Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The latest trend clearly shows that singers had to appear on variety shows to gain popularity. Such a trend as this has been bitterly criticized for the grounds that the music and entertainment industries have developed a sort of back-scratching relationship. In this environment, however, we can see a few of ‘idol’ singers who seem to have the courage of keeping themselves off the shows hardly related to music.

(Omitted 2NE1 & Infinite part)


JYJ is a group that clearly shows how powerful and supportive fandom could be. Since being organized, JYJ has hardly carried out any activities on TV, but they climbed to the top position in music-download sites with “Get Out” from its first Korean Album In Heaven.

The album drew an explosive attention by marking the 300,000 preordered copies. The online site responsible for selling the album was temporarily shut down because the site got swamped with visitors who want to order the album.

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TVXQ‘s Yunho will be making his special cameo on KBS‘s ‘Poseidon‘ through its premiering episode!

Production company Annex Telecom revealed, “In this drama, Yunho will be playing the role of ‘Kang Eun Chul’, a special forces soldier of the Korean coast guard. He will be making a short, but intense special appearance.”

They continued, “When we were filming on August 16th at an Incheon port, Yunho successfully transformed into a cool-headed and composed special forces soldier.”

Yunho had to wear the heavy uniform of a special forces soldier and portray a character who always kept his cool, even during an intense chase scene with a criminal.

The production company explained, “Kang Eun Chul is the highly-skilled team leader of ‘Poseidon’, and is a man who sticks to his principles. Along with Sun Woo (played by Choi Siwon), the two will tell a compelling story through their fierce rivalry.”

Make sure to check out the first episode of ‘Poseidon’ when it airs on September 19th!

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New Hello Kitty sweatshirt!

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The cast of SBS‘s popular drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, greeted fans with adorable photos for the Chuseok holiday.

The photos showed the cast members feeding each other songpyeon, with an attached caption that read, ”Welcoming Chuseok, we hope all viewers will celebrate a hearty holiday and have a good time with their families.”

The cast was in the midst of filming on September 10th when they received the special holiday treats from a bakery. It was a welcome break for the staff, who’ll have to continue filming throughout the Chuseok holiday.

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At Scene Of New Album “TONE” Jacket Shooting

The release of the new album “TONE” is getting closer and closer♪

Today, we wanted to introduce a frame from the scene of that jacket shoot!

Yunho is checking his own photograph. He’s very serious.

Rather calm even when shooting, Changmin is chatting with the staff

During the intervals of the shooting, they also finished recording their comments.

As always, we have used our utmost care to prepare a booklet and package full of visuals, so you definitely have to check it out!

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