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We know there’s a ton of JYJ fans out there, but this particular individual takes the cake for being one of the cutest we’ve seen in a while.

An series of photos have gone viral in Korea after they were uploaded onto a community forum under the title, “Part-time Chicken Shop worker is a JYJ fan“.

A part-time worker from a chicken shop is seen wearing their mascot costume in front of a cosmetics store, where a set of life-size JYJ cutouts were positioned for promotion. The chicken worker looks a little depressed, even in a state of static nostalgia — it’s almost as if they were longing to see someone.

The netizen who created the post explained, “I was looking outside the window and saw a random part time worker wearing a chicken costume. There were cut-outs of JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu outside of the cosmetic store. The chicken worker took a long look at Jaejoong’s picture in particular. The chicken had a leaflet in [his or her] left hand and caressed Jaejoong’s cut out. I was taking pictures right beside [him or her], but they didn’t even notice.”

Anyone feeling sorry for the chicken?

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THIS NEWS JUST MADE MY DAY. The chicken is so adorable HAHAHA

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‘The Korean Musical Awards’ that has celebrated the history of Korean musical industry will hold its 17th award ceremony.

‘The 17th Korean Musical Award’ Ceremony will be held on November 14th at Olympics Hall in Olympics Park in Song-Pa Gu, Seoul and will be broadcast live on SBS from 5:20 pm.

Candidates for various awards such as the Rookie Awards, the Popularity Awards, the Best Foreign Musical Award to the Best Musial of the Year Award will attend the ceremony, and the competition will be fiercer than any other year. The hot topic among musical personnels has been which musicals and which actors will take the awards for receiving the greatest responses as it is impossible to predict winners.

The award ceremony will have the total of 18 categories including the Best Musical, Best Foreign Musical, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Script, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Original Score, Best Orchestrations, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Choreography, Best Stage Technician, Male Rookie of the Year, Female Rookie of the Year, Best Ensemble, and Popularity.

In addition, it has been drawing attention whether JYJ’s Kim Junsu, who received much attention this year in ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’, will be able to win the Popularity Award again this year following last year.

Meanwhile, the ceremony will host a gala show with star actors of musicals that received enthusiastic responses from the Korean audience. The gala will have seven different stages and is expected to captivate the viewers at home as well as the audience and actors at the ceremony.

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“We’re hungry to show you what a real World Tour is!”

Group JYJ is the first singer of Republic of Korea who succeeded a solo concert in Spain. On the 29th Oct (local time) JYJ had a brilliant concert at Poble Espanyol, Barcelona, in front of 3000 people which didn’t include only Spanish fans but also other European fans from France, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.

This concert was indeed a challenge. Although among domestic netizens, there were different opinions regarding the number of audience, the meaning and value of JYJ’s challenge are not going to fade. It was hard to find a reputable promoter for a concert of Korean artist. This is reality. For this concert, JYJ’s agency C-Jes Entertainment has directly worked on it from A to Z and has had to overcome several obstacles.

Europe is like a wasteland. For a Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Spain, it was full of burdens and problems that general public couldn’t imagine of. Moreover, it wasn’t a concert planned with participation of various artists from a large company but a fruit achieved by just one team. Therefore, the challenge is praiseworthy enough itself and we can’t help praising its meaning.

If we must compare numerically, the number of attendees was of course humble. They are JYJ who could mobilize tens of thousands of audience if the concert was held in Korea or Japan. Just look at the concert in Japan which was held before European tour, they sang in front of 40,000 spectators per day, so 80,000 in total. But in the strange land of Spain, they stood in front of thousands of spectators. Even so, JYJ has brought off a more elated stage than ever. The press that has directly attended the concert and the officials agreed that “Although they have stood in front of tens of thousands of fans just a few days ago… they really tried their best, without low-spiritedness or fear.”

The more praiseworthy thing is their ultimate goal to break through into Europe.

Representative of C-Jes Entertainment, Mr. Baek Changjoo had a meet up with Osen in Spain. He described JYJ’s ultimate goal to become World Star, “Our final goal is to achieve a real world tour. Even in Europe, large companies have brought large-scale concerts to Paris (France), London (UK), etc. But JYJ is facing a new challenge by starting a solo concert in Spain and Germany, countries where the embers of K-pop were just about to fire. Our dream is to eventually hold a real meaningful world tour encompassing all Asia, America and Europe. Through this European tour, we want to verify our potential and to make this an opportunity to introduce K-pop more to Europeans. I think a real world tour is clearly possible if we can make it in South America too after this.”

He also added with firm determination, “If a foreign artist can mobilize 10,000 spectators for a solo concert, it could be called great success. We aim to hold a world tour including Europe once a year, every time we release an album and to do a showcase in Europe in the future.”
[Photos provided by C-Jes Entertainment]

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The first round of online voting for the number one position for the [2011 Melon Music Award] is a close race between SUPER JUNIOR, BEAST and TVXQ. Online voting for the [2011 Melon Music Award] began on 24 October and the top 5 positions have been dominated by male groups, garnering interest.

In particular, there is interest to see if SUPER JUNIOR can protect their #1 position until the end as they compete closely against BEAST and TVXQ.

Currently, up to 430,000 fans have participated in the voting and SUPER JUNIOR is currently at #1 with 79,000 votes, comprising of 18% of the total votes. Following closely is BEAST at #2, with 17%, 73,000 votes, and TVXQ at #3 with 13% of the total votes.

This first round of online voting is for music released in Korea during the time period of 1 December 2010 until present with 30 artists (teams) chosen based on: domestic Melon streaming frequency (40%), number of downloads (50%), SKT wireless (MOD) utilization (10%). Voting will end on 6 November 2011. From the Top 30, 10 artists (teams) will be selected for the [2011 Melon Music Award Top 10] based on the highest scores according to sound source score (80%) and first round of online voting (20%).

The results of the first round of online voting will be revealed on 7 November 2011 on the Melon homepage and will be followed by the second round of online voting. From here, one team will be selected for the biggest award in the [2011 Melon Music Award], the [2011 Melon Music Award Artist Award].

The [2011 Melon Music Award] will take place on 24 November 2011, 7pm onwards at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

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The Tohoshinki event to commemorate the 28 September release of their [TONE] album was held in Tokyo and Osaka on 1 November and 3 November respectively.

Out of 200,000 applicants, 15,200 people were selected and they gathered at the venue and enjoyed their time at the event for about an hour. During the event, they talked and sang songs like「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」,「Duet」,「I Don’t Know」and a great number of fans excitedly sang along. In particular, when they sang the album version of [Duet], which will be included in their single to be released on 30 November, participating fans were moved to tears.

At the event, in front of their fans, they personally talked about their thoughts that could not be expressed through magazines and TV appearances and covered topics like the happenings behind the album release as well as things that happened during the filming for their photobook [Sun].

Also, they were given [mission cards] by their fanclub which consisted of things they wanted to know and things they wanted Tohoshinki to do and were given an opportunity to see a new, candid side of the members. Also, towards the end of the event, it was announced that there would be additional dates for their concert tour which begins in January and it will be held nationwide in 9 venues over 20 concerts and mobilizing 250,000 people. There is no doubt that Tohoshinki will cause a sensation in 2012 once again.

As their album continues strong in the Top 10 of the album charts for 5 continuous weeks, Tohoshinki is finally releasing their first Christmas single 「Winter ~Winter Rose / Duet - winter ver. -」The music ringtone will be available for download from 16 November.

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君がいればそれでいい そうさ close to heart, close to my love
君のためにいればいい いつも close to heart, close to your love
ときめきを重ね合う 心の中に歌を once winter rose


Kimiga ireba soredeii sousa close to heart, close to my love
Tatta hitotsu shikanai aiga kokoni arukara
Kimino tameni irebaii itsumo close to heart, close to your love
Tokimekiwo kasaneau kokorono nakanini utawo once winter rose


My only hope is that, you be at my side, yes, close to heart, close to my love
The one and only love is here
I will be here only for you, always, close to heart, close to your love
Our love blends together, ringing in our hearts, winter rose

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The appearance battle between JYJ member Park Yoochun and Big Bang member TOP has become a hot topic.

Recently, both men did photoshoots for magazines. Park Yoochun in “HIGH CUT” and TOP in “1st Look,” with both men showing infinite charm.

This photo battle of the boyband members, involves not only the fans of each group, but have also become a popular debate among the netizens.

Netizens who saw the images said, “It cannot be compared. Both of them are very manly” “Showdown between boyband members? How interesting” and other responses.

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