Friday, August 12, 2011

[VIDEO]Protect the Boss Ep.3 (Eng Sub)--Online Stream

English Subtitled Ep. 3 of Protect the Boss--entire episode is in the playlist! Happy Watching!

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[PHOTO] 110812 Stalking Jaejoong

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[PHOTO] 110812 HoMin - Heechul's Twitter Update

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[AUDIO]110811 I'll Protect You--Jaejoong (Music Removed + Instrumental versions)

Jaejoong "I'll Protect You" from Protect the Boss OST Music Removed Version and Instrumental Version! (Jaejoong goodies just keep on rollin' in these days huh? Gotta love it!)

Note: i put both on separate embeds but they are actually on the same playlist so you can just click on the MR version and it'll go straight to the instrumental. Enjoy!

I'll Protect You Music Removed

I'll Protect You-Instrumental

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[VIDEO]110811 Protect the Boss Ep. 4 (HD)

Entire episode is in the playlist! Enjoy~

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[TRANS] 110811 MBC's 50th Anniversary "We Are The Peace Generation" Concert

For MBC's 50th Anniversary, the special "DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and Peace Concert" will be held starting August 13 until the 15th at Imjingak.

On August 14, the "We Are The Peace Generation" concert will feature an artist lineup of TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST, IU, MissA, and others. The concert is set to be broadcasted on the 14th at 11:50PM.

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[NEWS] 110810 TVXQ’s Yunho to make a cameo in ‘Poseidon’

TVXQ’s Yunho will be making a special cameo appearance in KBS’s ‘Poseidon‘!

On August 10th, the drama’s production company explained that although Yunho was originally cast for the ‘Poseidon’ line-up, his busy overseas schedule prevented him from joining. They revealed that Yunho promised his continued friendship to the drama by making a cameo appearance instead.

Yunho will be playing the role of the skilled ‘Kang Eun Chul’, the team leader of ‘Poseidon’.

He’ll be pitted against labelmate Choi Si Won’s character, ‘Sun Woo’, a man who’s described to be principled through and through.

A representative explained, “The drama will contain a sense of humanism that depicts the preciousness of human life, in addition to documenting the adventures the lead roles take on.”

The drama begins airing next month!

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate
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[TRANS] 110809 TVXQ Photographed Shopping At The Airport, “Excellent Model Pose”

Images of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin shopping at the airport have been revealed.

A certain website revealed the two people wearing casual clothes and shopping, looking like they were browsing around.

In the photographs, both men were wearing sunglasses, and it was the shirts they wore that showed their naturally excellent sense of fashion. With their tall stature and striking features which captures attention even from afar, they exude a model-like aura.

Netizens who saw the photographs said, “They truly give a superior feeling,” “Even models don’t have such style,” “Are these promotional photographs?” “What are they buying?” and other comments.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Donga via Nate]
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[VIDEO]Protect the Boss Jaejoong Cut Ep.3+Ep.4 Compilation (HD)

I made a compilation of all the interesting/hilarious Jaejoong cuts of ep. 3 and ep. 4 that hasn't been posted on this blog yet.
please read my numbering! it took me awhile to do it! And it has some translation and details that you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!! thank you!!! and enjoy!!!

Again, everything is numbered in order on playlist. Happy Watching!

1. Eunseoul tells Jaejoong that he's a good man
2. CHA-CHA fighting again, Jaejoong has SUCH a cute look that i can't describe on his face
3. Jaejoong comforting his stressed out mommy
4. CHA-CHA fighting again (more like Jaejoong's 'bullying' his cousin HAHA :P)
5. CHA-CHA bickering again. subtitles under caption
6. Jaejoong in Minnie mouse ears and WITH A WET WHITE SHIRT ON!!! (i know i said it's a compilation of uposted videos but this is HD and would be a pity not to watch in HD hehe)
7. Jaejoong likes her?!? He laughs at her amusingly.
8. Lunch date--JJ: "Would you like to have lunch with us?" Jiheun : "No why should I have it with you?" JJ: "Good. I don't like it either. Bye"
9. Jaejoong gets a patting on the BUTT!!!

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[VIDEO]110811 Protect the Boss Ep. 4 Jaejoong Cut

Protect the Boss Ep. 4 Jaejoong Cut Parts 1-4
All 4 parts are under this play list in order! Enjoy!

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[VIDEO] 110811 Protect The Boss Ep.5 Preview

Next week PTB.. Finally a scene where Jaejoong is NOT wearing a suit hehe..and it's a bed scene..kinda~ ㅋㅋㅋ~

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