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For the first time ever, the number of idol groups promoting in the market will hit 100 by the end of the year. Their popularity is often determined by their fans, but what do the professionals in the industry think of them?

E-Daily recently brought together 30 vocal trainers, 27 choreographers, and 18 plastic surgeons to rank the idols according to vocal talent, dancing, and looks. Check out who they ranked as the top in terms of vocal talent below! (And check out who topped the category for looks and dancing here and here)

Out of the 30 vocal trainers, 8 of them chose 2AM. Cho Hong Kyung, the director of a vocal academy, explained, “As a ballad group that needs to have their vocal talent stand out, they have a strong foundation. SHINee tries to sing on par with the actual CD recording as they can, which makes them just as impressive, but 2AM is just a bit above them.”

SHINee followed closely behind, earning a total of five votes. Vocal trainer Cho Hye Young praised, “SHINee has the ability to express their songs in a unique color. Their musicality is also excellent.”

Big Bang and JYJ tied at third with four votes each. Commenting on Big Bang, trainers stated, “They’re a very unique team that can take any song and express it in their own style.“ As for JYJ, ”The members each have exceptional talent.”

In the female group category, ballad duo Davichi earned a total of 8 votes. Vocal trainer Ham Yoo Sung stated, “They work well with each other and harmonize beautifully. The level of their expression is above the rest.” Director Cho Hong Kyung added, “Davichi shows so many things through just their music alone. Together, they harmonize wonderfully and fit well with ballads.”

2NE1 and SISTAR tied at second with seven votes each.

In the individual member category, 2AM’s Changmin topped the chart for the males, coming away with a total of 9 votes. Vocal trainer Yoo Ui Joo stated, “Changmin doesn’t have a vocal style that depends on the trend, but has a comfortable vocal talent that’s all his own, which is extremely charming.

JYJ’s Junsu took 2nd place, while MBLAQ‘s G.O. ranked 3rd with six and four votes respectively. Han Min Woo, vocal trainer and professor at the Changjo Music Academy, praised Junsu by stating, “He has the ability to comprehend songs well and leads them out,” while vocal trainer Kim Tae Hwan praised G.O. by saying, “He has a modern musical color and rhythm as well as great diction.”

As for the girls, SISTAR’s Hyorin racked up 12 points and was praised for her “charming husky voice with a strong sound.” SNSD’s Taeyeon and Davichi’s Haeri tied in second with 8 points each.

On Taeyeon, they praised, “She has the skills to go solo. Her voice itself isn’t powerful but she has an exceptional ability to express emotions, which is rare for someone her age. She knows the mature taste of songs that singers like IU don’t have.”

On Haeri, they praised, “She’s multi-talented in that her voice tone is great, her pronunciation, she’s got great vocalization and is always in tune.”

Check out the full list below:

Male Group
1. 2AM (8)
2. SHINee (5)
3. Big Bang / JYJ (4)

Male Group member
1. Lee Changmin (9)
2. JYJ’s Junsu (6)
3. G.O. (4)

Female Group
1. Davichi (9)
2. 2NE1 / SISTAR (7)

Female Group member
1. Hyorin (12)
2. Haeri / Taeyeon (8)

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You can buy concert' tickets of JYJ in Barcelona now. I hope many people come to our concert. See you soon. ^^

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Netizens recently picked JYJ‘s Yoochun as the “celebrity who would most likely give good advice for a woman’s concern”.

DC Inside, a popular Korean community site, polled users from September 14th to the 20th with the question, “Which male celebrity would give good advice for a woman’s concerns?“. Park Yoochun won 1st place with 3,190 votes (36.3%).

Yoochun’s sweet bass tone, innocent glances, and warm greetings won the hearts of many fans, but it was his acting in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ and ‘Miss Ripley‘ that captured netizens’ hearts. His role as a caring son influenced many votes, as Yoochun seemed like a man who would most likely accept and advise the worries of women.

Entertainer Lee Seung Gi placed 2nd with 1,738 votes (19.8%). With his image as a sincere son, caring oppa, and strong younger brother, Lee Seung Gi’s friendliness and charm during broadcasts caused netizens to believe that women would feel comfortable around him to share their concerns.

John Park won 3rd place with 1,237 (14.1%), after netizens noted his humble and sincere attitude in ‘Superstar K2‘. He also gave warm hugs to the other participants, earning him a ‘good man’ image.

Rounding up the poll were actor Kim Jae Won, SHINee‘s Onew, and Super Junior‘s Heechul.

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Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye” – 13,020 Points

2. Huh Gak – “Hello” – 8,296 Points

3. KARA – “STEP” – 8,272 Points

4. Zia – “Hoping It’s You” ft. K.Will – 5,388 Points

5. Sung Shi Kyung – “I Like It” – 5,191 Points

6. Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…” – 4,632 Points

7. Brown Eyed Girls – “Hot Shot” – 4,045 Points

8. JYJ – “In Heaven” – 3,423 Points

9. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 3,222 Points

10. Jay Park – “Demon” – 2,392 Points

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SPOILER~! Click if you dare ^3^ *off to a corner in shock*

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The recording for Music lovers finished just now! They were so near, I got very nervous. I was standing around the 10th row from the stage, but since it was a small studio which holds up to 300 persons, they were very near. The talks were done in a different sub stage, and since I was on that side, Tohoshinki was about 3 meters from where I was. We were requested to fill in the spaces before the talks, so I was standing in the 2nd row.

Scene which should be cut 1. Changmin was always checking the monitor! He didn't look at us that much.

Scene which should be cut 2. The seats were so near by, I could clearly see their eyes. My eyes met Yunho’s many times. When I winked to him, he closed his eyes and nodded his headー(´Д` ) Changmin! You aren’t looking at us, so I’ll run around with Yunho.

Scene which should be cut 3. It was the first time they performed the song, Yunho made a mistake with the lyrics, and laughed softly saying "Oh, I'm sorry". But the song continued. How will it come out? xD

Scene which should be cut 4. Changmin was running out of breath, and was dripping with sweat. But he regained his strength during the short breaks during the song. He is professional.

Scene which should be cut 5. They always go backstage after singing one song. On the third time when they went backstage, Yunho said "Matanen!" (T/N: Kansai dialect meaning "see you later").

Scene which should be cut 6. When they go backstage, it is always Changmin who is walking in the front xD Should it be because of their standing positions..??

Scene which should be cut 7. The two looking into the camera was very sexy..heavenly...prayers..
They were too sexy, and they did it again as an encore during the talk corner. They responded to us from themselves!

Scene which should be cut 8. Changmin "We will go on to the next song" Audience "Eeeee--! (oh, no)" Changmin "What time is it now?.. 8 o'clock? 9? huh" Audience "It is still 8:45! (joke)" Changmin "Shi!" Changmin producer was worrying about the time.

Scene which should be cut 9. Changmin grinned during a place when singing. Grin, grinning

Scene which should be cut 10. Yunho was saying "Minasan, tanoshindemasuka-!" (everyone, are you enjoying yourselves?) You always says those words ♥♥ luv u xD

Scene which should be cut 11. Yunho "For the encore, we want to respond to you with a song with a deep meaning. This song.. oh, Changmin, can you introduce the song?" Changmin "(Oh! hyung! me?!) aa..oh..."

Scene which should be cut 12. Changmin "This encore song is, a song that a different style of Tohoshinki, don't you think so?" Changmin returns the talk back to Yunho.

Talk scene which should be cut 1. Yunho is really good in praising the guests and the host. (To the guest, he said "you're cute", then) "Can..can I directly see into your eyes?" During all this, Changmin glances to Yunho was chilly xD Changmin was shaking himself after looking chilly towards Yunho xD

Talk scene which should be cut 2. One phrase that the guest wanted Changmin to say. Changmin's tone and his japanese was very good, I fell in love. Yunho had to say long words, and it seemed difficult. He was reading the cue card xD During the whole time Yunho was speaking, Changmin was checking the monitor and was smiling.

Talk scene which should be cut 3. Tohoshinki standing on stage was really beautiful. Walking sideways, sitting down, making themselves comfortable, their movements were beautiful. After they have been sitting down for a long time and stood up, we can see how tall they are. They are models.

Talk scene which should be cut 4. Even when they are sitting, we can see that they have very long legs...Yunho was patting Changmin's left knee (Changmin was sitting on the right side of Yunho) on way or another. Changmin was very natural in receiving those pats. Yunho's beautiful fingers and Changmin's slim and long legs. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Talk scene which should be cut 5. Yunho was standing up and playing with the guests, and the camera was focusing on Yunho. I was watching Changmin! He was always looking at Yunho, with a real kind expression. He was nodding his head and clapping his hands, too. Which is the hyung?

Talk scene which should be cut 6. Is Changmin very shy? During the talk, he was always checking the monitor. He can't be (´Д` )…a narcissist...!? kya~~

Talk scene which should be cut 7. Audience "Changmin, please do it too! " Changmin "(//∇//)…(casted his eyes down)"

Stage scene which should be cut. Yunho "Changmin is very handsome" Yunho "Changmin is very cool talking in any style" Yunho "He really is!"

Talk scene which should be cut 8. Audience "Yunho-! You're cool-!" Yunho "YES. (nod nod nod nod)"

Talk scene which should be cut 9. Tohoshinki had to make a quick song with some theme. Yunho was composing the song, but Changmin's intention was ignored, and the two had to sing the song together. One, two, three..different timing, one, two, three...different timing. At last! ..they somehow sung it together.

Talk scene which should be cut 10. Changmin "since it is very simple and easy"

Last scene which should be cut. The talk corner was the last corner. The 2 members went offstage at the last, but before that, they were very politely shaking hands with Akasaka-san (with their left hands on their right arms), bowing very low, and waving their hands to the audience. It shows their characters, oh, to say it correctly, their honesty.

Talk scene that should not be used extra edition. Before the talk started, Tohoshinki and the other guests were standing in front of their seats. Changmin sat down at the very last, after watching the others (sit down). It is just Changmin. I really love you.

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The Policy of the Management On the Defamation on Cyberspace


First, we thank you for the support and the interest on the first Korean-language album by JYJ.

It has been a year since JYJ has started anew with the worldwide album released all throughout the world. They are continuing their shining achievement as world stars—the musical achievement of the successful holding of a 10-coty world tour and activities as the global honorary ambassadors for a UN agency and for many governmental units and corporations.

We think it is the same for the fans of JYJ as well. Every time there is a performance there is a high-quality culture of viewing and day after day there are beautiful donations by the fans. The sound fan supports, rice donations, and interest for the products for which JYJ act as models makes the industry affiliates surprised. The satire advertisements on newspapers, bus, and subway stations that call for JYJ’s broadcast activities acted as impetus for the media to recognize the high quality of the JYJ fandom culture.

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ and their management, always respect the fans and we deeply thank you.

However, nowadays among fan communities, there are those who call themselves “fans” and for the reason that they are “fans” the create rumors about members and make personal attacks. Until now we dealt with the incidents individually but today we give an official notice of stern warning from the management.

We will not recognize the people who have defamed any member of JYJ with the creation of baseless criticism and rumors to be “fans” and we will take legal measures with clear evidence.

We have secured multiple pieces of evidence, including those that we’ve warned individually and/or have inquired for investigations. If the posts are not deleted or if this kind of activity repeats itself after one week from this warning announcement is made, we will submit those evidence and inquire investigation to the Cyber Terror Response Center.

This is more than merely a distorted heart of a fan. It is a serious crime. We ask the fans to understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ are more than merely members belonging to a group. Further, we ask you to please look forward to the good music and great activities that will be brought under the name of JYJ.

Thank you.

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