Monday, October 24, 2011

[TRANS] 111024 Hayato's Blog Update on Jaejoong

About now, perhaps he’s up in the air?

Jaejoong has headed for Europe.

This one week has been, I think, a meaningful Japan-mode, including the meeting. And above all, perhaps he rested. Because until now, he has been busy.

Also, I have asked the staff who has assisted Jaejoong until the airport to please print out my blog entry and the comments you left them and to hand them to Jaejoong.

Will he read them? Will sleep rain on him like a storm?

But, at the very least, he… he is now with your thoughts.

Thank you for moving us.

We pray for your success in Europe.

Source: Hayato-San’s Blog
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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[SCANS] Changmin for TV Guide Magazine

Not sure about the magazine.

Credits: Soratomax
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[PHOTOS] 111024 Junsu - Incheon Airport

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[FANCAM] 111023 SMTown in New York

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[PHOTOS] 111023 SMTown in New York

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[PHOTOS] 111023 SMTown in New York Press Conference

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[VIDEO] 111022 TVXQ for Style Magazine - Interview + BTS

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[VIDEO] 111021 All About JYJ - In Heaven Unseen Scene

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[TRANS] 111023 Jaejoong's Twitter Update

White, black and red

Junsu is red, Yoochun is black, Jaejoong is white

Source: Jaejoong's twitter
Translation by: ecaisme
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[PHOTOS] 111022 Stalking HoMin in New York Part 2

Credits: As tagged
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