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Bigeast Official Website has announced that there will be 6 additional lives for Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~!!! The tickets for the originally announced 14 lives have been extremely heavily demanded, and many fans, including Bigeast memebrs, still cannot get any tickets. Now there will be more dates, making it a total of 20 lives!! Note that the pre-order will be available for Bigeast members first on 11/4. For information regarding the original 14 lives, please go HERE.


Dear Bigeasts♪

Thanks for your waiting!
Information regarding additional live dates of Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ and fan club pre-order schedule is as follows♪

☆Details of additional lives (open/start time; JST)
Date Location Open/Start Time
1/27 (Fri) Nagoya, Japan Gaishi Sports Plaza, Gaishi Hall 17:30/18:30
2/19 (Sun) Niigata Toki Messe 15:00/16:00
2/24 (Fri) Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center, Kitayell 17:30/18:30
3/4 (Sun) Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center, Green Arena 15:00/16:00
3/10 (Sat) Fukui, Sun Dome Fukui 15:00/16:00
3/20 (Tue) Saitama Super Arena 14:00/16:00

※Open/start times are subject to change.

★Ticket price
Premium Seat: 19,800 JPY
S Seat (pen light included): 9,500 JPY
S Seat, seated only (pen light included): 9,500 JPY
S Seat, seated only: 8,500 JPY
S Seat: 8,500 JPY

※Children above 3 years old require tickets.
※Children below 3 years old are allowed in S Seat area, but require tickets if seats are needed.
※Pen lights of S Seat (pen light included) are uniquely designed pen lights, and will be different from the pen lights of tour goods.

Fan Club ticket priority pre-ordering period: 11/4 (Fri) 15:00 JST ~ 11/10 (Thur) 18:00 JST

※This priority pre-ordering is available for those who joined “Bigeast half-year course” before 8/31/2011.
※Ticket pre-order will be a lottery.
※Please understand that there might be some problem with accessing the website if too many peopel are applying at the same time.
※It is not first-come-first-serve basis so please apply anytime during the application period.

Source: Bigeast Official FanClub
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The battle for Tohoshinki’s performance tickets has begun.

Tohoshinki will commence their Japanese arena tour next year, starting from the Yokohama stop on January 18. For these performances, as soon as the tickets went on sale last month, they were sold out within 1 minute, obtaining a hot response. However, fans who were unable to purchase the tickets are anxiously pacing around and sourcing for black market tickets. In reality, on Japanese auction bidding sites, the prices of tickets put up for trading were going at the average rate of 50,000 yen (726,400 won). Amidst this situation, the Osaka stop tickets were even trading up till 110,000 yen (1,508,100 won). Considering that the original price of the tickets was 9,500 yen (138,000 won), this is a price which amounted to a staggering 10 times of the original price. However, even so, this has resulted in a situation where it is difficult to purchase the tickets which have been driven to high prices by bidders.

Fans expressed their sense of regret, “Please have an additional performance for Tohoshinki at Tokyo Dome”, “It’s not enough to just have an arena tour”, “I want to see Tohoshinki. Please sell your tickets to me.”

Tohoshinki will hold a fanmeeting in Singapore on December 4.

Source: sports chosun
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T/N: This program (Kan-tame! POP) was broadcasted in Fuji TV CS network (Skyperfect TV & Cable TV) on Nov 1.

“In Heaven”, the new album of JYJ, which was released in Korea in Sept, is causing repercussions.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, who left Tohoshinki because of their problems with the management company, made a new unit JYJ. Though they turned their back to the company and made a new start, the lawsuit with their previous company is still going on, so they were not able to hold live concerts.

In the new album, the members themselves composed and wrote the lyrics for most of the songs, they were participating positively to the production of the album. However, one of the songs in the album “Pierrot” was judged ineligible to broadcast by KBS, and had restrictions in their promotions.

(T/N: the lyrics of Pierrot)

The “p.s.m” phrase in the lyrics is said to be the initials of the President of their previous company, and it was interpreted that the lyrics was slandering an individual person. Thus, KBS judged the song ineligible to broadcast.

They were restricted from appearing in music programs not only in Korea but in Japan, too, and it was doubtful that events would be held. Their difficult situations were continuing for months. Under such difficult circumstances, JYJ’s event in Japan was held for two days without any special publicities. In the venue in Ibaraki, many fans gathered from all over Japan. According to the official announcement, the number was 80 thousand in 2 days!

Fan 1: (T/N: introducing her own name)
Fan 2: (T/N: introducing her own name) I hope that someone can make an environment so that they could promote freely in Japan.
Fan 3: I can feel that they are doing their best even under the current severe conditions, so I would like to support them as long as I can.
Fan 4: I feel that the connection between JYJ and the fans are very strong.
Fan 5: I hope that we can move forward with their love, and also with our love.

For the Japanese fans, the live concert and the new album were received with a flood of emotions. That may speak for the fact that the pre-order for “In Heaven” exceeded over 300 thousand. The album increased its sales, so that the shops had to make a special counter on the day of the release.

Yamamoto: We received a message from a JYJ fan. May I introduce it here?
Furuya: Yes, please.
Y: Sesami-san, 50 years old, a lady. Thank you very much. “I am always enjoying the broadcast. At last, JYJ released their Korean album! Though they haven’t done any promotions, the pre-order exceeded 300 thousand. That means, they are not only popular, but also have the real ability.”
F: It was the hot topics before release that the pre-order exceeded 300 thousand. If the 300 thousand sales is the actual number, the album will be the highest selling album in Korea this year. Of course there are gaps between the shipment and the actual sales number, so we do not know what the final results will be, but it means that the album is in high demand.
Y: Sesami-san also says that she would like to support JYJ’s activities in Japan, but their music videos are not broadcasted, and maybe the fans should feel impatient… I thought so, looking at her message.
F: Basically, their problem is not solved. In this stage, the promotions in both countries may be difficult in many cases.

Source: 1596jiji
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Greetings from C-Jes Entertainment.

JYJ had a successful start for the Europe tour with 3,000 enthusiastic fans in Spain.

“JYJ Europe Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain” was held at Poble Espanyol plaza in Barcelona, Spain on October 29th that was the first Europe concert of JYJ as well as the first Spain single concert by Korean singers.

The affection and zeal for JYJ and their music by JYJ manias from Spain with just 500 overseas Korean residents, European countries and Central and South America were enough to astonish journalists from Korea.

Started by ‘Empty’ in JYJ worldwide album, JYJ sang total 14 songs including songs from recently released Korean album ‘In Heaven’, and drama OSTs to create a perfect stage with genuine passion.

Fans sang along the chorus in Korean throughout the concert and shouted loudly after every singing, demonstrating the power of JYJ once again.

Yu Chun remarked that “we would like to introduce our music with proper assessment’, while Jae Joong said that “I think it is meaningful to deliver our music in a strange country. It would be better if a year were 24 months.” Jun Su said “we want to get more countries, and also return to places where we had a concert to reward their excitement.”

JYJ came up the stage thanks to encore requests by fans, and it was over after 11 pm. Emotional fans, who could not easily leave the place, were heating up the passions in fall night of Barcelona.

We are looking forward to your continual interest and encouragement for “JYJ Europe Tour Concert 2011 in Berlin, Germany’ which is to be held in Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany on November 6th.

Thank you very much.

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KBS News aired a segment called “Celebrity Notebook” on the morning on November 2nd 2011. Here is the translation of Yunho’s cut.


The Best 3 “Brand-Name” Cameos in 2011 Chosen by Viewers

Citizen: “U-Know Yunho? U-Know Yunho.”

He was active in the drama “Poseidon”!

A cameo where he showed us bold action scenes and captured the attention of female viewers! It’s TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho-ssi.

Even with just a short appearance of 4 episodes!

U-Know Yunho-ssi showed off a cool image which was not lacking compared with the main leads in his cameo appearance. Choi Siwon-ssi even conveyed his gratitude.

Siwon: He doesn’t have enough rest with this original busy schedule, but even so, he showed off a cool image right till the end. I’m very thankful to Yunho-hyung to dedicate himself fully to the drama and it’s great. I want to tell him, “Hyung is no doubt cool!” and also to thank him.

Watch the news cut here! Yunho’s segment appears at around 2:08.

Source: KBS News
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T/N: From the internet FM radio, “Inter FM, KOREA ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL K GENERATION, Mar 25, 2007″.

Junsu: Hello everyone
ALL: We are Tohoshinki!
Jaejoong: We want to play outdoors in this season, don’t you think so?
Changmin: Yes, we really want to play outside.
Jaejoong: We will tell you about the places we recommend in Tokyo and Korea.
Junsu: Ohhhhh, YES!
Changmin: About Tokyo, maybe the listeners should know better than us, but, we want to recommend,
Junsu: Yes
Changmin: Where is the place?
Junsu: Meguro-gawa (T/N: Meguro River)
Yunho: There are many Sakura (cherry blossom) trees around Meguro-gawa, and it is a very beautiful place.
Jaejoong, Tohoshinki, Tohoshinki has gone there, too!
Changmin: We went there when we first came to Japan..
Jaejoong: Two years ago.
Changmin: We went there, the scenery was so beautiful,
Yunho: Yes, it was really beautiful.
Jaejoong: So, we would like to recommend a place in Korea…
Yunho: Yeah!
Yoochun: I want to go there again this year!
Yunho: Let’s go there if we have time.
Junsu: Yes, lets go!
Jaejoong: So, can we move on to the next place we recommend?

(other sentences omitted)

Source: sara x sara & Korea Entertainment Special K Generation
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JYJ’s Yoo Chun transformed himself into a charismatic macho man, completely different from his existing cute, tender image, for a pictorial of High Cut, scheduled to be issued on November 3.

In an interview held during the shooting, Yoo Chun got off his chest his current source of trouble: “As my acting career has been developed, I seem to confront more challenges and drawbacks to be a good actor. It bothers me a lot these days.”

He added, “I become confident during practice, but not during the actual shooting. I think acting is no simple matter. It is a really difficult job.”

When asked about the break-up of TVXQ, he carefully opened his mouth by saying, “The trouble has grown too complicated to be resolved by anyone’s courage and determination. Whatever the result, I believe that time will ease the conflict, and someday we will find a chance to let all the feelings out.

Yoo Chun’s pictorial will be released through the 64 issue of High Cut.

By Pyo Jae-min (

Source: TV Report (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TV Report
Translated by Geum Jae /
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On 29 October, the famous Spanish daily paper “El Mundo” published a report about the JYJ Concert in Barcelona, Spain and has become a hot topic. The article, which was published on 29 October (the day of the concert) not only introduced JYJ, but also expressed their anticipation for this Spanish concert.

This article from 29 October introduced them as “JYJ, the boyband that shook Korea” and used “A 3-man Justin Bieber” as the headline to talk about JYJ’s album and details about their Europe concerts.

Also, the article mentioned that “The album used to break into the American market, which Kanye West participated in the production of, sold over 500,000 copies”, “with the release of their new album “In Heaven,” they are touring Europe” and others. In the article, their description about each of the members’ individial charms gained much attention as they wrote “Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong are like Justin Bieber, very handsome, very manly, very stylish and very fashionable,” “Their intense gazes drive the fans wild.

Representatives of JYJ said, “There has never been a mention of Kpop in the large Spanish papers, yet they introduced JYJ, who are foreign artists holding a solo concert in Spain, so we’re really happy.” “During the press conference, the number of interested parties were larger than expected, and this passionate atmosphere was a surprise to us, but also proved to us that coming to the Europe market was the right decision.”

Also, to learn more about the JYJ concerts in Europe, the pre-concert press conference that was held on the morning of 29 October gathered over 50 media outlets showing their interest in JYJ. Famous television and radio stations as well as press media attended this press conference, displaying their high level of interest over Asia’s strongest group JYJ, who have already successfully held their concert tours in Japan and America. A special point to note was that Catalunya radio station’s Tatiana Alvarez said, “What really surprised me was that despite being in Spain, a country without much understanding, they managed to sell out their concert tickets really quickly . Coming to this press conference today, I finally understood why the tickets were sold out so quickly. They are really charming, and the concert is definitely worth watching.

JYJ will be holding another European concert in Berlin on 6 November at 7pm, and like this concert, we hope that it will be antother sell-out show.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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Many are curious to see if SM singers will appear in’s awards ceremony MAMA for the first time in three years.

It has been found that is optimistic about the possibility because SM singers have been appearing in’s ‘M! Countdown’ as well as its other awards shows. As TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x) and Girls’ Generation have all been active this year, they will ‘most definitely’ be invited to the awards show and with SM deciding to make amends with, there should be no problems with them accepting the invitations.

MAMA will be holding a press conference at the Sangam CGV on the 1st of next month, and it seems that the hottest topic of the day will be whether or not SM will be participating in the awards show. A representative stated, “Though we can’t yet reveal the official list of stars who will be attending, there’s nothing stopping SM singers from coming.

The only hurdle is their schedules. All of the SM singers have packed schedules for the end of the year, and it will take time to move things around to accommodate to the awards show. TVXQ will be attending the ’2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters’ concert at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on the 25th of November, so it might not be easy for them to appear at MAMA two days later. The other groups also have tight schedules, so they will need time before they confirm any appearances.

The singers of SM Entertainment have not appeared in MAMA (or MKMF as it was known in the past) since TVXQ won the ‘Album of the Year Award’ in 2008. When only the members of JYJ, who were in a lawsuit with SM, were invited in 2009 to receive an award on behalf of TVXQ, SM and’s dispute exploded. Since then, SM’s choice on whether or not to appear in the awards show has been a hot issue every year.

MAMA will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 29th of November.

Source: [osen]
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The Japanese and Chinese media have followed the American press and have published an array of articles on the ’2011 SMTOWN LIVE in New York’ concert that was held in New York’s Madison Square Garden on the 23rd.

In an article on the 26th, the major Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Sports introduced the New York performance and described the highlight of each SM artiste’s performance, saying that, “K-pop has taken over the birthplace of entertainment.”

The article described the ending stage as “The moment New Yorkers acknowledged the SM family,” when TVXQ’s Yunho said, “Thank you New York!” and was met by everyone in the audience standing up and cheering.

Nikkan Sports had the headline “SM TOWN Appears in New York City, Finishes Off With The Crowd Going Wild” and talked about the passionate response the concert received from its American fans. The article talked about a flashmob that was done in Central Park in July to call for a SM concert in New York, and introduced the immense popularity of the SM TOWN LIVE concert.

The Chinese portal site Huanqui wrote, “The SM concert in New York was a sensation in New York’s Madison Square Garden and showed the world the charm of K-Pop.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times article described the singers as acts “any American reality-TV talent show or major-label A&R department worth its salt would be thrilled to have discovered.” Billboard posted a review of the concert with the headline, “K-Pop Hits Madison Square Garden at SMTown Live” while the New York Daily News released a special article on the concert, highlighting the interview with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

Source: [etoday+New York Times(direct quote)]
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So apparently he’s a self-proclaimed bowling god. Shall need to see it to believe it.
(Ji Hwan, 1:26am KST) The day I set my bowling record! haha No.1 is Ji Hwan!!^^ No.2 is Yoo Joong hyung, No.3 is Young Pil hyung and No.4 is Junho hyung. This is the first time I’ve recorded a score like this while bowling, haha
(Junsu, 2:44am KST) @JiHwan_Sim Young Pil hyung really does suck at bowling…….. lol
(Byung Han, 2:58am KST) @0101xiahtic @jihwan_sim kekekekeke We need to have another battle of the brothers
(Junsu, 3:08am KST) @code07lim keke You know of my bowling skills these days, right??

Have some coffee and chat with your members, silly
(Byung Han, 2:57am KST)
We’re having a chat in a coffee shop in the early hours of the morning kekeke Kyung Jong, Kwang Gi, and Sol. It’s great to be chatting away at a coffee shop for the first time in a while~
(Junsu, 3:20am KST) @code07lim ㅜㅜ

We love you too♥
(Junsu, 6:42am KST, Spanish)
Love you~~♥

This feels like the first time that Junsu isn’t bullying Young Pil X)
(Young Pil, 3:14pm KST)
@ukissSH Ima Gohan Tabetemasu (I’m eating now)~~~~^^
(Soo Hyun, 3:16pm KST) @youngfeel It’s ‘Ima Gohan Tabemasu’ (I will eat now) … It’s not ‘Tabetemasu’ kekekeke
(Junsu, 12:46am KST) @ukissSH lol You’re wrong and Young Pil hyung is right~ lol

Round 2 of the Euro Tour begins! :D
(Junsu, 11:17pm KST)
We’ve arrived in Berlin~ It’s nice.. and cool

And the Japanese lesson begins~
(Junsu, 12:57am KST)
‘Tabemasu’ can be both the present tense of ‘I’m eating’ and the future tense of ‘I will eat’~ Tabetemasu is.. ‘I’m eating now’. Shall I say it’s in the present progressive form?? Like~~ ing

And his pupils are his fans :D
(AKTFtvxq, 1:00am KST)
@0101xiahtic What’s that in the past tense?? What’s ‘I’ve eaten already’??
(Junsu, 1:02am KST) @AKTFtvxq That’s ‘Tabemashita’!

So exact in his explanations, lucky T__T
(bnvivace307, 1:00am KST)
@0101xiahtic You write it like たべています and read it like ‘Tabetemasu’, right? Or is that wrong.. I’m confusedㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 1:04am KST) @bnvivace307 To be exact, it should be Tabeteimasu… but when you’re conversing.. you can take out the ‘i’!! Or you could just say the full thing.. But when you write it down, you have to write the ‘i’!!

And it continues~
(Leia_1215, 1:04am KST)
@0101xiahtic So is it Tabeteimashita in the past tense? Please tell me, Japanese Teacher Kim Junsu
(Junsu, 1:06am KST) @Leia_1215 Bingo~ ‘I was eating’ is Tabeteimashita

I agree, this is just… odd
(Maze_5nlyTVXQ, 1:07am KST)
@0101xiahtic So if I said Kimi wo tabemasu.. would that mean, ‘I will eat you’? kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
(Junsu, 1:07am KST) @Maze_5nlyTVXQ That’s right but.. the expression is…. a little… haha

Correcting his pupils :)
(keck_k, 1:10am KST)
@0101xiahtic I’m planning on eating! Would that be Taberuto omoimasu!???? I want to knowㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 1:14am KST) @keck_k Tabeyouto omotteimasu!! But there are lots of different ways to express that~

Ding dong deng!
(FALLIN_64, 1:10am KST)
@0101xiahtic What about ‘I want to eat’!!! It’s たべたい (Tabetai), right???
(Junsu, 1:15am KST) @FALLIN_64 Ding dong deng~

This feels like some sort of trap =___= I see what you did there
(harknyu, 1:14am KST)
@0101xiahtic Oppa, then what’s Antagasukisugidegamandekinaiyo? *.*
(Junsu, 1:19am KST) @harknyu You could express that as, I like you so much that I can’t hold it in~~

lol he’s annoyed that she hasn’t been reading what he’s been saying!
(hime_91, 1:35am KST)
@0101xiahtic ’I'm eating’ is Tabeteimasu, oppa ㅎ.ㅎ You forgot the ‘i’!!
(Junsu, 1:41am KST) @hime_91 Of course, you have to include the ‘i’ when you write it down in Japanese but.. it doesn’t matter if the ‘i’ is left out when conversing… I’ve already written an explanation about that below.

…he tweets a picture from Japan, while in Berlin
(Jaejoong, 10:20am KST)
Recently, I went back to Meguro River

Source: Junsu + Jaejoong + Other's Twitter
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JYJ’s first European solo concert was held in Barcelona on 29 October at 7pm.

In 1992, the Olympics held in Barcelona was a historical moment for Korea as Hwang Young Cho battled and won the marathon gold medal, and on this same land JYJ has written a new chapter in history.

The crowds in the fashionable city of Barcelona have been attracted by the charm of Kpop, and have become passionate fans. After watching the stars on youtube for so long and finally having them appear in front of them in concert has driven the fans wild.

Raised to idol-status since TVXQ’s “Mirotic,” JYJ’s every move has had the fans screaming. For the sake of getting good seats, fans had set up tents at the entrance days before, sleeping on the streets, waiting and giving their all cheering for the JYJ stage. This was a charming scene. Although the crowd numbers were not as large as that of countries like Japan, with only about 3,000 people, the meaning of this was especially significant.

Despite having a strong planning agency, this is the first time a (Korean) group is holding a solo Europe performance, and even though more time and hard work is needed, the unlimited potential for growth for JYJ in the European market is something that has been proven.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ]
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Photos from JYJ’s PenzalQ poster photoshoot have been revealed.

PenzalQ recently posted a batch of photos on their official homepage and Facebook page from JYJ’s poster photoshoot with the title, ‘Don’t be sick, Men of Autumn, JYJ’.

The photos have become a hot topic for showcasing the members’ distinct facial features and small faces.

JYJ wore stylish outfits in a brown tone to match the autumn concept of ‘Boyfriend who takes care of his sick girlfriend’. It was later heard that they wowed the staff members with their classy poses, overflowing charisma and haughty gazes.

A CKD representative stated, “JYJ have stepped away from the pharmaceutical commercials of the past and have taken on the charm of fashionable men of the autumn season. They are showcasing a stylish and tough boyfriend look.”

The final version of JYJ’s PenzalQ posters will be revealed when they are posted up in pharmacies.

Source: [osen]
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Credits: 1596jiji
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Some celebrities develop their star quality, while others are born with it. Knowing this, community portal site DC Inside polled its users from October 25th to November 1st on the question, “If they weren’t celebrities, what would they be doing now? Who is most undeniably a celebrity?

Out of 13,175 votes, 36.5% (or 4,811 votes) named JYJ‘s Jaejoong as the #1 celebrity who was born to become a star. Netizens explained that they believed Jaejoong’s statuesque features and strong musical talents gave him a natural star quality.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong came in second place with 19.9%. His ‘prince-like’ looks and 4D-personality made many users feel that he possessed a deadly combination of looks and charm.

Finally, Rain placed third with 8.4%. His star quality was defined by hard work, as he dedicated endless hours to perfect his skills and his stage presence, which now receives praise everywhere he goes.

Other notable mentions in the poll were Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul, actor Kang Dong Won, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, and Noh Hong Chul.

Source: Naver
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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The TONE release event will be held twice today, Nov 1 (Tues) at the Osaka International Convention Center, starting 17:00JST & 20:00JST. Each event will take approx 45 minutes. (my tweet)

(cr: rio_heart) good morning♪(´ε` ) Now at venue~

(cr: rio_heart) You can buy up to 10 photobooks per person. (T/N: you can purchase a special limited version at the venue, which has a stamped autograph of Yunho & Changmin on the photobook)

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) They will start the sales of the goodies earlier (T/N: than the original schedule)! There will be an announcement 15 min before the sales time! You can purchase up to 10 Taiyo Photobooks per person!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) The goodies will be on sale from 11:30~!!

(cr: lambi40) This (T/N: the giant banner) should be the one displayed at Shinjiku. It is now on the 5th floor of Osaka International Convention Center!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) OMG---!!! Somebody got the photobook with their real autograph!!

(cr: crown_Luvz_TVXQ) Many are taking photos of that real autograph xDDD Envy, envy~~~

(cr: foochingun) I bought Tohoshinki's photobook "Taiyo" ~ I didn't get the autographed version, but I was delighted even with the stamped version(^_-) I was able to see the giant banner which was displayed at Shinjiku, I'm getting really excited(^m^)

(cr: tvxq_changmin_m) The real autographed photobook!

(cr: totty) Taiyo, the stamp version autograph

(cr: shim_yuri) The photobook...sold out just now(T_T)

(cr: shim_yuri) found the giant banner displayed at Shinjuku! Seeing from the backside( ◞・౪・)◞

(cr: shim_yuri) Taiyo, the regular stamped version♡

(cr: shim_yuri) The real autograph version was sold immediately after the sales started on 11:30~(T_T) ENVY! She says that she bought just one photobook♡ Really lucky٩(●˙▿˙●)

(cr: shim_yuri)
the giant banner...far too large, I can't take a good pic(T_T) and they are limiting the photo time to 10 seconds per person!!! So I once took a picture, and them went to line up again(*・∀・)b The doors will open from now♡

(cr: shim_yuri) I'm sitting at the very back, but I can see clearly! The hall is small! (๑>◡<๑)♡

cr: Rachami) You can still take pictures! Inside the venue! 1st floor, B! Much better than Makuhari! (T/N: where the KYHD release event was held in Feb 2011) The two members' photos when they were kids are on screen~♡

(cr: hagalxtsubaki) The photobook was sold out about 15 min ago, and there aren’t any additional stock. For the evening performance, nobody can buy them(ㆀ˘・з・˘)

(cr: tvxq_changmin_m) The duet photo video is on screen, together with the song (^o

(cr: i_mjenn) My seat, 2nd floor, Eo20! We cannot take pic from now on... later! gya~~~ so near!!

cr: maya41203) I was expecting some sound leakage, but cannot hear anything!

cr: hagallxtsubaki) Finished~~ you'd need sticklights

(cr: shim_yuri) finished〜(T_T)♡ They sung 3 songs! haa~♡

(cr: tenko_304) Straightforward Changmin, wonderful

(cr: tenko_304) Changmin was continuously saying "I'm lonely" "I'm lonely" (^o^;←Is it true? xD

cr: bigea730) HoMin were holding each other's hands...!

(cr: bigea730) When they were sitting, they were holding hands.. the girl next to me was saying "They're holding hands..", so it shouldn't be a mirage ^p

(cr: karocalo) Everyone was saying "Yunho, you're cute!!", and Yunho was saying "Me? NO, I'm not the cute type, I have the charismatic charms". The audience and Changmin also laughed aloud, and Yunho had the expression of "Why?" Then Yunho saw Changmin laughing, and Yunho laughed, too. Changmin stretched out his hands to Yunho, and both were holding hands and laughing.

(cr: karocalo) We saw a few videos. During the Superstar PV filming, Yunho was taking videos of himself, super cute

(cr: karocalo) I now really understand that Yunho has a bad memory (^o

(cr: karocalo) Oh, Yunho was saying "I am the eternal reporter Yunho." xD

cr: karocalo) What Changmin laughed the most recently was that he ate the number one hot & spicy pork cutlets in Korea. He laughed out loud because it was super hot. Seeing Changmin laugh (eating the hot food), Yunho laughed, too. Changmin ate 5 bites, and got rid of the remaining xD He thought he had to go to the hospital afterwards xD Yunho was saying the phrase he always says "You'll die (eating those hot stuff).”

(cr: karocalo) There were 2 questions. After the questions finished, everyone said "Eeeeee!", then Yunho said "Why~?" xD Changmin was saying that they lacked Japanese ability to go on further. About their Japanese, Yunho was saying "Our abilities 'fukkachu' (T/N: the true Japanese pronunciation is fukkatsu, meaning 'it came back')' xDDD

(cr: karocalo) Yunho is really restless xD He is swaying, licking his lips, moving his feet, he is continously moving his body xD

(cr: karocalo) Yunho has his smug look on his face and was looking into the camera, even during the talks xD

(cr: karocalo) Changmin was saying again today that he is lonely. He even sighed xD

cr: karocalo) During the offshot movie of Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow jacket cover photographs, the session took a long time, and they gradually got tired. The two looked like drunken men, and it was a sight to see. It was the first time I saw Changmin like that(´;ω;`) Of course the completed works were wonderful, and the cameraman was saying "Good" many times.

(cr: qowr) When asked "What is your favorite song in TONE album? Only one song, please." Changmin said "The rap part in B.U.T". Minsil-san (T/N: she was the MC for the Makuhari event in Feb, 2011, too) said "Rap? Yunho-san should be the one rapping" Changmin's answer "That's the reason I like the song. I can rest awhile

(cr: qowr) Same question to Yunho "Me, for me-! mumbling.. so I like Duet, too. and Shiawaseirono~, Easy Mind.." Changmin said "Only one song, pls." Then, Yunho said in a fast tone "I Think U know".

(cr: jjfukura) The event was a relaxed one, full of smiles. In the last part, Yunho expressed his feelings as, "We think that all of you here are the mirror of us. I think that the fans' faces are the faces of us." Got your message, Yunho(*^^*)

(cr: rinoppe_time) A question during the event. "What fashion do you want to wear in winter?" Yunho "For Yunho, feather boa boots! Oh, it isn't BOA that all of you know xD" Changmin: "NO.1~♪" Yunho "Not that one^^" Changmin "For me, boots, too! And, muffler! Shuru x 3~ (with the gesture of winding the muffler around his neck)" Audience "(//∇//) Super cute!!"

(cr:etamame864) MC "Those who have all 3 versions of TONE!" Yunho "Yes! (∵) / (cheerfully) I had 2 versions, and borrowed the third version from Changmin☆hehe" Changmin "Yunho took it away from me..."

(cr: yuccaun) Just before the performance began, a boy came in, and sat in a good seat in the middle of the 1st floor. It is rather surprising to see a boy in the event in which your identity (T/N: name & status) will be checked

(cr: yuccaun) Yunho's Japanese became somewhat uncertain. When he said he should speak better than the 1st event this evening, the audience laughed aloud. Yunho said "Yunho will overcome even these problems~♪" Super cute(//∇//)

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The song was played at TONE Release Event Today

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

JYJ has successfully taken their first step into Europe with a successful concert, partying it up with 3,000 fans on 29 October at Poble Espanyol, ending the Spain leg of their European tour in triumph. This day, JYJ and the 3,000 fans became one, enjoying this historical moment of JYJ’s first European concert together.

On 28 October, at the same location, a Korean-Spanish press conference was held, and JYJ spoke honestly about their feelings, worries as well as the gratitude in their hearts. Following their concerts in Asia and America, this is their first concert in Europe, and is also the first time a Korean artist has ever held a solo concert in Spain.

“Hoping To Go To More Places, And Show More Of Ourselves To Everyone”

When talking about his feelings on this concert in Spain, Park Yoochun said “It’s the same feeling as when(we were) going to America for concerts, a greed of wanting to go to more places, and show more of ourselves to everyone. When we were in America, I felt a sense of hope as my eyes were opened to new possibilities, and we feel the same way about Europe.

Following which, he said “Honestly speaking, it’s been hard to gauge how much influence JYJ will have in Europe. However, starting in Spain and Germany feels like we’ve created a stepping stone to slowly but steadily getting JYJ’s name out there. This may not be a large-scale concert like those held in Asia, but this concert is our motivation and in our hearts, we feel that we could possibly hold concerts on the big stages of Europe and America in the future.

After the concert in Spain is concluded, JYJ will be holding their second European concert in Berlin, Germany on 6 November.

With regards to the selection of Spain and Germany as the European concert locations, Junsu said, “Although it would be great to be able to hold concerts in all parts of Europe, this is still not possible (as of now.) We still do not know the degree of our influence here, and instead of just challenging it in an unreasonable manner, we felt that it would be better to do this in a geographical manner, gathering the fans in Western Europe to Spain, and those in Eastern Europe to Berlin. We want to say that in the future, when we do concerts in Europe for a second time, it could be possible to include more countries, and hold more concerts for everyone to see,” his words brimming with anticipation for the future.

When the reporters asked, “Was anything special prepared for the Spanish Stage?” Kim Jaejoong replied “We are working together with local dance group Rafa Mendez’s dancers, and we’re working on the choreography together to do a simple performance. Even though JYJ already has the basic dances, we’ve prepared a concert that includes the passionate performance methods unique to the Spanish as well as a skillful stage with acrobatics.”

“More People Than Expected Knew About Us, Gave Us A Shock”

During the time of the press conference, fans could already be seen a day before the concert, setting up tents outside the gates of Poble Espanyol. These fans carried the flags of Italy, France and other countries and cheered for JYJ. A concert management personnel said that these fans were willing to stay out overnight so that they could get better seats for the concert.

On the topic of whether they could feel their popularity in Europe, Kim Junsu said, “There were more fans than expected, which was a shock. Actually, we all knew that Spain was a country that was famous for its football, but we didn’t know very much beyond that, so when we found out that the (concert) tickets were sold out, we were shocked. “

Yesterday I went out and walked around for the first time, and quite a few people recognised me which was another shock. There were two (people) at Starbucks, and when I was walking on the streets I was recognised two or three times, once by an Italian fan who was holding our CD and was hoping for my signature, it was truly amazing. Because of this, I’m even more determined to do well during the Barcelona and Berlin concerts.

- How do you feel about standing on a stage that is smaller than your previous ones?

(Kim Jaejoong) Although this stage is smaller than previous ones, it bears a totally different meaning. In Korea and Japan, we started from small stages, and slowly gained the love of our fans. Therefore, although this European concert stage is small, it still feels like a very good starting point. Instead of creating an overly exaggerated large-scale concert in Europe, beginning with a small-scale stage with the mindset of starting afresh seems like a better idea.

- K-Pop has been relatively popular in America, as well as Paris, but the popularity of K-Pop in Spain doesn’t seem as visible, so is this a fear or burden to you?

(Kim Jaejoong) I wouldn’t call it a K-POP boom, but a K-POP craze that was created from the Korean groups’ fanbases that rose up. The majority of the 3,000 or so fans that have come for the Barcelona concert are probably JYJ fans. Therefore, I hope that they can sing along to our Korean songs, and are looking forward to a Korean style performance. Because of this, there isn’t any real burden or pressure.

- As the first Korean group to hold a concert in Europe, surely some mental preparation was required.

(Kim Junsu) I think this is an adequate opportunity for us to show that small-scale performances are feasible and it doesn’t always have to be a concert by a big agency. During the Asian concerts, we would work with local dancers, and stacked up some experience on overseas performances. As these are fans who have come for K-pop, we have to consider carefully what kind of European elements to include, what kind of effect it will have and we hope to show a multi-faceted side to everyone.

“Although Japan Was Challenged Using J-Pop, The Battle In Europe Is With K-Pop”

- You are starting with small steps in Europe, but the small starting steps you took in Japan resulted in immense popularity. Although these are just small steps, what is your broad aim for the future?

(Kim Junsu) In Europe, it’s K-pop, and we are hallyu (representatives) here. In Japan we always hoped to work hard as J-pop artists, and the starting steps we took are different to that of the steps taken currently by Korean artists entering Japan. When we were rookies in Japan, we stood on a staircase, or on makeshift stages, holding corded microphones while singing and dancing, and these were the ways that we performed. Because of this, I think that our starting steps in Europe differ from that of Japan. Although the process is important, the results produced are important as well. Therefore, we hope that someday, we will have the chance to hold a concert in a venue with 10,000 seats or more. With this kind of thinking, I believe that to do this, we should focus on what our European fans want from us.

- We heard that you took the No. 1 spot on a Peruvian radio (Recently, JYJ took the no. 1 spot on the Peruvian program “Teen Top”)

(Kim Jaejoong) We heard about that, and for people to be able to listen to our music, and like our music, is something that makes us feel really good, and we are really thankful. For those countries that we have not yet been to, we hope that one day, we will be able to go to there and sing. Before this concert in Spain, we attended a global manga event, and I think it was a good opportunity for us to perform on a celebratory stage and sing our songs for a larger audience.

- The worldwide album was released in Spain as well, do you have plans for a second worldwide album?

(Kim Jaejoong) We’re in the middle of discussions about this. The worldwide album that was released last year received a great response, so we’re currently planning for a second album. There are still many countries that K-pop artists have yet to reach, and we want them to be able to listen to our music. However, due to time constraints, this has not been easy. We’ve been on a world tour and each of us has participated in individual activities. I often feel that there really isn’t enough time, and I often think, “How good would it be if there were 24 months in a year.”

- Compared to the concerts in America, will this Spanish concert be any different?

(Kim Junsu) There isn’t much change in the set list, but the dance and various elements have been tweaked with acrobatics. The reason why we didn’t make any special changes to the concert set list was due to the fact that the Spanish and European fans are seeing us for the first time, so there is no need for too much of a change. It’s going to be a concert that shows the unique colors of JYJ.

“Intensive Choreography And Live Singing Performances, These Are The Key Elements Of K-Pop.”

- What do you think are the key reasons why K-Pop has been able to enter Europe and become popular?

(Kim Jaejoong) I heard that it was in 2006 that K-pop made its way into Europe, and that was around the time that we were active as TVXQ, and synchronized group dances were all the rage in Korea. The charm of Korean artists being able to do intensive dance performances while singing live probably attracted fans from then on, and this has slowly become its popularity today.

- When producing the Worldwide album, you worked with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins and others. Have you considered working with music producers from Europe?

(Kim Jaejoong) I’ve heard and studied a lot of European music, and I really like it. When doing activities in Japan, about 50% or more of our songs were European style music. We would buy European music and sing it at times so it’s quite familiar to us. If we’re lucky enough to get to know some European producers, we would definitely want to try it out. Although there isn’t much time for this during our concerts in Europe, we would definitely want to try it out in the future.

- You’ve done activities in Asia, America and Europe, and your music is known in counties that even Korean singers don’t know much about. And yet, it’s so hard to see you perform in Korea.

(Park Yoochun) Honestly speaking, being able to appear on programs is not something we think about anymore. I just wish for the system to be more fair. We know that we can’t do anything about the fact that we are excluded from ranking charts, but I would like for the objective value of album sales and the love we receive from the public to be recognized, to repay our fans for their love.

- After the concerts in Spain and Germany, what are your plans for the future?

(Kim Jaejoong) We hope to go more places, in Europe, aside from Spain and Germany. If we have other plans, we hope that we can go to other European countries, other cities and if we have time in the future, we hope to come back to Spain and Germany to hold (events) and thank the fans. In December, we’ll be having a rest period, but it would be a waste of time to just relax and take a break, so I think we’ll be working on some music and preparing for January, 2012.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star News via Nate]
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SM Entertainment’s singers are predicted to appear at Mnet’s music festival MAMA.

At the press conference of “Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)” held at the CGV Complex at Seoul’s Mapo-gu Sangamdong on November 1st at 11am, the attendees were CJ E&M Representative Kim Sung Su, Senior Vice-President Wee Wei Kiat of Singapore broadcasting company MediaCorp, Director Su Siew Kong of Singapore Tourism Board, Mnet’s Production Director Shin Hyung Kwan and Director Kim Dong Joon.

When asked if it is possible for SM Entertainment singers to make an appearance, Director Shin Hyung Kwan officially announced, “The viewers will be able to see SM singers at this year’s MAMA”.

The conflict between Mnet and SM Entertainment regarding the issue of music profits has recently been resolved. In actual fact, Super Junior etc have also made their comeback stages on Mnet’s “M!Countdown”.

Further, on the final MAMA nominees revealed on the same day, big-name SM singers such as TVXQ (Male Group, Best Dance Performance for Male Group), SNSD (Female Group), and Super Junior (Male Group, Best Dance Performance for Male Group) etc came up on the list.

The glamorous curtains of “2011 MAMA” will be raised on November 29 at 7pm at Singapore’s representative performance venue, the Singapore Indorr Stadium.

Last year, the “2010 MAMA” was held at Macau, while this year’s award ceremony has been decided to be in Singapore. Once again, this is a plan to establish a foundation for Asia K-pop festivals which will move out of domestic Korean territory.

The “2011 MAMA” will adopt the main concept of “Music Makes One”, a dream which binds the world as one through music that surpasses Asian boundaries. It is a visionary plan which involves not just Korean artistes which lead the K-pop fever, but also includes artistes from various Asian countries and global artistes coming together at a music festival to wrap up this past year in a grand fashion.

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