Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110920 Yunho - 'POSEIDON' Ep. 2 Preview Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 110920 SBS 'BOSS' Website Photo Update

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[PHOTOS] HoMin for W Korea Part 2

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[PHOTOS] JYJ LG Optimus Q2 Wallpaper

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[TRANS] C-JeS Announcement on Rumor-Creation

The Policy of the Management On the Defamation on Cyberspace


First, we thank you for the support and the interest on the first Korean-language album by JYJ.

It has been a year since JYJ has started anew with the worldwide album released all throughout the world. They are continuing their shining achievement as world stars—the musical achievement of the successful holding of a 10-coty world tour and activities as the global honorary ambassadors for a UN agency and for many governmental units and corporations.

We think it is the same for the fans of JYJ as well. Every time there is a performance there is a high-quality culture of viewing and day after day there are beautiful donations by the fans. The sound fan supports, rice donations, and interest for the products for which JYJ act as models makes the industry affiliates surprised. The satire advertisements on newspapers, bus, and subway stations that call for JYJ’s broadcast activities acted as impetus for the media to recognize the high quality of the JYJ fandom culture.

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ and their management, always respect the fans and we deeply thank you.

However, nowadays among fan communities, there are those who call themselves “fans” and for the reason that they are “fans” the create rumors about members and make personal attacks. Until now we dealt with the incidents individually but today we give an official notice of stern warning from the management.

We will not recognize the people who have defamed any member of JYJ with the creation of baseless criticism and rumors to be “fans” and we will take legal measures with clear evidence.

We have secured multiple pieces of evidence, including those that we’ve warned individually and/or have inquired for investigations. If the posts are not deleted or if this kind of activity repeats itself after one week from this warning announcement is made, we will submit those evidence and inquire investigation to the Cyber Terror Response Center.

This is more than merely a distorted heart of a fan. It is a serious crime. We ask the fans to understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ are more than merely members belonging to a group. Further, we ask you to please look forward to the good music and great activities that will be brought under the name of JYJ.

Thank you.

Source: C-JeS
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[PHOTOS] 110920 Yunho - 'POSEIDON' Ep. 2 Preview

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[VIDEO ]110920 JYJ "Get Out" MV

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[PHOTOS] JYJ for Penzal Q

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[PHOTOS] TVXQ for Shilla - The Story of the Dream & Love of Two Men

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[NEWS] JYJ Confirms Their First Concert In Spain

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[PHOTOS] 110918 Yoochun - Suvarnabhumi Airport

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