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2012 Bigeast Calendar

Sale of the 2012 Calendar has been decided ♪

We were blessed by the weather on shooting day, and had a good shoot surrounded comfortably by nature! Yunho and Changmin both had amiable smiles on their faces throughout the whole shoot! The calendar was completed with really great photos, so everyone, please enjoy it♪

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Another week has gone by with JYJ’s appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ falling through.

According to the Korea Communications Commission, KBS has stated that they have kept their former stance regarding JYJ’s appearance on ‘Music Bank’ that, “Appearing on broadcasted programs may affect the outcome of celebrities’ lawsuits, and we will continue to review the possibility of JYJ’s appearance on the show as we keep an eye on the situation,” and also stated, “We have not changed our stance that as the group is currently involved in many lawsuits regarding the results of their injunction, the validity of their exclusive contract and compensation, we will continue to postpone their appearance and keep an eye on the situation till the final verdict is made, regardless of the outcome of their injunction lawsuit.“

They then added, “Though the situation keeps changing with the content of their injunction and release of their album, there is still a lawsuit going on between SM and JYJ, and as the courts have not made their verdict on the issue, the staff of ‘Music Bank’ have not changed their stance on the issue.”

But in May of this year, KBS released an official statement that is slightly different from the one they produced recently. At the time, KBS stated, “According to the staff’s criteria that an appearance is decided upon only after the release of an album, JYJ are not qualified to appear on ‘Music Bank’ as they have not released an album since the courts made a verdict on the 17th of February,” and “The selection of appearances lies solely in the staff’s decision and they will further discuss the possibility of JYJ appearing on the show after JYJ have released an album.”

As JYJ have been unable to appear on a single music program since they split from TVXQ, JYJ and their fans found hope in the official statement of ‘Music Bank’. And when JYJ released their first Korean album ‘In Heaven’ in September, many focused their attention on whether JYJ would be able to appear on ‘Music Bank’ or not.

It’s been over a month since the audio files of ‘In Heaven’ were released and not only have JYJ not received a single invitation to appear on a music program, but even ‘Music Bank’, on whom many had placed their hopes, completely changed their stance and have become the target of JYJ and their fans’ disappointment. With KBS’ ridiculous change of heart coming to light, it makes one wonder if they ever even considered allowing JYJ to appear on ‘Music Bank’ in the first place.

What’s most difficult to comprehend is the fact that JYJ’s name can’t even be found on the show’s ‘K-Chart’, which focuses more on objectivity than most other music programs as it takes into consideration digital audio file downloads, album sales, number of times a song is broadcasted and public preference.

Even if JYJ were unable to appear on the show like KBS stated, they should at least be included in the ‘K-Chart’ and be able to compete with other singers. Allowing a singer to appear on a show and having that singer’s music included in music charts are two completely different issues. If KBS did not allow JYJ to appear on ‘Music Bank’, even if they were to grab the number one spot on the ‘K-Chart’, this wouldn’t clash with KBS’ current stance. The fact that the group isn’t even considered on the charts is only deepening their fans’ suspicions.

Regarding KBS’ official statement, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “KBS must show proof that they are making the decision on JYJ’s appearance with the same criteria that they are using for all celebrities who are currently appearing on their programs,” and “If KBS respects the verdict made by the courts, we believe it is only right for KBS to take full responsibility in ensuring that they stay fair and execute the courts’ verdict that guarantees JYJ unrestrained independent activities.”

KBS and JYJ’s disputes continue to pile up with KBS’s surprise cancellation of JYJ’s performance in the ‘Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World Special’ and KBS’ unjust review of ‘Pierrot’. But a large portion of the public refuses to accept the current situation of JYJ being unable to appear on music programs. JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, who are unable to appear on ‘Music Bank’ due to their lawsuit with SM, is currently hitting it big through dramas and musicals. It’s quite ironic, really.

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TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has challenged dubbing in the Japanese language.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports revealed on October 25, “For his own role in the DVD of his first drama ‘Paradise Ranch’, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has done the dubbing in Japanese.”

Up till now, amongst Korean dramas which have been broadcast in Japan, there has been no previous instances where actors have personally done the dubbing for their own roles. The look of Choikang Changmin dubbing will be recorded in the bonus video in the DVD for “Paradise Ranch”, which will go on sale on November 2.

Choikang Changmin has done the dubbing for scenes such as the reuniting scene between his character, Han Dong Joo, and Lee Da Ji, acted by Lee Yeon Hee, and also for their newlywed scenes. Because it is difficult even for Japanese to do dubbing, Choikang Changmin has received much attention for his Japanese dubbing.

During a period when TVXQ has been active in Japan after a fairly long time, Choikang Changmin has especially stood out for being versatile in his linguistic abilities. He is known for his excellent command of the Japanese language. Regarding his dubbing in Japanese this time around, Choikang Changmin revealed, “Although it is a pretty difficult challenge, there was no other way but to do it myself. I’ll work hard.”

Meanwhile, with the beautiful scenery of Jeju as a background, “Paradise Ranch” is a drama which features the beautiful love between 3rd generation chaebol Han Dong Joo and prodigy teenage girl Lee Da Ji. It will be broadcast in Japan on Fuji TV from November.

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Though it’s been a month since SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’ has handed, it is still fresh in the minds of its viewers. It’s because the drama gave us such fun and interesting characters such as No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee), who has nothing but still speaks her mind, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung), the perfect chaebol who stimulates our maternal instincts, and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong), the cold yet caring perfect guy.

Though she first appeared as the bad girl who bullies No Eun Seol, Seo Na Yoon later became a key element of the drama’s success with her bubbly nature. The reason why the Na Yoon-Mu Won couple gained as such support as the Eun Seol- Ji Hun couple cannot solely be because of Kim Jaejoong’s popularity.

It is because Wang Ji Hae, who has taken on many roles as a femme fatale and ‘ChaDoNyeo’ with her sophisticated city look till now, decided to do whatever she could to be comical and cute.

When asked if she was content with her own unique portrayal of a bad girl in ‘Protect the Boss’, Wang Ji Hae said, “I was surprised and happy that people liked what I did. I can’t say that I’m content with what I did. Because I received such a great response, I began to feel a sense of greed to do better, so I feel slightly disappointed. There were times when that greed would ruin it. I tried hard not to be calculating as I played my part.”

Next is our Q&A session with her.


-Your partner was from the popular group JYJ, did you feel pressured about the more affectionate scenes?

▶At first, I did feel pressured, but later on, I didn’t have much time to think about it because I was so busy. I wanted to finish filming the scenes in one take, so I didn’t feel that much pressure when he had to film a scene a second time. At times when I was rewatching the footage, I thought people might not like some of the scenes because I was too enthusiastic but we were able to finish everything without any problems.”

-How was Kim Jaejoong?

▶If Kim Jaejoong had felt like a member of JYJ, then I might have been nervous but because he took on his role as Kim Jaejoong, the rookie actor, I didn’t feel too nervous. He’s honest, easygoing, and true to himself and to others. He’s very considerate of others, he takes care of the staff members and he has a heart that is willing embrace everything, which might come from his years of experience in the entertainment industry. I called him Mu Won and we were at ease with each other as we acted out our scenes. We would share ideas and run lines so we had great chemistry together.

-The members of JYJ came and bought everyone lunch.

▶When they brought us all a buffet, I ate with gusto. It was just one meal but it was something that gave all our staff members great strength. I haven’t done any events for staff members before so I’d like to give it a go in the future.

-Did you ad-lib at times?

▶We did in the last scene where we measured my height and said, “Let’s see how much you’ve grown?” I think the scene went smoothly because we really got into the characters of Mu Won and Na Yoon. Lots of people told me that they could relate to the scene.

-In real life, would you pick Ji Sung or Kim Jaejoong?

▶I think I would pick Ji Hun as a boyfriend and Mu Won as someone I’d want to marry. I like guys who can take care of me because I do get a bit flustered. But I’ve always wanted to share a pure and cozy love with someone.

-Lee Minho, Hyun Bin and Kim Jaejoong, you seem to have a lot of luck when it comes to men?

▶I must have done something good in my past life. Though I haven’t had much luck in terms of popularity, I do think I’m lucky when it comes to coworkers and productions. They were all great. Usually, you come across actors who are selfish and want to stand out but none of them were like that. I was able to act well and share my troubles and concerns with all of them.


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JYJ version of the penzal Q song

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Much like last year, thus far in 2011, the Korean music industry has been dominated by idols. With top idol groups promoting overseas as part of the Hallyu wave, their influence has spread beyond Asia into Europe and South America as well.

With that said, the “report cards” (aka the album and digital sales) of boy groups and girl groups for this year were compared.

–> Idol groups’ impact on the music industry

According to the results of Gaon Chart this year (from January 2nd to October 1st), idols have placed 51 songs out of the top 100 songs on the digital chart.

The idols that make up the top ranks include Hallyu’s top idol groups: T-ara, 2NE1, Big Bang, f(x), CNBLUE, B2ST, miss A, SECRET, SISTAR, etc.

When the album chart was reviewed, it was clear that idols had a stronger influence on album sales than in digital sales. For the album charts from the same period, idol groups had 69 albums out of the top 100, and the entire top 10 (from 1st to 10th) were all albums belonging to idol groups.

–> Girl groups dominate online sales (mp3), while boy groups dominate offline sales (CD)

Girl groups clearly dominated the digital charts. Out of the 51 idol group songs in the top 100, 31 (61%) of those were by girl groups.

In contrast, boy groups had a strong hold over the offline or physical album sales this year. The top 10 album sales for this year (with the exception of KARA at 8th place) were all from boy groups. Super Junior, TVXQ, and JYJ comprised of the the top 3 album sales this year.

Choi Kang Ho, director of the Music Contents Industry Association (which runs Gaon Chart) stated, “For offline or album sales, the majority of the consumers are made up of loyal fans of idol groups rather than regular music fans… Boy groups, who have more intimate fans compared to girl groups, have been showing high album sales.”

–> Girl groups to dominate the rest of the year

Girl groups are expected to continue their streak for the remainder of this year. With groups such as SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, and SECRET having already made or planning to make their respective comebacks by November of this year, the fans’ anticipation has been growing.

In addition, the popular boy groups will all be targeting the overseas market, leaving the Korean market wide open for the girl groups to dominate.

Although there is much support for idols and their music, there has also been growing concern over the imbalance of the current music industry. One album producer stated, “With producers all jumping on the bandwagon of producing for idol groups, the idol market has become saturated… To solve the imbalance of the Korean music industry and the continuous progress of Hallyu, investments must be made in other genres.”

(Survey period: 1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/20112011, Digital Chart Top 100)

Idols: 56% (11,079,642,386 Gaon points)

Non-idols: 44% (8,750,954,178 Gaon points)

※Gaon points: streaming + MP3 download + BGM sales + mobile sales

(Survey period: 1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/20112011, Album Chart Top 100)

Idols: 81% (3,063,899 copies sold)

Non-idols: 19% (707,498 copies sold)

<2011 Digital Sales Ranking>(1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/2011)

1. “I Cheated”(Feat. 박봄) – Infinity Challenge GG (G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo)

2. “Please” – Kyung Yeon 2. “Singing Each Others’ Songs” – Kim Bum Soo

3. “Roly Poly” – T-ara

4. “Don’t Cry Don’t Cry” – Park Bom

5. “Pinocchio (Danger)” – f(x)

6. “Lonely” – 2NE1

7. “Tonight” – Big Bang

8. “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” – IU

9. “I am The Best” – 2NE1

10. “Intuition” – CNBLUE

11. “Rainy Days” – B2ST

12. “My Heart is Beating” – K.Will

13. “Ma Boy” SISTAR

14. “Starlight Moonlight” – SECRET

15. “Good Bye Baby” – miss A

<2011 Album Sales Ranking>(1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/2011)

1. ‘Mr. Simple’ – Super Junior

2. ‘Keep Your Head Down’ – TVXQ

3. ‘In Heaven’ – JYJ

4. ‘Big Bang 4th Mini Album’ – Big Bang

5. ‘Fiction And Fact’ – B2ST

6. ‘Break Down (EP)’ – Kim Hyun Joong

7. ‘First Step’ – CNBLUE

8. ‘STEP’ – KARA

9. ‘Mr. Simple The 5th Album Repackage (A-Cha)’ – Super Junior

10. ‘Hands Up’ – 2PM

11. ‘Big Bang Special Edition’ – Big Bang

12. ’2NE1 2nd Mini Album’ – 2NE1

13. ‘Infinity Challenge West Coast Highway’ – Various Artists

14. ‘Take A Deeper Look (EP)’ – Jay Park

15. ‘Pinocchio’ – f(x)

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Parts 1-11 although many of them are really short. First part is of Junsu singing "You are so Beautiful" !!!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

About now, perhaps he’s up in the air?

Jaejoong has headed for Europe.

This one week has been, I think, a meaningful Japan-mode, including the meeting. And above all, perhaps he rested. Because until now, he has been busy.

Also, I have asked the staff who has assisted Jaejoong until the airport to please print out my blog entry and the comments you left them and to hand them to Jaejoong.

Will he read them? Will sleep rain on him like a storm?

But, at the very least, he… he is now with your thoughts.

Thank you for moving us.

We pray for your success in Europe.

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