Thursday, November 17, 2011

(cr: sim_yoshiko) To those who came to the Tokyo event! Thank you for today!^^ Changmin

(cr: raibowbridge) I came to Paradise Ranch release event ー(*^^*) No queue for the goodies shop. Found Dong Joo!

(cr:roseaki) I am now in the venue. The stage set is cute♪

(cr:raibowbridge) There is a long queue for the costume display. Can everyone in line see it in time?

(cr: hituzi25) Costume on display

(cr: hituzi25) You only have 10 seconds to take a photo of the costume on display xD There were pushings xDD

(cr: kinjyonoY) Here I'm sitting.

(cr: mio0204mio) Paradise Ranch♪ OMG!!! I'm so near the stage(>_<) Maybe I'll faint!!!

(cr: mio0204mio) I want this panel(>_<)

(cr:megucchi549) started!!

(cr: mio0204mio) Paradise Ranch event♪ Changmin was talking in Korean~♪ Yunho appeared in a video❤

(cr: roseaki) The event has finished. He lived up to our expectations. I am so impressed, tears are running down.

(cr: hituzi25) He sang my favorite song. Thank you, Changmin (ノ_・。)♥ Confession.

(cr: mocha_chang) Amazing- ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Oh, there's the Osaka event, too. (cr: Jejum9095) It was such a happy event! Changmin~~

(cr: mocha_chang) Changmin's song was really beautiful. I'm about to cry(p_q)

(cr: emu331) I was crying together with the girl sitting next to me when Changmin was singing enthusiastically TT I'm glad that I waited until this date, and, thank you TT My heart is filled with joy

(cr: emu331) There were drum sounds every time the video scene changed. Changmin was air-drumming every time! Cute~

(cr: emu331) A fake Yunho appeared on stage, and everyone got excited! (cr: emu331) I could have seen him with my own eyes, but I brought my opera glasses just in case. Using them, I saw that Changmin was looking up to the 2nd & 3rd floor, and looking at many places on the 1st floor, too! Was there a girl of his choice? xDD

(cr: emu331) Today's costume was, a velour suit with a scarf around his neck, Dong Joo specs (^O^)

(cr: mocha_chang) When Yeon Hee-chan was there, basically Changmin spoke in Korean♡ Luv Changmin speaking in Korean.

(cr: wanko201011) The event is finished, and I'm now on the train back home.. maybe the audience got most excited when Yunho's video was on screen.. I was happy that I could hear Changmin's "Confession" live(^^)

(cr: homin2618) The scene that Yunho selected was the scene that Changmin was saying to her father that he doesn't care about the parent, he just loves her..kind of scene(∵) "Changmin in that scene is so manlike and cool, Changmin is really a good actor..♡ And also, please support Tohoshinki! (lol) So this was Yunho of Tohoshinki!!" Yunho was super cute!

(cr:emu331) When Yeon Hee-chan was on stage, Changmin was a gentleman. But, when there was only Sakagami-san, Changmin, and the fans, I felt that Changmin suddenly changed to his usual self xDD (cr:emu331) Changmin was responding properly to the squeals in the audience! He's so smart (^O^)/ (

cr: emu331) Sometimes his right eye was hidden (T/N: by his bangs) xD It seemed annoying a bit, and he was trying to comb it upwards

(cr:pinkt_0) Changmin was first speaking in Japanese a bit, and afterwards, until Yeon Hee-chan went backstage, he was speaking in Korean^^ Maybe he was doing that for the sake of Yeon Hee-chan. When only Changmin was on stage, he spoke all the time in Japanese. At the very last, when Yeon Hee-chan again appeared on stage, he was speaking in Korean(*´Д`*)

(cr:pinkt_0) Changmin's selected best scene No. 1 was the kiss scene with Jin Young, and there were screams from the audience xD The MC said "It is very long~!", but Changmin said "Actually, it was much longer" xD OMG, he is really the S type xD For that kiss scene, Changmin said that the director requested "Do it more and more". The audience was really screaming xD

(cr: pinkt_0) 20 posters (with Changmin's signature) was given out by lottery. There were few winners from 2nd & 3rd floor, so Changmin was peeping into the box trying to find those sitting in the 2nd and 3rd floor.

(cr: pinkt_0) Changmin responded as "I'm sorry that I couldn't select those sitting in the 3rd floor" to our "Changmin please!", I was very happy(*´Д`*)

(cr: lily_yuriy) In the very last, there was an announcement "There is a present from Changmin. He will sing.." The audience went uproar! He sang Confession in Korean, he was earnestly singing the song... The humming part (?) "I really long for you, I want you back" was different from the CD, and I thought, oh, he is really singing it live...I just checked it, around 2:45 of the song! xD

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Jaejoong wearing fangift from JYJinSpain (cr: daum) ^3^

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JYJ member Kim Jaejoong is receiving attention for his explosive popularity in Japan.

Jaejoong placed 2nd under the celebrity Twitter category, ‘2011 Top Trending Ranking in Japan‘. The results were compiled by topics that were trending from January 1st 4:00AM to November 1st 4:00AM, and Jaejoong was second only to mega popular Japanese group AKB48. This was especially noteworthy as the entire trio of JYJ didn’t place second, but rather Jaejoong as a lone individual.

Other Korean celebrities to have placements in the top 10 included TVXQ at #4, KARA at #5, and SNSD who came in at #7.

Netizens who heard the news remarked, “His popularity knows no end” and “Jaejoong #2 without the other members? Daebak“.

Jaejoong currently has 630,000 followers on Twitter, ranking 5th as the most followed idol star and 7th out of Korean celebrities.

Info: Yoochun is at #8, Junsu #9 & Changmin #19 in the 2011 Top Trending Ranking in Japan

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Junsu at a musical

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EDIT: Seems that this ranking was made up by someone in DC Inside. View it however you will but take note that this 'ranking' might not be real.

The ranking was based on scores given by musicians/ trainers judged on five categories:

1) Voice,tone colour/timbre
2) Ability to reach the high vocal pitch
3) Vocal skills & techniques
4) Vocal range
5) Expressive power

Note: Yunho & Changmin's ranking added to the original translation

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