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Awww That means he’s been listening to TVXQ songs too..♥
(Jaejoong, 12:16am KST) I want to sing so much that I say “I don’t want to sing”. I’ve been listening to all the 100 or so songs I’ve sung so far till now… And music is truly amazing.. It makes me think about a lot of things.

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김하늘-동방신기와의 화려한 뉴욕 데이트

“Kim Ha Neul-TVXQ’s Glamourous New York Date”

내일(일) 오후 4시 10분 MBC 본방사수~!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) 4.10pm KST on MBC Section TV~!!

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김하늘- 동방신기와의 화려한 뉴욕데이트 잡지화보 촬영현장

Kim Ha Neul-TVXQ’s Glamourous New York Date and Shooting Venue for Magazine Photoshoot

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JJ: The contract between Prain and us ended but I want to keep this relationship going. Let’s keep the promise we made to go for a drink.

Mr.Yeo : Yes,let’s do that. It’s okay not to contact me when you are good but when you are in need, please call or text me. I will do everything in my power to help you.

JJ: The same to you, older brother)! In private, you are hyeong to me.

T/N: Mr. Yeo wrote [in his blog] : Got this message five min. ago. I am worried if it’s impolite to make this public. I have hoped that more ppl get to know this gentleman, no, this dongsaeng(meaning younger brother)’s sincerity, politeness and delicacy behind formal aura.

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Shinee hoodies… Nichkhun events etc.. Idols-endorsed brands have high recognition levels.

When one thinks about the streets of Seoul Myungdong, around each corner, there’s one cosmestics store, with the likes of Missha, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Etude, Innisfree, Nature Republic etc. Furthermore, there will, without fail, be huge photos of Hallyu stars hung outside the stores. These tactics are aimed at catching the attention of tourists from China, Japan and other South Asian countries who have found this place. In reality, it is not difficult to spot tourists who have come out from the stores after purchasing the goods, and who then go on to take pictures beside the celebrity bromides of these Hallyu stores.

At the center of such an all-conquering cosmestics industry is the Hallyu marketing attack, which has proliferated so rapidly that it has spread to the apparel industry. As can be seen through “Shinee hoodies”, “Photo Events with Nichkhun” etc, apparel businesses have chosen idol stars who are leading the Hallyu wave as their models, or created events with these stars in their full-scale market attack.

On September 14th, casual brands such as Lacoste, Maypole, Edwin etc have jumped on the bandwagon together with outdoor brands, resulting in a situation of competitive Hallyu star marketing. Even if they do not create large-scale TV commercials etc, they have made full use of the Hallyu stars by devising unique strategies to raise their brand recognition.

In September, Lacoste has, for the first time, concluded a friendship contract with male idol group TVXQ, who are Hallyu stars. Although a friendship contract means that TVXQ will not be having activities as official models for Lacoste commercials, they will be doing photoshoots or appearing in media programmes while wearing apparels from the brand, or they may use the apparels frequently in their usual lives. This will result in more exposure of the brand to the public.

By signing such a friendship contract with TVXQ, Lacoste, which has its parent company in France, has exhibited its intention of setting its sights on the Asian market by riding on the Hallyu fever. In reality, on September 10th, the members of TVXQ appeared at the Lacoste 2012 SS Collection which took place in New York, triggering strong after-effects as the brand’s honorary ambassadors. Through this 3-month contract concluded with TVXQ, even without any direct commercial-shooting activities, Lacoste is still able to reach out to local and overseas tourists, exposing their brand to these consumers.

Casual apparel brands Maypole and Edwin have also adopted similar strategies. Maypole has created characters of popular idol group Shinee and also printed “Shinee Art Week T-shirt”, “Shinee Hoodies” with their autographs. The “Shinee T-shirts” mentioned earlier were sold out within just 1 week, creating a big hit. Other contemporaneous products like hoodies were also put on sale. At that time, if one bought the T-shirts, one would be able to obtain huge bromides. The company revealed that within Korea and in South Asia which is mesmerized Hallyu, the inquiries from youths were never-ending.

Edwin has an indirect marketing strategy of using Hallyu star models. From September 9th, for a month, Edwin will be uploading photos of Nichkhun of popular idol group 2PM with female idols Miss A on its homepage. It is also in the midst of a campaign where products will be given out. Edwin is only using the images of Hallyu stars, yet this is a strategy which is able to raise awareness of its brand amongst the younger consumers ranging from the teens to those in their 20s.

Industry experts commented, “Even without expensive commercials, with the full-use of Hallyu stars, brand recognition effects can be maximized. Hallyu marketing is becoming a trend amongst consumers of cosmetics, apparels etc.”

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The official Twitter of Prain, JYJ’s (former) press agency, tweeted the following:

The promised contractual period between Prain and C-JeS was already finished as of August 21. As for any plans of re-contracting, there is nothing decided yet. We thank C-JeS and the three persons of JYJ who were great partners and we will always support them in our hearts.

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The Japanese retailer Innolife which deals in Korean Wave products have posted the following notice to their customers. It seems that there will only be a limited quantity of the Red/Brown/Blue versions of In Heaven. Those who do not receive the Red/Brown/Blue versions will be receiving a Black version to be produced in October.

Emergency Notice

We inform the persons who have pre-ordered JYJ’s In Heaven of the following.

This is the night announcement from the production company, made on the afternoon of the 16th (today).

In the process of making the albums that were (originally) planned to be released in the three versions of Red, Brown, and Blue, due to the shortage in the imported materials, it has come so that among the ordered quantities, only a portion of them will be distributed to each retailer (the same number for each of the 3 colors). As for the remaining (undistributed) portion, a black version is planned to be produced in the middle of October to be issued.

We believe that, contrary to our will, there will be many persons who had pre-ordered but will not be able to receive the version that s/he had hoped to receive.

The persons who had purchased the 3-version set (or else purchased the 3 versions) will be given priority for the shipping of the first issuance of the (distributed, red/brown/blue) quantity. As for other orders for individual versions, we will ship them in the order of the placement of the orders (payment).

For those who are after the first issuance of the quantity is exhausted, we will ship the Black version once the Black version is released. We ask that you please accept this. Because of the sudden change and announcement by the production company, our company can only feel confusion.

We have inconvenienced you, but we please ask for your understanding.

Source: Innolife
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Today, 16th Sept, Song Jihyo held a fansign event. A fan asked her, “Unnie! Will there be a kiss scene in ‘In Heaven’?” Song Jihyo said, “Ah~ No! I got problem (with JYJ’s fans) already~ So you are fan of my little brothers~”
This fan also said that Song Jihyo was very pretty and nice.

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Boss Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong—Close Enough to Consult Each Other for Love Advice? Warm Couple of Grade-School Kids

Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong gathered all eyes by showing a warm scene in which they stepped outside of being rivals in love and gave each other love advice.

On SBS TV’s Protect the Boss that aired on the 15th, Muwon counseled Jihun on love.

When Nayun who had lost both Muwon and Jihun while trying to have both confessed her wish to return to Muwon, he felt disoriented. On his way to take Nayun home, he ran into Jihun in front of Eunsul’s house. The two sat next to each other on the steps and talked about their love lives.

Muwon who sensed that Eunsul and Jihun may have had a fight said: “It is understandable that Miss Noh Eunsul would do that. You are not a man that one can trust and depend on, don’t you think?” Continuing the conversation, Jihun asked: “What are you going to do with Nayun?” At this, Muwon said “I’m not sure” and let out a sigh.

Jihun advised: “You know that Nayun is openly persistent, right? Just give up and let her take you.” Muwon poured out his heart: “The timing is so off, it cannot be worse off. Why is it always so complicated.” At this, Jihun answered: “You’re right.” The two simultaneously let out a sigh of frustration at love that would not go the way of their wishes. The two had returned to the relationship in which they could open their hearts to each other and commiserate on love.

But until the end they did not lose the appeal of the quibble-squabble grade school couple. They unfolded a war of nerves in trying to climb down the stairs faster than the other and gifted the viewers with a roar of laughter.

The couple of Jihun and Muwon is called the “Cha-Cha couple” and even though the two were rivals in love they had not hidden their affections for each other. It is that this couple again showed a warm scene and drew feelings of satisfaction from the viewers.

On the other hand, on this episode CEO Cha felt a storm of fury and the couple of Jihun and Eunsul faced hardship, making the hairs of viewers stand on end.

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Boss Wang Jihye Has Her Feelings Declined by Kim Jaejoong This Time. Tears Come Forth from Panda-Eyes

Wang Jihye became panda-eyes again thanks to Kim Jaejoong.

On the 14th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 15th, Seo Nayun suffered because even though she confessed her feelings to Kim Jaejoong she was unable to receive a firm answer.

Cha Muwon asked her: “Do you want to come back to me?” Seo Nayun confessed her honest feelings, saying: “Can’t I?” To Muwon who remained silent, Seo Nayun asked: “It seems that I can’t. Is it because of Miss Noh Eunsul?” Muwon said that such was not the case, but she confirmed from him again: “Whatever the case may be, it is that I can’t.”

Muwon asked her: “Do you just want the final word?” Seo Nayun answered: “I don’t want it. I already know it.” She left the scene, saying: “I hope you won’t follow me out of some half-grown kindness.”

Seo Nayun who again had her heart broken ran into a woman while walking with tears streaming. The boyfriend of the woman poured his anger out at Seo Nayun, saying: “Walk properly.” Seo Nayun also became angry, repeating “I am sorry” three times. Cha Muwon ran up to the scene at this time and told the opposing male: “Look where you are going. She who had been properly looking the path she walks has apologized three times. But why don’t you who have not looked properly apologize?” Saying this, Cha Muwon had the man apologize.

Seo Nayun’s heart suffered even more at Cha Muwon who was kind to her. She returned home and sobbed in Myungran’s arms. Cha Muwon returned home and made an expression that betrayed many complicated feelings. How will the relationship of the two change? To this question the fans of the drama focus.

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