Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[TRANS] C-JeS Announces Timing and Store Locations for “In Heaven” Orders

Announcement Regarding [In Heaven] Album Preorder and Sale

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

First, we thank you for the heated support that you have sent at the release of the teaser for In Heaven. We provide you with the places of ordering of the albums and the time at which the pre-ordering becomes possible.

The time at which pre-ordering becomes possible: September 9, 10AM


C-JeS Store

Yes 24

Kyobo Book



Music Land


Bandi and Lunis

Apple Music

Lees Music

Music Korea


And more.


Kyobo Hot Trakcs

Synnara Record

Evan Record


Purple Record

Hyang Record

M to You Record

Mihwadang Record

Buru’s Trakc


And More.

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Translated Credit: JYJ3
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[PHOTOS] JYJ 'In Heaven' Album Jacket Photos

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[VIDEO] 110907 JYJ on MBC Entertainment Today for In Heaven Teaser & SBS Morning News for September Comeback

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[AUDIO]110907 JYJ "Get Out" Official Version from Album "In Heaven"

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[PHOTOS] 110907 SBS 'BOSS" Website Photo Updates

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[VIDEO] 110907 Protect The Boss Ep.11 Jaejoong Cut

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[VIDEO]110907 "Muwon God" Jaejoong S-Boarding in Parking Lot

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[AUDIO]110907 Brian Joo "I Cannot Go," Muwon's Theme Song PTB OST

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[VIDEO] 110906 Tohoshinki - B.U.T PV Teaser

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[VIDEO]110906 JYJ Message for A Date With Yoochun in Thailand (Eng Sub)

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[INFO] 110906 JYJ3hreevoices Twitter Update

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[VIDEO] 110905 Stalking Yunho - Filming Poseidon

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[VIDEO] Protect The Boss Ep.11 Preview

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