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I was surprise when I saw this...

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JYJ 'In Heaven' charted at #13 on Oricon Monthly Album Chart

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JYJ will be closing their European tour with their last concert, held at Berlin’s Tempodrom on 6 November. Following that, Kim Junsu has decided that he plans to take a short holiday after the concert.

Kim Junsu appeared on YTN’s “Newswide” in a telephone interview on 5 November, and talked about his plans after the concert. “I think I will take a short break after this concert tour.”

He also said, “This may be a break, but I will also be preparing for next year in the meanwhile. I couldn’t write many songs while on the European tour, so I will continue writing during the holidays, and the other members will be continuing with their individual activities as well.” As for his own individual activities, Kim Junsu is currently preparing for the musical “Elisabeth” which will start in February next year.

When asked about how the JYJ members felt regarding their influence in Europe, Junsu laughed and said, “ This is a good chance for us to get a feel of a new culture, and to take the next step. Sometimes, I feel that if we were only (active) in Asia, that may not be a good thing. This concert tour is a good chance for us to grow and improve our skills.”

JYJ, who completed their solo concert in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi on 29 October, will be holding their next concert in Berlin’s Tempodrom on 6 November.

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We were able to see that JYJ’s European fanbase continues to expand as time passes.

On the 29th, JYJ held a mini concert at the LA FARGA Convention Centre’s performance hall and sang ‘Empty’ and ‘Get Out’ to 5,000 cheering audience members.

Though it was a paid performance that showcased only two songs, people flocked to secure seats, showing the power of K-pop once more.

We asked the European fans who were waiting in line for the concert about JYJ’s secret to success. They all praised the group as they said, “JYJ’s intense dance moves and live skills have us hooked.”

Here is a Q&A session with their European fans.

Silvia Sanchez (17, student)

-How did you come to know JYJ?

▶In 2008, my friend sent me the ‘Mirotic’ album and told me to listen to it, and from that moment on, I became a fan. I started searching online for their videos and music and now, I’m such a big fan of JYJ. Their appearances in dramas made me like them more and I like them all so much that I make sure to check up on videos of them every day.

-Who’s your favorite member?

▶Jaejoong. His voice and the expression he has when he sings is so hot.

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I really wanted to go to Korea because I like JYJ so much, but I don’t have the money to go there. I’m so happy and thankful that they decided to come all the way to Spain to perform. My friends and I couldn’t sleep for the past couple of nights because we were preparing gifts for the members. We got Junsu a football shirt with the number ’12′ on it while we got ordinary t-shirts for the other members. We hope they wear them and we would like to see them wearing the shirts.

Noemi Blaha (30, secretary)

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I’ve been a fan of JYJ for the past three years. I like them so much but because I work, I don’t have much time to spare on other things. I only got three hours of sleep because of today’s concert. I’m so excited and nervous. I still can’t believe that they’ve come here to sing for us. They’re great singers, but they’re also very humorous and it was a great performance.

Charo (18, student)

-How did you come to know JYJ?

▶I was surfing the net a year ago when I randomly began searching up Korean singers, and I ended up clicking on a photo of Jaejoong and listening to their songs. Since then, I’ve been active as a JYJ fan. I like Junsu now too because his voice is so nice.

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I spent an entire month preparing banners for JYJ’s concert with other fans. We paid for the production of the banner and put them up ourselves. There are over 50 banners hanging within the city of Barcelona that contain messages from JYJ’s fans, and we travelled through the other cities of Spain for a month, putting banners up for JYJ. I bought concert tickets after staying up all night for two days in a row as I waited in line. I was so excited for the entire two-hour train ride here and I’m still feeling that excitement as I wait for the concert to start.

Maria Amparo (24, student)

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I’m a fan of TVXQ. I like JYJ’s music and I loved watching ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. I’m planning on downloading and watching ‘Protect the Boss’ as well. I really like K-pop and I was so excited to buy my ticket three weeks ago. When I first heard the news, I was so surprised and I couldn’t believe they were coming to Spain. I’m very thankful to them for flying all the way here.

Rocio Maldonado (14, student)

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I’ve been a fan of K-pop for the past five years. I’ve been a fan of JYJ since they were a part of TVXQ and I’m a fan of Junsu. I’m planning on visiting Korea. I want to live in Korea with JYJ. I’ve waited three years to see this concert. This is going to be my first K-pop concert, and I’m so glad that it’s a concert by JYJ.

Sandra Vidail (24, office worker)

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶I recently became a fan of JYJ when I came across one of their songs. This is my first K-pop concert and I can’t wait to see what it will be like. I’m excited to think that I’ll personally get to see those powerful dance moves that I’ve been watching on Youtube. I’m a fan of Yoochun. I can’t believe that I’ll be able to see him smile in person. I want to marry him.

Oscar (19, student)

-What are your feelings on coming to today’s concert?

▶It’s been half a year since I first came across JYJ on the internet and I really like their songs. Most of all, their powerful performances are ones that aren’t easily found in Spain. They’re great singers and I like all three members. I listen to JYJ’s songs all the time these days. I’m especially addicted to their Korean songs because they have such great melodies and beats.

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Together with teacher Kang Ho.. just the two of us for the 4th hour, walking aimless.. Just doing that, we arrived at this gate....? During those 4 we discussed about this and that about living life.. There's really no end to such a conversation huh..

(T/N that you can choose to omit when spreading the translation: Kangho is JYJ's hairdresser from Red Carpet beauty salon, and has been DBSK and SJ's hairdresser since their debut, and is still close to some of the members even now even though HoMin and Super Junior no longer go to Red Carpet. He's always one of the ones thanked in every one of DBSK's albums, so I'm sure he's very dear to the JYJ members.)

Edit: (T/N: Kang Ho is JYJ's current hairdresser)

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