October, held by Yahoo! Japan, under the category of male celebrities, they came in second place after Japan's popular group Arashi.

After releasing their single [Why? (Keep Your Head Down)] in January this year, Tohoshinki conquered the daily, weekly and monthly charts on the Oricon Singles Rankings. Following that, they released their album [TONE] in September and became the first foreign male artists in 11 years to break the 200,000 mark for initial sales and came in first on the Oricon Weekly Album Rankings.

Furthermore, Tohoshinki has been awarded with the [Best Song Award] at the [53rd Japan Records Award] which will be held on 30 December and following that, they will bring the year to a close by participating in the [Kouhaku Uta Gassen] on 31 December.

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He had wanted to take an angle shot at the company trip to the beach..haha

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Total sales as of November
In Heaven (Special Edition): 62,790
In Heaven: 220,142
KYHD (excluding repackage): 264,900

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My hands are not placed on their butts but on their waists please don't misunderstand haha

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A group of Jaejoong‘s noona fans that call themselves ‘HEROSE‘ are garnering attention for establishing the ‘Kim Jaejoong Boomerang Scholarship Fund‘, donating money to The Beautiful Foundation in his name.

The scholarship foundation was started with the profits from ‘Herose goods’, the merchandise they sell on their official fan cafe, The donation was not a one-time gift but rather, with the help of different sponsors, they plan to continuously help deliver hope to the children all over the world who are in difficult situations.

The HEROSE established themselves about two years ago and they not only support Jaejoong’s career in various ways, they also have periodically sponsored children’s organizations. They named their scholarship fund ‘Boomerang’ with the idea that “Love is like a boomerang. We believe that when we plant hope in the hearts of others, we will reap a greater love which will be returned back to Jaejoong.”

The HEROSE noona fans recently held a conference at The Beautiful Foundation for the establishment of ‘Kim JaeJoong Boomerang Scholarship Fund’ where they stated, “We ask for your continued interest and support as we continue our sponsorship“.

Netizens who heard the news left their comments saying, “Kim Jaejoong’s fans are so kind“, “How did they even think of such a thing? Both the fans and Jaejoong are amazing“, and “Kim Jaejoong must be proud as well“.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Collaboration with Gospellers & Le Velvets — Towani

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(Jaejoong) Seol In-ja's BF Yoochun and Seolnam who met by chance

(Jeri Slaughter) @0101xiahtic miss you guys!!
(Junsu) @slaughteration Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Junsu) At the top of the mountain..^^ It's been a long while, everyone worked hardㅋ

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