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Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin – Question 2-

What word/phrase do you like?

Yunho : “To Believe”
Changmin : “Peace”

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JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan participated in ELLE’s charity project “Share Happiness” and images from the December issue of the magazine which is to be released on 21 November were revealed.

Doing their first photoshoot together, brothers Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan could not hide their happiness. After completing the shoot with his brother, Park Yoohwan immediately sent their mother the images, and said in an interview, “I am very honored to shoot with my seniors.”

Personnel from ELLE magazine said, “Despite the fact that this shoot was done the day after the European tour, Kim Jaejoong personally drove down to the shooting location 30 minutes early, and moved equipment together with the staff, touching everybody’s hearts.” Also, “He was like a team leader, taking care of the location and keeping up the atmosphere, and displayed a cheerful image even during the breaks, leaving a deep impression.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu said, “Ji Hyo noona is the only female actress I am close to.” And Song Ji Hyo also talked about her feelings on the shoot, saying “This is the first time shooting with my labelmates, and I find it really meaningful that we got to spend time together.”

The full photoshoot for “Share Happiness” will be revealed in the December issue of ELLE, in a 26-page editorial. It will be also be revealed via the ELLE and C-JeS websites from 26 November.

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SM Entertainment singers such as TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation delivered aid to help fix the damage from the flood in Thailand.

On the 17th, Thailand’s representative media sources such as Thairath Online and Daily News Online began running headline news with the titles, ‘Korea’s Superstars Help Thailand’ and ‘Korea’s top bands send aid to Thailand’.

According to such media sources, SM and its singers donated aid in the form of water, medicine and food through SM TRUE to Thailand’s Red Cross after hearing about the flood and the damage it caused in Thailand.

As well as donating aid to Thailand, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x) showed their support and comfort for those afflicted by the flood through a video and delivered the message, “We hope the citizens of Thailand will be able to overcome these difficult times with a strong determination.”

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This video have the same content as the BTS shown in Mezamashi & ZIP plus additional BTS footage and longer PV preview

YH: How old do I look? How old...? How old...?
Girl: 30 years old
Boy: 41 years old
YH: Aaaa-- souka, Aaaa-- souka (T/N: Oh, I see.)

YH: Finished~
CM: Do you think it will snow on Christmas this year?
YH: Are you asking me?
CM: Yes
YH: I want it to snow. Then, I'll be the Santa Claus.

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JYJ have secured firmly rooted popularity in Japan.

Previously on 15 October, 80,000 people flooded the Ibaraki Prefecture when they held their JYJ World Tour there over the course of 2 days and continuing this display of unabating popularity, the orders for the special edition DVD of 'In Heaven', which will be released end of November, have dominated the ranking charts in all the main record stores. As testament to their explosive popularity, their Seoul Concert DVD was available last week and both were sold out out simultaneously on Amazon Japan.

An official from Tower Records said, "Any JYJ related record or DVD that goes on sale is immediately followed by explosive influx of orders. JYJ albums are always in shortage of stocks and compared to other Hallyu singers, they receive extremely high response. Also, JYJ did not do any activities in Japan at all for 2 years so this acievement is even more astonishing."

Although they are not promoting actively in Japan, the JYJ members are communicating with their Japanese fans through Twitter (SNS). In particular, a few days ago, member Kim Jaejoong occupied second place in the Japan annual Twitter rankings for celebrities, which surprised the staff. Also, previously in October, their high popularity was once again displayed as they came in second after a member of the national group Arashi, in Japan's influential 'Best Jeanist' fashion award.

The Japanese fans also pay close attention to the individual activities of the JYJ members. Yoochun's 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' dominated the DVD rental rankings for an entire month. Following that, his recently released 'Miss Ripley' as well as Kim Jaejoong's 'Protect the Boss' garnered a lot of interest before they were even broadcasted. Also, it has become a hot topic that whenever Kim Junsu participates in a musical, the 'Kim Junsu musical tour package' would appear (t/n: be offered by tour agencies).

JYJ's overseas marketing official said, "We're surprised that despite not doing activities in Japan JYJ's popularity remains unabating and this is because of the fans' faithfulness, especially with the public's loyalty towards J-POP singers. Also, music-wise, JYJ have shown steady progress and growth, and through their individual activities they are able to show a different kind of charm, which is why they are able to gain so much popularity."

On the other hand, the repackage album 'In Heaven Special Edition' of JYJ's first Korean special album is also receiving explosive response. On the first day only, the preorders have already exceeded the initial stocks available and they have already broken through 100,000 copies presently. It will be on sale this week.

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Yunho asked the children how old do i look? the answer was 30/41, and he said "oh, i see" imitating Otaki Shuji's (the old man in pic) voice. (cr: yunhosmiley)

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