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[PHOTO] 110811 Photo Update on SBS PTB Official Site

Few more buttons Jae....please? XP

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[TRANS] 110811 JYJ Appointed as Honorary Ambassador for ICAAP10

AUG 11, 2011
(Seoul=Yonhap News) Go Eun Yun reports

The Hallyu[Korean Wave] Star group JYJ have been appointed as Honorary Ambassador for the 10th International Congress on Aids in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10).

The Preparatory Committee of ICAAP10 announced that appointment ceremony
would take place at Imperial Palace Hotel, 1:00 PM on 16th AUG on its announcement for the news.

“ICAAP10 is the biggest congress in Asia and the Pacific and the first international congress held in Korea regarding Aids”, explained the committee.

NOTE: Just to add some information about the event, this International Congress is supported by various Korean Government organizations including Ministry for Health and welfare, Korean Tourism Organization, Busan City. Also many international organization such as ASAP, UNAIDS, AusAID, WHO, ADB, World Bank, PEPFAR, IAS, Global Fund and etc.

Source: Nate
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[TRANS] 110811 Tohoshinki Special Event for those who Purchased the New Album

Celebrating the release of the original album (to be released on Sept 28)! A special event limted to those who purchased the album is decided!!

The special event, limited to those who purchased Tohoshinki’s NEW ALBUM (title to be announced), is decided!!

"Special Event celebrating the release of the NEW ALBUM, limited to those who purchased the album"

Date: Beginning of Nov, 2011(Scheduled)
Venue: Tokyo / Osaka 2 places (Scheduled)
※We will inform you of the details of the date and venue as soon as fixed.

※The purchasers’ limited event entry ticket is included (initial version only)
Release date Sept 28, Tohoshinki NEW ALBUM (title to be announced)
[CD+DVD] AVCK-79034/B 5,040 yen (tax inclusive)
[CD+DVD] AVCK-79035/B 4,200 yen (tax inclusive)
[CD]AVCK-79036 2,940 yen (tax inclusive)
[Bigeast Limited Version] AVC1-79037 7,350 yen (tax inclusive)

We will inform you of the details for the entry method and how to participate as soon as fixed.

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[TRANS] Music Critic and Mnet Editor Says– Jaejoong’s All-Kill of Music Charts “Only Natural”

Mr. Noh Junyoung, a music critic and the composition/selection editor for Mnet, tweeted the following about Jaejoong’s I Will Protect You:

[TRANS] The singing method that focuses on the delivery of emotion more than technique, the unadorned voice that makes one feel its stability, and on top of this, the inborn musical sensibility that makes everyone trust him… Isn’t it only natural that I Will Protect You would all-kill the digital music charts?

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[NEWS] 110811 The Power of “Protect the Boss”! Claims Number One Ratings in it’s 2nd Week Only

SBS’s drama “Protect the Boss” (Screenwriter Kwon Ki Young, Director Son Jung Hyun) has reached number one in viewer ratings.

With it’s debut broadcast on August 3rd, Romantic Comedy “Protect the Boss” (also known as “Boss”) stars the secretary with only 88,000 won in her account Noh EunSul (Choi KangHee), and a spoiled 3rd generation chaebol Cha JiHeon (JiSung), with the episodes of comic suffering from the secretary being a popular draw to the audience. In fact, after the broadcast of the drama’s 3rd episode on August 10th, the TNmS audience rating station found the national ratings [for Protect the Boss] to be 15.3%, beating KBS’s “The Princess’ Man”, which received a 13.9% rating, and claiming first place in the daily rating charts. Also, the ratings for “Boss” in the Seoul Metropolitan Area was recorded as 18.3%, reflecting a great audience interest.

The drama was first broadcast on August 3rd recording ratings of 12.1% for nationwide and 14.5% for Seoul Metropolitan, and the reruns for the episode gained much attention for bringing in the highest ratings for a rerun of a debut broadcast.

On the following day, the 4th, episode 2 recorded ratings of 13.4% nationwide and 16.3% Seoul Metropolitan, coming second right behind KBS’ “The Princess’ Man”. On August 7th, the reruns of this episode received ratings of 9% nationwide and 10% Seoul Metropolitan, drawing in a huge audience and beating many of the regular weekend shows.

And finally, the broadcast of the 3rd episode on August 10th beat out The Princess’ Man for the first place rating, winning the war of ratings between them on only its second week.

The crew stated “Protect the Boss’s story as well as the bond between the four main actors, Jisung. Choi KangHee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang JiHye, help raise our ratings. From now on, please expect the actors and staff of ‘The Boss’ to continue working hard and earnestly”.

Source: SBS Entertainment News via Nate
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[NEWS] 110811 Jaejoong’s OST “I Will Protect You” Conquers the Digital Music Charts

I Will Protect You, the OST that group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong sang for the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss, swept the digital music charts immediately after release.

Kim Jaejoong, who took on the role of Cha Muwon, director of headquarters and the “Prince of the Financial World,” himself wrote the lyrics for and sang the song. After it aired on the episode of Protect the Boss that aired on the 10th, it was revealed on the variety of digital music websites.

Currently, I Will Protect You is ranked in at #1 for real-time charts for Naver Music, Daum Music, and CyWorld Music. It is also ranking in at #1 for the real-time charts in major digital music websites such as Bugs, Soribada and Ole Music and is creating a storm of popularity.

Furthermore, You Are So Beautiful, the OST to the SBS TV drama Scent of a Woman that Kim Junsu sang, is also maintaining a high position on the charts still and is showing the power of JYJ once more. This participation by Kim Jaejoong to the OST is showing once more the power of JYJ after Park Yoochun’s Empty Space For You which was released in June.

At this, Kim Jaejoong revealed: “I put into I Will Protect You the love that becomes further away the more one becomes close and thus the love one wishes to protect even more. The non-typical love story of the four men and women that will begin with a bright story—I ask you for much of your anticipation.”

At the same time, JYJ will hold for 10 days starting on the 12th the JYJ Photo Exhibition – Mine in Insa Gallery of Seoul, showcasing the photos that they have taken during the duration of the world tour concert.

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[VIDEO]110810 Protect the Boss HILARIOUS Cha-Cha fight--Jaejoong Cut (Part II)

Hilarious scene of Jaejoong's character Cha Moowon fighting with Cha Ji Heon*. I have no idea what they are saying but it's SO FUNNY. XD Jaejoong's facial expression. hahahaha especially his pout around 1:00. Anyways, thought I'd share with you guys :D

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*Thanks Leia-chan for the correction. i'm retarded...typed too fast...haha :P

[VIDEO]110810 Protect the Boss Ep.3

Entire Episode 3 is in the playlist!

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[VIDEO]110810 Protect the Boss: I'll Protect You--Jaejoong (Eng Sub+Rom)

Jaejoong self composed song I'll Protect You from Protect the Boss OST
This video has english subs and romanization so you can sing along! Enjoy~

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[TRANS] Tohoshinki New Album “Bigeast” Limited Edition Confirmed

Pre-Oder is Available From: August 17 (Wed) 16:00

Product Details
Bigeast Limited Product (Limited production)
Delux Box with Original Earphone

AVC1-79037/N 7,350 JPY (tax incl)

CD/DVD Content
AVCK-7904/B (Same as Initial Sales Limited Version)

※The Initial Sales Limited Version Premium Item, the CD Jacket size Photo Card (1 out of 6 chosen in random), and Off Short Movie A will also be included.
※Other details will be announced when confirmed.


※For Purchase and Pre-Order, you will need to be a member of the Bigeast Fan Club.
※Bigeast Official Shop will OPEN on August 17, 16:00. For details about the store, please visit the site after the indicated time.
※The production is LIMITED, Please understand it might sold out.

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[TRANS] 110810 Jaejoong Twitter Update

(S.Tiger) Yoooo Tiger hyung here kekek
(Jaejoong) Yo hyung~ Did you watch it? I’m so happy that the song came out as well as how hard I worked. Kyusung hyung made much effort too!

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[VIDEO] Protect The Boss Ep.4 Preview

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[VIDEO] Protect The Boss Ep.3 Jaejoong Cut

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[AUDIO] Protect The Boss OST: Jaejoong - I'll Protect You

Jaejoong's OST is now available for purchase on online music stores.
Tutorial on how to purchase through Soribada, MNet & Naver can be found here

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