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Venue: Tempodrom, Berlin
Date: 6 November 2011
Time: 7.00PM

Ticket sales will start on 7 October at 12.00pm

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Rehearsal for Hallyu Dream Fest

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Leaving Beijing!

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On October 2nd, the dynamic duo of TVXQ brought the house down in Beijing with their first fan meeting, ‘TVXQ! Asia Fan Party 2011 in Beijing‘, which attracted over 8,000 Chinese fans from all over the country.

The fan meet was covered by several high-profile media outlets, and TVXQ had the chance to perform several of their crowd favorites, including “Rising Sun” and “Keep Your Head Down“. Apart from the performances, the fans had the opportunity to participate in a quiz session, as well as receive signed CDs and posters.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is planning to hit up Thailand and Singapore on their quest to meet with fans from all over Asia.

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One of the fanvid played during the fanmeet

Before U Go + The Way U Are + Mirotic + Rising Sun + KYHD
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Berita Mingguan, Kosmo(Newspaper) & Remaja (Magazine)



The article mainly talked about Nyzz obsession on JYJ which was once know as TVXQ.
Nyzz, a 25 years old girl, who is currently working as an executive in a company known TVXQ since 2005. Originally she known them when she accidentally discovered them on Youtube. After listening to Insa, One and Rising Sun, she immediately fascinated by them. Since then, she started to follow them until TVXQ separated into two. Nyzz currently actively following JYJ and Kim Jaejoong is her favourite member of JYJ.


Nyzz obsession towards JYJ makes she feel every actions done by them are her inspiration in life.

Nyzz continuously sharing all JYJ achievements that inspired her. She loves JYJ not mainly because of their good look, but huge talents in entertainment industry.
For example, Kim Jaejoong, which is her most favourite JYJ’s member is able to dance, write lyrics and compose songs really well.

Kim jaejoong is right now also a spokesperson for many organizations in Korea. Other than that, Nyzz also told that Kim Jaejoong had acted in a few drama and movie such as “Sunao ni Narenakute”, “Heaven’s Postman” and “Protect The Boss”.


For Nyzz, any Kpop fans always willing to spend whatever amount of money as long as they can afford it just to get original album of their artist, since it will affect their artist in music chart. It is indeed a challenge for her, to spend money on JYJ original product, however she willingly does it, for the sake of her own satisfaction. Due to that, Nyzz bought the album directly from online shops and Korea.


“Every JYJ’s fan definitely want to meet them in person and because of that, I managed to see them closely during a photography session when JYJ came to Malaysia last October for a showcase”. Other than that, she also went to Taiwan to attend JYJ concert. Nonetheless, through this, she gained a lot of friends, that shares the same interest with her. With that, she hope, JYJ will continuously be a successful group.

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White light are from YunJae signboard (fansign)

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