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[INFO] TVXQ's TONE #3 on Billboard Japan Chart

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[INFO] JYJ on Gaon Chart Weekly & Monthly Ranking

Monthly - September


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[PHOTOS] 111013 JYJ - Gimpo Airport Part 3

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[PHOTOS] 111013 JYJ - Gimpo Airport Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 111013 JYJ - Gimpo Airport

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[PHOTOS] 111012 JYJ’s Jaejoong auctions his necklace for charity

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has once again proven his star power, as his personal accessories drew in an astounding $1,311.00 USD for charity!

SBS held a charity auction from August 3rd to September 30th with goods belonging to the ‘Protect the Boss‘ cast members.

Jaejoong donated his necklace and bracelets and the bid began at around $172 USD. In a matter of eight days, the bid rose to over $900, and finally sold at $1,311.00 USD. Reportedly, it’s one of the highest-priced items ever sold at a charity auction, more than doubling Jo Hyun Jae‘s $620.00 USD T-shirt.

SBS will soon continue their charity auction by including belongings from the cast members from ‘Living Large‘, ‘The Musical‘, and ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘.

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[VIDEO]111012 Homin on Sakigake

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[VIDEO]111012 Wide-Hallyu Dream Concert (Backstage)-ft. Homin

Parts 1 and 2 attached in order :)
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[VIDEO] 111012 JYJ on Morning News - Europe Concert Ticket & Best Average Face

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[FANCAM] 111009 Homin Korean Festival New York Part 2

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[VIDEO] 111012 Hallyu Dream Concert Backstage

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[TRANS] 111011 JYJ Publicist (@beyondmonica) Twitter Update

Beyondmonica: 오늘 인터넷을 뜨겁게 달군 화제의 기사 ‘아이돌 평균 얼굴’에 대한 JYJ의 소감은 이러합니다. “평균 얼굴 봤어?””어. 맘에들던데””난 못봤어. 잘생겼어?””응 잘생겼어 우리보다””그 얼굴로 바꾸까?” 라는..한마디로 꽤 만족했다는 후문.

[Trans] JYJ’s thoughts about the article that heat up the internet today ‘Idols’ average face’ are like this: “Have you seen the average face?” “Yes, I like it” “I haven’t. Does he look good?” “Yes, looks better than us” “Wanna change to that face?”. Long story short, the buzz is that [JYJ] were quite satisfied.

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[NEWS] The Korean Pop Group, JYJ to open “XVII SALÓN DEL MANGA”

T/N: JYJ performance in ”XVII SALÓN DEL MANGA” being featured in the main page of Fic Comic

The popular South Korean group JYJ (initials of its three members, Junsu, Yuchun and Jaejung) has decided to present his latest album “In Heaven” and to kick off their European Tour in ”XVII SALÓN DEL MANGA”. The band has chosen Barcelona to present their unique performance in Spain, beginning his tour of the continent.

On the morning of October 29, JYJ will meet with the press of ‘La Farga”. Then, on the stage of “Poliesportiu del Centre”, fans will enjoy this popular group with the interpretation of some songs that will serve as an appetizer for their concert that night in the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona.

JYJ begin their conquest of European Market in Barcelona after taken by storm the Asian charts responding their growing demand from fans. Spain is an European country with the largest number of cassiopeas, name given to followers/fans of JYJ.

The three members of JYJ began his career as part of the band TVXQ. After leaving their former group which they became the youngest Korean artists in sold over half a million records, they signed to the label Warner Music Asia to release “The Beginning”. The album, released in English, garnered a great success and opened the doors to the American market. The band achieved a considerable international recognition thanks to his collaboration with Kanye West on the main theme of the album, Ayyy Girl. His new album, In Heaven, which was put up for sale last September 23 and has several out of print.

JYJ’s visit to our country has been made ​​possible by the Open Music producer, in collaboration with Asian Club, an association that brings together fans of Asian music in Spain.

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[FANACC] Kim Jaejoong Knows and Likes Candles

The following account was posted on a web community today and gathered a large response:

When there was the fan-signing event last year for the release of the album The Beginning

The fan who won a spot for the signing event (the fan had prepared a present that suited each member). She prepared a candle for Jaejoong.

It seems that the candle was one that was famous among the candle manias for being a luxury/fine product. It was a candle that was difficult to find in Korea.

Jaejoong immediately recognized the product, and he asked the fan how she procured the candle when this candle is so difficult to find in Korea.

The fan, surprised, asked whether he liked candles. Jaejoong answered that he liked candles and smelled the candle using the method used only among the candle manias. (The fan who gave the gift said that in seeing such a Jaejoong she thought that Jaejoong was not just saying it, he truly liked candles.)

I saw the photo from Fuku and so I just remembered this account. (This is a year ago so may not be 100% accurate.)

PS. The fan had not been able to buy a gift separately for Jaejoong and so she had taken a candle that she had as a prized possession.

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[SCANS] Tohoshinki - SWEET, Frau & BAILA Magazine




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