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[PHOTOS] Yoochun for High Cut Magazine

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[VIDEO] Tohoshinki - Duet PV Making & Preview

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[TRANS] 111102 TONE Release Event (Osaka) Various Fans' Tweets

The TONE release event will be held twice today, Nov 1 (Tues) at the Osaka International Convention Center, starting 17:00JST & 20:00JST. Each event will take approx 45 minutes. (my tweet)

(cr: rio_heart) good morning♪(´ε` ) Now at venue~

(cr: rio_heart) You can buy up to 10 photobooks per person. (T/N: you can purchase a special limited version at the venue, which has a stamped autograph of Yunho & Changmin on the photobook)

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) They will start the sales of the goodies earlier (T/N: than the original schedule)! There will be an announcement 15 min before the sales time! You can purchase up to 10 Taiyo Photobooks per person!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) The goodies will be on sale from 11:30~!!

(cr: lambi40) This (T/N: the giant banner) should be the one displayed at Shinjiku. It is now on the 5th floor of Osaka International Convention Center!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) OMG---!!! Somebody got the photobook with their real autograph!!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) Many are taking photos of that real autograph xDDD Envy, envy~~~

(cr: foochingun) I bought Tohoshinki's photobook "Taiyo" ~ I didn't get the autographed version, but I was delighted even with the stamped version(^_-) I was able to see the giant banner which was displayed at Shinjiku, I'm getting really excited(^m^)

(cr: tvxq_changmin_m) The real autographed photobook!

(cr: totty) Taiyo, the stamp version autograph

(cr: shim_yuri) The photobook...sold out just now(T_T)

(cr: shim_yuri) found the giant banner displayed at Shinjuku! Seeing from the backside( ◞・౪・)◞

(cr: shim_yuri) Taiyo, the regular stamped version♡

(cr: shim_yuri) The real autograph version was sold immediately after the sales started on 11:30~(T_T) ENVY! She says that she bought just one photobook♡ Really lucky٩(●˙▿˙●)

(cr: shim_yuri)
the giant banner...far too large, I can't take a good pic(T_T) and they are limiting the photo time to 10 seconds per person!!! So I once took a picture, and them went to line up again(*・∀・)b The doors will open from now♡

(cr: shim_yuri) I'm sitting at the very back, but I can see clearly! The hall is small! (๑>◡<๑)♡

cr: Rachami) You can still take pictures! Inside the venue! 1st floor, B! Much better than Makuhari! (T/N: where the KYHD release event was held in Feb 2011) The two members' photos when they were kids are on screen~♡

(cr: hagalxtsubaki) The photobook was sold out about 15 min ago, and there aren’t any additional stock. For the evening performance, nobody can buy them(ㆀ˘・з・˘)

(cr: tvxq_changmin_m) The duet photo video is on screen, together with the song (^o

(cr: i_mjenn) My seat, 2nd floor, Eo20! We cannot take pic from now on... later! gya~~~ so near!!

cr: maya41203) I was expecting some sound leakage, but cannot hear anything!

cr: hagallxtsubaki) Finished~~ you'd need sticklights

(cr: shim_yuri) finished〜(T_T)♡ They sung 3 songs! haa~♡

(cr: tenko_304) Straightforward Changmin, wonderful

(cr: tenko_304) Changmin was continuously saying "I'm lonely" "I'm lonely" (^o^;←Is it true? xD

cr: bigea730) HoMin were holding each other's hands...!

(cr: bigea730) When they were sitting, they were holding hands.. the girl next to me was saying "They're holding hands..", so it shouldn't be a mirage ^p

(cr: karocalo) Everyone was saying "Yunho, you're cute!!", and Yunho was saying "Me? NO, I'm not the cute type, I have the charismatic charms". The audience and Changmin also laughed aloud, and Yunho had the expression of "Why?" Then Yunho saw Changmin laughing, and Yunho laughed, too. Changmin stretched out his hands to Yunho, and both were holding hands and laughing.

(cr: karocalo) We saw a few videos. During the Superstar PV filming, Yunho was taking videos of himself, super cute

(cr: karocalo) I now really understand that Yunho has a bad memory (^o

(cr: karocalo) Oh, Yunho was saying "I am the eternal reporter Yunho." xD

cr: karocalo) What Changmin laughed the most recently was that he ate the number one hot & spicy pork cutlets in Korea. He laughed out loud because it was super hot. Seeing Changmin laugh (eating the hot food), Yunho laughed, too. Changmin ate 5 bites, and got rid of the remaining xD He thought he had to go to the hospital afterwards xD Yunho was saying the phrase he always says "You'll die (eating those hot stuff).”

(cr: karocalo) There were 2 questions. After the questions finished, everyone said "Eeeeee!", then Yunho said "Why~?" xD Changmin was saying that they lacked Japanese ability to go on further. About their Japanese, Yunho was saying "Our abilities 'fukkachu' (T/N: the true Japanese pronunciation is fukkatsu, meaning 'it came back')' xDDD

(cr: karocalo) Yunho is really restless xD He is swaying, licking his lips, moving his feet, he is continously moving his body xD

(cr: karocalo) Yunho has his smug look on his face and was looking into the camera, even during the talks xD

(cr: karocalo) Changmin was saying again today that he is lonely. He even sighed xD

cr: karocalo) During the offshot movie of Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow jacket cover photographs, the session took a long time, and they gradually got tired. The two looked like drunken men, and it was a sight to see. It was the first time I saw Changmin like that(´;ω;`) Of course the completed works were wonderful, and the cameraman was saying "Good" many times.

(cr: qowr) When asked "What is your favorite song in TONE album? Only one song, please." Changmin said "The rap part in B.U.T". Minsil-san (T/N: she was the MC for the Makuhari event in Feb, 2011, too) said "Rap? Yunho-san should be the one rapping" Changmin's answer "That's the reason I like the song. I can rest awhile

(cr: qowr) Same question to Yunho "Me, for me-! mumbling.. so I like Duet, too. and Shiawaseirono~, Easy Mind.." Changmin said "Only one song, pls." Then, Yunho said in a fast tone "I Think U know".

(cr: jjfukura) The event was a relaxed one, full of smiles. In the last part, Yunho expressed his feelings as, "We think that all of you here are the mirror of us. I think that the fans' faces are the faces of us." Got your message, Yunho(*^^*)

(cr: rinoppe_time) A question during the event. "What fashion do you want to wear in winter?" Yunho "For Yunho, feather boa boots! Oh, it isn't BOA that all of you know xD" Changmin: "NO.1~♪" Yunho "Not that one^^" Changmin "For me, boots, too! And, muffler! Shuru x 3~ (with the gesture of winding the muffler around his neck)" Audience "(//∇//) Super cute!!"

(cr:etamame864) MC "Those who have all 3 versions of TONE!" Yunho "Yes! (∵) / (cheerfully) I had 2 versions, and borrowed the third version from Changmin☆hehe" Changmin "Yunho took it away from me..."

(cr: yuccaun) Just before the performance began, a boy came in, and sat in a good seat in the middle of the 1st floor. It is rather surprising to see a boy in the event in which your identity (T/N: name & status) will be checked

(cr: yuccaun) Yunho's Japanese became somewhat uncertain. When he said he should speak better than the 1st event this evening, the audience laughed aloud. Yunho said "Yunho will overcome even these problems~♪" Super cute(//∇//)

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[FANCAM] 111101 Tohoshinki - Tone Event in Osaka

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[PHOTOS] 111101 Tohoshinki - Tone Event in Osaka

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[PHOTOS] 111101 JYJ - Barcelona Airport

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[AUDIO] Tohoshinki - Winter Rose Preview

The song was played at TONE Release Event Today

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