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Hanteo, one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea, has released their ’2011 Singer Award’ rankings.

Super Junior clinched 1st place with an overwhelming lead over all the other groups this year (~322,000 copies sold). Second place went to Big Bang (~217,000), while TVXQ has seized the 3rd spot (~201,000). They were followed by Kim Hyun Joong (~200,000) and JYJ (~158,000) for 4th and 5th places, respectively.

As expected, idols dominated album sales this year due to their large, dedicated fan bases. In addition, the top 5 are all male idols, with Kim Hyun Joong being the only male solo artist out of the five.

This chart is scheduled to be updated until the end of this year. However, with less than two months left in the year, it’s not likely that the rankings will change (with the exception of TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong who are currently neck-and-neck).

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It wasn't Eunhyuk & Leetuek that host the radio show that day

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TVXQ recently had the chance to meet designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana from the globally famous brand, Dolce & Gabbana.

On November 9th, two photos were uploaded onto an internet community site with the title, “Dolce & Gabbana and TVXQ”.

In the photos, Yunho and Changmin can be seen standing besides Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna in white dress shirts and fitted black blazers.

These photos were taken during a party held at the Dolce & Gabbana store in Chungdam-dong. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the co-founders and designers of the famous brand, attended the event along with Korean celebrities such as TVXQ, Kim Sun Ah, and Kim Sa Rang.
Netizens commented, “It’s a pity that Mr. Dolce’s face wasn’t captured,” “This is what you call perfection in suits,” “Suits definitely look the best in the classic white shirt + black jacket combo.”

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Asian Super Boyband JYJ Shows Their Support For Chinese Boyband J-ONE [CR: JYJunforgettable]

Translation (From where Jaejoong starts speaking):
JJ: China ‘s J-ONE
JJ: They are about to debut. Firstly, J-ONE’s choreographer, is our choreographer as well, and that is how we got to know J-ONE. We would like to congratulate them on their debut, and we hope that they will have great success in the future, in China as well as the rest of Asia. We will be supporting you all the way. Let’s cheer for them. 1,2,3 J-ONE
All: Fighting!

According to sources, latest Chinese boyband J-ONE will soon be releasing their new EP. J-ONE are a rookie group that debuted on 22 October. At their debut ceremony, they received congratulatory messages from JYJ and T-ARA, and was praised by Jin Peida (T/N: Famous Songwriter from Hongkong.) On that day, they performed on stage together with their dance teacher Lee Min Hyeon, and were supported by stylist RICKY and musical mentor Lan Tianyang.

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Tohoshinki’s Changmin, following Yunho, has achieved a great feat as an actor. His first starring role in a Korean drama, “Paradise Ranch Full Version DVD BOX I” and “Paradise Ranch Full Version DVD BOX II” (On sale 2 November, released by Avex Entertainment, registered initial sales of 9,571 copies and 9,504 copies respectively, taking the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the Oricon weekly DVD ranking chart drama category (No. 4 & No. 5 in the overall category), for the week ending 14 November.

On the week ending 28 June, Tohoshinki had already taken the top 2 spots in the same category with group leader Yunho’s drama “No Limit~Heading To The Ground~ Full Version DVD Box I” and “No Limit~Heading To The Ground~ Full Version DVD Box II” (No. 2 & No.3 in the overall category,) both members achieving top positions in the drama category, as actors.

In the Oricon Weekly DVD Rankings (Week ending 14 November) no.3 position was taken by 2PM’s live DVD “1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 “Take off” in MAKUHARI MESSE” which saw initial sales of 10.000 copies, exceeding the highest record of 4th place set by their previous DVD “Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~” (On sale 24 November 2010).

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In the top 6 playoffs between Suwon and Busan on 20 November, the Suwon Stadium will be allowing college exam takers to enter the stadium for free. Students with the right identification will each be allowed to get one ticket. Furthermore, college exam takers will be eligible to win a football signed by Suwon FC MEN captain Kim Junsu as a prize.

Entrance tickets for the top 6 playoffs will start from the Seoul vs Ulsan game, and will be on sale from 9 November. The first 500 people to purchase tickets will also get vouchers for the family restaurant VIPS Steak.

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A luxurious stage featuring Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ. Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, F(x) and other idols, as well as previously unreleased off-stage clips will be shown in the form of a movie.

On 23 October, at Madison Square Garden, the “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in New York” was successfully held. A leader in K-pop, SM Entertainment’s artists were the first Asian musicians to hold a concert in the center of American pop culture, Madison Square Garden.

At the press conference for the above event, aside from the NY Times, Billboard, Village Voice and MTV and other local media being present, Japan’s Sankei News, Nikkan Sports, China’s Mingbao and other foreign media were also present in this press conference battle.

Titled “I am: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden (tentative title)” (Produced by CJ Entertainment in collaboration with SM Entertainment, distributed by CJ Entertainment,) (this movie is) centered around the SM Entertainment artists performing in this historic event , and their intensive training process in preparation for a emotionally charged stage, as well as their real, everyday lives, honest feelings and others will all be shown on camera.

Also, videos of the SMTOWN artists and their journey from their trainee days to their current position, how they are now, as well as their hopes for the future will all be revealed via interviews. This movie will be aired in the first half of 2012.

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Good night!

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T/N 1 This is too cute, please read this [News] A chicken gets lovestruck by JYJ’s Jaejoong , then you will see how cute it is

T/N 2 Yeolbong is a fried chicken shop opened by Se7en

[@officialse7en] YEOLBONG ah, you said that there’s only me in your heart. ㅠㅠ

[@YEOLBONG] Mr Director, that was a lie… ��

[@officialse7en] I’m going to cook you now!!!

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A movie documenting the performances and daily lives of SM Entertainment artists at New York’s ‘SM TOWN Live’ concert will be released neat year.

The co-producer of this movie, CJ Entertainment, stated, “A movie will be made telling the real story, behind the scenes and off stage, from the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in New York’, which saw stages from Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).”

The movie will be a joint project between CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment, and will contain footage of rehearsals, heartfelt confessions, the transformation from trainees to stars, and interviews about the artists’ future dreams.

The movie will be released in the first half of 2012 under the title ‘I am: SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden’.

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It has been almost half a year since they restarted their activities and on this day in June 2011, the two of them came to Costa Del Sol of Andalucia in southern Spain. Shooting the duo’s first pictorial book in this 5 days 4 nights trip around three cities. Different from Changmin who always sets his own pace, Yunho’s character to be adaptable to the surroundings was observed right from the first day.

Yunho: The similarity between Spain and Tohoshinki, I think it’s “passionate”? Though the schedules (in Spain) are tight, from the interactions with the passersby, they (Spanish) are nonchalant and very passionate. I felt a lot of people as such and they are alike to us. [T/N as in he felt that Spanish are very passionate so they (him and Spanish) are alike. ]

This is the analysis of Yunho the leader who possessed the passion since their debut to lead his group to the peak. Though with a ‘poker face’, Changmin’s innermost is as passionate. Last summer, when the two stepped on the stage of SM TOWN as Tohoshinki, the uneasiness and pressure immediately transformed into their own exploding motivation, betting on their pride as Tohoshinki to arrive on the stage once again. Thinking back on that day, Changmin said, “Standing on stage, my legs kept trembling.” Probably the reason behind the trembling was the eruption of passion for singing due to the suppression of it during their activities hiatus that can’t be helped.

Changmin: Honestly, how fans and people who understands Tohoshinki think and what were their worries… that was probably the most nerve-wrecking stage ever. But the moment when I got off the stage, I heard the enormous cheer. “I am Tohoshinki”, “It’s very good being Tohoshinki.” I think this is the unwavering truth. As I regained my confidence, I was not that unease and worried during the restarting of activities this year. “Sorry for making everyone waited for so long.”, “Shall show everyone our abilities,” such stance we held. Simple and without losing myself, my thinking that is. Though I said it like this, during the decision to appear on the television program ‘Music Station’, I naively thought that appearing on such a famous live telecast music program, we would probably be chided that “after becoming as duo, there’s incompetency.” However, we “cannot have such negative thoughts.”, “We have to let them see our abilities.” I still remember how Yunho and I were encouraging each other at back stage. After the successful performance, I was relieved at the relative non-existence of negative judgement. Probably, after saying “Let’s go!” and the exchange of glances with Yunho, I have been maintaining such ambience for the following six months. I was holding on to such thoughts.

After the decision to carry on the name of Tohoshinki as duo, Yunho started to fight against his own uneasiness and pressure, living everyday in a state of self-doubting.

Yunho: After becoming the leader, I had the habit of considering things as a leader and not based on own’s feelings. There were times I’m being willful when considering things too. In fact, things to change, things not to change, all these have to be digested and it wasn’t easy. However I had the reaffirmation of “It will all work well with Changmin as a duo” during the summer event. To say it as a new beginning, it can also be said as a “risky beginning”. It naturally became an exciting daily motivation. Compared with before, everything seems even more important now. Ever since being an artiste, whenever there’s any good results, there would be unawareness and tinge of treating it as a norm. However right now, it felt as though I was caught in a sudden fall and then rising up, a feel of neither here nor there. As a duo Tohoshinki, restarting from 1, but have to climb to the top faster than before. As we have the techniques and experiences, we gained new feelings through the past experiences. It can be say that it’s the feel of being a new artiste who is not exactly “new”. Previously as a leader, I would move forward with a cautious mind of “how this would turn out to be”. Now as an artiste, I do my best with singing and left the rest to the hands of the audiences. I’ve became more laid-back. Staff also mentioned that the unique glow has appeared and I felt that I am currently en route to being a meaningful artiste.

The two of them evolved through a surrounding of pessimistic criticism and it was not easy to rebuild that motivation. Because of that, their heart and mind during the hiatus were not gaugeable. The kinds of difficulties they have been though, the story would be depicted through this pictorial book.

Changmin: Recently I have been told that my looks changed the most. I did made a comparison of the photos when I just debuted, it indeed changed a lot compared from a few years ago and now. I don’t really know how it changed. Probably it’s my heartfelt matters portrayed on my face? Yunho said it restarted from 1 but I don’t think so. When you have nothing, in order to portray a new look, one can only believe the 8 years (since debut) and oneself. Therefore I don’t think it started from 1. Indeed many things changed. When two people was bearing the whole stage, if we had felt that the stage is empty, the audience must have felt the same relay of our feelings too. Therefore we worked hard to not be like that and can only do that. If I felt that I was good in the past and to show that to the audience, it would be sorry to the audience and I really don’t wish to be like that. In fact, compared to others, it’s me who doesn’t want to acknowledge this. No matter what chance it is, this is the road I chose. Braving it all for this correct route, if you feel that it’s correct then go ahead and do it well. Then, I hope to show the world that what I have chosen is correct. This is my biggest motivation.

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Popular Korean group Tohoshinki’s new song “Winter Rose” (On sale 30 November) will be used as the CM song for 7 & i Holdings’ “Winter Gift – Tohoshinki (Snow Version)” and will feature Tohoshinki themselves. Tohoshinki said, “We think it turned out to be a very warm CM, and our (song) “Winter Rose” flows too. Please select a quality winter gift from us” they appealed.

This CM was filmed in Korea in early October, and features CG snow, and you can see the two men display their acting skills as if real snow was falling. Their first Christmas song, (“Winter Rose”) is a gem of a ballad that differs from all the songs that they have done so far.

The “Winter Gift – Tohoshinki (Snow Version)” will be aired starting from 8 November.

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