Saturday, October 15, 2011

[INFO] JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan Songlist

Ayy Girl
Be My Girl
Be My Girl remix
Playing Rehearshaling Video+Changing costum
I Love You (YC Solo)
I want to Protect You (JJ solo)
You're So Beautiful (JS Solo)
Talk 1
Be The One
Fallen Leaves
Mission remix
Change costum
Get Out
Talk 2
Stand by You Reff (acapella) They only sang few lines
In Heaven
【ENCORES】Empty remix

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[TRANS] 111015 Jaejoong Twitter Update

It was the (our) first time in Ibaraki. We saw the smiles and tears in Ibaraki, and everyone that keep their love for us for a long time.

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translation by: ecaisme
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[PHOTOS] 111015 JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan Day 1

Credits: TVXQBaidu 1, 2 + ANGEL3JYJ + LLL86_hcd + Yumiiiiiiii西 + As tagged
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DBSKnights' 3rd Anniversary Winners!

To celebrate DBSKnights' 3rd Anniversary, we opened a contest for our readers.

With more than 80 LOVELY participants, the contest was a full success! I would also like to announce that instead of 3 winners, we're picking 5 instead! (We can't resist you all!)

Winners of the DBSKnights' 3rd anniversary contest:

Momoko (sweet_momoko):
They gave me so many happy memories through all this years, I've been supporting them. I really wish I could give them back even a 1% of what they've given me.

Sonia (SDuran)
We know how important they cherish us, and that's why it's important for us to continue shining for them. I have never felt so overjoyed, to give my everything to support them, and I could never ask anything in return.

Sara (kagome_chan):
Cassiopeia is a family. I knew it from the moment I started liking DBSK. Cassies were totally warm with me, they accepted me as if i was an old fan just like them and as if i loved them as much as them.

Ngoc (ng0c):
I had always wished that I had a family whose love was greater than all else and I found that in Cassiopeia.

Ghada (doodybash):
What I learned from them (Cassiopeia) is that you can make miracles if you keep your faith now matter what happen... It may take a long, long time, you just have to keep keeping your faith. There is no 'impossible' in their dictionary

All the five winners, please contact as soon as possible. Email us at We will give you the next 48 hours to reply.

Thank you all for participating! Let's look forward to another year of DBSK and JYJ!

[NEWS] JYJ Breaks 350,000 Sales Mark for “In Heaven”

JYJ has proven themselves once again, reaching the top of the sales charts for the month of September.

For the first time, Gaon charts have revealed detailed information in regards to JYJ’s album, ‘In Heaven‘.

JYJ sold 165,000 copies of ‘In Heaven‘ in September after releasing it on the 28th, beating other top stars like KARA, Super Junior, and Infinite, boasting the highest number of album sales.

Previously, JYJ’s Distributor A&G Mode was not a member company of Gaon and therefore Gaon couldn’t update the status of album sales in real time, having to later report a final number.

Previously, Gaon stated via their main website, “We’re in negotiations with JYJ’s distributors, A&G Mode in regards to a data offer, and JYJ’s monthly sales numbers may be available by October 10th.”

JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ has currently surpassed the 350,000 sales mark, and their agency reported, “JYJ’s new album sold 165,000 copies within 3 days of being released, and we were unable to keep up the supply with the demands. We know that we have sold more than 350,000 to date and look forward to breaking another record.”

Source: Star News
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