Friday, October 14, 2011

[NEWS] Bengali ‘BakeFresh’ Advertisement Copies TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ MV

K-pop covers in different languages are nothing new to allkpop readers, but it looks like an international advertisement for “Bakefresh Biscuits” has taken things to a new level!

A recently uploaded Bengali commercial featuring Dev, a film actor, has been going viral in the K-pop fan community today. Much to fans’ humor and dismay, the two minute clip closely is an exact reproduction the music video of TVXQ‘s “Keep Your Head Down“, right down to the song, choreography, set and wardrobe concept.

The track, titled “Bapi Bari Ja” features lyrics in Hindi with bits of English and is sung by Kunal Ganjawala. The advertisement video is reportedly directed by Agnidev Chatterjee, and the credits attribute the choreography to Baba Yadav.

Fans are split on whether to take this as a humorous parody or plagiarism of copyrighted material on multiple grounds: while most fans are laughing at the singer’s intense and dramatic stunt just to show off a few biscuits, some worry that this commercial is getting broadcast, and that the ‘BakeFresh’ company is unfairly earning profits off TVXQ’s original work.

With that said, it’s almost too hilarious to take seriously, and viewer reactions are ranging from anger to incredulity and laughter. “How could you do this… I am so ashamed to be Indian right now,” one viewer wrote, and another expressed, “[Experiencing] secondhand embarrassment as a bengali kpop fan“. A commenter pointed out, “Even if it is a parody, I’m pretty sure … they wouldn’t be able to do this without consent [legally].”

Still others said posted amused comments, including, “I wouldn’t buy anything if someone wiped their nose first then started baking. That’s nasty.”

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[NEWS] TVXQ Releases ‘Tone’ Album in Korea

TVXQ‘s new Japanese album ‘Tone‘ was released in Korea on October 14th.

The album was released on September 28th in Japan and succeeded with placing 1st on Oricon’s Album Daily and Weekly Charts and also reaching a Platinum status within 2 days.

In the album, “B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)“, “Duet“, “Back to Tomorrow” will be included, in addition to “Keep Your Head Down“, “Maximum“, and “Superstar“, totaling up to thirteen songs in the new album.

The CD version and the CD+DVD version are both on sale. The DVD version will included the music video making.

Meanwhile, TVXQ will appear in Manhattan for the opening of ‘SM Town Live World Tour in New York‘ on October 23rd.

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[NEWS] 111014 SM TOWN concert to be held in Peru at the end of this year?

There’ve been several articles circulated by the media today about SM Entertainment (SM) and its stocks. Interestingly enough, the articles all referred to a ‘SM Town’ concert in Peru, supposedly scheduled to happen at the end of this year.

Goldman Sachs announced on October 13th that they’ve decided to hold off on purchasing SM stocks until further review. They stated, “We are being careful in considering whether or not SM Entertainment can bring in profits from within Japan. The stock value has increased 43% since August, and 213% since 1 year ago.”

With SM’s stock experiencing a tremendous surge in value over a short period of time, Goldman Sachs appears to be concerned about whether the stock value will plateau or not.

Goldman Sachs claimed that SNSD‘s new album, the New York ‘SM TOWN’ concert in Madison Square Garden, the purported ‘SM TOWN’ Peru at the end of this year, and the scheduled release of BoA‘s movie next year have all been taken into account in determining the current SM Entertainment’s stock value.

The news came like an electric shock for many, as SM Entertainment has yet to officially announce an SM TOWN concert in Peru. It seems that perhaps SM Entertainment released that info to their stockholders and investors before making that info available to the general public.

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[NEWS] 1111013 Kouhaku 2011 – Artistes Net Users Want

NHK’s annual year-end [Kouhaku Uta Gassen]. The list of expected participants have been put up early and the names of representing artistes have also been mentioned by netizens.

On the 1st, the headlines “Scoop!! Gaga Kouhaku” was eyecatching on the back of the evening paper [Tokyo Sports]. According to the paper, the theme for this year’s Kouhaku will center around the rebuilding after the Tohoku Earthquake. Therefore, American singer Lady Gaga, who had expressed support for the victims of the disaster, has been “unoffically confirmed” as attending Kouhaku and they also reported that there will be a “special programme surprise”. Although there has been no official announcement from NHK regarding the participants for Kouhaku, the netizens were greatly excited by this report.

-Omitted comments from netizens-

There was also news that Miguel, who shot to fame through his CM for S.T’s [Shoshuriki] (t/n: deodorant power), will be attending, [Nikkan Gendai] suggested Ashida Mana, who became a hit after singing the OST for the drama [Marumo no Okite] (FujiTV), and the weekly magazine [Josei Jishin] raised names that showed the strength of KPOP, like Jang Geun Suk, Tohoshinki and KARA.

The broadcast timing for this year’s Kouhaku will be its longest ever in its entire history, with a broadcast length of 4 hours and 25 minutes. The lineup of participants will be noteworthy.

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[NEWS] 111013 JYJ’s Jaejoong to deliver 7 tons of rice to 29 undernourished children for a year

JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be sponsoring 29 children living in poverty by providing seven tonnes of rice over a full year.

Representatives visited the Korea Association of the Community Child Center to submit Jaejoong’s deed of intention, specifying that seven tonnes of rice would be donated to 29 children. For a year, the 29 children will be delivered 20 kg of rice every month.

The rice was collected through the production conference for his SBS drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘. Fans from all over the world, including the States, UK, China, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Peru, Ukrania, and Qatar sent in rice wreaths to show their support.

The 29 children were chosen through the recommendations made by the KACCC. After discussing their options with the families, Jaejoong made the decision to sponsor the undernourished children.

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