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Changmin's fanboy ㅋㅋㅋ

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(Jaejoong, 8:00pm KST) I've been thrumming away at my piano for the past six hours... ugh.. I can't think of anything good ,, ㅠㅠ

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

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(cr: momina110) The autographed panel, given out for present!

(cr: haruma10penma) The autographed script! Changmin's teeth was even and beautiful!

(cr: goiko218) The event finished~♪ He was so cute and cool (*´Д`*)

(cr: misatotvxq) The MC said in the last "Did you prepare anything special for Osaka?" Changmin said "I don't know if this is correct~~Tanoshikattayan! (T/N: Osaka dialect meaning 'I had such a happy time')"

(cr:simvanilla) The costumes that Changmin likes Best 3. Ranking 3rd is the sweat suit (of the woman diver), 2nd is the jacket with a yellow striped shirt (4th episode), and the 1st is jacket and jeans he wore in Australia.

(cr: haruma10penma) Changmin came to Osaka yesterdayl He was staying in his room looking at DVDs (movies), taking hip baths, and slept for about 10 hours, so his sadist character was in full power!

(cr: haruma10penma) To the MC's question "Do you like breasts? Today I've got to ask sharp. (1) Luv breasts (2) Not really (3) Like other parts." Changmin answered (3), and said "The face!" The audience was booing...expected xD

(cr: haruma10penma) During the lottery, the audience was getting excited, but Master Choegang was in full blast. To the screaming audience he said "It won't make any difference even if you scream, so you shouldn't waste your energy. You haven't even got the present." etc (。≧∇≦。) kya~~our Master Choegang!

(cr: haruma10penma) Changmin was grinning and folding his arms when Yunho appeared on screen. Since Yunho (in the video) was shown in Yokohama, we expected the real Yunho to come on stage in Osaka, but it was the same with Yokohama.

(cr: haruma10penma) For Da Ji's favorite scene, he was asked from the translator of the meaning, and he answered not in Korean but in Japanese (T/N: during the drama talk, the talk was carried out in Korean). His expression was "There I go again", super cute! Since he slept well, his eyes were shining. He was wearing the purple velvet suit!

(cr: haruma10penma) Sometimes he was announcing the winners not from the seat rows but from the numbers, he is really good in getting the audience excited. He requested the persons who got that number, or row. Seeing the fans getting excited, he said "You haven't won yet..for those who are getting excited, please silently do it. Today's audience is really noisy!"

(cr: haruma10penma) The 2nd row was selected many times. To the audience saying "2nd row again~!", Changmin said "I'm not lying!" The 1st row was booing to the 2nd row called up again. Seeing the broken-hearted 1st row, Changmin said "Oh, you really don't have the luck" ← Master Choegang xD

(cr: haruma10penma) Osaka version best 3 costumes. (3)The suit style of the 2 women divers, they were cute, so I selected them. Since it was a woman's suit, it was OK when I wore the suit, but when I took it off, I tore it.← in Korean. I was scolded ← in Japanese.

(cr: haruma10penma) (2) The business suit & yellow striped shirt of the 4th episode. Jin Young was trembling since the filming day was freezing, but I was wearing layers of clothes, so I was OK. It is cool, and also practical, so I selected it.

(cr: haruma10penma) (1) The gray suit and jeans which he wore at Australia. Looking at the monitor, he seemed embarrassed and was grinning. It is just the same style as he usually wears. MC→I saw you during the meeting a few hours ago, you were wearing a parka and used jeans...

(cr: haruma10penma) It isn't old! I just bought it! I wear plain clothes when I am not on stage. MC→That should be cool, too. Changmin "Too late!" ( ̄^ ̄) That is our master.

(cr: haruma10penma) Today, Da Ji-chan was wearing a black dress with her back open widely. When she went off stage, the MC was saying "Her back!!!". Changmin said "I like it". Today's MC was mixing dirty jokes, and the MC said, "I won't ask any more". Changmin said "It's OK! I'm already torn into shreds!"

(cr: haruma10penma) He shook the box, and at last, the 1st row was selected. The audience was getting excited. Changmin said "The voice of the audience today is very big!"

(cr: haruma10penma) To the question "Which is your type, Da Ji or Jin Young? Changmin answered "Humans are greedy, so I want both of them to be at my side." MC "Is Mil Hye included?" Changmin "Oh, no. Not that.. I'm full with 2 ladies." So 2 girls are ok? taking a memoφ(.. )

(cr: simvanilla) The Japanese dubs were for episode 15, where he confessed his love to Da Ji. When Changmin heard that this scene would be dubbed, he thought "OMG~ this scene was even difficult saying in Korean. Why should I speak here in Japanese.... the staffs are mean"

(cr: yuccaun) MC "Did you have a nice time?" Changmin (grinning) "Since I was together with beautifu ladies, it was such a delightful time. I am happy spending the time with them. THAT IS, IF THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL."

(cr: miichan529) Yeon Hee "I often hear the songs of the SM artists." MC "You should say 'Tohoshinki'". (´・J・`)< Changmin "You shouldn't be forcing her" (in Japanese)

(cr: miichan529) The director when Changmin made a challenge for the dubs (´・J・`)< Changmin "He was very strict and calm (in Japanese)

(cr: miichan529) Changmin's lines in Japanese "I won't give you away!!!!" Audience "FUUU!!!!! gya~~~~~~~!!!!!! (´・J・`) Changmin said "STOOOOOOOOOP!!!! NO MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

(cr: miichan529) When Changmin was signing on the poster, the MC said "Maybe he will write some of your requests!" I shouted "A heart!" (´・J・`)< He said "I wrote a black heart" and wrote according to my request!

(cr: simvanilla) Today's video comment was again Yunho. MC "You should be happy with Yunho-san's comments." Changmin "In Yokohama it was Yunho, so I expected Seo Yoon Ho's comment in Osaka." Changmin & Yeon Hee didn't know that Yunho had prepared a video comment for them before the Yokohama event.

(cr: simvanilla) MC "Dong Joo has a quick temper and always seem angry. How about yourself? "Do you have a quick temper like 'Hey! (;`皿´) Yunho! (;`皿´)'" Changmin "I won't do it in public, but sometimes I do when I am alone.(grinning)"

(cr: yuccaun) In the very last was a present from Changmin, live song "Confession". His vocal ability was great, just the same as the CD. But he sang some parts of the song in a different way.

(cr: yuccaun) Tears were running down my cheeks hearing "Confession". Since they had overcome the hard times and come back to us as Tohoshinki, we could hear this song, and meet them. They haven't said how hard it was, and now they are showing us of their hidden efforts on stage. The two are really professionals.

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Yes. The Prince is going all out. High tension (laugh) Prince.

Prince Jiji appearence~ Prince (JJ) is taking the photo (laugh)

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