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Collaboration with Gospellers & Le Velvets — Towani

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(Jaejoong) Seol In-ja's BF Yoochun and Seolnam who met by chance

(Jeri Slaughter) @0101xiahtic miss you guys!!
(Junsu) @slaughteration Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Junsu) At the top of the mountain..^^ It's been a long while, everyone worked hardㅋ

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RT“@sr_uah: RT @iam452: JYJ Released through the World Vision website~! JYJ who continously engage in sharing activities~~!! @beyondmonica

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Junsu's Tweets (Each convo starts from the top!)

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하띵~! "Annyeonghadding~!"(pretty much a cute way of saying hello instead of just saying annyeonghaseyo)

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하뽕~! "Annyeonghabbong~!"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 오랫만에 노래 부르네..^^ "For the first time in a while, I sang...^^"

Junsu's Conversation with Mr. Egg

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하띵~! "Annyeonghadding~!"(pretty much a cute way of saying hello instead of just saying annyeonghaseyo)

Mr. Egg (@elbowyeish): @0101xiahtic 안녕하똥! ㅋㅋㅋ "Annyeonghaddong kekeke!"(basically what Junsu said, only using 똥(ddong) instead of 띵(dding)

Junsu (0101xiahtic): @elbowyeish 안녕하뗑~! "Annyeonghaddaeng~! (lol this child just keeps going)

Mr. Egg (@elbowyeish): @0101xiahtic 형이졌다.... ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠ 영어로해볼까? ㅋㅋ ;) "Hyung forgot....kekeke, should we try (speaking in) English? keke ;)?"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @elbowyeish 영어는 어렵뚱~! "English is difficult~!" (Again, he used a cute ending for verb 'to be difficult' keke)

Junsu's Conversation with Junho

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하띵~! "Annyeonghadding~!"(pretty much a cute way of saying hello instead of just saying annyeonghaseyo)

Junho (@JUNO_Japan): 이건뭐야...ㅋㅋ안녕하띵!!!!!“@0101xiahtic: 안녕하띵~!” "What is this...keke Annyeonghadding!!!!"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하뽕~! "Annyeonghebbong~!"

Junho (@JUNO_Japan): 이건또뭐야...!!너 준수아니지...!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ“@0101xiahtic: 안녕하뽕~!” "Again, what is this...!! You're not Junsu...!!! kekekeke"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @JUNO_Japan 왜전화 안받뚱..? "Why didn't you call me..?" (Again with this cute ending...)

Junho (@JUNO_Japan): 지금 DVD촬영중이라 핸드폰 안가지고있떵!! 곧전화할뿡!!ㅋㅋ(근데너왜그래..유행어야..??)ㅋㅋ“@0101xiahtic: @JUNO_Japan 왜전화 안받뚱..?” "I'm in the middle of filming for a dvd, so I don't have my cellphone!! I'll call you later!! keke (but, why are you like this popular?)"

Junsu (0101xiahtic): @JUNO_Japan 알겠떵~! "Okay~!"

Junho (@JUNO_Japan): 쫌만기다려뽕!! 지금 트렁크가방에 핸드폰이있떵...으캬컁컁뿡!.....………너 외롭구나..괜찮아형이있잖아..( T_T)\(^-^ )“@0101xiahtic: @JUNO_Japan 알겠떵~!” "Wait a bit! Right now, my phone's in my bag in the trunk...eunkyakyangkyangbboong! seem's okay, hyung's here..( T_T)\(^-^ )"

Junsu's Conversation with Min Youngki

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): 안녕하띵~! "Annyeonghadding~!"(pretty much a cute way of saying hello instead of just saying annyeonghaseyo)

Youngki (poimin73) @0101xiahtic 뭐하는겨??????ㅋㅋ "What are you doing?????? keke"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 형도 안녕하띵^^ "Hyung too annyeonghadding ^^"

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic 그게 뭐여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안녕하뚱!!!!!!! "What is this kekekeke Annyeonghaeddoong!!!!!!!"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ "hehehehehe"

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "kekekeke"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 형 만삭화보 찍으셨다면서요~^^ "Hyung, I heard you did a pregnancy photoshoot~^^" (this translator was not 100% sure how to word this OTL but Youngki's wife is pregnant :3)

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 넘넘 부럽다ㅠ 애기 갖고싶어~ "I'm so jealous of you ㅠ I want to have a baby~"

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic 그래 찍었지^^나중에 보여줄께!!!!! "That's right, we did ^^ I'll show you them later!!!!"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 저 그거 보여주셔도 되는거예요..??^^ "Is it okay if you show that to me..??^^" (also a bit unsure on this translation as well ;;)

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic 애기 낳아라 좋은여자 만나서 "If you want a baby, go meet a nice girl"

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic 사진인데 뭐 ㅋㅋㅋ "It's just a picture, what kekeke"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 형 오늘 뭐하세요? "What are you doing today, hyung?"

Youngki (@poimin73) @0101xiahtic 나야 공연하지 오늘....넌 연습해??? "I have a performance today....Are you practicing???"

Junsu (@0101xiahtic): @poimin73 저도 시상식에서 노래해요~^^오늘도 힘내십시요~!! "I'm singing at an awards show today too~^^ Stay strong today~!!"

Youngki (@poimin73): @0101xiahtic 너도 수고해....엘리 연습때 만나!!!!안녕!!!! "You work hard too! I'll see you during Elisabeth practice!!!! Bye!!!!"

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JYJ Park Yoochun and actor Park Yoohwan.
“I fell in love with acting thanks to my older brother..” “My younger brother is really obedient, I’m really proud of him,”

“In terms of acting, I’m better than my brother (laughs)” (Park Yoohwan) “Yoohwan’s acting is more natural than mine. But in terms of acting with emotion, he still has a long way to go to reach my level. Haha” (Park Yoochun)

After “Shiny Shiny Shining,” and currently acting in “A Thousand Days’ Promise” and playing the role of younger brother to the female lead who has Alzheimer’s Disease, is actor Park Yoohwan (20) who has debuted for merely 9 months. He is the younger brother of idol group JYJ member, and lead actor in the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal, (2010)” Park Yoochun.

We met with Park Yoohwan on 29 November at the SBS Drama Center in Gyeonggi-do, and also did a telephone interview with Park Yoohwan, who was in Hawaii, America for a photoshoot.

With Park Yoohwan saying “My brother is like a father figure to me,” and Park Yoochun saying “My younger brother is really obedient, I’m really proud of him,” there exists a reason for this close relationship between the two brothers.

Migrating to America in 1998, then suffering through money problems and their parents’ divorce, the two brothers were put through a difficult amount of pain at a young age.

This was especially so for the younger brother, who was at a loss after his brother whom he had always depended on returned to Korean to for his singing activities. “I couldn’t understand, why I had to go through everything alone. I hated my brother for leaving me behind. There was nothing that I wanted to do, and I had no confidence that I was capable of anything. I also thought to myself ‘what’s the point of studying?’ and I didn’t attend school, or high school.”

However, such a Park Yoohwan went through a dramatic change. When his brother started attending acting lessons in preparation for “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” he randomly tagged along, and ended up falling in love with acting himself.

Yoohwan said, “I was once lost, but found myself again due to acting.” “This was the first time since I was born, that I actually had a dream.” His brother Yoochun said, “Acting made Yoohwan, who used to be moody and unmotivated, a much brighter person.” “In the past, no matter how much I asked him, he would never go out drinking with me, but now he is the one who asks me out instead.”

In “A Thousand Days’ Promise,” Park Yoohwan cries and holds on tightly to his sister who is refusing treatment , and his crying scene where he tries so hard to hide his pain has won him much praise. Yoohwan’s extraordinary emotional acting stems from his “painful memories from when I was younger.” He said, “After my brother made his debut, he would occasionally come back to our home in America. Looking at my sleeping brother, and thinking about the fact that we would be separated again made me cry uncontrollably. Thinking back to those times makes sad, even till this day.” He said, “The way I feel towards my sister in the drama is very similar to how I feel about my brother,” “I was able to get into the mood of the scene by thinking about how it would be like if my brother had Alzheimer’s.”

Every time Park Yoohwan reads his script, he consults screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun about how he can better act out his role. To ensure that his pronunciation is accurate, he spends over 30 minutes reading his lines aloud. To this, his older brother feels proud of him, but is also a little worried. “Staying up throughout the night to study his script has become normal for him. He’s just started out, so I hoped that he can have the confidence, and work his way slowly. However, he puts so much effort in everything he does, it’s worrying. Fortunately, he is also working hard on exercising, and is taking good care of himself. “

Recently, Yoohwan’s favourite book is actor Michael Caine’s “Acting in Films: An Actor Take On Movie Making.” The line “If you think that you should be doing something else besides acting, then you should just stop acting immediately,” has left a deep impression on me. I don’t know anything else besides acting, so there is no way I can give it up.” His brother Yoochun once said, “Although I have to bear the burden of supporting my family as I work, I hope that Yoohwan will not feel obliged to earn money, and freely work on acting.”

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The Korean boy band was in town for an upclose and personal fan party yesterday.

Dubbed the ‘Kings of Hallyu’, Korean boy band TVXQ returned to the music scene with the album Why? (Keep Your Head Down) in January this year. Following their highly successful comeback, the group held their first overseas fan party in Beijing, China back in August.

TVXQ debuted as a five-member group, consisting of leader Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. In 2009, three members — Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu — filed an injunction suit against their former company, forming the group JYJ. The trio was last seen in town for a showcase in October last year.

The two-member TVXQ arrived on our shores for the first time yesterday, performing to an audience of 4,500 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For the first 10 minutes of the fan party, concert-goers were entertained by the group’s music video for the song ‘Before U Go’. Fans screamed and shouted enthusiastically, whenever the members appeared on screen, as if assuring TVXQ, who were backstage.

Consisting of members Yunho and Changmin, TVXQ exploded on stage, bringing the house down with their first song of the night, ‘Maximum’. Deck in matching white costumes, the pair sang and danced to a sea of red light sticks (red being the group’s official colour).

After the first song, Yunho and Changmin took turns to greet the audience, both expressing their delight and excitement to be performing for the first time in Singapore and hoped that “fans would enjoy each of our performances”.

Fans also got to know the duo a little bit more during the Q&A session, but it was Yunho and Changmin’s apt use of Singlish, which had the fans doubled over in laughter.

When asked if they knew about Singlish, Changmin answered that he had learnt a few words from the local staff, before proceeding to show his “fluency”.

“No problem … la?” the 23-year-old tried.

Fans chortled in response, with a few nodding their heads in approval.

Not one to be outdone, Yunho said, “Chilli crab shiok!”

Later, five lucky fans each got the chance to ask TVXQ a question personally. Two well-made fan videos, which left some people in tears, were also chosen to be aired during the fan party.

Upon viewing the videos, Changmin said, “Thank you for the videos. I’m impressed by the amount of effort they put in. They give us the energy to put on our best performances.”

Yunho added that he was very “touched by their effort and love” and even though they have tough times, this “love [from fans] keeps us going and gives us support to do our utmost best”.

These two winners were rewarded with a TVXQ poster each. Yunho signed with a personal ‘God Bless You’ message, while Changmin wrote ‘Thank You’.

It might have been a short two-hour fan party, but it was evident that TVXQ was thankful for their fans, some who have waited for as long as seven years.

Not only did the group thank the fans profusely for their “love, passion and support”, they also showed their appreciation in the most practical way.

For any Cassiopeia (name of TVXQ’s official fanclub), the best part of the fan party was definitely to hear the pair perform ‘live’ in their top-notch condition. TVXQ proved their reign as ‘Kings of Hallyu’ by putting up a perfect performance. The duo’s singing was not compromised, despite the amount of dancing they had to do.

xinmsn is proud to be the official online media of TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Singapore.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The winter representative album from SM Town “2011 SM TOWN Winter ‘The Warmest Gift’” is slated to be released officially on the 13th.

It has been four years since the release of SM Town Winter Album in 2007. With the participation of SM artistes Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, TRAX, The Grace Dana & Sunday, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), Zhang Liyin, J-min etc, who have been active on the world stage, this album comprised of various music genres from the various groups, attracting anticipations from the fans.

Especially this time round, SM Town started their tour from Seoul and followed on to LA, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Shanghai etc, and gained the affirmation of recognition for their artistes’ popularity. In order to appreciate the fans’ support, this international genre music album was thus presented. The album was recorded fully in english language and thus to be an album with songs that are able to be shared with the world.


As for TVXQ’s Sleigh Ride, it is a light rock tempo with the grandness of the orchestra and the powerful charm of a large-scaled band, perfectly presenting the liveliness akin to a sleigh ride and the exciting anticipation for Christmas.


This ‘colourful’ album has a total of 11 tracks and should be receiving a rather enthusiastic response.

credit: tvreport+loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun