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This is for singles/albums launched between 1 January - 30 September 2011.

T/N: Tohoshinki's [TONE] album has been certified 'Platinum' by the Japan Recording Industry Association. Album sales must hit 250,000 in order to be awarded Platinum.


Japanese Music [Albums]

Certification : Platinum
Title: TONE
Artist Name: Tohoshinki
Date Released: 28 September 2011
Manufacturer's Name: Avex Marketing

Source: [JRIA]
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VXQ (pronounced "Dong Bang Shin Ki") is still making waves in the Japanese music industry. The male duo released its new album "Ton" on Sept. 28 and it promptly hit No. 1 on the Japan Oricon daily sales chart, a position they continue to hold.

In its first full week of sales, "Ton" sold over 250,000 records and secured the No. 1 sales ranking on the weekly sales chart as well. With this fete, TVXQ has become the overseas artist with the highest album sales in Japan during its first week of release. In fact, this K-pop boy band is only the second overseas artist to achieve album sales of more than 200,000 during its first week. The previous holder: Bon Jovi, who sold a little over 200,000 copies with its 2000 album, "Crash."

TVXQ is also the top overseas artist with 9 weeks spent atop the Oricon weekly singles sales chart. This K-Pop group suffered a setback in 2009 when three of its original members jumped ship, however, the Japanese public's continued support can be clearly seen through these recent album sales figures. TVXQ's current members are Yunho and Changmin.

As one of the best loved faces of the K-Pop movement, TVXQ is set to headline Billboard's first K-POP Masters Concert in Las Vegas, scheduled for Nov. 25. The show will be sponsored by the MGM Grand Garden Arena and will feature many of K-Pop's brightest stars. More details can be found at and

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【First press edition】【Normal edition】
¥1,890(tax included)

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※Product details and recorded content details will be announced once they have benn confirmed.

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A&G Mode (JYJ’s album’s distributor) doesn’t work with M2M that is a huge distribution company in Korea, and Gaon gets their data (sales #) from M2M.

Unlike KMP, A&G Mode (JYJ’s distributor) doesn’t work with M2M, thus, Gaon’s not receiving any data from M2M about JYJ’s new album. Also, A&G Mode is not a member with Gaon Chart that’s why JYJ’s new album is not being reflected on Gaon. It says A&G Mode and Gaon are in the process for a partnership contract.

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Singer-actor Park Yoochun has hinted that he “wants to challenge the “bad guy” role and such characters.”

Recently, JYJ held a press conference at a café in Seoul for the release of their first Korean album “In Heaven.”

During this interview, they were also asked about the roles that they wanted to play. Park Yoochun, who successfully transformed into an actor, expanding his fan base with his lead role in KBS2TV’s “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” was asked about future characters that he wished to play, and he said that it “isn’t restricted to any characters. I want to play the antagonist for once.”

“I want to break away from my current image and attempt to play the “bad guy”. This is not simply for the technical portion, but I hope that I can adapt fully to that role with absolute confidence.”

Also, Park Yoochun gave his evaluation from an acting senior’s viewpoint, on the acting skills of Kim Jaejoong, who took on his first domestic drama in SBS’s “Protect The Boss.”

Park Yoochun said “I don’t think I am qualified to say how good or bad Jaejoong-hyung’s acting is, but Jaejoong-hyung managed to capture the essence of the role, and expressed it very well. I’m touched and envious. In the future, if given the chance, I hope that I can do as well as Jaejoong-hyung.”

As for musicals, he said “I have no confidence in doing musicals. I think I’ll get compared to Junsu a lot,” causing laughter. Kim Junsu has become a blue chip in the musical world, a “box-office hit” with his work in “Mozart!” and “Tears of Heaven.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen via Nate]
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A picture of JYJ member Kim Jaejoong appeared in a children’s picture book in China, attracting a lot of attention.

Recently, a picture of Kim Jaejoong singing was uploaded. This picture was placed as an example of things you could do with your “mouth,” such as eating, drinking and singing.

For the example for “singing,” an image of Kim Jaejoong holding a microphone and singing was published. This was a picture from his time as part of TVXQ, and despite the image being unclear, it was still evident that it was Kim Jaejoong.

Netizens said, “You can see the power of Kim Jaejoong even in China,” “Mu-God is truly amazing,” “He’s even featured in educational books in China, he’s great” “The multi-talented Kim Jaejoong, he’s just too great.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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Kim Jaejoong’s hairstyle change has become a hot topic.

While acting in the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” which recently ended, his fringe was long and covered the front (of his face.) As the story progressed and Cha Mu Won’s (Kim Jaejoong’s) feelings changed, he switched to a spiked fringe, which showed off his forehead, and this hairstyle was nicknamed “Kkan Mu Won.”

After the drama ended, at the press conference for the release of JYJ’s first Korean album “In Heaven,” he came into the spotlight once again with his change in hairstyle which was shorter but had a fringe like before.

Seeing this, netizens said “His short haircut makes him look cleaner,” “He cut it again? It’s not just the fringe that changed..” “MD Cha seems to have disappeared completely,” “It suits him, it’s cute” and other comments.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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Choi Kang Hee applauded the actors she worked alongside in SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’ as the drama came to an end on the 29th.

In a recent interview with Yonhap news, Choi Kang hee talked about Ji Sung, who is the same age as her and was her love interest in the drama, and said, “He said he has an IQ of 147 and I think he’s really smart.”

She said, “I had great chemistry with Ji Sung. We experimented with a lot of ad libs and would unexpectedly make each other laugh while acting, but those moments molded well with the drama.” She then added, “Ji Sung is both like an adult and a baby at the same time. He’s a warm and caring person so I think he’d make a great husband.”

Regarding Kim Jaejoong, who has just started his acting career, Choi Kang Hee talked with admiration as she said, “Though he’s a rookie at acting, he has this natural gift. There’s something instinctual there. He’s not a star for nothing.”

She then added, “Jaejoong is very, very kind,” and “I had fun acting alongside him.”

Choi Kang Hee gave Park Young Gyu a thumbs up as she said, “He’s really cool.”

She said, “Though Park Young Gyu is quite old, I don’t feel that age difference with him. He’s really charming and very passionate.”

She smiled as she said, “He felt like such a young person and he made me think that I wanted to live young like him when I reach his age. During the entire filming process, he always said such great things. We told him to collect all those sayings and publish a book.”

Source: [yonhap news]
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Singer Xiah Junsu – soccer cleats
Orange soccer cleats that JYJ’s Kim Junsu wore at a soccer match

Personal items that have been donated by celebrities are flooding in for the 2011 Weaja Market.

The variety and stories behind the items are plenty as the stars donate clothes and shoes from dramas, movies and CFs or everyday-use items.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu delivered a pair of orange soccer cleats that he wore for a soccer match.


Weaja is a ‘We Start’ movement that supports the welfare of children in low-income families and is a market that helps those in need by donating all proceeds from selling items that people no longer use. As the biggest charity market in Korea, Weaja’s name takes the first letters from ‘We Start’, Areumdaun (Beautiful) market and Jawonbongsa (volunteer work) and will be holding its seventh annual market this year.

The market will be open from 12:30pm till 4:30pm on the 16th of October and will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium’s Northern Square, the Busan Shinsaegae department store’s parking lot, the Daejun city hall’s Southern Square and the Jeonju provincial government building’s square.
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JYJ will attend the Pusan ​​International Film Festival. Rather than the red-carpet for the opening, they will attend the Star Road event tomorrow (7th Oct). There will be congratulatory performance for “Night of actors” which is a private party.

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Excerpt from 2nd article:

JS: He use to cook for us a lot in Japan in particular. Things like midnight snacks.
JJ: Junsu didn't really get to eat them a lot.
JS: I don't really snack when it's late.
JJ: Yoochun and I are the one that ate alot. And Changmin...

The articles are not allowed to be re-post so the link to the articles is provided below.

Part 1: "As boy band JYJ..."
Part 2: "As Part Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu..."

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All About JYJ Clips 1-6 all in the playlist in order!
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It's okay, It's going to be fine.

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
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Good Afternoon to everyone at Bigeast ♪

Pre-sale of the new Tohoshinki Photobook “Sun” has started!!

『太陽』( “Sun”)
On sale 29 October
Price : ¥3,500 (Tax Inclusive)
Format : B5 Hardcover / 128 Pages / Full Color
Publisher : Gentosha

They take on various locations in sweltering Spain!
Photography by representative Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa.
Travelling in Andalucía, Southern Spain, from Costa Del Sol (Coast of the Sun) in Malaga to Córdoba, and making their way to Madrid, this book is full of wonderful images of Changmin and Yunho enjoying taking in the moment.
This is the latest luxurious photo book that condenses a charm of the two men that have never been seen before, a collector’s item captured in full color!!

From their current state of mind to a strong, determined message, everything is recorded in a long interview that is included.

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Photobook “Sun” Buyer’s Event On-Site Sale Information
It is also planned that a members’ autograph stamp version of the photobook “Sun” will be on limited sale only at the Tohoshinki New Album “TONE” Release Commemoration Buyers-Only Event.

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Also, during the event, autographed versions of the photobook will be randomly inserted.

※ Those who are not eligible to attend the “TONE” event can also pre-order the photobook. Further details will be uploaded onto the Official site.
※ The above item is available at the mu-mo shop. As this is a limited edition product, it will not be available once the stocks are depleted.

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