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I saw Changmin's "Paradise Ranch", since I had an interview with Joo Sang Wook.

For JYJ (interviews), the proceeding speed is slow, but we are taking steps forward. Now, at last, we are able to report their Korean events. It is about Jaejoong, which we previously couldn't make reports about. And for JYJ fans, we have prepared a big present for the new year holidays, but we couldn't announce the details yet. Please wait awhile xD

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Changmin's part start at 2:08

Shindong: Hello, Sungmin sshi!
Female guest: Isn't it Kyuhyun sshi?
Shindong: Oh yah! Kyuhyun sshi. I'm sorry! Kyuhyun ah, I'm Shindong hyung! This is Shimshimtapa, Kyuhyun sshi!
Kyu: Wah!
Shindong: Are you okay?
Kyu: *SSTP's tagline*
Shindong: What are you doing?! This is live broadcast.
Kyu: Ah, really?
Shindong: What did your voice change suddenly?
Kyu: I thought it's Sunday. So it's actually Saturday..
Shindong: What is this.. You're weird. Please introduce yourself.
Kyu: Me? I'm Super Junior, MBC's Radio Star important MC, Kyuhyun.

Then Shindong introduced the guests.

Shindong: Kyuhyun sshi is really weird. What are you doing now?
Kyuhyun: Me? Do you know Kyuline?
Shindong: Ah, Kyuline, we've seen it in broadcasts.
Kyuhyun: I'm with Kyuline members. Although we have many members, there are only TVXQ's Changmin and SHINee's Minho sshi with me.
Shindong: Wa, Kyuhyun sshi, I'm sorry but can you let us talk to the other people?
Kyuhyun: You don't like me and want to talk to the other people?
Shindong: You're good, but let us talk to the others too.
Kyuhyun: Who do you want to talk to first?

Then they chose to talk to Changmin.

Kyu: Please wait a while.
Changmin: Hello.
Shindong: Changmin ah, are you okay?
Changmin: Yes, I'm okay.
Shindong: Please introduce yourself.
Changmin: What?
Shindong: Please introduce yourself.
Changmin: Hello, I'm TVXQ's Changmin.

Then Shindong asked Changmin to sing a song to verify that he's Changmin. So he sang . And Kyu started laughing crazily in the background. [Note: The girls & Shindong say that they thought Changmin voice is the same as Kyuhyun so Shindong ask for verification. Changmin sang his part from Hug (I want to be your cat for a day). The girls was saying kitty kitty..]

Changmin: Please wait, do you want to talk to the other people?
Minho: Hi, I'm SHINee's Minho.
Shindong: This is Shimshimtapa! Please introduce yourself.
Minho: Hi everyone, I haven't greeted you at SSTP for a long time.
Shindong: Minho sshi was once a fixed guest at SSTP.
Minho: Yes, I was once in the SSTP family.
Shindong: Wait, not "was". Once a family member, forever a family member.
Minho: Oh yes. I am a family member of SSTP.
Shindong: Are you the magnae of Kyuline?
Minho: Yes.
Shindong: Minho sshi, how can we verify that you are Minho sshi?

Then they made him sing "Noona you are so beautiful".

Shindong: Thank you Minho sshi, can you let Kyuhyun sshi answer the phone lastly? Thank you Kyuhyun sshi. I didn't know you were together with them.
Kyu: Actually I knew that SSTP will call me, so I called them along.
Guests: Ah, don't lie!
Kyu: Cos I can't do it if I'm alone.
Guests: Why are you saying that..
Shindong: Kyuhyun sshi, don't be so truthful.
Kyu: Please give me a call again later.
Shindong: Thank you so much. Kyuhyun sshi, would you like to dedicate a song?
Kyuhyun: My dedication?
Shindong: Give us a song which all three of you would like to dedicate. It can also be your own dedication.
Kyu: This is not my own dedication. Let's say it together.

Then all three of them said .

Kyu: I would like to dedicate Super Junior 5th album's .
Shindong: is good!
Kyu: Please say it truthfully if you don't know.
Shindong: Me?
Kyu: Seems like Shindong sshi doesn't like ballad songs.
Shindong: I like ballad songs! Didn't I also sing it recently.
Kyu: Is it? Hyung, didn't you tell me that previously?
Shindong: That's because it's sang by you.
Kyu: I would like to dedicate Super Junior's .
Shindong: Thank you Kyuhyun sshi, Changmin sshi and Minho sshi!

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