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It’s just been reported that JYJ‘s Jaejoong has delayed his military enlistment, citing ‘overseas stay’ as his reason. At this time, his enlistment date has been pushed back to August 31st, 2012. However, if he wishes to postpone his enlistment then, he will be able to request for a deferment provided that he has a reasonable excuse.

Jaejoong received his military draft notice back in September. Although he’s currently a student enrolled in Kyung Hee Cyber University as a communications major, he’s reached the age of 24. Consequently, he’s of age where he could be included in the draft.

C-Jes Entertainment told Dispatch over the phone, “Jaejoong has requested for a deferment of military enlistment. He has received permission from the Military Manpower Administration. The enlistment was postponed since there are a lot of overseas promotions this year. There is no problem with him promoting until August of next year.”

The agency’s decision to cite “overseas stay” as the reason for deferment rather than school immediately caught the public’s attention. Some netizens even began to whisper that Jaejoong couldn’t use school as his excuse because he was expelled.

C-Jes clarified, “Even during the recent Europe concerts, Jaejoong wrote up 2~3 reports to submit. He is that dedicated.” They continued, “Since JYJ frequently have overseas concerts, we submitted documents citing overseas stay rather than school.”

Although he spends most of his time in Korea rather than overseas (60% compared to 40%), there were no legal problems over his ‘overseas stay’ excuse. A source from the Military Manpower Administration stated, “He doesn’t have to stay overseas during the entire time of his deferment, just because he cited that as his reason… Once the permission is given, it is possible for him to go back and forth between Korea and other countries.”

Although Jaejoong has deferred his enlistment for now, he will have to provide another valid reason if he does not wish to enlist after September of next year. C-Jes stated, “It is a given that a man with a healthy body will be recruited into the military. Since, for the time being, there are overseas promotions lined up, deferment of enlistment was unavoidable. However, Jaejoong is definitely planning to enlist.”

Meanwhile back in February, Yoochun was classified as needing review for a chronic asthma condition during his physical examination for military enlistment. He was categorized once as 7th rank in his first review back in August. Since reviews can be conducted up to 3 times, the results of the remaining 2 reviews will determine whether or not he will enlist. (Receiving 7th rank in physical examinations for military enlistment usually means the individual is not valid for active military duty due to physical illnesses or conditions)

The Military Manpower Administration stated, “Usually when receiving reviews, a set amount of time period is given for medical treatment. 6 months, or sometimes 4 months, is decided as the treatment period. The progress is checked and the decision is made… An individual can receive a maximum of 3 reviews. With the results from the last review, enlistment or exemption will be decided.”

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Q. How was the Europe concert tour?

A. The Spain and Germany concerts were really fun. Even though it was a little scary because it was our first time it was an experienced that allowed us to see "hope" and it gave us confidence and a new goal as well. While we were singing, the Caucasians were singing along and it's a different feeling from our Asian fans. It's strange (t/n: in a positive way, like wonderous/miraculous).

Q. If you had a must-have item in your travelling trunk.

A. Um, the kind of slippers you can buy from supermarkets. Those with thick fur that keeps your feet warm.

Q. A way to become happy during a tough day.

A. When you're in pain, if you pinch other areas, the original pain won't hurt as much. If I have to give an example, when I'm feeling down I down even though I drink a lot, the next day I'll sober up. If I have to go on, when my stomach hurts and I eat a lot! If I eat without reason, I'll regret that moment and I'll feel like my stomach is protruding out. So then I'll exercise. A way where you think all kinds of thoughts and forget the important thing at hand?

Q. (To Jaejoong who was playing catchball) It seems like you like catchball.

A. (Earnestly) I think the "catchball of the heart" of one person's connection to another is more important.

Q. If you had aabout a week's holiday.

A. Definitely! Never! I don't have anywhere I want to go if I had a holiday. I just hope that I can spend a long time in my house that I moved into. It's lonely when I'm alone, but that feels good too. I want to rest without thinking about anything.

Q. A (bad/peculiar) habit no one else knows.

A. Out of all my facial features, I have the most confidence in my lips, but because of that I have a tendency to stick my tongue out all the time. Because I want to wet my lips. (Editor's note: Interviewer turns away awkwardly and Jaejoong tapped as he continued) Also, because it's nicer to have red lips than pale lips, I bite them occassionally. Haha.

Q. Something that breaks away from your usual exuberant behavior.

A. Giving modestly (t/n: to charity). There are also times when I give quietly without publicizing it. I've also been appointed to be an ambassador for several causes.

Q. Something that makes your heart swell with satisfaction.

A. I don't think it's enough yet. I'm still lacking.

Q. Then, up until now, a moment when you felt that you were happy.

A. That moment when tooether with the members, I sing a song that I've created and completed. Before anyone else hears it, that particular time when we hear it only amongst ourselves and feel happy. Looking at it this way, I think that moment is one of the best small moments of happiness.

-ELLE December Issue behind the scene-
"Noona, why is there no one around?" That's right. It's because you (Jaejoong) are first.
Here in the backwoods all alone, without even his manager, it was the first time we saw a celebrity turn up 30 minutes before the meeting time. Therefore, we could only feel bewildered.
We moved the equipment together. And then Jaejoong quietly left to drink some haejangguk (t/n: also know as 'hangover soup'.)


Q. You said you spent quite some time overseas.

A. That's the thing. Rather than going around when I'm overseas, aside from my official schedule, I spend all my time in my hotel room. I'll dim the lights of the hotel room as I drink. Haha. Previously in Spain, I drank 17 bottles of beer.

Q. Wouldn't you start to think a lot when you're drinking alone?

A. Yes. The thoughts come one after another... Even though I don't want to, after observing, it seems like I do enjoy it. When that happens, I write. I have quite a number of notes that covers all kinds of themes. When I look at them later, I use them as lyrics. Almost all the lyrics for my songs were written this way.

Q. Thoughts on charity work.

A. It's a good thing. But it's not like I'm doing it with a "please praise me" attitude.

Q. Are you doing any good work? (t/n: charity)

A. I'm doing it, but it's not something I want to disclose.

Q. If you had any small moments of happiness recently.

A. Yoohwan's acting has improved. Even when I was overseas, I continued to monitor him via Youtube. When I see that, compared to thinking that he looks handsome or admiring him, I feel "happy" instead. Is that boring? But recently, these kind of ordinary things have made me feel happy.

Q. If there's something that you always set your mind to.

A. Um... (silence for a few seconds) I don't really know. (His manager who was watching said "For example when you told Yoohwan 'Let's not have any regrets'.") Yeah, that's something you'll only understand when you first experience regrets.

Q. If you were given free time to do whatever you wanted.

A. I want to go to a temple (Buddhist). If possible, I want to leave my handphone behind and go and stay at a temple with the allowance of time in my hands.

Q. Your favourite music recently.

A. Did Junsu talk about Tablo-hyung? For me, I like Linkin Park. Just listening to them reduces my stress.

Q. Plans hereafter.

A. I'm creating my personal work room at home. It'll probably be completed around December but from then on I want to push forward and work on my compositions. Following that, I also hope to get a good project next year. We're also thinking about our concerts... There are a lot of plans. Well!

-ELLE December Issue behind the scene-
Yoochun put on a hair piece.
He looks cool, or perhaps, it's a lonely image. His character and his looks are both calm.
On the other hand, the stylists who saw him blew up with a 'bang'.
"Oh, aren't you Yoohwan?" He looks like he's having a lot of fun when he's with the puppies.
In order to bring up his pet dogs he moved from his previous apartment and he also got a golden retriever from the camping ground.
It was his first time doing a photoshoot with his real brother and acquired a new family member (in the company) it was a calm day of "series of hits".


Q. I'm the type who thinks a lot or I look at things simply (t/n: in an uncomplicated way)?

A. Surprisingly, I'm the kind who thinks a lot. We stayed in Berlin because of our Europe tour and I thought about a lot of things as I took a walk on the streets at night. It's been a really long time since I did that. 4 hours passed as I walked. Although I think a lot, I do my best to wash it out immediately. I believe in the power of positivity.

Q. A way to become happy during tough times?

A. The fans who are waiting for us! When I just think about that, without a shadow of a doubt, I'll be able to do my best. If I can give a slightly more frank answer, it's when I imagine myself playing soccer? I feel happy just thinking about it. Of course, it's even better when I actually play on the sports ground.

Q. Recent playlist that "up"s my mood.

A. I'm really into Jason Mraz's new song "The World As I See It".

Q. Someone special within the Cjes family.

A. (Song) Jihyo-noona is the only actress that I'm close to. I'm proud of that. Haha.

Q. My thoughts regarding charity.

A. Because I'm young I still feel a little awkward when I come into contact with words like "charity". However, naturally I feel a sense of responsibility. Recently, I've been contributing more and the people around me are increasingly giving more as well so I've been thinking of better ways to contribute. Together with the JYJ members, we gave towards "Building Houses of Love" for victims of the earthquake, but I take the most joy in supporting the children in Africa. The children are really cute.

Q. Your life's catchphrase.

A. A bad thing can turn around and change into a blessing! Even when there are tough times we should look for the good things. If we keep looking forward, the results will head towards a better direction. I've learnt this over the past 2 years, and little by little I'm starting to understand life.

Q. The book I read last night.

A. Practice for the musical [Elisabeth] will begin soon so I've been reading books related to it. I'm at my happiest only when I'm standing on stage so I definitely have to give my all.

-ELLE December Issue behind the scene-
Striker Junsu is energetic.
He played soccer with the managers and played catchball with Jaejoong enthusiastically.
He also sang in a loud voice as he stood beside Yoochun, who was in the middle of an interview.
While doing the photoshoot, no matter what pose he did, it was way too "colourful" causing a sea of laughter among those present.
When the staff's interest shift towards something else, he is someone who has the ability to garner everyone's attention with a joke.

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JYJ's Junsu has shown his "ticket power" once again.

According to his management agency, when the first round of ticket sales for Junsu's musical [Elisabeth] opened at 10am on 22 November, more than half of the tickets for all the shows available were sold out within 10 minutes.

In particular, all of Junsu's performances were sold out. Junsu participated in [Mozart!] last year, as well as in [Tears of Heaven] and the encore performances for [Mozart!] this year, and each time all the tickets for all of his performances were sold out. The musical [Elisabeth] is a piece of work which depicts the dramatic life of the beautiful queen Elisabeth and her fantasy-like love story.

On the other hand, preparations for the musical [Elisabeth] have begun and it will run for approximately 3 months, from 9 February to 13 May 2012, at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

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Uploader's note: In the section "Health on RPP" on RPP´s news channel, passed 2 times smaller cuts "Get Out" MV. It was a surprise .. and we only record with a cell phone. So the video is such poor quality and could only record this piece ..

The section talks about nutrition and good food, etc. .. but MCs, at the beginning says that they were putting the song someone recommended it to them and they really liked it.They said that it was JYJ's Get Out and sent greetings to the kpop fans.
One of the hosts said he liked Yoochun's car ...xDDD

It was pretty exciting, so..if at any time we get good quality video, we share it. Thank you.

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Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – Question 2-

What word/phrase do you like?

Yunho : “To Believe”
Changmin : “Peace”

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan participated in ELLE’s charity project “Share Happiness” and images from the December issue of the magazine which is to be released on 21 November were revealed.

Doing their first photoshoot together, brothers Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan could not hide their happiness. After completing the shoot with his brother, Park Yoohwan immediately sent their mother the images, and said in an interview, “I am very honored to shoot with my seniors.”

Personnel from ELLE magazine said, “Despite the fact that this shoot was done the day after the European tour, Kim Jaejoong personally drove down to the shooting location 30 minutes early, and moved equipment together with the staff, touching everybody’s hearts.” Also, “He was like a team leader, taking care of the location and keeping up the atmosphere, and displayed a cheerful image even during the breaks, leaving a deep impression.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu said, “Ji Hyo noona is the only female actress I am close to.” And Song Ji Hyo also talked about her feelings on the shoot, saying “This is the first time shooting with my labelmates, and I find it really meaningful that we got to spend time together.”

The full photoshoot for “Share Happiness” will be revealed in the December issue of ELLE, in a 26-page editorial. It will be also be revealed via the ELLE and C-JeS websites from 26 November.

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SM Entertainment singers such as TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation delivered aid to help fix the damage from the flood in Thailand.

On the 17th, Thailand’s representative media sources such as Thairath Online and Daily News Online began running headline news with the titles, ‘Korea’s Superstars Help Thailand’ and ‘Korea’s top bands send aid to Thailand’.

According to such media sources, SM and its singers donated aid in the form of water, medicine and food through SM TRUE to Thailand’s Red Cross after hearing about the flood and the damage it caused in Thailand.

As well as donating aid to Thailand, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x) showed their support and comfort for those afflicted by the flood through a video and delivered the message, “We hope the citizens of Thailand will be able to overcome these difficult times with a strong determination.”

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This video have the same content as the BTS shown in Mezamashi & ZIP plus additional BTS footage and longer PV preview

YH: How old do I look? How old...? How old...?
Girl: 30 years old
Boy: 41 years old
YH: Aaaa-- souka, Aaaa-- souka (T/N: Oh, I see.)

YH: Finished~
CM: Do you think it will snow on Christmas this year?
YH: Are you asking me?
CM: Yes
YH: I want it to snow. Then, I'll be the Santa Claus.

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JYJ have secured firmly rooted popularity in Japan.

Previously on 15 October, 80,000 people flooded the Ibaraki Prefecture when they held their JYJ World Tour there over the course of 2 days and continuing this display of unabating popularity, the orders for the special edition DVD of 'In Heaven', which will be released end of November, have dominated the ranking charts in all the main record stores. As testament to their explosive popularity, their Seoul Concert DVD was available last week and both were sold out out simultaneously on Amazon Japan.

An official from Tower Records said, "Any JYJ related record or DVD that goes on sale is immediately followed by explosive influx of orders. JYJ albums are always in shortage of stocks and compared to other Hallyu singers, they receive extremely high response. Also, JYJ did not do any activities in Japan at all for 2 years so this acievement is even more astonishing."

Although they are not promoting actively in Japan, the JYJ members are communicating with their Japanese fans through Twitter (SNS). In particular, a few days ago, member Kim Jaejoong occupied second place in the Japan annual Twitter rankings for celebrities, which surprised the staff. Also, previously in October, their high popularity was once again displayed as they came in second after a member of the national group Arashi, in Japan's influential 'Best Jeanist' fashion award.

The Japanese fans also pay close attention to the individual activities of the JYJ members. Yoochun's 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' dominated the DVD rental rankings for an entire month. Following that, his recently released 'Miss Ripley' as well as Kim Jaejoong's 'Protect the Boss' garnered a lot of interest before they were even broadcasted. Also, it has become a hot topic that whenever Kim Junsu participates in a musical, the 'Kim Junsu musical tour package' would appear (t/n: be offered by tour agencies).

JYJ's overseas marketing official said, "We're surprised that despite not doing activities in Japan JYJ's popularity remains unabating and this is because of the fans' faithfulness, especially with the public's loyalty towards J-POP singers. Also, music-wise, JYJ have shown steady progress and growth, and through their individual activities they are able to show a different kind of charm, which is why they are able to gain so much popularity."

On the other hand, the repackage album 'In Heaven Special Edition' of JYJ's first Korean special album is also receiving explosive response. On the first day only, the preorders have already exceeded the initial stocks available and they have already broken through 100,000 copies presently. It will be on sale this week.

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Yunho asked the children how old do i look? the answer was 30/41, and he said "oh, i see" imitating Otaki Shuji's (the old man in pic) voice. (cr: yunhosmiley)

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