Thursday, August 18, 2011

[VIDEO]110818 Protect the Boss Ep. 6 Sneak Peek

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[PHOTOS] 110818 JYJ NII Fall Collection for September Issue of CECI Magazine

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[PHOTOS] 110818 HoMin - Gimpo Airport

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[TRANS] 110818 Junsu's Twitter Update

(Junsu) Hihi...guys ^^

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[PHOTOS] 110817 Protect The Boss Ep.5 Caps

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[NEWS] 110818 “Boss” Sets Record for Being the Fastest & the Only Drama to Break 20%

The SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss has broke the 20%-ceiling in ratings thanks to the double kiss scenes of the lead cast and has continued its upward climb.

On Protect the Boss that aired on the 17th, the kisses shared by the Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee pair and the Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye pair were shown in a split screen. Thanks to that, Protect the Boss broke the ratings of 20.5% (nationwide 17.8%) in only five episodes and has kept its place as the #1 drama.

The Seoul ratings produced by the other ratings analysis agency TNmS also recorded 19.2% (nationwide 15.7%). Protect the Boss, in comparing 49 Days and City Hunter, previous works by SBS, and also MBC’s The Best of Love, is the drama that has broke the 20%-wall the fastest.

Furthermore, Protect the Boss simultaneously also set the record to become the only one among all the dramas that are currently airing on either Monday-Tuesdays or Wednesday-Thursdays to break 20%.

In the home page bulletin, opinions as below were posted: “I could not help but scream with shock at the kiss scene between Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye for which there was no prior warning.” “I think the production crew and the script writer are the masters of push-and-pull love.” “The two couples’ double kiss scene—it was a real breakthrough of romantic comedy dramas. I am highly anticipating as to what the drama will surprise us with on the next episode.”

The production crew relayed: “As for the kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye, we filmed it so carefully, to the degree that we put a gag order on the production crew even. The response of the viewers was heated and so we were thankful. We will be even more thankful if you will keep watching to see how the two couples who have now kissed will unfold their stories.”

On the other hand, in Protect he Boss that will air on the night of 18th at 9:55pm, Eunsul will begin the Project in order to heal Jihun’s panic disorder, and is planned to pull into aide a variety of creative healing methods.

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[INFO] 110818 ‘SMTOWN Live in NYC’ Concert in October?

Inside sources have informed allkpop that SM Entertainment is in the process of finalizing negotiations for an ‘SMTOWN Live in NYC‘ concert in October of this year.

The tentative date is set for around the 3rd week of October, and so long as there aren’t any major issues during the final planning and negotiation stage, fans can expect to see their favorite SM TOWN artists in New York City this October.

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[PHOTOS] JYJ in KEPCO 50th Anniversary Magazine

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[PHOTOS] 110817 Photo Update of Jaejoong on SBS Website Part 2

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