Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[PHOTO]110817 PTB Ep.5 Jaejoong Kiss

They actually touched lips and KISSED. i think i just died. T-T
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[VIDEO] 110817 Protect The Boss Ep.5 Jaejoong Cut

Spoiler : Got kiss scene ^.~

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[PHOTO] 110817 Jaejoong with SBS Broadcaster

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[TRANS] 110817 Jaejoong & Choi Kang Hee Go on a ‘Date’

This week’s episode of SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss‘ will feature a special date scene between JYJ’s Jaejoong and actress Choi Kang Hee.

Filming for the scene took place at Daehak-ro earlier this month, and the two are scripted to walk through a park. They come across the ‘Goguryeo Band‘ performing “Life Is But A Dream“, which the pair danced along excitedly to.

The band and song were personally chosen by PD Son Jung Hyun, who fell in love with the song’s unique color. Thanks to his excellent choice, passerbys on the street were able to get a taste of some great music and were said to have crowded around to clap and join the free show.

The scene went on to feature the two trying on some sunglasses being sold on the street. After seeing Jaejoong wearing an ice cream-shaped one with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on them, Choi Kang Hee immediately began singing the happy birthday song while wearing cute heart-shaped sunglasses herself.

Producers said, “Last time, Choi Kang Hee and Kim Jaejoong-ssi enjoyed their time together at the amusement park as if they really were on break together. That same joy was transferred over to the producers and viewers. This time, they filmed a date scene on Daehak-ro as if they were real lovers, ending the filming on a positive note.”

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[NEWS] 110816 JYJ Appointed as PR Ambassadors for ICAAP10

At a press conference on August 16th, ICAAP10 [The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific] officially appointed JYJ as their PR ambassadors.

ICAAP10 is sponsored by UNAIDS and ASAP [AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific] and it’s the first international AIDS-related conference held in the Republic of Korea. ICAAP10 is also expected to be the largest AIDS conference organized in the Asia-Pacific region.

The chairman of the local organizing committee of ICAAP10, Cho Myung Hwan, commented, “Appointing JYJ as our ambassadors will help share common goals in the Asia Pacific region to prevent and fight against AIDS.”

On their goals for this conference, Cho Myung Hwan stated, “We are hoping to provide an opportunity to rightly recognize signs of AIDS for young adults in the ages of 16- 24, who make up about 50% of AIDS patients“.

In addition, the chairman commented, “The successful launching of ICAAP10 conference symbolizes that the Republic of Korea serves as a leading country of Asia not only in economic growth but also with culture and social responsibility“.

At the conference, JYJ member, Park Yoochun stated, “As the PR ambassador, I have learned that AIDS patients can lead a healthy lifestyle with proper treatment” and added, “We are trying to break free the misconceptions of AIDS. We, JYJ, will do our best to raise awareness in Asia“.

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[PHOTOS] 110817 Photo Update of Jaejoong on SBS Website

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[VIDEO] HoMin - Message to SM TRUE

Hello, we are TVXQ. We heard that SM Entertainment, Korea and True Corp, Thailand have become a family. Congratulations! We hope that the collaboration of SM TRUE wouldn’t only improve entertainment business in Thailand but also hope this would be an opportunity to improve the whole entertainment business in Asia.

We, as TVXQ, would like to go there and showcase you with a good performance/work as soon as we can. We will give our 100% in our work. Please keep on supporting us and Congratulations once again.

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[PHOTO] 110817 Jaejoong - 'Protect the Boss' Twitter Update

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[NEWS] 110817 Which Korean celebrities would best be suited for popular vampire roles?

The movie Twilight was recently aired on Korean television. A poll was held on an OCN blog, asking which Korean celebrities would best fit popular vampire roles from television and movies.

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong was picked as the best Edward from the movie Twilight.

Actor Lee Minho, who recently starred in "City Hunter", was selected as the best Stefan, the nice vampire from Vampire Diaries, while actor Kim Namgil, whose last work was in the drama "Bad Guy", was chosen as the best Damien, the bad vampire from Vampire Diaries.

Actor Lee Dongwook, who is currently starring in drama "Scent of a Woman", was chosen as the best Dylan Radcliffe, a vampire from "The Gates". Kim Saeron, a female actress, was picked as the best Eli from Let Me In. Actor Lee Byunghyun from Iris and actor Jo Insung, were chosen as the best Bill Compton and Eric respectively, both from True Blood.

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[VIDEO]110817 Jaejoong taking selca + SBS Good Morning PTB Filming

Oh wow...Jaejoong puts so much effort into his twitter pics...XD

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[VIDEO] 110816 YooSu - ICAAP Part 2

Just listen to all the camera shutter going off o.o and the flashes~

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[FANCAM]Extended JaeChun at JYJ NII Fanmeet (Eng Sub)

5 Min. fancams of the NII fanmeet last month. OMG! not to be a spazz or anything but these fancams are SO GREAT! i feel like a creep by watching 5 min. of just jaejoong doing random facial expressions TT;; but he's so cute~~and there's a english subbed footage of yoochun talking about Jaejoong and "Protect the Boss" :3

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