Thursday, October 20, 2011

[PHOTO] 111020 Stalking Changmin

Changmin is having his (mid-term?) exam today at Konkuk University.

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[NEWS] 111020 Absence Of JYJ In Year-End Awards "A Serious Problem"

The season for year-end music awards is back. Not only will the 3 broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS be holding their music festivals at the end of December, there are various other music awards and festivals that are being prepared for November.

The most serious problem regarding this year's music award ceremonies is whether JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu), the group formed by 3 previous members of TVXQ, will be able to perform. With their own interests at stake, ex-management company SM Entertainment had shown their disapproval over JYJ's participation in the music awards and festivals.

In reality, if JYJ were to attend and won an award, SM Entertainment, with whom they are in a legal dispute, could refuse to participate in the event. From the organizers' standpoint, the groups that have enjoyed huge popularity this year include f(x), TVXQ, Super Junior, as well as SNSD, who have just made their comeback. As such, they would have to bear the burden of possibly missing out on all these "big fish".

However, it is also difficult to completely close the door on JYJ. Recently, their first Korean album "In Heaven" sold more than 300,000 copies so JYJ are more than qualified to receive invitations to music awards. The JYJ fanbase also can't be ignored. As an example, JYJ fans have shown their collective power following successive refusals to allow them to perform on KBS "Music Bank". If JYJ are still unable to attend the year-end awards, they will be able to raise the issue of fairness in these awards.

JYJ's side expressed their standpoint, "At present, they will be able to attend the award ceremonies as they do not have any overseas schedules planned after mid-November. If there are requests for discussions by the award organizers, they have the intention of attending."

On the other hand, the Melon Music Awards will begin on 24 November and the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Festival), organized by cable channel Mnet, will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 29 November. In early Deember there is the Golden Disc Awards, in mid-December the GAON Charts Awards and early next year, the Seoul Music Awards will be held.

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[PHOTOS] 111020 HoMin for Lacoste

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[INFO] 111020 Jaejoong Will Not be Attending Tomorrow's “In Heaven” Fansign Event!

Info of the fansign event here

[TRANS] Jaejoong won’t attend tomorrow’s fansign event because he is busy preparing for European tour.

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[TRANS] 111020 Bigeast Mail : Sale Of Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast” Jumbo Towel (New Version) & 2012 Calendar Decided!

Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

The sale of the Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast” Jumbo Towel (New Version) and 2012 Calendar have been decided!!

■ Bigeast Exclusive Jumbo Towel

A new and improved version of the Bigeast Towel that stains the various venues red has appeared!!
The size is larger, and feels comfortable to the touch, with a high quality jacquard format, the logo can be seen clearly even from the back.
※ This product is exclusively for members of the Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast.”

・Sale Starts :14 November 2011, 16:00 onwards (tentative)
・Size :710mmH × 1,250mmW
・Price :¥3,500 (Tax Inclusive)

Bigeast Official Shop

※This shopping site is exclusively for members of the Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast.”

■ 2012 Calendar

Shot locally, this is a wall-hanging monthly calendar. This is a a product of 14 pages full of charm from the 2 men’s relaxed expressions! Exclusively for Bigeast members, 3 postcards with images not used in the calendar will be included.
・Sale Starts :14 November 2011, 16:00 onwards (tentative)
・Size : A2 Size / 14 Pages
・Price :¥2,400 (Tax Inclusive)

Bigeast Official Shop

※This shopping site is exclusively for members of the Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast.”
※This product will also be sold on the mu-mo shop on the day of sale. (there are no special premiums for mu-mo shop)

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[TRANS] 111015 Kyu Hyun-Choikang Changmin-Jong Hyun All Look Alike, Their Face Recognition Results Are ‘Hilarious’

The face recognition results of TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin and CN BLUE’s Jong Hyun have been revealed, showing that the two look like Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun.

On the 11th, Kyu Hyun posted on his Twitter account, “I received a photo from Changmin one day that threw me into a panicked state. Five minutes later, Jong Hyun sent me a photo that made it hard for me to breathe. This is the majesty of the ‘Kyu-line’.”

The photos that he posted were screen captures of the results from a face recognition smartphone app that finds which celebrities you most resemble. Many were surprised to see that both Changmin and Jong Hyun received a 100% match with Kyu Hyun. People are finding the fact that these three people look alike when they’re such close friends to be heartwarming.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as, “That’s hilarious”, “It seems like Kyu Hyun is the ringleader here”, “They’re in the same line and they even look alike, this is awesome”, and “They’re all handsome and great singers.”

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[TRANS] 111014 What If Kim Jaejoong Were To Appear In ‘Deep Rooted Tree’?.. ‘His Intense Gaze Is Riveting’

What if Kim Jaejoong were to appear in ‘Deep Rooted Tree’?

A photo was posted recently on an online community thread of Song Joong Ki playing the younger form of the Great King Sejong, but with Kim Jaejoong’s face photoshopped in to replace the actor’s face.

Kim Jaejoong fit the overall mood of the photo so well that it’s hard to believe that the image was photoshopped, and his intense gaze is grabbing the attention of many netizens.

To this, netizens left comments such as, “Of course, it’s Mu-God”, “Department Head Cha looks good, even as the Great King Sejong”, “I wish he’d actually appear in the drama”, “It suits him”, “He could try acting in a historical drama”, “His facial features are really well-defined”, and “He looks like a real king.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong received much love from viewers through his role as Cha Mu Won in SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’.

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[TRAS] 111015 Ji Sung Says, “I’ve Become Friends With JYJ Thanks To Kim Jaejoong, We Drank Together In Busan”

The person who gave the cutest performance on the red carpet of the 16th Busan International Film Festival that opened on the 6th was the actor Ji Sung(34). Though he wasn’t in Busan because he had appeared in a movie, he drew the attention of many when he received the largest cheers from those at the festival.

Ji Sung, who received much love from viewers through SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, stepped on the red carpet as an actor who was invited to attend the festival in Busan. As soon as he appeared, he flashed ‘V’s at the camera in what can only be described as something Ji Hun would do.

“I wasn’t there in Busan because I had participated in a movie, but everyone greeted me with great enthusiasm. I think it’s all thanks to Ji Hun so I wanted to give back in the form of fan service. I thought about what would be best, and I came to the conclusion that the ‘V’ fits Ji Hun the best.”

Ji Sung said that he felt as though his performance on the red carpet was the best way to let go of Ji Hun for the last time. Though he hasn’t prepared a follow-up drama yet, he felt as though he needed to let the character go after spending so much time with him. The actor showed his gratitude for the character who healed him in many ways.

The night in Busan was buzzing with excitement. All the actors and representatives in the industry drank together at various cart bars in Haeundae. Ji Sung was no exception. “I’m not that familiar with the movie industry, so I was in the position of going around and greeting everyone. I walked around and tried to greet as many representatives as possible.”

In the end, Ji Sung shared a glass of soju with the members of JYJ, who were invited to the festival for the ‘A Night for Actors’ event. Thanks to Kim Jaejoong, who had appeared in ‘Protect the Boss’ with him, Ji Sung was able to become friends with JYJ. “I had a glass of soju with Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong. It was fun because they’re all such young friends.”

Ji Sung said that he thought of his chemistry with Kim Jaejoong in the drama to be very important. Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong), Ji Hun’s only friend and rival, constantly got into petty fights with Ji Hun in the drama and that made it essential for the two actors to be at ease with each other.

“I’m grateful to Jaejoong because he did so well despite the fact that this was his first time acting in a drama. My chemistry with him was really important and it worked out. I had great chemistry with Wang Ji Hae and Choi Kang Hee as well. It’s actually really hard for actors to get along so well like we did.”


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[NEWS] 111019 JYJ Kim Junsu Selected NO. 1 For Vocal Ability

JYJ member Kim Junsu have come out on top in an assessment of vocal abilities of idol groups.

Recently, a certain media agency selected and made comparisons of vocalists from 10 idol groups and began a survey on who had the best vocal ability. The results showed that Kim Junsu was selected as the best, coming out top. On the other hand, Ahn So Hee from Wonder Girls was selected as first place for the idol singer who can’t sing, followed by KARA’s Goo Hara.

The judges unanimously agreed that Kim Junsu had an outstanding ability to perfectly interpret a song and was thus chosen as the idol singer with the best vocal ability. In second place is SNSD’s leader Taeyeon, who has shown her ability through various TV drama OSTs. Also tying for second place is SISTAR’s Hyorin.

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[TRANS] 111019 Bigeast Mail : “Easy Mind” Tie-up & New Single “Winter” Product Details Decided!

Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

A tie-up has been decided for “Easy Mind,” which was recorded in the “TONE” album that was recently released.

As the “Nissen 2011 Winter CM Song,” the CM will start on 22 October so please do not miss it!

Also, details for the new single to released on 30 November has been decided!
The new single “Winter” will include Tohoshinki’s first Christmas song “Winter Rose” and a Winter Version of “Duet,” from the album “TONE.”!!

The DVD included version will have 2 versions of the offshoot videos for the “Duet” video clip, and in the CD only version will have the lyrics of “Winter Rose” from the male viewpoint, as well as the “reversible version” lyrics from a female viewpoint, 2 versions included! Both of these are first press, and are Christmas editions, a special present version of the single!! Pre-order has started, so please check for further details on our homepage!

Also, Tohoshinki’s new Kisekae for TONE is now being distributed on 【Kisekae♪mu-mo】!


(Other details omitted)

Also, there is a new FROM MEMBER project on the Bigeast site that has started! We should be updating it every month! Everyone, please enjoy♪

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[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong is the End-All of 4-D Personality! Silly Photos Talk of the Town

Once You Get To Know Him, Kim Jaejoong is the End-All of 4-D Personality! The Three-Photo Set of Silly Photos Talk of the Town

Photos that contain JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s silly attractiveness have been revealed and thus are gathering the eyes.

On an online community recently, a series of photos were posted under the title of “Kim Jaejoong, Silly-Attractive Man.” These are photos that include those that he posted on his Twitter that show Kim Jaejoong being silly.

The so-called “Flower-Beggar of Legend” wearing a flower-hat and also a permed-hair wig. A quirky self-photo taken while shampoo-ing. Kim Jaejoong who has turned into Santa by slathering on foam. These photos that are tinged with Jaejoong’s silliness made those who saw them laugh.

The netizens who were exposed to the photo showed a variety of responses: “Entertainer designated by the Heavens. Whatever he does, it is pretty.” “4-D Jaejoong. It has been more than a few days that he has been silly.” “Even when he lets himself become uncool, he is cute.”

On the other hand, JYJ will hold a solo concert in Barcelona, Spain, on the coming 29th.

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[TRANS] 111019 JYJ · KBS “Music Bank” Appearance Battle Enters Round Two

The battle between JYJ and KBS to appear on broadcasts have entered round two.

KBS is still maintaining a conservative stance on the appearance of JYJ. After announcing their stand for a second time this May, they now cite the fact that JYJ is “currently involved in a lawsuit” as the reason, the same viewpoint that they had mentioned in May.

In May this year, KBS, in response to the audiences on why JYJ was unable to appear on Music Bank, expressed that “JYJ is currently doing artist activities while having two contracts, and we have decided that allowing them to appear on broadcasts in such a situation would potentially interfere with the progress and order of our cultural industry”

Following that, JYJ expressed, “The courts have ruled that JYJ’s contract was unilaterally unfair, and ruled that contract to be nullified,” and requested that KBS change their stance, but KBS removed the earlier message, and then announced that “JYJ did not officially release and album, and therefore is unable to appear. When the album is released, they would of course be able to enter the charts,” changing their official stance.

However, recently JYJ released their official album, but were not allowed on “Music Bank,” and were unable to enter the charts as well. On the message boards, audiences have been leaving an increasing number of comments on this issue.

Following which, KBS announced, “With the official album and the temporary injunction, the situation has changed, but so far the injuction as well as the effectiveness of the various exclusive contracts, compensations and various lawsuits are still underway, and these have nothing to do with the ruling of the temporary injunction. We maintain our stand on the appearance of celebrities currently involved in a lawsuit, and until a conclusion is reached, we will continue to monitor the situation’s progress,” reiterating their stand.

The JYJ side once again protested. JYJ’s management company said, “KBS’s denial of their official reply to the public which was made in May, which was uploaded onto the message boards, is very regrettable. We have very strong objections to this reply on the message boards.”

They also said, “Despite JYJ being in the midst of a lawsuit to correct the unfair contracts that violates the artists’ rights, the courts have twice sanctioned JYJ’s activities despite the lawsuit. If KBS maintains their above position, then we would like them to present evidence that all appearing artists have been evaluated with the same standards.”

They stressed that “If KBS respects the sanctity of the court’s decision, then please protect JYJ’s freedom to do their artist activities, as ruled by the court. We feel that this should be the true responsibility of KBS.”

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[NEWS] TVXQ announces new Japanese single, “Winter”

Tohoshinki (TVXQ) has announced that they will be releasing a new single, titled “Winter“, on November 30th!

The single will feature Tohoshinki’s very first Christmas song, “Winter Rose“, and a winter version of their song, “Duet“.


01. Winter Rose
02. Duet -winter ver.-
03. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
04. Duet -winter ver.- -Less Vocal-

01. Duet -Video Clip-
02. Duet -Video Clip- (Member Version)
03. Off Shot Movie

First Press:
01. Christmas specifications
02. Jacket size card (1 out of 6)
03. DVD off-shot movie


01. Winter Rose
02. Duet -winter ver.-
03. Winter Rose -reversible ver.-
04. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
05. Duet -winter ver.- -Less Vocal-
06. Duet -winter ver.- -Member Chorus ver.-

First Press:
01. Christmas specifications
02. Jacket size card (1 out of 6)
03. 12-page booklet

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