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The claim that JYJ’s Kim Junsu uses fellow members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong as promotional tools is garnering much attention.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently met with reporters and said, “People think that Kim Junsu’s soccer team activities are just a hobby for him, but his activities are no different from those of a professional.” It’s a well-known fact that Kim Junsu’s affections for FC MEN as its captain are extraordinary. The soccer team features celebrities such as Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Hyun Joong, Song Joong Ki, Kim Bum, and B2ST’s Yang Yo Seob and Lee Gi Kwang.

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong said, “Honestly, it’s true that I can’t go and play in many games. But what bothers me is that when articles are written about the great things that Kim Junsu’s soccer team does, his name is always included while our names aren’t. Are we mere promotional tools for the team?

Kim Junsu’s wacky character doesn’t stop here. Recently, Kim Junsu showed off his hidden gaming skills on gaming channel. Kim Jaejoong gave a joking sigh as he said, “We’re having such a hard time with appearing on broadcasted shows, and then I see him appearing in a gaming channel; he’s my fellow member but really…?” Even Kim Junsu confessed, “I appeared on the show because it’s something I like to do, but after the program was over, even I found the situation and myself to be a bit laughable.“

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(All Irrelevant Portions Omitted)

Tohoshinki’s first album since restarting activities “TONE” (On sale 28 September) sold 205,000 copies in its first week, debuting at the top spot (of the Oricon weekly rankings.) This is the first time in the 42 years since the Oricon rankings started in January 1970, that Korean artists have taken no.1 on both the singles and album rankings of the Oricon chart.

The top position for Tohoshinki’s album is their second successive album to do so, 1 year and 7 months after the release of the “best of” compilation “BEST SELECTION 2010” in February last year. This is the first original album that has taken the top position (on the Oricon weekly ranking) and the first overseas male artists (including solo artists) to have sold over 200,000 copies in a week in 11 years and 4 months, after American rock band Bon Jovi’s “Crush” (Released May 2000, First week sales 259,000)

Tohoshinki member Yunho (25) said, “I’m really thankful. To be able to show the fans that Tohoshinki has grown, even if it’s just a little makes me really happy.” Changmin (23) said “ This album was made with the thinking that it would be a present for the fans, to thank them for waiting for Tohoshinki. We will be doing our nationwide tour in the coming year so please enjoy it as well.”

This year, the power of K-pop has emerged remarkably, with chart topping singles from Tohoshinki, (Week ending 7 Feb) KARA, (Week ending 18 April) Jang Geun Suk (Week ending 9 May), T-ARA (Week ending 10 October) and topping the album charts were Big Bang (Week ending 23 May), FT Island (Week ending 30 May), Shoujo Jidai (Week ending 13 June), 2NE1 (Week ending 3 October) and Tohoshinki (Week ending 10 October), a total of 9 works taking top position. Last year, 4 works had taken top position on the weekly charts (2 Singles & 1 Album from Tohoshinki, 1 Album from JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN) and now the number has multiplied, creating a new record.

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun praised the acting of his fellow member, Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong recently took on his first domestic drama with SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’.

Meeting with reporters, Park Yoochun said, “I really enjoyed watching Kim Jaejoong act. Everyone, from my mother to my female cousins, were avid viewers of ‘Protect the Boss’,” and “I don’t know if I’m qualified enough to say whether he was good or bad, but honestly, I think he shone the most out of all the characters in the drama. I could see a kind of aura around him. It made me think, ‘So this is the power of Kim Jaejoong.’

As a senior actor, Park Yoochun said, “I think he molded into his character really well. He was quick to mesh his character and his own image together to fit his role. I feel envious and I was moved by him. If I ever get the opportunity later on, I want to try out a character like the one Jaejoong showed.”

He ended his praise by adding, “To tell the truth, everyone in the agency thinks he’s going to win the Best Newcomer Award and I want him to.“

At his fellow member’s praise, Kim Jaejoong said, “I met a great character. It was a character that would have been a huge hit if I was a better actor,” and “It’s true that I was hesitant at first because I thought I’d be compared a lot to Yoochun as an actor.

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JYJ have made a comeback with their first Korean album ‘In heaven’.

The album had already hit pre-orders of 300,000 copies before its release and topped various album charts as soon as it was released. It is expected to become the highest selling album of this year.

But with great success comes many controversies. The group have hit a wall with broadcasting companies over the lyrics of ‘Pierrot’. The discontent of fans is running high as it’s impossible to see JYJ sing their songs on TV though they’ve just released a new album.

The three members who stand at the center of these controversies are Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun. What saved the album from dying out without seeing the light of day was the passion of their fans. The members said they wanted to ‘gift’ their fans with the fruits of their labor.

With no hesitation, the members said that this album, which is filled with their compositions, ‘belongs to the fans’. It is because they know of their fans’ support that the members can’t feel satisfied with their current situation. So they are headed outwards, towards the rest of the world once more. They plan to hold concerts in Spain and Germany and be one with their fans again.

We met with the members of JYJ, who have released a new album after overcoming yet another rough wave, at a cafe in Seoul amidst the blooming charm of the autumn month.

▲How do you feel about your album release?

Jaejoong = It’s an album that we were able to release because our fans waited for us and gave us courage. It’s not ours. It’s a small result that we’re giving to our fans. We want it to be a gift. Through this album, we want our fans to feel our determined resolution to never give up and keep going.

Junsu = This album is like our first official album. It’s ironic that it took two years for it to be released. We want to show the determination and will we have that another album will follow it later.

▲You’ve grown musically from beginning as idols to being able to fill your album with your own compositions.

Jaejoong = It would be difficult to say that we worked hard just to fill our album with our own compositions or just to be called singer-songwriters. It’s quite a heart-wrenching story. These songs that are in our album were made due to unavoidable circumstances. We were scheduled for concerts, but we didn’t have any songs to sing. We had over 130 compositions but not a single song we could use at a concert. The songs that we made for our concerts are the ones that are in this album.

▲It looks like you’ve turned your misfortunes to your advantage.

Junsu = We think of it that way. It was an opportunity for us to grow. In the past, we were given the rough sketch and all we had to do was color it in so it was hard to have to start from scratch. But when we saw the end results, the feeling of accomplishment was immense. It was only possible because of the trust we had in each other. I believe that it was something I was able to try because I had full faith in the capabilities of my fellow members. We learned from it and we gained confidence about our next album to come.

▲Because you feel such a sense of accomplishment from this album, you must want to stand on a broadcasted stage more than ever.

Jaejoong = We really do. Please help us.

Junsu = ‘Music Bank’ and ‘Show! Music Core’ feel like overseas programs. We feel this distance between us and them.

Jaejoong = Since we’ve released a new album, wouldn’t we still be on their ranking charts even if we can’t appear on their shows? (We said that was probably and he seemed relieved) Then we’re just grateful to be included on those charts.

Junsu = It makes us think, ‘Where was our album released?’

Jaejoong = It almost didn’t make it out into the world. The album was supposed to be released in the summer. But for some reason, the distribution company gave us the notice that they couldn’t release the complete album twice.

Junsu = It could have just died out. So we’re happy with the mere fact that it was released.

▲Please introduce the tracks to us.

Jaejoong = ‘Get Out’ is a song Yoochun and I thought up in two hours. We decided to write a song about a bad friend and a girl and it’s a song we tried to make it as unerotic as possible because we were thinking of the reviews (by broadcasting companies) that would be made on the album. (laughter) ‘In heaven’ is a love song that depicts the longing someone feels for the person they had to let go of. The story is that the person who’s left behind lives in an illusion that the person who left is still there. We tried to make it appealing to the masses without losing JYJ’s color.

▲You have a tour in Europe scheduled.

Jaejoong = We’ve been receiving love calls for a while now. We haven’t been able to go because it clashed with our schedule, but we’ve finally found an opportunity. The preparation process is more complicated than we expected. We have to prepare a variety of documents from hospitals and police stations.

Junsu = This is the first time any of us are going to Spain. It’s a stadium with 3000 seats but we heard that over 80% of the tickets were sold on the first day. We learned a lot of things while on our tour in America. It was like we had found a different path. I think we’ll be able to learn and experience new things through our tour in Europe.

Yoochun = We’ve been offered performances in South America, we are currently unable to go there due to security reasons. I’m sure it’s the same for other teams as well.

▲You’ve been quite active as actors.

Yoochun = I’ve always wanted to act but I didn’t have any opportunities to pursue it. I finally found my stride after my second production (Miss Ripley). There are roles I want to take on and I naturally began to foster a greed for acting. Acting has its own charm as it lets me meet with the general public.

Jaejoong = I had no greed for acting. As ‘Protect the Boss’ came to an end, I began feeling bad for the actors and staff who I had worked with in past productions. I sometimes wonder if I had done nothing but read my lines without putting any emotions in them. So I wasn’t good at it. I was able to experience a new world through this drama. My father gave me a reason to act. He asked me why I wasn’t acting when both Junsu and Yoochun were. He’s been really ill, even collapsing twice, and when he said that, I made the decision to act. I want to thank my father.

Junsu = I acted in front of a camera for the first time through ‘Scent of a Woman’. It’s completely different from being in a musical. I’m still in the learning process as I continue to act. I’m still only there. I want to become stronger as a musician and as a musical actor.

▲When was your heart too full for words because of your fans?

Yoochun = I was touched when I watched a video of all the things that we did since becoming JYJ at a fanmeet.

Jaejoong = When our fans came to the filming location (of my drama) and prepared a buffet to support us, they asked me about our future activities. I told them that we weren’t sure and were just setting ideal goals for now, and they started to cry. That’s when I felt that they really think of us as their sons and family members.

Junsu = When I see our fans filling the concert venues no matter which country we go to, I get the feeling that we aren’t alone. Even if hardships face us, I want us to not settle with what we’ve been given, to never give up and to get back up again, at least for them. (Junsu says) JYJ. (All the members say) Hwaiting.

▲Your activities have been restricted. What do you want most?

Junsu = I want us to be able to perform as singers domestically. The fact that we don’t have any opportunities to sing in our own country though we’re Korean is sad. Though topping charts and receiving awards (at the end of the year) were important in the past, they aren’t anymore. But I’m not trying to underrate those things. I just want us to be able to perform on a stage that was given to us fairly. It’s suffocating that we aren’t given any opportunities. We’ll form even a tighter bond and work to get that fixed, and we will keep moving.

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun has spent 100 million Won on creating a personal workroom for his music.

Meeting with reporters recently, Park Yoochun revealed, “I’ve been preparing a personal workroom at home at my own expense. It’s so that I can work on my music in a more comfortable environment.” He spent around 100 million Won on equipment and sound proof facilities for the workroom.

Park Yoochun laughed as he said, “The desk that fits the size of my instruments hasn’t arrived yet, so nothing’s in place and everything’s a mess,” and “When it’s completed, I’m going to work hard on writing songs.”

JYJ’s recently released Korean album ‘In heaven’ features many songs written by the members but Park Yoochun’s solo compositions can’t be found though he’s co-written songs with other members. Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong said, “We were planning on including Yoochun’s songs in our album, but we couldn’t this time around. We’re going to include his compositions when the next opportunity arises,” and by adding, “Yoochun’s songs are sensational,” he raised the anticipation for his fellow member’s songs.

Meanwhile, JYJ will be holding their first European concerts in Barcelona, Spain on the 29th of October and in Berlin, Germany on the 6th of November.

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The fans must have waited a long time for them. But their independent activities in the K-Pop industry have not been easy. They didn’t feel the need to blame anyone else because it was a result of their own choices. They are just grateful to even be able to release an album. ‘In heaven’, JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s first Korean special album, has finally been released. JYJ have faced many hardships since parting ways with TVXQ and the nation’s top entertainment agency SM Entertainment in July of 2009. But because this was a path that they had chosen, they endured it all and their fans followed them. This album is a small gift from JYJ to these fans who have waited so long for their return.

“This album is so meaningful to us in many ways. We’re thrilled because it’s our first Korean album. It contains all the efforts we’ve put in for the past two years. I think fans will be able to feel this the most. The new songs in the album are ones we’ve been releasing since January. We take pride in the fact that more than 80% is made up of our own efforts.” (Jaejoong)

Though they declared independence and left, they didn’t have any songs that they could perform on stage right away. So they had to write their own songs.

The fruits of their labor stacked up one by one and were contained in this album. And for better or for worse, they even had to tak up directing their own concerts to stand on stage as singer-songwriters. It was an opportunity for them to grow. How do they work when they’re creating new music?

We’ve never once clashed when working on our songs. Instead, we try to listen to each other’s opinions so we ask questions and try to accommodate to each other. When we work like that, we always end up with good opinions.” (Junsu)

We hope this becomes a great gift to our fans because they’ve given us strength and courage till now by waiting for us for so long. We didn’t write our own songs just because we wanted to be called singer-songwriters. At first, it was hard. Because we didn’t have any songs that we could use at concerts at the moment. You could say that we turned our misfortunes into an advantage. We learned so much from those hard times because we had to take charge of everything, starting from the basics. A new kind of trust has formed between the members that’s different from the one we had in the past. We’ve also become more confident about our next album.” (Yoochun)

‘In heaven’, the name of JYJ’s new album as well as the title song that was written by Kim Jaejoong, features songs that were introduced to their fans during the ‘JYJ World tour 2011′ this year. But the album was swept up in controversy as soon as it was released recently. Of the three major broadcasting companies, only KBS stated that the ‘P.S.M’ in ‘You, who becomes blind in the face of many, are a pro. A real P.S.M’, an excerpt from the lyrics of ‘Pierrot’, means ‘President. Lee Soo Man’ and did not pass the songs in its review of the album, claiming that is gives the impression of making a personal attack on an individual.

While the album was being reviewed, SBS and MBC asked what P.S.M. meant and we explained that it was an acronym for ‘Performer Success Museum’, but KBS didn’t even ask us and released such results. Anyway, we have to ask for a retrial for the songs.” (Jaejoong)

As they’ve faced so many difficulties till now, they feel as though they’ve mastered the art of dealing with most hardships. But as they experienced what it feels like to plummet to the very bottom from the top of the world overnight, JYJ have earned the precious opportunity to grow. They all seemed optimistic as they said the following statements.

“We don’t get stressed about most things. It’s like we’ve become used to it and aren’t bothered by it. Getting mad wouldn’t benefit us in any way. In our opinion, all we need to is just focus on our own work. We feel grateful at even the smallest of things. In the past, we would sometimes get annoyed at the small things but we’ve changed completely.”

JYJ, who set out to tour the world, took time out to enjoy themselves this summer. After the KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ (T/N: I think he means ‘Miss Ripley’ since he’s talking about the summer but… eh :/), Yoochun didn’t have any individual activities so he went down to Busan and had fun going out to sea to fish. When Jaejoong wasn’t filming for the SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’ or recording songs in their studio, he spent most of his time at home. Junsu was the most active of the three. After appearing in a musical, he made a short cameo appearance in the SBS drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ and has been actively engaged in playing for the idol soccer team FC MEN. Thanks to this, he become close friends with Kim Hyun Joong and B2ST’s Du Jun and Gi Kwang.

JYJ have prepared a special tour along with this album. A Europe tour. On the 29th of this month, JYJ will perform in Barcelona, Spain at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium and will then fly to Berlin, Germany to perform at the Tempodrom on the 6th of November. They also plan to participate in a variety of volunteer work at the same time. We listened to what they had to say about their future plans.

“You could think of the Europe tour as a separate entity from the world tour that we’ve been a part of till now. We’ve been receiving love calls from many countries in Europe, including Spain, for a while now, but we feel that the timing is finally right to pursue a concert there. It’s like when we’re asked to become honorary goodwill ambassadors; it doesn’t happen just because we want it to. Whenever we get a call to do something, we think of it in a positive manner and we pursue it if it fits with our schedule. We’ve been able to do the things we’ve done till now because their timing was appropriate. We’re thankful to even be given such opportunities. We want to keep giving back and sharing what we can.“

Coming together as one through music and working individually as actors, JYJ have been running non-stop till now. They emphasized their wish to perform as a group that shares their love and forever remembers the touching moments their fans gifted them with at concerts.

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JYJ is known to have separated from TVXQ but they are still TVXQ. JYJ has meaning when inside of TVXQ. It’s as if TVXQ is an incomplete group without JYJ.

Jaejoong: “Time has passed and now we are referred to as JYJ and TVXQ, but that we have our group name as the initials of the members means that we work as JYJ in TVXQ. We do not have any intention to get out from the shadow of TVXQ. Because we are still TVXQ, I do not want the expression of TVXQ’s former member either.”

(T/N: A literal conversion of the language would read “we do not have any thoughts to get out…” and that “I hate the expression of TVXQ’s former member” but they not the best translation because in this context those words are used in their secondary senses. For instance, Koreans may say 보고싶다 that converts literally to “I want to see X” but actually resembles more closely in meaning to “I miss X.” This is a similar instance.)

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The president of KBS has announced that JYJ can request for a re-evaluation regarding their banned song, “Pierrot“.

On October 4th, congressman Jun Byung Hun confronted the president at the Ministry of Culture Korea Communications Commission, and asked, “You banned JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’, citing reasons that ‘P.S.M.’ [in their lyrics] targeted a specific individual. What exactly are your standards?”

President Kim responded, “According to the review board, the lyrics that were deemed as problematic in JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ was that ‘P.S.M.’ targeted a specific individual. JYJ’s representatives explained that it stood for ‘professional’, ‘success’, and ‘music’, but this explanation does not make sense, considering the overall meaning of the lyrics.”

He continued, “They are welcome to resubmit their song for another evaluation.”

Congressman Jun fired back, “Is KBS the spokesperson for Lee Soo Man? The person that wrote the lyrics clarified that it was not about him, why are you not believing that? Must you interpret P.S.M. to stand for Lee Soo Man?”

President Kim replied, “The review board claimed that it was a common name to associate. I will ask that they interpret it with more flexibility.”

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It’s been revealed that Korean group TVXQ’s “Tone” release has charted first on the Oricon weekly album chart! Released on September 28th, the album ranked first on the Oricon daily album chart and has maintained its place all week-long, recording 205,000 copies in sales.

On October 4th, Oricon reported, “By recording 205,000 in sales, TVXQ has risen to the top of the Oricon weekly album chart. This is the first time in 11 years and four months since Bon Jovi’s ‘Crash‘ that a foreign male artist has sold over 200,000 copies in the first week alone.”

They continued, “This is also TVXQ’s first time since their ‘Best Selection 2010′ album a year and seven months ago that they’ve returned to the Oricon weekly album chart, and is considered their first album to rank at the top. In addition, 205,000 copies sold in their first week is the best they’ve achieved so far in regards to their full studio album releases.”

Although TVXQ has achieved first place on the Oricon weekly singles chart nine times, this is their first time ranking first on the weekly album chart with an official album, not a best of album.

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On September 30th, the members of JYJ met up with reporters for their “In Heaven” press conference at a cafe in Jungdong, Seoul. In a heartfelt interview, the men answered questions regarding TVXQ, their recent controversy with ‘PSM‘, and their hopes for the future.

Jaejoong began, “First of all, this album is one that contains all of our memories and feelings over the course of the past two years. It’s an album that has a lot of scents in it. There are tracks that convey our honest feelings, as well as tracks that beat around the bush in expressing ourselves. No matter how much we beat around the bush, though, those that have been with us through it all will know what to imagine while listening to these songs while the regular public will just listen to the song for what it is. It’s an album with a passcode. Like I stated, it’s an album that contains everything we’ve felt and done over the past two years.”

Junsu continued, “I worked on the album by conversing a lot with the other members. It’s an album that shows the true colors of JYJ. I believe that we were able to create such a great result because we regarded as the production of it as a positive opportunity and experience.”

Jaejoong added, “The reason we started our individual activities was to get the name of JYJ out there. Since the three of us cannot go out on music programs, we had no option but to get JYJ’s name known individually.”

Junsu stated, “We began our careers as singers and I hope that we’ll continue to eternally walk down the path of a singer. Because we’re restricted in so many areas as singers, we decided to take the performance route. Even if it’s hard to see us on TV, we’re trying to work with our fans by performing at events and fan meetings, as well as other small events. Our focus is on creating an environment where we can communicate with our fans and enjoy the performance aspect of it together. A concert is not just a place where we show what we want to show, but a place where we can converse with them.”

When asked what ‘PSM’ meant in their song “Pierrot“, Jaejoong stated, “It’s weird that a song that’s not even our title track is worthy of being in the media headlines for not passing regulations, but it’s actually quite heartbreaking. SBS actually asked us what ‘PSM’ meant, meaning that they’ll give us a chance even if it wasn’t okay to pass. KBS, however, didn’t even give us that chance and just interpreted it however they wanted to, completely ignoring the creator’s intent. That is so frustrating.”

He continued, “PSM stands for ‘Performer’, ‘Success’, and ‘Museum’. Everyone has a future and everyone hopes that their life can shine. In order to accomplish that, however, they must borrow the strength of others since it’s not possible on your own. They’re then physically taken advantage of by a museum that creates that success for you and at times you’ll find yourself acting something that you don’t want to do. It’s a song about people that use innocent people that are only innocently searching for hope.”

Jaejoong stated, “A lot of time has passed. The time we’ve spent apart might have created misunderstandings, but as for us, a lot of that has passed. I just hope for us to all meet again. Yunho and Changmin appear in my dreams often. Once, all three of us dreamt of them at once.”

He continued, “I still don’t keep in contact with Yunho and Changmin. Please let us contact them.”

Jaejoong also revealed that he might have the opportunity to see Yunho. “The lighting director for Yunho’s drama, ‘Poseidon‘, is also the lighting director for ‘Protect the Boss‘. He once told me to come and visit during an after party. I might be able to see him then.”

Source: Mydaily, Everyday Economy, World Journal via Naver
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Mel's note: I cried :( It's been so long since I cried because of the boys. But this article (the part about Changmin and Yunho) really showed how much they are hurting right now. Why does Jaejoong have to be a friend with a light director to be able to see Yunho and meet him? Why is SM continue to bar them away from each other? It frustrate me so much that all of them are hurting. "Please let us see them." That really hurts :(

All hurtful comments toward JYJ or Homin will be deleted immediately.

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jaejoong's short hair! kekeke...
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His expressions are so adorable!!!
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Venue: Tempodrom, Berlin
Date: 6 November 2011
Time: 7.00PM

Ticket sales will start on 7 October at 12.00pm

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Rehearsal for Hallyu Dream Fest

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Leaving Beijing!

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On October 2nd, the dynamic duo of TVXQ brought the house down in Beijing with their first fan meeting, ‘TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Beijing‘, which attracted over 8,000 Chinese fans from all over the country.

The fan meet was covered by several high-profile media outlets, and TVXQ had the chance to perform several of their crowd favorites, including “Rising Sun” and “Keep Your Head Down“. Apart from the performances, the fans had the opportunity to participate in a quiz session, as well as receive signed CDs and posters.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is planning to hit up Thailand and Singapore on their quest to meet with fans from all over Asia.

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One of the fanvid played during the fanmeet

Before U Go + The Way U Are + Mirotic + Rising Sun + KYHD
Click here if you cant see the video

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Berita Mingguan, Kosmo(Newspaper) & Remaja (Magazine)



The article mainly talked about Nyzz obsession on JYJ which was once know as TVXQ.
Nyzz, a 25 years old girl, who is currently working as an executive in a company known TVXQ since 2005. Originally she known them when she accidentally discovered them on Youtube. After listening to Insa, One and Rising Sun, she immediately fascinated by them. Since then, she started to follow them until TVXQ separated into two. Nyzz currently actively following JYJ and Kim Jaejoong is her favourite member of JYJ.


Nyzz obsession towards JYJ makes she feel every actions done by them are her inspiration in life.

Nyzz continuously sharing all JYJ achievements that inspired her. She loves JYJ not mainly because of their good look, but huge talents in entertainment industry.
For example, Kim Jaejoong, which is her most favourite JYJ’s member is able to dance, write lyrics and compose songs really well.

Kim jaejoong is right now also a spokesperson for many organizations in Korea. Other than that, Nyzz also told that Kim Jaejoong had acted in a few drama and movie such as “Sunao ni Narenakute”, “Heaven’s Postman” and “Protect The Boss”.


For Nyzz, any Kpop fans always willing to spend whatever amount of money as long as they can afford it just to get original album of their artist, since it will affect their artist in music chart. It is indeed a challenge for her, to spend money on JYJ original product, however she willingly does it, for the sake of her own satisfaction. Due to that, Nyzz bought the album directly from online shops and Korea.


“Every JYJ’s fan definitely want to meet them in person and because of that, I managed to see them closely during a photography session when JYJ came to Malaysia last October for a showcase”. Other than that, she also went to Taiwan to attend JYJ concert. Nonetheless, through this, she gained a lot of friends, that shares the same interest with her. With that, she hope, JYJ will continuously be a successful group.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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