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[PHOTOS] 110828 Stalking Jaejoong

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[PHOTO] Junsu Change His Hair Colour?

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[PHOTOS] 110828 HoMin - A-Nation in Tokyo Day 2

Mama Bigeast (she's pregnant ^3^)

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[TRANS] 110828 Fan's Tweets About A-Nation Tokyo (1st Day)

Yesterday's a-nation was really the best♪ The shock still remains (*^^*) I went back home near the time of the last train, and the person who spoke to me when I got onto the train was a staff of avex. There is such encounters-♪ I got excited hearing all the stories until we arrived at the nearby station.

It was the first time that staff participated in Tohoshinki's rehearsal. When he first went to greet them, the two looked straight into the staff's eyes, and greeted the staffs one by one in very polite manners. He had the impression that the two members were very favorable and good guys (*^^*)

Afterwards was the meeting and the rehearsal. The two members seemed as if it was the actual performance, especially, the staff was really impressed by Yunho's dancing. Yunho was dancing so earnestly that it didn't seem like the rehearsal xD He said that he had never seen an artist that dances so earnestly during the rehearsals♪ Well, its our Yunho (^_-)

The two members were speaking frankly to the staffs, but they had the special aura. Seeing the two speaking together, it seemed that they had a comfortable sense of distance between themselves. He said that he felt the strong relationship of mutual trust, too. It may be because I first said that I like Tohoshinki.

The rehearsal was like; Yunho was mainly talking with Changmin's assistance, but sometimes Changmin was the one to speak out of his thoughts. They were also on very good terms with the dancers, and there was always laughter. He felt that the atmosphere of the two were somewhat similar (*^^*)

Their appearance (to be the last to perform) seems to be decided after the Osaka performance. The staffs also had to cope with the decision, so yesterday seemed to be a very hard day, running around.

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[VIDEO] 110828 Stalking Jaejoong

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[VIDEO] 110827 HoMin - A-Nation in Tokyo Day 1 Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 110827 HoMin - A-Nation in Tokyo Day 1 Part 4

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[TRANS] 110828 Tohoshinki Was The Last To Perform! ! Summer Festival!

The Tokyo performance of the summer outdoor music festival "a-nation" (by the record company avex) was held in Ajinomoto stadium on the 27th. It was the 10th anniversary concert, and there were 20 groups rich in variety as Ayumi Hamasaki (32), the Korean artists Tohoshinki and AFTER SCHOOL (first appearance in anation), and X Japan.

It was an event where you can feel the trend of the times. According to the person concerned, it was "as a matter of stage convenience", but the final group to perform was Tohoshinki. The audience was thinking that the last to perform should be Hamasaki (as usual) , and was surprised but welcomed Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) with deafening cheers. Yunho said "Everyone in Tokyo, thank you for waiting. We came back!!" The girls' group AFTER SCHOOL also performed. On the 28th, today's final concert, BoA and SHU-I are scheduled to perform, and we can feel the energy of Korean artists.

In the final performance, AKB48 will also perform. In the first a-nation (held in 2002), the dance music (synonym of avex) was the main stream, but the contents of the event has differed, reflecting the diversification of the current music fans. From next year onward, it is expected that BIGBANG and 2NE1 (which belongs to the new label established last month) will perform. Aug 27, 2011, when Tohoshinki was the final group to perform in the J-POP summer festival, should be passed down from generation to generation as "epoch-making".

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[INFO] JYJ To Perform in the Closing Ceremony of the Daegu World Track and Field Championship

It has been announced that JYJ will be performing for the closing ceremony of the Daegu World Track and Field Championship. The closing ceremony will be held on September 4th in Daegu Stadium and tickets are currently sold out. Unfortunately, however, it seems that the broadcast for the closing ceremony will not be live. The below are the translations of the tweets by the official Twitter of the Championship.

On the final day of the Daegu World Track and Field Championship , there are celebratory performances prepared for the closing ceremony, with such persons as JYJ and DJ. Koo! I think it will be fine for you to anticipate the closing ceremony that is as great as the opening ceremony. :)

[In response to questions from the fans as to JYJ is actually appearing] It is correct that there will be a celebratory performance by JYJ in the closing ceremony. I (the person running the Twitter) am covering the opening ceremony right now and I can’t individually reply to your mentions, please understand. Now, let’s all enjoy the opening ceremony together!

@fan Yes, the closing ceremony will (eventually) be aired. (But currently the events of the Championships are not being aired live.)

Currently there are many questions as to whether there will be a live broadcast of the event. Unfortunately this cannot be decided by the organization committee. Please direct your inquiries to KBS which is the station in charge of the event.

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[CAPS] JYJ 3hree Voices Photostory Teaser

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[VIDEO] 3hree Voices II Photostory Teaser

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[TRANS] 110828 A-Nation Staff Twitter Updates

T/N: @mal_san is the stage director for a-nation.

Please read from bottom to top.

@ch29xam I just have mixed feelings. I think they should be, as 5. I just hope for their happiness.

Of course! I cannot forget how hard they tried to communicate with me with their not fluent Japanese… RT @mal_san: Hideji, we still support all the 5 members! (Do you agree?) RT @reiji_shiratori: They are the only artists who hugged me…

Hideji, we still support all the 5 members! (Do you agree?) RT @reiji_shiratori: They are the only artists who hugged me in all my life! But at that time, there were 5 members. RT @mal_san: Oh, just before their performance, I had a meeting with the two members. Then, my stomachache ceased a bit. They are good guys.

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[TRANS] 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (1st Day) Staff Report & Thank You Message from Tohoshinki

A-Nation Tokyo, first day

Again, everyone got very excited with today’s live! For those who came to the venue, thank you very much for supporting them until the last moment♪ 
The photo is just before their performance, right in front of their backstage room. The scarf (one of the official goodies) perfectly matches their stage outfit, they really look cool♪

To all the fans in Tokyo!! Thank you again for the outstanding cheers today. We really know that the stage is not made only by Tohoshinki! Everyone’s cheers are included and blended into one, that is the first time that the performance would be complete.
We were really impressed today! We are sorry that this year’s a-nation will finish with tomorrow’s stage, but we would do our best to liven up the stage until the last moment. Thank you very much again for today!

T/N: This message was directly sent to my cellular phone, I went to a-nation Tokyo today.

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[VIDEO] 110827 HoMin - A-Nation in Tokyo Day 1

Rising Sun


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[PHOTOS] 110827 HoMin - A-Nation in Tokyo Day 1 Part 3

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