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JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been gaining attention for an appearance in an Italian magazine — but what’s really been getting fans talking is the comparison that’s been made between the Korean idol and English actor Robert Pattinson!

A photo of the magazine feature has been circulating on an online community as of late, featuring a photo of Jaejoong back in the Mirotic days, showcasing his solid abs.

While the usual word to describe a man as handsome in Italian is ‘bello’, underneath as the title was the word, ‘bellissimi’, emphasizing Jaejoong as a man of the best beauty.

Netizens replied with, “Italy knows Kim Jaejoong? That’s great“, “A face known in foreign countries“, “Why is Jaejoong’s photo really big“, and “Of course, Kim Jaejoong! He appeared in a French magazine, and now even an Italian one?“.

Who do you think has the best body, Robert Pattinson or Jaejoong? Throw your thoughts below!

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After a successful concert in Spain, JYJ rocked another epic performance in Berlin, Germany on November 6th!

According to C-JeS Entertainment, the power trio held a concert at the TEMPODROM arena located in Berlin, Germany where fans from all over the European continent came to see the three singers live. Not only were German fans present, but fans from Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, France, and Greece arrived at the arena. A total of 3,000 attendees filled the arena as they sang along with JYJ for two whole hours as a total of fifteen tracks were performed during the event. With the recent completion of their two concerts in Spain and Germany, JYJ has performed in a total of thirteen cities during this year for their world tour.

Regarding their latest concert, JYJ shared, “We finally came to Germany, the place we wanted to visit for so long and we are so happy to see our fans. The food here is delicious and the concert was good.”

Junsu also shared, “I’m really happy to visit the country of Mozart and Sylvester Levay who are like fathers to me. With all the energy we’ve received from our fans, we will become a stronger JYJ next year.”

C-Jes representative, Baek Chang Joo made a surprising announcement, saying, “The K-POP mania has only recently evolved in Europe. However, through JYJ I believe we were able to hold an official concert here, even though it was small. I’m thankful to the European fans who showed much love, exceeding our expectations. We promise to return through next year’s world tour.”

Until then, the members of JYJ have plans to rest individually in December.
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The most beautiful experience of my life

SALON DEL MANGA - It has been a nightmare. The line was miles away. Namie (my friend) and I were worried because we had bought tickets on the internet. We should withdraw the Caixa (one of the most famous Spanish banks), with the help of an operator. The fact is that the operator has given us alone and we are left hanging. So there we are presented with the bill, hoping that the staff could help in some way. Of course, NO. They asked us to reach next door to buy tickets or pick them up anyway, but the staff of the door said we had to withdraw from the other staff. In short, a continuous buck. I really wanted to die to see them there. First, because it was an amazing opportunity, and second because I had more chances to see them live and well at the concert. At that pont my thought was: “If you don’t make me see them for bullshit like that, I will kill you”, and while I did these thoughts, and Namie battle with the big man on the door explaining that we were being paid and come from Italy for this, the tears came to my eyes. The guy looked at me, took pity, he tore the paper and made us go! THE POWER OF TEARS.
Once inside, looking for information on where to go, but someone told us that the live would be taken to another place. They told us to take a free bus that takes you directly there, but we were shooting and we not see anything. There would come a nervous breakdown, where the Acchan’s aunt (another friend) sees in front of the salon a bus stop with the little card that says “busmanga”. We were like: “WTF… they could do less striking”.
Once there, we followed the girl of the staff who gave us the flyers of JYJ, to be sure. There was already a fine line, but there were girls of Pentalfa (Italian fanclub) who were queuing for all. A lot of Korean journalists! Suddenly, we see two people in the building (above) who walked to the balcony. One of these seemed JJ!! We took a shot!! He had the same hairstyle and body, but we can’t see his face because his face was hidden from the camera. We stressed at all XD

They opened the doors around 12:00. It ‘was a stampede. The girls behind us pushing so much! Even the security men at the door began to shout for us to calm down. As soon as I got permission to go I ran inside. In front of me was a big man dressed in black who told me not to run, I pretended to slow down, so I passed him, and I accelerated again XD I could not take the first place, but I was close! On the stage there was a Spanish girl who was trying to entertain us while we waited for the boys. To ur right were the stands at the top, full of Korean journalists. They greeted us all the time and were happy as children o.o

The Spanish girl asked where we came from and he also mentioned Italy, thanks to Alba (a friend) waving the flag in the air XD
The boys went up suddenly, I did not understand a shit. I only saw the face of JJ emerge from nowhere and I’m dead. Of course, the shit in front of me had to break the bales, and have raised all the tips. Already they were all high… I leave you to imagine. I was in an uncomfortable position: on the tips, with the right arm raised to film, and with the left arm held the lighstick. Moreover, being indoors, the heat was crazy, in less than 15 minutes I was going to faint.

They were absolutely fabulous! A PERFECT live! They were nervous, you could see, but Junsu smiled when took the stage. Jaejoong has remained fairly staid all the time, for the nervousness, and Yoochun broke up shortly after. We jumped, sang, we screamed like crazy for them. And they were happy… At one point, while filming the live (with a smile on my face to 32 teeth), Yoochun turns in my direction and smiled at me. DIED. DIED. OMG!! I nearly collapsed! XDDD I was shocked. I was so used to seeing them through a screen that seemed impossible to me that they were there, a few steps away from me.

They sang Empty and Get Out. After the last song they sauted and fell. We like: “What? What’s up? They were on the stage two seconds ago °_°”. We were so thrilled that we have not realized anything XDD

At the exit there was some confusion, of course. I don’t know if they even blocked the exit to allow the time for boys to get into the car and run away. Because, however, when we passed in front of the garage they were not there any more.

Towards the exit, I see Alba and Chika (my friends) watching the stands. I thought they were watching the photographers, who were always trying our attention to make videos or photos. Instead I look up and see the parents of Junsu!! They greeted us both, and soon after (I thinks I was the only) I realized that there was the mother of Yoochun!! But she has not calcullated us XD

Coming out, I went into the adjacent building, where the journalists came out. I thought I would leave from there also JYJ, because there was a bit of people. So I went in, and instead I found Junsu’s parents, at fingertips *_* The mother was sitting right near the entrance, beautiful, impeccably perfect. She was taking pictures with fans, so I approached and asked if I could take a picture. She nodded, smiling, and we put the all posing. Soon after I was warned by a staff who told me to leave, but I’m screwed (see if I’m lose the opportunity of my life for a stupid é_é) and I got over it, going from Junsu’s father, who was talking with two fans. I have placed in the center between the two, just behind them, in front of the father. He looked at me because he knew I wanted to talk to him. I was a little anxious because I was afraid that the staff came back to break. Suddenly the father gave me a nod, smile, and says something in Korean. I approach and ask if we could take a picture, adding that I came from Italy. In the confusion, however, did not understand. When he turned and saw the other girls of Pentalfa, said: “Spain?” and we, in chorus: “ITALY!” and he said: “ITALY! WOW” and we “eheheheh é_é”. I was near him and I have the opportunity to caress his back, like a maniac XD After the photo he asking us if we would go to the concert and told us, in Korean: “I’ll see you soon”. I thanked him in Korean and he did the same, bowing slightly.

Pictures of the Salon here

THE CONCERT - I don’t know why, but the bad luck persecuted us. At the live we were sweating and we were quite tired, so Namie and I return to the hotel to clean up, then we call a taxi. The cub driver abandon us in the street, because he did not understand where he was to arrive. Immediately I asked the girl in the hotel to call another taxi, so after 5 minutes has arrived. Bad luck would have it, this man was a crook. He did a pretty crazy ride to get to the Poble. He made us climb the mountain, then down. At least, we saw the hotel where the boys were staying, the MIRAMAR.

The line was crazy. There were people who had camped there for days with the curtains. Namie had the Super VIP, so it was quiet, but I was in the pit. There were other Pentalfa who were standing in line, but I could not find them. So I joined to a group of Spanish fans, who welcomed me kindly, and I also made friends with one of them. About 15 minutes after our arrival, they opened the doors and being to let us in, about 60 people at a time. I showed the bracelet and I started running like a crazy! Girls… someone up there loves me… I managed to finish in the second row!! *_* However, In front of me there was a fiber girl, so it was like being in the first row. And next to me was a Korean that had brought the camera with the cable. She filmed the whole concert from A to Z. If she put the video on the internet I would not mind XD

I was at stage left, where was Junsu, but I was pretty close to Jaejoong. We had to wait an hour before it started (because they made us get to 20:30 and the concert started at 21:30). My feet were suffering so much. I put the shoes slightly raised, to be sure, but they were uncomfortable. I said to myself: “I bear for you, just for you”. And so it was, because when they took the stage I have not heard anything. Pain, fatigue, elbows… all gone. They are like a dream. I could not believe they were there, about 7 feet away me, it was as if I saw them through a screen. They are so damn perfect!

Junsu was right in front of me, and looked at me several times. Even Jaejoong looked at me a couple of times, and while singing in Heaven and I was recovering Junsu, turning to JJ I realized he looked at me, but when I turned around he moved his eyes elsewhere çOOOç

Junsu was cute. He was always smiling, especially when someone shouted his name in the silence XD Jaejoong is like a DIVA. He loves being the center of attention, and loves to create attention. Yoochun was the most anxious, I think. When he took the stage he made a deep sigh.

There was the Spanish translators, so I understand a little. I don’t remember everything they said, but they were anxious to have failed, and were delighted to see that so many people had gathered. Since Yoochun expressed concerns, we began to shout in chorus: “ANDUE, ANDUE!”, gesturing “no” with our finger. At first they did not understand. Yoochun turned to Jaejoong and asking him what we were saying, then he turned to me and I moved my lips as precisely as possible to make him understand. He opened his mounth and laughed, saying to Jaejoong: “Andue”.

Jaejoong said instead: “The most beautiful attraction in Spain is here, in front of us” T_T How beautiful he was. Still thin, but nice.

At one point, I focused the camera on JJ. He turned around and saw me. He smiled and started posing, smiling at me, but my camera did not work T_T He has been standing for about 5 seconds to give me time to shoot. So cuuute T_T

Jaejoong said: “Te quiero” and we have repeated in chorus, until Yoochun, facing Jaejoong, says, in Spanish: “Kiss me much”. Jaejoong, who threw himself on the side of Junsu, took a running start, following Yoochun behind the scenes, while we laughed and screamed.

Yoochun asked the foreign fans to raise their hands. The boys were very surprised and Chun, with his face like an idiot, he raised his hand and saying: “Me too” in english, making us laugh. I and the other Italian girls started to shout: “ITALIA, ITALIA, ITALIA!!!”, like crazy. Junsu looked at us, trying to understand, then, when he understood, he laughed and nodded *__*

While singing the OST of PTB, Jaejoong was moved. His eyes were red and shiny.

They talked about the drama, and said that next year will do another concert in Europe!! YEEEEEEEE!!! *dancing the mambo* So, who was not able to come this year, began to prepare for the next! *_*

I liked all the songs, but I loved the performance of MISSION.

Before they start to sing In Heaven they said: “This is the last song” and we “TT-TT”. Instead, after being withdrawn in the wings for a few minutes, returned to sing Get Out and another song that I don’t remember (somebody help me XD).

It had to be 3 hours of the concert, which decreased to 2 hours. A real shame.

When they left, we started to clap. The Italian and Spanish wanted to break the record, clapping the hands for 26 minutes. But no one took the time, and few have participated. So, after 15 minutes, I left, because there was Namie waiting for me outside. The boys have gone in front of the Poble with limousine and greeted us TT_TT

This was certainly the most beautiful experience of my entire life.


Thanks for the email!
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I left from Valencia’s Joaquim Sorolla station at 6:40AM, Friday. It was a 3h travel so, we (me and five more Valencian fans) arrived to Barcelona’s Sants Station around 10AM.
There, four of the fans went to get a taxi for going to an hotel, and me and the fan left, waited for a friend’s mother to come for my friend, ‘cause I was going to another friend’s house (lol, this is so confusing, I know).
That noon, we went at 1:00PM to “el Poble Espanyol” to ge tour SVIPs bacelets ^^
There were so many people there! Waiting in the line since Wednesday with tents. Yeah, so profesional, haha. The bracelets started to be given at 7PM, and they were suposed to give them at 6PM, but blueh.
When I got my bracelet I was really happy, but I realised the amount of fans that there were in the fosso line! WOW, it was amazing! But we had to leave early and fast because in less tan an hour we had a meeting with JunSu’s parents in a korean restaurant.
When we arrived, tired because we thought we were gonna arrive really late, they just got there and they’re were waiting for us.
Such bautiful persons, really.
There were JunSu’s appa and eomma, Seiko (their translator and the assistant of one of eomeoni’s beauty shops) and two more girls who were the admins of XiahPicnic’s fancafe~
They asked for Sam Gyup Sal, it was really tasty! We also eat a lot of kimchi (so many funny times due to the spicy kimchi, hahaha) and another korean food.
Junsu’s mother told us if we wanted to know anyhing about his son, but I told her that I liked JunHo better, and she went crazy! We talked a lot of JunHo together (about Junsu too, of course). We could notice in her way of speaking and showing photos from her mobile phone how proud she was about their sons, and the father too.

We were going to pay each one for their part when JunSu’s father told us he paid for everything! We couldn’t believe it, he’s such a lovely person, we told him once we were outside the restaurant “saranghaeyo!” and he had a big smile on his face~ awww, he looked like Junsu in that moment!

After that, we all took some photos together and went to accompany them to get a taxi. We said good bye and that we’ll see each other in the concert.
We were so happy… we couldn’t beieve what happened to us while we were on our way to go for the bags with JYJ’s presents that were in a girl’s house.
We went back home some girls, and started doing things about the fanprojects~

We got up really early in the morning cause one of our friends was goint to “el Poble Espanyol” due to a volunteering issue she was doing, and another girl and me went to “el Salón del Manga”. There was a girl left who had to search for a newcomer girl (korean) who came along with a Japanese fan~
Soo much people in the line, but some friends saved the line for us, so we joined the line with them. That was around 8AM, but round 10PM, a lot of korean press arrived the site! I got three interviews done, what to do, kkk~
When the doors were opened, the fans started to push and the security men told us to stop pushing or they would close the doors, hahaha. And when we entered, we ran to get a nice spot. I was in the middle, about the 6 line. I could have done good potos, but fans were so pushy TT
They appeared in the scenario and for me, time stoped. Oh my god, the surely existed. Some time ago, a friend of mine told me “JYJ does not exist, they’re the parents”, and I someway believed it, lol. But they were real! Standing in front of me, so handsomely! I could have died there, I swear! The first song, Get Out was impresive. I mean, they danced SO well and someone told me that the were going to do playback first, but at the last time they decided to do live. And it isn’t a fucking difference between them (well, I can risk my life saying that live they sound much better). After, they song Empty and it was incredible too. So powerful! The fans were hysterical, screaming and jumping and singing, they liked it, I know, hahaha. But they left too earlyyyy, nooo~

We after went to the center to buy some things and got home to finish the wrapping of JYJ’s presents and JunSu’s birthday Project~
We went to the concert and THE BATTERIES OF MY CAMERA FLIED AWAY. I wanted to cry so badly, really… Furthermore, the bus we were supposed to grab was broken and we had to take a taxi… we arrived 15min before the concert, so we gave the bags of the presents to a girl and went inside “el Poble Espanyol”. I gotta say our location was shit. We ended in fosso having a lot of fun, and they didn’t give us the t-shirt we had to had neither… so I spent 100€ for staying at fosso… but i had so much fun! We all could see that JYJ was having fun with us, and the time they told us which Spanish they learnt was hilarious! We were all laughing and screamimng out loud, like there’s no tomorrow~ The fans sang every song and jumped along with JYJ, we even knew Be my Girl’s flasmob! They were really surprised! And we were happy for that.

When the concert ended, we went to see JunSu’s parents, and I almost died! My friends went to greet them, but I didn’t said anything cause JunSu’s mother recognized me and greeted me firstly! I was so happy!! But they were really busy, because fans wanted to take photos with them… and we said good-bye and left~ So tired, we went home and had dinner at 2-3 in the morning, hahaha~
We woke up early again because we were supposed to go say good-bye to JunSu’s parent to the airport, but I ended up staying at home because me skin was all red! And I had to leave that noon… at the end, some friends went, but they didn’t arrive on time! What a pity…
And so, I went to Barcelona’s North station to take a bus which took me back to reality.
And here I am, doing this fanaccount, while some friends are still in Barcelona, searching for JYJ and getting autographs and photos…

Thanks for the email!
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Green ocean for Jaejoong solo & white ocean for In Heaven

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I was surprise when I saw this...

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JYJ 'In Heaven' charted at #13 on Oricon Monthly Album Chart

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