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(Jaejoong, 2:16pm KST, 110929) In the midst of being completely out of it with no sleep in the past 33 hours, there’s one thing I’m curious about.. Who was the one who imagined and created the idea that p stands for President..? And the words that follow it too..;;

After a whirlwind morning, had an interview and we reached the CF filming site. The big hyung is currently sleeping, the dongsaengs collaborated on Hug, reminisces while singing it. Upon talking about the story of Forever Love, their eyes were teary. Aigoo. The sunset can be so sorrow after stepping out of the door.

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KBS‘s review on JYJ‘s “Pierrot” has shocked both the trio and their agency. JYJ’s agency stated, “This is an unfair result of arbitrary interpretation.”

KBS revealed their song review results through their homepage on September 28th, where it was revealed that they had deemed JYJ’s “Pierrot” as unfit for broadcast. KBS reasoned, “This is a personal attack against an individual. The lyrics contain the word ‘P.S.M’ which stands for ‘President Lee Soo Man‘ [of SM Entertainment], and is filled with a personal resentment towards an individual.”

The review and explanation stunned JYJ’s agency. C-JeS Entertainment spoke with Star News on September 29th and said, “KBS arbitrarily interpreted the song without even taking the steps to confirm their interpretation.” “They never even asked whether it was a personal attack against a particular individual during the review process. There was no effort whatsoever in trying to understand the composer’s intentions.”

They continued, “Also, the song words were not aimed at an individual. As we’ve stated from the beginning, the song is about criticizing society in general, it’s definitely not a song aimed towards an individual.”

“Pierrot” contains the powerful lyrics, “I’m your pierrot it’s hilarious. I give you everything. My mind is worn out. There is nothing before money for you are a total pro, properly P.S.M. What else are you going to do to me. Take your dirty hand away. Don’t even put up with me. We are not the us of yesterday. Don’t try to trap us in a picture of that level. Take a good look at the world, it’s so beautiful. I’m not a pierrot.”

KBS interpreted those lyrics to be an expression of the conflict between JYJ and SM Entertainment. In contrast, SBS and MBC took the necessary steps to confirm the story and the intention behind the song with JYJ’s agency, and decided that the song was acceptable for broadcast.

JYJ’s agency has revealed that they plan to put in a request for a re-examination with an explanation on the background of the lyrics.

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter, “A person has the freedom to imagine. I’m curious as to what kind of person’s imagination this is, and what kind of result will come out, Boss Fighting! Album fighting!”

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KBS have just finished their review of JYJ's 1st Korean studio album "In Heaven" on September 28th. Nearly all of JYJ's tracks passed KBS's reviews except two: "Pierrot" and "Mission." The two songs were deemed ineligible for broadcasting.

The broadcasting company states that the lyrics to the track "Pierrot" are inappropriate because they are a personal attack to SM Entertainment's Lee Sooman. The lyrics read, "There is nothing ahead of money, you are a complete pro. Properly p.s.m."

During the process hearing, KBS stated that the lyrics "p.s.m" from JYJ's "Pierrot" can only be understood as President Sooman, which gives off the impression of their personal attack towards the SM Entertainment CEO. JYJ is currently undergoing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Therefore, "Pierrot" was deemed ineligible for broadcasting due to it being a song that "hold a grudge against someone."

An official representing JYJ told Star News on September 29th, "KBS has arbitrarily interpreted 'p.s.m.' without going through the verification procedures. They are not a deliberate attack towards anyone. You have to understand the lyricists intentions with a bit more effort."

He continues, "The written lyrics aren't intended for any one person. It questions society as a whole. The target was not written towards a specific person."

The lyricist of the song "Pierrot," Kim Jaejoong, can request a reconsideration and submit an explanation of what the lyrics mean to reverse KBS's ruling.

"Pierrot" has been questioned ever since it's release. Last November at the Jamsil Stadium during JYJ's concert, reporters present asked Jaejoong about the song, to which he replied, "It is a song written to educate on the reality and to express the anger for the suppressed freedom.”

A few minutes ago, Jaejoong tweeted on the matter and said, "The one thing that I'm curious about despite having had no sleep for 33 hours.. who thought of "president" for p..? And everything that comes afterward as well."

In addition, JYJ's "Mission" has the lyrics "So fuck off no more talk," and due to the swearing involved, did not pass KBS's review for broadcasting. However, JYJ's remaining songs on the album "Nine," "In Heaven," and "The Boy's Letter" were all deemed eligible for broadcasting on KBS.

JYJ is still waiting on broadcasting verification from television companies MBC and SBS.

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Group Tohoshinki is devoting themselves fully to their Japanese activities in 2 years.

On September 28, Tohoshinki’s new official album “TONE” goes on sale in Japan. Recently, with the release of their new song “Superstar”, they climbed to the #1 spot on Oricon’s Daily Chart, giving a forewarning of what is to come for their packed Japanese activities for their new album.

This new album will have 13 songs, from hit songs which have been released, such as “Why”, “Superstars” etc, to new songs such as “Back To Tomorrow”. On the HMV pre-order charts, they have already swept the #1 and #2 spots.

While these are Tohoshinki’s activities in some time, they already have plans for an arena tour early next year. This is Tohoshinki’s first nation-wide tour in 4 years since 2008, when they toured 8 cities in Japan, with 17 performances and 150,000 audience flocking to watch them.

In Japan, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are making their comeback amidst large-scale promotions. Tohoshinki’s promotion wallpapers have appeared on the “Tohoshinki Train”, in both the interior and on the exterior of the trains, capturing the attention of Tokyo residents. Meanwhile, at Shinjuku Square, a huge poster has been hung up, becoming the topic of the town.

Currently, in Tokyo, other than the “Tohoshinki Train”, promotion trucks adorned with jacket images from their new album “TONE” are also making their rounds in Tokyo’s city center. Tokyo has been plastered with Tohoshinki entirely. Tohoshinki, who has been enjoying the highest popularity of any kind in Japan, is definitely hammering home the great anticipation for their new album.

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Tohoshinki has inserted a special message addressed to their fans in their new official album which went on sale in Japan.

On September 28, Tohoshinki’s new album “TONE” went on sale in Japan. This album is their first official album in 2 years since 2009′s “Secret Code”. They have caught much attention for weaving in hidden messages in this album by conveying greetings to their fans through the lyrics booklet of the album.

When one takes a cursory glance at the album, the message cannot be found. However, at the album lyrics booklet which is enclosed in cellophane, one can see some lyrics of different colors and when one combines all those words together, a message is formed. The content of the message reads, “We love you. We’ll always be by your side. Let’s walk on together.”

In the Japanese fanclub “Bigeast” version, in the lyrics of 5 songs, the combined words read, “heart 愛してる いつもありがと これからもwith bigeast ?いていこう 大好きだよ”. The meaning translates to, “We love you We’re always grateful to you From now on, we’ll walk on together with Bigeast It feels really great”.

In the CD+DVD version, in 6 songs, the extracted words combine to form “一?にこれからも?いていこう ずっと傍にいるよ こ れからも一?に?いていくよ 愛してる”, and this message reads “Let’s walk on together from now on. We’ll be by your side. From now on, let’s walk on together. We love you.”

Tohoshinki’s album will have 13 songs, including “B.U.T”, which was first unveiled through SM Town’s stage in early September,”Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” which went on sale in January, “Super Star”, a single which was released in July, and “I Don’t Know” etc.

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A 15-meter poster has been installed in Japan’s Shinjuku area to celebrate TVXQ’s new Japanese album!

On September 27th, a large-scale poster of TVXQ measuring 15 meters high and 9 meters wide was set up at Shinjuku Station Square in Tokyo, Japan. It’s the largest poster ever to be displayed at this location, so it definitely reflects the high anticipation fans in Japan have for TVXQ’s comeback.

It’s not just the size of the poster that’s drawn everyone’s attention — the poster also holds the autographs of members Yunho and Changmin. Additionally, the area was lit up with colored lights to represent the red, blue, and yellow versions of TVXQ’s album, “TONE”.

Meanwhile, the large-scale poster (which will be on display until the 29th) is just one of the many marketing strategies that TVXQ has been using to promote their new album. In addition to the poster, there’s also been a ‘TVXQ train’ that’s been running since the 17th, and promotional trucks with ‘TONE’ jacket images plastered on the sides have been playing TVXQ’s tracks on the streets of Tokyo.

With the hype that’s going around, we can expect to see a hot response from the Japanese crowd when the albums drops on September 28th.

Get ready Cassiopeia, because Yunho and Changmin are gearing up to rock your world once again!

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The fan photos that will be used in the music video of Tohoshinki’s new song “Duet“, which will be included in the upcoming new album “Tone“, have been partially released. On 9/14, Avex announced that the making of the MV for “Duet” will be using the memorial photos of Tohoshinki’s fans, and they will be accepting applications during 9/14-9/30 (see HERE for more details). Today, Avex has released Part 1 for the accepted photos on the Official “Tone Special” Website.

Below is the announcement on Tohoshinki’s Official Website:

Thank you all very much for submitting a lot of photo applications.
Although the application is still on-going, we have now uploaded Part 1 for the accepted photos so far.
To check out whether your submitted photos have been accepted, please go to the Special Website: (Under the tab “MOVIE”)
We will also release Part 2 and Part 3 in the future, so please stay tuned!

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Jang Geun Suk, Kara and Tohoshinki have been mentioned as possible performers at “Kōhaku Uta Gassen”.

According to Japanese media “Women’s Confidence”, the fanfare is leaning towards the issue of whether Hallyu singers Jang Geun Seuk, Kara and Tohoshinki will be performing at the 62nd NHK “Kōhaku Uta Gassen”.

At this stage, Kara and Tohoshinki are strong contenders to be performers. Other than that, another artiste who has attracted much anticipation is Jang Geun Suk. Jang Geun Suk’s first single “Let me cry”, which went on sale in Japan in April, rose to the #1 position on the Oricon Weekly Chart, showing off his fiery power. Following that, his popularity in Japan has been steadily increasing. According to the Japanese media, discussions with Jang Geun Suk have been difficult so it was still too early to decide on whether he is able to perform.

The keyword for this year’s “Kōhaku Uta Gassen” is “Eastern Japan Earthquake”. It is known that NHK has been liaising with singers from Eastern Japan. Presently, Sen Masao, who is from the earthquake-striken area of Iwata District, has been confirmed to perform at “Kōhaku Uta Gassen” for the first time in 22 years. Other singers who hail from Eastern Japan have also been mentioned as possible performers.

NHK “Kōhaku Uta Gassen” is held annually with a central theme of reviewing and praying together for those issues which have created huge waves in either Japan or in the world in the past year, while listening to the artistes’ songs. It is a year-end song festival representative of Japan.

The 62nd NHK “Kōhaku Uta Gassen” will be broadcast wordwide on December 31st at 7:15pm JST on Japan’s NHK and NHK World.

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Jung Yunho, who has received enthusiastic response through his special appearance in “Poseidon”, is slated to re-appear in the latter part of the drama.

Jung Yunho made his exit through his last appearance in the 4th episode of KBS2 TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Poseidon”, broadcast on September 27. In the new and refreshing drama “Poseidon”, because Jung Yunho was not a fixed cast member but only a “special appearance”, he appeared in a glamorous fashion in the initial parts of the drama and then bid goodbye to the audience.

This piece of work is Jung Yunho’s comeback to the drama scene in 2 years after MBC’s “Heading To The Ground” in 2009. As a result, the anticipation of fans and netizens were huge. As a singer in TVXQ, he had reached the pinnacle position, but as an actor, it remains a fact that his activities were minimal. Particularly, in light of the fact that fellow TVXQ member Shim Changmin had made his acting debut through “Paradise Ranch”, the anticipation for Jung Yunho could only increase.

Fortunately, Jung Yunho received good reviews through his brilliant visuals and action scenes in “Poseidon”, and his stable acting ability. However, what is a pity at this stage is that Jung Yunho is leaving the drama through his last appearance in the 4th episode. Accordingly, a portion of viewers showed responses such as, “We plead for an increase of Jung Yunho’s part”, “We want to hear more about Jung Yunho, who provided the twist in the drama”.

Fortunately, the production crew has intimated the possibility of Jung Yunho re-appearing. “Poseidon” Kim Seung Mo PD hinted, “It is possible that Jung Yunho will re-appear in the latter part of “Poseidon”. We have set aside some room for that possibility.” Particularly, the production crew explained that Kang Eun Chul’s character is a main role which straddles between good and evil, and which can allow the drama to smoothly go on. Kang Eun Chul and Choi Hee Gon, the head of the criminal organization, got entangled, and constrained by unforeseen circumstances, he set Seon Woo up. However, even so, he eventually hurled his body to save Seon Woo, showing off his loyalty.

In the 4th episode, Marine Police Special Forces Tactics Team leader Kang Eun Chul abruptly left the country, leaving behind many questions.

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On September 28th, ‘Penzal Q‘ updated their official Facebook with the musical score to JYJ‘s upcoming ‘Penzal Q Song‘!

The members were selected as endorsement models earlier this month and recently filmed their first CF together. According to the score, the lyrics describe the romantic feelings of a man asking his lover to depend on him when needed: “Lean on me when you’re tired, hold my hand. Don’t be sick. I’ll be with you through your tears and heart aches.”

Representatives of ‘Penzal Q’ revealed that the song was warm enough to melt the hearts of the sick thanks to its romantic lyrics and high musical quality. “The song is the work of Zeenan and was produced purely to match JYJ,” they said.

Zeenan is a music director that has created hits for dramas like ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Hwang Jini‘, and also has 300 different songs under his belt.

The ‘Penzal Q Song’ will begin airing on October 1st.

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