Monday, September 19, 2011

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) Full PV

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[VIDEO] 110919 Poseidon Ep.1 Yunho Cut

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[NEWS] GQ Japan 100th Issue Special, Most Memorable Cover ~ #1 Tohoshinki

It has been a long wait! Some time ago, we started a ” “GQ Japan” 100th Issue Commemorative Readers’ Vote Project ~ Your Choice as to the Most Memorable Cover”. Here are the results of that vote! Who is in the most prestigious #1 place?

The September issue of GQ Japan coincides with the 100th issue since GQ Japan’s founding. In its 8 years of history, which issue left the readers with the biggest impression? Through this project of Twitter voting, more than 1,000 votes were cast, and we have also received many warm comments! Thank you very much!

We will reveal the results of that voting and the rankings. We will also introduce the opinions of readers which have been conveyed to us through Twitter.

For the next 200th issue, 300th issue and 1000th issue, the editors will strive towards creating a magazine which will receive a lot of love from everybody. Please show lots of attention to “GQ Japan” and take care of us!

<#1 – February 2011 Issue>

Tohoshinki, who has made a comeback

They have adorned our cover and created fervent buzz! Of course they’re #1!

The GQ Tohoshinki issue is a family treasure! Are we still canvassing new material for the next Tohoshinki issue? Yes, of course we are! We’re waiting.

Through GQ, we have found out about the aura of Tohoshinki! Cool Tohoshinki! Thank you very much ^ ^

*Note: only Tohoshinki-related parts have been translated.

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[PHOTOS+TRANS] 110918 Yoochun's New Tattoo

Yoochun tattooed his name in Thai(ยูชอน) and also his mom’s face

The tattooist

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[NEWS] 110918 JYJ to endorse painkiller brand, ‘Penzal Q’

The JYJ trio have just been named as the models for Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical‘s new painkiller brand, ‘Penzal Q‘!

Representatives of Chong Kun Dang explained, “In order to better appeal to the female consumer base in their teens to 40′s, we’ve chosen JYJ, one of Korea’s most popular stars and a bluechip of the advertising industry. We recently finalized our contracts with them.”

Although details about their contract were kept private, officials can already estimate that they were given some high profile treatment thanks to their achievements all across Asia and Europe.

JYJ recently gave up their Chuseok holiday to film the CF in secret. A representative revealed, “We were short on time so they had to film it with every spare moment they had. There isn’t any special story to tell, but it’s a CF aimed towards women in their 20′s through 40′s, so the emphasis was put on their smooth, bright image and loving comments.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver
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[NEWS] 110918 ‘Section TV’ reveals Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ’s day in NYC

Last week, actress Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ were spotted in New York City attending a Lacoste fashion show. Luckily for those fans who weren’t able to chase down their favorite stars, MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Correspondence‘ was on-site to give a behind-the-scenes look of their stay in ‘The Big Apple’.

The show aired this footage on September 18th, starting with an interview segment with Kim Ha Neul.

Kim Ha Neul was asked what she enjoyed about New York’s culture, and she cheekily replied, “Drinking,” causing everyone to laugh on set. She was also asked to choose between her movie castmates Yoo Seung Ho and Jang Geun Suk, to which she wisely answered, “It’s too hard to choose… This question is weird.”

Kim Ha Neul later confessed, “If I could stay in New York for one year, I would like to date someone.”

In addition, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin showed off their charisma while touring the city. Changmin laughed, “I can understand Yunho just by the look in his eyes because I’ve spent so much time with him. However, I wish he would talk less.”

Source: TV Daily via Yahoo! Korea
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