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[TRANS] 110826 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Department Head Bracelet’ Becomes A Hot Topic

The ‘department head bracelet’ of Kim Jaejoong, who is currently appearing in SBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, has become a hot topic amongst viewers.

On the 24th, Department Head Cha Mu Won (played by Kim Jaejoong) reminisced about the painful memories behind the bracelet he owned. Considered as the only article left to him by his deceased father, the bracelet is a piece of jewelry that means a lot to him.

The fact that he presented No Eun Seol (played by Choi Kang Hee) with the precious bracelet added an interesting scene to the plot.

After the episode aired, viewers began calling the bracelet that Kim Jaejoong wore the ‘department head bracelet’. With a unique design of white gold and a black leather strap, it is said to fit Cha Mu Won’s image very well.

Mucha, the company that specially produced the bracelet, explained, “It’s a distinctive bracelet that incorporates a former watch design. With diamonds and natural rubies, the bracelet is made out of leather. The ‘C’ logo in the middle represents the Cha family.“

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[TRANS] 110829 AKB48 Appears On A-Nation, Tohoshinki The Closing Act

Organized by Avex, the largest outdoor live tour in Japan “a-nation 10th anniversary for life Charge & GO!”(7 Performances in 5 Cities) performed in Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium on 29 August (T/N: This is a translation error – it should be on 28 August). Popular idol group AKB48 made their first appearance (at a-nation) and with Tohoshinki as the closing act, the audience of 52,000 people were in a frenzy.

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

In the Tokyo performance on 27 August, Tohoshinki appeared for the first time in 2 years, and were the closing act for the first time in a-nation. This day, they were also the closing act, showing a powerful stage. As the two men took to the stage, the red penlights shook passionately, and the stadium was filled with cheers. Performing the intense dance number “Rising Sun,” Yunho said “Thank you for waiting, Tohoshinki has returned to a-nation! Tokyo is truly great. It’s passionate and feels really good.” Changmin said “I’m really happy to be performing with such great artists, and I’m really happy to be able to spend time with everyone who is here right now,” in a thankful manner, earning cheers and screams from the audience. Then, as he perspired, Changmin was going to announce the next song, and the audience responded with an “Eh~ (wanting him to talk more)” and Changmin said “Every time I say “we’re going to perform our next song”, you say “eh~” but still, now it’s time for the next song!” cutting everyone off swiftly while inducing laughter, and revealed their new song “Superstar.” Following that, they did a medly of songs including “Toki wo tomete” and “Somebody to Love,” bringing the entire crowd to a collective high, and finally did the spectacular dance performance of “Why? (Keep your head down).” “You’ve all worked hard at a-nation 2011. This has been a really happy summer!” (Changmin said) as they finished the last of the tour.

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[TRANS] 110826 ‘Protect The Boss’ And ‘Scent Of A Woman’ In My Hand… Smartphone Apps For The Dramas Are Released

SBS Contents Hub has revealed that smartphone applications have been created for the popular SBS dramas ‘Scent of a Woman’ and ‘Protect the Boss’ as the love they receive from their viewers progressively grows with each new episode. Much awaited by smartphone users who have been asking for such apps to be released, the new iPhone app has been available since the 23rd.

The app of ‘Protect the Boss’, a drama that is receiving praise for its talented cast and interesting plot, has services that include ▲Playback (streaming and downloading through 3G or Wifi), ▲Preview ▲My Page (save and play downloaded files), ▲Drama Info (Purpose and information about characters) and ▲Official Twitter (@SBS_BOSS) Connection and SBS Contents Hub is working hard to accommodate to the users for a higher level of satisfaction.

The app of ‘Scent of a Woman’, the number one drama of its time slot and constantly a hot topic for its kiss scenes, also has services that include ▲Playback, ▲Preview, ▲My Page and ▲Drama Info.

The new service is garnering the attention of fans by providing a ‘Filming Location’ service that shows photos and videos taken from the filming location of the drama. The media presented in the service show the warm atmosphere on set and showcase a variety of fan service photos and videos from Kim Seon Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Eom Gi Joon and Seo Hyo Rim, making it the most popular contents on the official homepage.

Both applications can be found in the iPhone App Store. A free download gives access to contents from the first and second episode while users must pay $5.99 to have access to all of the episodes.

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[PHOTOS] 110830 Stalking Junsu

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[PHOTOS] 110830 JYJ - SBSBOSS Twitter Update

Yoochun and Junsu visited Jaejoong at the filming site!

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[TRANS] MISSHA Representative Seo’s Message

The theme for this CF is George Rochegrosse’s work Le chevalier aux Fleurs (The Knight of Flowers). When the CF director show this art to me… I think that even with my status, the majority have not seen such an image before.

But there’s something to worry about too. Even with TVXQ and Kim Hye Soo, these leaders of charisma, will they be able to fully portray this in mere 15 seconds? Will it be possible to display out the feelings?

The filming was done in a very good atmosphere and the filmed videos were edited. I was watching the edited video and… was the image well portrayed? This mixed feeling. It’s only a CF and it took so much effort. It’s all because how different it is going to be from previous MISSHA’s CF.

Because it is not a normal cosmetic CF. Hopefully we are able to let others know why MISSHA did this… What changes… What MISSHA’s statement is.

And hopefully many people will like this new MISSHA’s statement… Innovation.

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[FANCAM]Junsu's Soccer Team Showing Him Some Love

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[TRANS] 110829 World Star Park Yoochun Is Popular With Everyone, Regardless Of Nationality

The press conference of the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards was held on the 29th of August at 10:30a.m. at the Taepyungro Press Center in Seoul.

The event was attended by Director Lim Kwon Taek (judging panel), Professor Martine Frost (Professor of Paris University Diderot), Maxime Paquet (Korean representative of Korea Connection), Lee Seung Geun (Korean representative of Korea Connection), Head of Romania’s Hallyu fans, Cabrera Miluska (Head of Peru’s Hallyu fans) and fifty international Hallyu fans.

Meanwhile, the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards is an international drama festival in its sixth year that encompasses dramas from more than 30 countries around the world.

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[VIDEO]110829 JYJ After ICAAP10 Performance in Busan (Eng Sub)

Update: i edited the post so now the video has english subtitles! Enjoy!

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[VIDEO]Jaejoong Drops Paper at UNAIDS

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[VIDEO]110829 Yoochun--Seoul Drama Awards 2011 (Part 2)

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