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Junsu at a musical

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EDIT: Seems that this ranking was made up by someone in DC Inside. View it however you will but take note that this 'ranking' might not be real.

The ranking was based on scores given by musicians/ trainers judged on five categories:

1) Voice,tone colour/timbre
2) Ability to reach the high vocal pitch
3) Vocal skills & techniques
4) Vocal range
5) Expressive power

Note: Yunho & Changmin's ranking added to the original translation

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JYJ member Kim Junsu brief version of the song ‘Dancing Queen’ has left a favorable impression.

On Wednesday November 14th, Kim Junsu attended the 17th Korean Musical Awards in Seoul Olympic Hall, where he was nominated for Popular Star Award. While acting as an announcer with Jeon Soo-Kyung, Kim Junsu asked “Can you call out a song from a musical here for me?” causing an eruption of cheers from the audience.

A number from the musical ‘Mama Mia’, Dancing Queen, was called out, causing Kim Junsu to leave a huge impression by singing a single line from the song. The ceremony was broadcasted live on SBS, and this was the first time in a long while that people have been able to hear Kim Junsu singing live on air.

Netizens have reacted positively to the song by saying “Heavenly version. His voice is a work of art”, “such a strong impact for such a short song”, “I love your voice. You made this song even more lovely!”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu won the Popular Star Award for which he was nominated.

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