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Question – Which idols do My Name want to be like?

All 5 members answered “TVXQ”.

Kon Woo – “TVXQ sunbae-nim really seem perfect. There is nothing lacking in their singing, dancing and performance. When we see how they do so well in every aspect, we think that there is no group which is as perfect as them.”

In order to become a perfect group like TVXQ, they placed emphasis on “hard work” and “doing well”.

In Soo & Sae Yong – “All groups work hard, don’t they? Working hard is a definite must and we want to be able to “do well”.

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This is the giant poster that was set up in Shinjuku during the time of “TONE’s” release.
It would be better to see it the actual thing, but the presence of a 12m tall Yunho and Changmin was overwhelming!

Before it was set up, the two of them signed the banner at avex but…

Actually, as this was the first time signing such a big banner, they practiced before signing the actual thing! Thanks to that, the signature on the giant banner was dynamic♪

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‘FC Men‘, the celebrity soccer team led by JYJ‘s Junsu, took home the gold trophy at the celebrity soccer championships, ‘2011 Peace Star Cup’.

On October 19th, the FC Men faced off against the Miracle FC (led by gagman Kim Yong Man) at the Suwon World Cup Stadium. In the final round, the FC Men were able to turn the tables and come away with a final score of 4:3.

Junsu, B2ST‘s Doojoon and Kikwang, Park Sung Kwang, and many other teammates were applauded for showing skills on par with that of a professional soccer player. Junsu and Yoon Kyung Shik worked together to shoot a total of four goals for the team.

Doojoon was honored the position of ‘Man of the Year’ by the Samsung Bluewings for his outstanding performance.

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At around 4pm yesterday, I bumped into Jaejoong at the stairs to Tokyo Tower! Just as I was about to leave, Jaejoong came down in front of me, I greeted him and shook his hand, got his autograph, and had a little chat.

Jaejoong was standing on the glass floor of the viewing platform, he looked like he was really enjoying himself, he was probably admiring the scenery below. That's what I saw at the time. There weren't a lot of tourists so I think he was able to really relax and enjoy the view. I think Jaejoong and the person who was with him probably went to the upper level as well.

My conversation with Jaejoong was quite brief. Now that I've finally calmed down I can recall it, it mostly felt like I was doing all the talking. I said 'I went to Hitachi Park' and told him when I went. Jaejoong seemed a little surprised, but he happily replied 'You went to Hitachi Park? Thanks a lot'

After that, I told him 'I've been waiting for you in Japan all this time', the person who was with him interrupted and said 'Aren't we in Japan now?' and laughed. Jaejoong joked 'This is Japan', then chuckled as well and the sound of his laughter steadily got louder (T_T)(laugh).

So then I said 'I'm a fan, please give me your autograph, I've always supported you, I love you ^^' Jaejoong kept repeating himself, he said 'thank you thank you' over and over. He really is so kind and friendly.

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The month of October has been a continuation of the East Coast’s recent reward for their patience after continuously admiring (and envying) the countless concerts and festivities LA has enjoyed over the years — beginning with the KBS open concert that was part of the New York Korea Festival 2011, the annual Korean Chuseok (Thanksgiving/Harvest) Festival normally held at Randall’s Island in New York. Sorry to the folks in the Midwest and South… we feel you!

On October 8 and 9, the New York Korea Festival was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korea joining the United Nations and to promote Korean culture through food and music. K-pop fans were ecstatic to learn that instead of the usual 2-3 K-pop acts, 2011 was going to be the biggest collection of idols and artists New York City’s Chuseok celebrations had ever seen! (2010 had Son Dambi and Brian Joo; 2009 brought Leessang, Brown Eyed Girls, and Wax.)

The all-star lineup was as follows: SHINee, 4Minute, Maya, BEAST, Insooni, Hong Hye Kyung, Kim Tae Woo, Jang Sa Ik, G.Na, Kim Young Im and her students, Ryeo Hyun Gu, SISTAR, Tae Jin Ah, Sul Woon Do, 2PM, TVXQ, and Patti Kim.

On Saturday, October 8, these artists (with the exception of SHINee and 2PM, who flew in on Sunday) found themselves at the Korean consulate, for a cocktail reception where UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon expressed his appreciation for these artists in empowering and spreading Korean culture with their music.

The following day was the highlight of the festival, as fans from all over invaded New Jersey’s Overpeck Park as early as morning to ensure a good view of the stage for that evening’s 3+ hour concert. Despite all of the craziness leading up to the free concert (venue relocation, introduction of ticketing policy, poor communication between concert organizers and attendees, etc.), everyone was brimming with anticipation for the main event.


After a series of trot medleys back trot veteran singers Tae Jin Ah and Sul Woon Do, surrounded by sexy female back-up dancers that made it a bit awkward to watch, all of the night’s male idol groups (TVXQ, SHINee, BEAST, & 2PM) made their way onstage for the guys’ joint performance of “New York, New York.” Despite not everyone knowing the full lyrics, fangirls in the crowd went crazy the entire time — especially Hottests, since many had thought 2PM hadn’t made it in time for the concert at all.


Last but certainly not least was TVXQ. Yunho and Changmin took the stage as girls screamed their names, kicking off their three-song set with the smooth and sexy “Before U Go,” followed by a flawless live performance of “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” and a revival of one of their earlier hits, “Rising Sun.”

The night ended with the emergence of legendary Korean pop singer Patti Kim, later joined by all of the artists for a finale performance of “Oh! Korea” — the perfect end to an exciting night.

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It was good discussing while playing yesterday~HeoJongie-hyung please come quickly~!!!ㅠㅠ

FC MEN hwaiting!!!!!\(^o^)/
@JUNO_Japan It would be even better if hyung was here ㅜ
Today, it was so much fun~~ It was thanks to your cheers that a reversal occur ^^ Thank you

The crab was delicious~~^^

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JYJ‘s agency and KBS are at it once again over the issue of JYJ’s appearance on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’.

Back in May, KBS left a note on their website explaining why JYJ was barred from appearing on their music program. The note read, “JYJ’s lawsuit has yet to come to an end, and KBS is objectively observing this lawsuit… From a business perspective, however, allowing a celebrity who is in the midst of a legal dispute to appear on a broadcast can have a negative impact. Therefore, their appearance on ‘Music Bank’ will not be allowed.”

Responding, JYJ had said, “The lawsuit regarding JYJ’s contract with SM Entertainment (which KBS was referring to) was already acknowledged by the court as lopsided and disadvantageous to JYJ, and the contract was subsequently nullified. We believe that KBS’s stance does not match up with the facts. We strongly request for them to make corrections on their part.”

As fans continued to vocalize their objections, KBS changed their stance to, “JYJ hasn’t been able to make an appearance because they haven’t released an official album. If they release an album, then of course they’ll be allowed to chart [on 'Music Bank'].”

Now that the boys have indeed released an official album (and it’s been doing quite well on the charts), fans revived their petitions to see JYJ perform on ‘Music Bank’. It seems that KBS is flip-flopping on the issue once again, however, as they released the following statement through their website on October 19th:

“Although the official album and the injunction situation has changed, the lawsuit between SM and JYJ is still in process. The court has not made an official decision. We have to put a hold on the appearance of a celebrity who is in the middle of a lawsuit, and see how it progresses; until a decision comes out, our position will not change.”

JYJ’s agency, C-JeS, stated, “JYJ is in the midst of a lawsuit to straighten out the unfair contract that violates the personal rights of an artist, and the court has declared that JYJ was allowed to continue on with their promotions a second time. If KBS sticks to this position, then they need to present evidence that they will determine the appearance of all celebrities through these same standards.”

“If KBS respects the decision of the courts, they need to carry out the court’s decision, which state that JYJ is free to carry out their promotions. They should fulfill their duty as a public broadcast station.”

JYJ is currently receiving a lot of love for their Korean album from within Korea as well as overseas, and is planning to embark on a world tour.

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The details of the NEW SINGLE "Winter" to be released on Nov 30 (Thurs)!!

The NEW SINGLE "Winter" will include Tohoshinki's first Christmas song "Winter Rose", and the winter version of "Duet" (from album TONE)!!
In the DVD, two versions of the video clip of "Duet", and also the offshoot movie will be included.
For the CD version, there will be two versions of the song for "Winter Rose"; one song will imply the feelings from a man to a woman in the lyrics, and there will be the –reversible ver.-, lyrics implying the feelings of a woman to a man!!
Both versions will be the Christmas version special present single!!

2011.11.30 On Sale
Tohoshinki’s first Winter Ballad Single! First Christmas Version!
Winter  ~Winter Rose / Duet - winter ver. –

■CD+DVD【Initial limted version】【Regular version】AVCK-79046/B 1,890 yen (tax inclusive)
1. Winter Rose
2. Duet - winter ver. -
3. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
4. Duet - winter ver. - -Less Vocal-
【Contents of the DVD】
・Duet -Video Clip-
・Duet -Video Clip- (Member Version)
・Off Shot Movie ※Only for the initial limited version

【Initial limited version benefits】
Christmas version package (scheduled)
Jacket sized card (1 card randomly included from 6 versions) (scheduled)
Offshot movie (DVD)

■CD【Initial limited version】【Regular version】AVCK-79047 1,050 yen (tax inclusive)
1. Winter Rose
2. Duet - winter ver. -
3. Winter Rose - reversible ver. -
4. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
5. Duet - winter ver. - - Less Vocal -
6. Duet - winter ver. - - Member Chorus ver. -

【Intial limited version benefits】
Christmas version package (scheduled)
Jacket sized card (1 card randomly included from 6 versions) (scheduled)
12 pages' booklet

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EP1: The loveable personalities of the 3 of them

I didn't write this for any special reason, and I know you probably have known this already, but I just want to show you a glimpse of the personalities of the 3 of them.

Because I had to be present at a shooting, I took a hurry flight on the 11th night to Seoul.

On the 12th,
At first, I intended to take a picture of the scene during the break of that shooting to introduce on my blog .
However, I didn't have time since I had to catch the last flight back to Japan, the shooting had to be changed and done in hurry.

The episode of that time.
When I arrived, the first thing I saw was Jaejoong waving and greeting me. With a smile, Yoochun shook hands with me saying that we hadn't met for a long time. Junsu, for some reason, stood still saying long time no see and I felt like he was a little bit stiff…
I told them the reason I came. Then I showed them the presents that I got them from Tokyo…

I: "This is a present from cameraman P-san… P-san chose it saying that you 3 would be interested in it."

Jaejoong jokingly said: "Eh~ If it's P-san who chose it, I don't know if we would be interested… We shouldn't be, should we?" while opening to bag to see what's inside.

I said immediately: "Then I'll take it!!!"

Jaejoong: "Ah, I like it!!!". He said that while spreading and showing the present (brand-name sweatshirts to the staff.

I laughed saying: "What is it… So you like it… Too bad" while feeling that Yoochun was looking at me.

Yoochun, with his eyes open wide, pointed at that present, smiled and said that he liked it. I wrote about my impression about them before when I had a meeting with them about the 3V2 planning, but I only talked about his facial expression at that time. This time, I heard clearly him saying that he really liked it and thank you.

Then, what about Junsu? When I looked at him, he was holding a game console looking happy.
He was already on the other side… LOL
Innocent Junsu… you can't really help but love his personality.

Then, on the 15th
I saw Jaejoong wearing that sweatshirt

On the 16th, after the concert was finished, Jaejoong left the waiting room and called out for me, "You've worked hard" and pointed to the sweatshirt while grinning, "This looks good doesn't it?"

The 3 of them each has each own personality, but they together create an intense and powerful personality that is known as JYJ.
It is their charm point isn't it?

Then, what should I write next time…?
Ah right… although I couldn't be there, the episode of the day of their rehearsal… I heard from the sta

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Suyoung: Joong… whom I’ve met for the first time in a long while, in Japan. Hehehe Joongie… soon, let’s see each other again. Ah, today, in Shin-okubo. Hehehehehehehe I had fun having drinks (with you).

Suyoung: Joongie… With his bangs down, a cut hehe.

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Towards the end, it shows him playing the game. HAHAHA so cute! What a dork. :P

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JYJ and Min Hyorin Stylish Even When Wearing Thick Clothing

Nii exclusive models JYJ and Min Hyorin proceeded with the filming of the winter advertisements at the end of September in a studio located in Nonhyundong.

JYJ overwhelmed the staff on set with poses that were stylish and deep, overflowing charisma, and haughty eyes that fit the “Look: To Find, To Seek the New” which is the filming concept for the winter advertisements.

Nii revealed its strong satisfaction: “JYJ got out from its light/lively feel of the Spring/Summer season and pulled off perfectly the fashionable feel of the Nii winter collection. Further, the newly-contracted actress Min Hyorin even gifted a chic and staylish beauty by upgrading the feminine style that had not been emphasized originally.”

The winter advertisement cuts and the making-of video for Nii are planned to be revealed at the end of October through its official home page, Twitter, Facebook, and the company-owned shopping mall 10Q.

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Hitachinaka YEG staff tweet

(T/N: YEG=Young Entrepreneurs Group)


Not only the TV but even the newspapers do not report JYJ’s concert, which gathered 60 thousand in two days and greatly contributed to the accommodation industry of Ibaraki! There were various rumors that avex has interfered, but seeing that nobody reports on the media, it is too much a mystery, it’s scary.

Inoue Kozo Twitter

(T/N: Inoue is a famous TV entertainment reporter in Japan.)

JYJの復興支援ライブ、素晴らしかったみたいですね(^O^)多くのファンの方から、今日の「ミヤネ屋」で放送するの?というツイートをいただきまし た。「ミヤネ屋」にも僕の事務所にも、取材のためのプレスリリースをいただいてないのが実状です。期待に応えられず、スミマセン。

I hear that JYJ’s reconstruction support live concert was great(^O^) I received tweets from many fans inquiring “Will it be broadcasted in today’s Miyaneya?” The actual state is that, Miyaneya and my office haven’t received any press releases for the reports. I am sorry that I cannot meet up to your expectations.

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JYJ, Creating a Culture of Providing [Mass] Rides in Japan? At the Time of Solo Concert, 300 Buses Gather, Proves Influence

JYJ’s solo concert JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan 2011 was held over the two days of the 15th and 16th in Hitachi Park of Japan’s Irabaki Hyun. This concert has evoked among the Japanese fans a culture of providing [mass] rides and so is becoming a hot issue.

In the case of Korea, it is common that the fans transport themselves through the means of mass-rides when an entertainer performs in Seoul or a location other than Seoul. However, in Japan the culture of providing mass rides cannot be found. However, in the case of this concert, about 300 vehicles gathered in the concert venue and so attracted all eyes.

Further, they also gathered attention by plastering each bus with JYJ. They put clothes on the panels of JYJ and made unique banners to heighten the atmosphere immediately prior to the concert. In this concert in Japan lasting two days, 80,000 fans gathered and due to the vehicles that gathered from all over, the traffic of the whole area became paralyzed.

In the concert of this day JYJ relayed: “We are very moved to be able to meet with the fans of Japan. In truth when we said that we will perform in an outdoors park in an area affected by the earthquakes, there were some concerned responses. But, in order to meet with the fans of Japan, we did not wish to let this opportunity go. We felt your love today in this place and through it we gained even greater courage.”

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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and actor Kang Dong Ho’s 4 days-3 nights vacation proof shot has made female hearts excited.

Recently, a proof shot of the Pohang vacation taken by U-Know Yunho and Kang Dong Ho with three dancers has been uploaded onto various blogs.

T he five of them struck poses with the Hand of Harmony sculpture at Pohang’s Homigot as the background. Particularly, U-Know Yunho wore a tiger-print training attire, showing off a cute feel. After working together in the musical “Goong” last year, U-Know Yunho and Kang Dong Ho had become close friends who are attuned to each other.

Netizens showed off a variety of responses, “The visuals of all five of them are very heartwarming”, “They copied the pose of the Hand of Harmony!”, “It’s awesome that they even went to Pohang for a vacation.

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During autumn, the season for men, in an atmosphere where the scent of autumn is exuding everywhere, the fashion of a particular “autumn guy” has risen to the surface. Recently, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, who had returned from the New York-Korea Festival, appeared at the airport, perfectly showing off the chic yet warm airport fashion of an “autumn guy”.

When Choikang Changmin was leaving the country, he wore a beige long cardigan and black jeans, matched with grey suede shoes. While keeping warm, he also showed off his fashionable sense. Of course, he also completed his styling with a bag made of Jacquard material and of the color brown, the representative color of autumn, exuding a warm and chic “autumn guy” fashion.

When he returned to Korea, he showed off a trench-coat style, the must-have item of an “autumn guy”. This beige-colored trench-coat with a classic and modern design was matched with a simple white T-shirt and black pants, completing the modern-style airport fashion of an “autumn guy”.

Particularly, he caught attention for using the same bag to complete his styling during both times when he left the country and also when he returned. Against the classy feel of the Jacquard material, the leather details are reminiscent of the special trait of a softer male look. Whether the bag is carried by hand, or carried cross-back in multiple other styles, this is the very item which one can use in everyday life.

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KBS2 TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Poseidon” will begin airing in Japan from December.

“Poseidon”, led by Choi Siwon, Lee Sung Jae and Lee Si Young, will be first broadcast in Japan on Mnet from December 14. Currently in Korea, “Poseidon” has aired 9 episodes.

In “Poseidon”, Super Junior member Choi Siwon, who enjoys much popularity in Japan, is the male lead. Up till the 4th episode, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho also made a special appearance as a Maritime Police Special Forces Tactics Team leader.

The Japanese side introduced “Poseidon” by commenting, “This drama showcased powerful scenes between international crime syndicates and their battle against the Maritime Police. Choi Siwon has undertaken the role of Kim Seon Woo, who has made a name for himself in the local regions through the use of unconventional investigation techniques. TVXQ’s Yunho has made a friendly appearance by playing a character who mysteriously left for Japan for further studies. This is a drama which can allow viewers to discover the different charms of uniformed policemen.

Meanwhile, in the 9th episode of “Poseidon” broadcast on October 17, Special Forces team leader Kang Joo Min (Kang Dong Jik),who has been in cahoots with the criminal organizations and was secretly carrying on his activities as a double agent, was exposed.

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