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T/N: makkoristory (makkoli/makgeolli story) is a Korean restaurant in Japan.

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Perfectionist President Jung monitoring the video.

T/N: Gregory Hwang is SM Entertainment BeatBurger Choreographer Dancer Performance Director

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Top 30 finalists were announced by Melon, which included artists like Kim Bum Soon, Park Jung Hyun, Huh Gak, 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, Girl’s Day, TVXQ, B2ST, SECRET, G.NA, f(x), INFINITE, T-ara, GD & TOP, miss A, IU, K.Will, CNBLUE, Leessang, Davichi, 10cm, Super Junior, Big Bang, and more.

However, one artist that was missing from the top 30 list was JYJ. Their absence from the nominees list drew many heated reactions from netizens, and once again, SM Entertainment is being accused in undertones of being the influencing factor.

Some have been speculating that music award shows are showing reluctance about JYJ’s appearance due to the conflicts with SM Entertainment. If JYJ makes an appearance on the show or receives and award, SM Entertainment could possibly refuse to attend the event. They speculate that the shows don’t want to be burdened with the possibility of having SM Entertainment pull artists like f(x), TVXQ, Super Junior, and SNSD from attending.

In response to these speculations, the MMA stated, “The Top 30 were determined by the amount of streaming (40%), downloads (50%), mobile (10%) on Melon… They were determined by the precise data collected, and JYJ did not make the top 30 from those data.”

JYJ released their fist official Korean album ‘In Heaven’ in September and have been receiving much love – selling over 300,000 copies even without music program appearances.

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Award season is coming up for K-Pop, and the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘ have revealed their Top 30 artists.

The ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ sponsors Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media will be running the online system for the 1st round of votes from October 27th to November 6th. Only albums that got released after December 1st, 2010 were considered.

The top 30 artists were chosen through Melon streaming statistics (40%), download numbers (50%), and SKT wireless numbers (10%). The chosen top 30 include 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, Girls’ Day, TVXQ, B2ST, SECRET, G.NA, f(x), INFINITE, T-ara, GD & TOP, miss A, IU, Huh Gak, K.Will, CNBLUE, LeeSsang, Davichi, 10cm, Big Bang, Super Junior, and many others. ’I Am A Singer‘ participants Park Hyun Jung and Lee Bum Soo are reported to be currently ranking in the top 10.

Those advancing from the top 30 will have their votes calculated from their album scores (80%) and online votes (20%). The results of the first round of votes will be revealed on Melon’s homepage on November 7th, and the second round of voting will occur right after. The winner of the two highest voted artists will be awarded as the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards Artist‘.

The ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ ceremony will occur on November 24th at 7PM at the Olympic Park’s first stadium.

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From the ever-popular Tohoshinki, Changmin’s first challenge in a starring role, the hot topic love comedy “Paradise Ranch” DVD will be released on 2 November. For this release, Changmin will be personally recording the Japanese voice-over for his character in the drama, a first in the history of Korean dramas. Images of him during process has been taken, a must see for fans.

This is a story about a divorced couple who meet again after 6 years and are forced to live together, a quirky start to this romantic love comedy. Changmin plays a 3rd generation chaebol, Dong Joo who is cool and charming, with the heroine Da Ji played by actress Lee Yeon Hee, who became popular after dramas such as “East of Eden.” This drama is set to broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Hanryu α” starting November.

The DVD-BOX which will be released on 2 November will include special videos of Changmin personally challenging the voice-overs for the key scene of Dong Joo (Changmin) and Da Ji’s (Lee Yeon Hee) first meeting after their divorce, when the two were innocent newlyweds, and other famous scenes from the drama. There is also a making video of Changmin’s real face during his first challenge at dubbing. Although discouraged by his first attempt, Changmin said “It is definitely a difficult challenge, but it has to be done so I’ll try my best!” taking on the dubbing with strong enthusiasm. As expected, his actual performance was…?

The “Paradise Ranch” DVD-BOX I & II will be on sale from 2 November.

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Above is the capture of JYJ Chinese Fansite – JYJ Baidu Bar, on regards the confirmation of Jaejoong’s Solo Fanmeet at Shanghai.

Fanmeet Details as follow:

Date: 10-Dec-11

Organizer: Melody (上海美音文化传播有限公司)

Venue: Shanghai International Gymnastic Center (长宁国际体操中心)

Floor Area Tickets Type: Standing

**Details for tickets sales will be announced soon.**

Below are the photos of the venue – Shanghai International Gymnastic Center

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