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JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) swept the top spots of various online charts though without any appearance on broadcasting companies’ programmes, proving their strong popularity. However the main concern from the fans remains whether they are able to perform in music programmes or not.

It can be seen from olleh music website that the tracks from JYJ’s first korean album “In Heaven” (which includes the songs revealed in JYJ’s world tour) occupied the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots for two weeks continuously. The difference with other artistes who released songs during the same period of time was that this achievement was done with no participation in any music programmes, thus heightening its meaningfulness. Furthermore the album that was slated to be released on the 27th, has already received more than 300,000 pre-orders, resulting sold out in various online music stores. Fans from Japan, China and various Asian countries have placed their pre-orders as well, causing insufficient supplies. Nonetheless, JYJ was still nowhere to be seen in any music programmes.

JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment said, “There was no invitation to any programme. It could be due to the album yet to be released. We are still monitoring the situation.”

C-JeS further expressed, “In May, with regards to KBS’s stance on performance broadcast restriction due to lawsuit with ex-company, we have officially presented that the court has ruled twice in our favour for JYJ’s non-restriction activities, i.e. the ability to perform. KBS has accepted such rulings and had expressed that should JYJ officially released an album, they would be able to participate in performances without any problem. We believed in such integrity and hopefully JYJ will be able to participate in the programmes for the fans who have been supporting them.”

However, the activities for JYJ were not emphasized on programmes afterall.

JYJ’s marketing representative expressed, “The activities in the later half of the year for JYJ includes their first visit to Spain, Germany etc, for their concert tour. There is a Japan concert as well, thus we are trying to reach the audience in various ways other than programmes.”

JYJ’s latest MV for “Get Out” has met the audience officially through LG Electronics’ CF. In 2011, they are also eagerly helping the less fortunates as honorary ambassadors.

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Yama-chan: Yes
MC: This is FujiTV, "Waratte Iitomo"
Yama-chan: I'm doing a music program, and we met them there.
Staff: Thank you always for your supports.
MC: Am I speaking to Tohoshinki-san?
Staff: Yes, Tohoshinki is right in front of us. Just wait for a moment.
MC: Yes, can you please get them on the phone?

Yunho: Hello
MC: Hello, please wait for a second.
Yunho: Yes
Tamori: Does he really know you?
Yama-chan: Hello
Yunho: Hello
Yama-chan: Long time no see. I'm Yama-chan, Yama...
Yunho: Oh, long time no see!
Yama-chan: See? Do you all see? It's been a long time since we last met. I'm now on Iitomo.
Yunho: Oh, yes.
Yama-chan: I introduced you as my friend, and I'll change to Tamori-san.
Yunho: Yes
Tamori: Hello, this is Tamori.
Yunho: Yes. It's been a long time since we last met, this is Tohoshinki.
Tamori: Can you come to Iitomo tomorrow?
Yunho: Iitomo! (T/N: OK!)
Tamori: Iitimo! then..... so this was Yama-chan!

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Jaejoong: An actor who had much desire for his craft?

Jaejoong: Very much… How do you say… shall I say laughter? I feel that he was very much overflowing with smiles. Worries… He was someone with a lot of worries, always. To refrain from showing those worries—he tried hard to do that also. I don’t know what it was, but he always had so many worries. And the counseling on those worries—we had many of those, as hyung and dongsaeng. But I remember his face—the face that, even in the midst of them, never once lost the smile.

Jaejoong: Ah… he was a singer who always worked hard, and also always worried for the sake of his fans.

Jaejoong: A while ago… when I had gone to the United States and maybe two to three days had passed… I heard of the news. In the United States… as soon as I landed in the Los Angeles Airport, I had a call from Yongha hyung. “Where are you.” “In the US.” “Ah, so you’ve gone to the US. When you come back, let’s have a drink together.” He had said those words to me.

And even before that, when we had met in Japan, he had spoken repeatedly about that concert. Very much… let us keep improving, improving. Those words, he had told me repeatedly, over and over. But, then suddenly such a thing happened… Just… My mind had no thoughts. I was… for a very long time, just blank…

Jaejoong: He was someone that did not give off the feel of being a celebrity, at all. He was someone like the hyung next door. When you look at the results and the feats that Yongha hyung had accomplished in his life, he had a very high stature. Despite that, he showed himself as someone who, separate from the renown and popularity of celebrities, was a human being exactly like everyone else—very often.

So I feel that perhaps that is why the people around him loved very much the Yongha hyung, the man.

Jaejoong: When Yongha hyung did not have too many activities in Japan, we were in Japan quite a lot because of group activities. There was a time in which we lived in Japan for six months, a year. If my contact information changed, of if the contact information of those friends in Korea changed, then we would lose touch with each other—this happened from time to time. But in my voicemail, “My number changed. Are you healthy? Your health is the most important thing, so take care of it. And I miss you. And also… even once… I should go to you, to see you.” He’d say that. But many people say that—“let’s meet, let’s have a drink.” Often, those words just end in words. But he was someone who really kept to the words that he spoke. He really came all the way to Japan. Yongha hyung… before he left… he came to see a performance of ours, in Japan. He did say that because of a schedule he had to go out in the middle, but… He was someone who really kept every word.

Jaejoong: First, as a basic thing, we talked about music a lot. And also, performing—we talked about it a lot. We talked about acting also. We also talked about women. Yes. How do you say…? Really, what is strange is that he felt lonely a lot. He felt lonely quite often, but he relieved the loneliness with other things. I think probably that thing was music. Even though his main career was that of an actor… he’d say: “I really want to sing. I really want to sing, and… I want to begin anew, from the very beginning.”

Jaejoong: I think all the fans know. The musician or the actor they like… from behind the scenes, “how hard do they work for our sake?” I think the fans know the answer to that the best. He worried so very much. On stages that were so big, he had performed many times, and he also had so many fans. But for the sake of the fans in Japan… “from the little theatres, from the very beginning, I want to begin performing anew.” He’d tell me that in his worry, and would repeatedly ask me whether I thought that was okay. Because he had such a loving heart for the fans like that—probably that is why, even now, the fans are waiting for Yongha hyung.

Jaejoong: Ah… When I think of Hyung, already laughter comes forth from me. I… from Hyung… truly so many things I think I learned from you for a long time… and to the many people around me… the kind heart that Hyung showed… I am conveying that… and I want to also show it as you did… And also, your mother, your brother-in-law, your older sisters… I would contact them, have meals together with them and such… but now that you aren’t here… really you are missed…. The place where you are now—I visit it often… and talk to you very often, but… Ah… I do not know. But, I don’t know. More than any other thing, I wish that you are also happy where you are. So that even by just looking up at the sky, we will continue to have your smile come to our minds… please, continue to protect us… I wish you’d smile down at us. Really really, I love you. Thank you.

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Artist: Tohoshinki
Guest Lovers: Sekine Tsutomu, Morisanchu
Broadcast Date: 02/10/2011 (Sunday) 23:30 ~ 23:55

Tonight will be Tohoshinki’s appearance on stage!

Korea’s number one boy group’s hit song “Rising Sun” and “Somebody to Love’ special medleys and the single that was released after restarting their activities, “Why? Keep Your Head Down”, and also a track from their new album, “B.U.T.” will be performed!

Please enjoy the world class dynamic dance performance!

The guests will be Sekine Tsotumu, who love and get along with Tohoshinki like family members, and and the Morisanchu trio who are big fans of them!

The talk will include a pestering competition!
Yunho’s latest imitation act and Changmin’s love confession and other!
We will also be granting various wishes from the guests!

Don’t miss it!

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Tohoshinki The Special!

3D Eyeglasses! Posters! Autographed Photos!
Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

Thank you all for waiting. Your favorite star, Tohoshinki is finally appearing in JJ!
And, not only that, we have Mika Ninagawa as the photographer.

Want them to look back at you, want to touch them, want to know how they are offstage,
… this is the special project for those wishes.

Once you turn the page, the 3D pages will welcome you.
Please put on the 3D glasses and touch and feel Yunho and Changmin!

“Want to Know How They are Offstage!”
Questions for Tohoshinki!


Q: How was the shooting today?
A: I was a little embarrassed at first, because there were so many female staffs *laugh*, but the photographer was Mika san, whom we have known for a while, so it was fun!

Q: Do you like photo shoots?
A: I’ve always liked looking at and taking photos, and of course I take to be taken too. I like it because even if you forget a memory, a photograph is there for you to look back and to recapture it.

Q: Please tell us about the new album, “Tone.”
A: I the title, “Tone,” there are numbers meanings to it. Like the balance of the two, and our wish for the people to feel messages from Tohoshinki, as we continue to challenge new genres .I want people to see the new sides of Tohoshinki through this album.

Q: Which one is your favorite song in “Tone”?
A: ‘WEEP’! It is filled with appreciation for everyone.

Q: Which song would you like a girl you like to listen?
A: I was going to say “Telephone,” but Changmin said it already *laugh* so for me, it’s ‘Duet.’ Because of the lyrics.

Q: What was your nickname from childhood that you remember the most*
A: Because I was always running around everywhere, “Energizer”. Filled with energy and can’t be stopped. For the same reason, also “Son Go Ku” from Dragon Ball.

Q: Who are you close with from SM Entertainment?
A: I get along with everyone, but especially with Super Junior and SHINee. For Female, it’s BoA sonpei.

Q: What is your ‘Type’ in girls?
A: A person who is positive and takes her job seriously. I like a girl who can give me advise when we are just two of us. A relationship that both can share true feelings and thoughts is ideal.

Q: Who do you appeal yourself to a girl you like?
A: I am a type of person that waits. Because I am outgoing, people assume that I don’t hesitate to approach to a girl I like, but I want a girl to take the lead. I don’t do text messages much. Conversations, Destiny, I believe in them.

Q: What kind of fashion style you like for a girl?
A: Simple wear like just T-Shirt and Jeans. And, I like it when I see a gap, like when a girl who usually wear girlish close wears a business suit that seams intelligent and professional.

Q: What kind of gestures/actions of a girl you think attractive?
A: My heart stops when a girl shows her kindness, like when a girl notices and takes something lint) from my clothes. It may not be a gesture, but I like seeing a girl play the piano, and also seeing a girl from the back when she is cooking.

Q: If you and Changmin fell in love with the same girl…?
A: I will let it go. Because I know how good Changmin is. I know he would make her happy. Of course, he needs to put all his heart and effort too! *laugh* If it were someone else, I would not put my feelings away!

Q: What are the words or phrases from your girlfriend that make you touched?
A: “Thank you for protecting me”, “I am just happy to be with you,” and “Thank You.”
“I Love You” is also good, but of course we love each other, so the words that come from trust and respectful is more meaningful to me.

Q: At what age do you want to get married?
A: I used to want to get married by 27, but now, 31 or 32.

Q: What kind of food do you want your girlfriend to cook you?
A: I would be happy with anything, but pan cakes? More than that, I want to cook for her! I want to cook her Korean food, like Chap-Che!

Q: Japanese girls and Korean girls, tell us what you think are the differences.
A: When something challenging happens, Japanese girls will stay and wait for me. Korean girls will come with me. –just images

Q: What would you say when you reveal your love to someone?
A: “No matter what happens, I will protect and be with you till the end.”

Q: What do you like most about Changmin
A: He can keep things to himself (keep secrets). And, regardless of what happens, he can manage himself to be calm.

Q: What Changmin’s words that touched or made you happy?
A: Well, he acts without words. I am touched by actions-skin ship more than words. Ah, don’t get me wrong, I like girls *laugh*

Q: Is there anything that you want Changmin to change?
A: Well, it doesn’t hurt to think more positively… but he’s much better compared to before.

Q: If you were to choose an animal to represent someone, what is Changmin?
A: A deer. He has a beautiful neck, and his big and round eyes. I have the image that a dear does what he needs to do without being too vocal, so kind of like Changmin in that way too.

Q: What are you into nowadays?
A: Bowling and Traveling. Someday, I would like to travel to different places in Japan with friends.

Q: Who is your “Superstar”?
A: My father, whom I respect most. He takes care of and protects family, friends, and his work. The man of men!

Q: Please say something for the JJ readers
A: Please like your everyday to the fullest and make wonderful memories as days pass. And, let’s create a new story with us, Tohoshinki!


Q: Which one was your favorite at today’s photo shoot?
A: 3D photo of the two of us. It’s first time for us to take a 3D photo, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Q: Which is your favorite song from “Tone”?
A: ‘B.U.T’!

Q: Which song would you like a girl you like to listen to?
A: ‘Telephone.’ It’s one of my favorites from this album.

Q: Which song would you want people to listen to when they want to pump it up?
A: ‘I Think U Know.’ And, if they are feeling down, I want them to listen to ‘Easy Mind.’

Q: What kind of a child were you when you were little?
A: I wasn’t really an outgoing type. I was shy… well still a little… but I got embarrassed easily.

Q: What was your dream when you were little?
A: I loved, and still love, sports, so I wanted to be a sports journalist. Because if I became a journalist, I could go see games for free *laugh* I especially like baseball and soccer.

Q: Who are you close to from SM Entertainment?
A: Kyuhyon from Super Junior. We sometimes go for drinks together. We are the same age, and we both like comic books, games, and we like same types of drinks. Our personalities are similar too.

Q: What is your ‘Type’ of a girl?
A: I think someone that has many different sides to her is attractive. Someone who has sporty, mature, cute, … different angles.

Q: How to you appeal to a girl you like?
A: I am the type of person who, even before doing or expressing anything, people can tell my feelings for someone. I guess I am obvious, like I’m kind and caring for someone I like, and not really for others *laugh*

Q: What kind of hair style do you like for a girl?
A: I may sound like I’m asking for too much… but I like someone that looks good with both short and long hair. Ah, I’m too honest *laugh*

Q: If you and Yunho fell in love with the same girl, what would you do?
A: We like different types of girls, so I don’t think that would happen, but… uhm… If my feelings was just a crush, I would let it go. But if I really cared for the girl, I won’t give up.

Q: Which body/facial part of a girl that you can’t help to look?
A: (After thinking about it for a while) I don’t want to say it because I know some people would take it in a wrong way… but legs. Not really legs that are simply beautiful, but rather, legs that kind of represent the struggle or challenges that she overcame. Legs that you can tell that she played sports, like with blisters

Q: If a girl you like is crying, how will you comfort her?
A: I will just be by her side. Without saying any words, I will stroke her back and shoulders.

Q: At what age, do you want to get married?
A: When I am 30 or so.

Q: What would you do if the food that your girlfriend cooked for you wasn’t good?
A: I will eat it all. I will tell her that it’s good, but… I will probably say something like “Maybe if you added more of xxx (something), it would be more delicious.” In a way that I wont hurt her feelings, but would still advise *laugh*

Q: What would you say if you were telling your feelings for someone?
A: I like you. (I have feelings for you)

Q: What do you like most about Yunho?
A: That he is pure and positive, much more than I. And, he has the ability to make decisions.

Q: What words or phrases of Yunho said that touched you or made you happy?
A: ‘If it was Changmin, I will let my feelings go.’ (=to the question, “What would you do if you and Changmin fell in love with the same girl?” question to Yunho) He must be just saying it *laugh*

Q: Is there anything that you want Yunho to change?
A: No. There isn’t anything.

Q: If you were to choose an animal to represent someone, what is Yunho?
A: The leader of animals, tiger. I even think his face looks like a tiger.

Q: What are you into lately?
A: I am reading “One Piece”, the comic book from the beginning ! Every line is so meaningful and important, so I should read in Japanese as practice, but I really want to feel what the characters are saying, so I read the Korean version.

Q: Anything that made you happy recently?
A: …hahaha *giggles* (From “One Piece”) When Ruffie when to rescue Robbin, I was so happy! And Robbin’s line, ” I want to live!!” ah… I was so touched, I got goose bumps!!

Q: Anything you bought recently?
A: I bought snacks that are only sold in Japan, like the “Siroi Koibito(White Lovers)” for my family in Korea.

Q: Item that you always out in your bag?
A: iPad

Q: Who is your “Superstar”?
A: Producer (doesn’t say if he is referring to a specific producer or in general)

Q: Please say something for the JJ readers!
A: The new album “Tone” is ready! In a fall, which makes you want to fall in love, please listen to our album and fall in love!!

Source: JJ November 2011 Issue
Translated by: Sunnyday
Distributed by: Sunnyday
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Junsu-ah~ T-T

Not losing sight of each other's feelings, we'll be able to overcome everything... Cause you are my everything to me (T/N: Lyrics to DBSK's Don't Say Goodbye). A song that I liked very much.. By chance I heard it again after such a long time.. But somehow this song has come to feel so foreign to me... And that hurts my heart..

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Translated from bottom

Subtitle:: Many a little makes a ro-men’s
“Many a Little makes a Romance” starring Song Joong Ki will be release on the 27th October! Kim Jaejoong is anticipating it.

The sky~

I uploaded the one that I’ve uploaded before .. Please understand if I talk a lot today^^

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