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Yung Mo Yoo – Chairman of Ham Sok Hon Education Reform Financial Group: “Although JYJ are receiving outrageous insults, when they ascend the stage with tens of thousands of athletes, they can be said as the real Hallyu Star. Anyone can see that right? Not only today… hopefully we’ll be able to continue seeing them on TV in the future.”

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T/N: mal_san (Katsuhiro Maruichi) was the stage director for 2011 anation and SMT Tokyo.

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So everybody is thinking like that. Changmin always bows deeply and hugs us lightly whenever we meet, he has gotton handsome more than ever!

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Changmin, who was once the one to be teased has changed! On the contrary, should Yunho be the victim?

Oh, this summer, I was surprised by Changmin's growth. Of course his singing and dancing was great, but he went wild for the MC and the stage performance. We cannot say anymore "Changmin, the maknae".

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MC: This year, it was very warm in Japan. Are you all right? You’re sweating..
Yoochun: I’m all right now. YES, OK.
MC: It was really warm this summer in Japan, but how was it in Korea?
Jaejoong: It was warm.
Yoochun: It was rainy in August.
MC: I heard that a lot of damage was done because of the rain…
Yoochun: Yes
MC: We’ve seen the news in Japan, too. We heard that water flooded in Seoul, too.
Yoochun: We three members didn’t have any problems, but…..what kind of atmosphere is this? Haaaaa…
Jaejoong: In summer, it was…
Yoochun: Will today’s talk be OK? Are we OK?
Jaejoong: Well…well.. for today’s talk.. normally, we hold meetings beforehand, but… we haven’t done the meeting today.
MC: Yes
Jaejoong: So this is really like a live broadcasting. So.. if we haven’t a topic to speak about, we can’t talk anything. But we shouldn’t say so. I’ll do my best.
MC: Yes, that is true. Today, we haven’t done any rehearsal (T/N: for the talks) Oh, for their songs, they have done a little bit, but for the talks.. so this is my first time on stage to meet with JYJ.
Jaejoong & Yoochun: How do you do?
Yoochun: Maybe we’re a little bit late. I’m Yoochun.
MC: So this is today’s style. (few words in Korean)
Jaejoong & Yoochun: We’re OK.
Yoochun: You are you a Japanese, right?
MC: Yes, I’m Japanese.
Yoochun: I’m Korean.
MC: Thank you very much.
MC: Oh, you are such a funny man. So, to go on to the next topic. We have now talked about summer, so the next season will be autumn. Autumn is the time your appetite increases. We eat a lot in autumn. Can you introduce us of the delicious Korean autumn dishes?
Jaejoong: Ummm…
MC: Everyone, please think that this is a live broadcasting.
Jaejoong: Well..well. there are lots…I can recommend about 10 dishes…but it is still very warm, we can’t talk about appetite yet.
MC: Oh, OK. So what did you eat for lunch today?
Junsu & Yoochun: We ate lunch boxes. We just ate them right now.
MC: I see, a lunch box. There were meat and kimchi
Yoochun: Bulgogi..
MC: Yes, bulgogi..
Yoochun: Those were in the lunch box.
MC: Yes
Yoochun: Gochisou sama deshita (T/N: that was a delicious meal)
Jaejoong: His talk is funny today..
MC: Do you have any trouble speaking in Japanese?
Yoochun: No, we’re OK. No problem.
MC: No problem? OK, so to the next topic. We want to ask you about your activities. In the end of August, there was a photo exhibition “Mine”, and it was well-received. And that photo exhibition was the photos that you members have taken by yourselves. Do you have any photo that is memorable? Or, any happy memories?
Jaejoong: Do you have any?
Yoochun: Junsu does not take many photos, but please.
Junsu: Umm.. this year, we were on the world tour. The photos that the staffs took…looking at those photos, I recall the memories at that time we were on the tour.. those remains..umm.. what are you talking about?
Jaejoong & Yoochun: No, go ahead.
Junsu: So… that was the most impressive for me. That photo.
MC: Yes, so you feel that you are touring around the world.
Junsu: Yes
Jaejoong & Yoochun: What? What?
MC: What were you two talking about right now?
Yoochun: Junsu’s Japanese is vague.. Please do not ask such questions to me.
MC: Sorry.
Yoochun: Suddenly..
MC: Suddenly…OK, I get it.

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On September 4th, the TVXQ duo met with reporters after they performed at the ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo‘ concert at the Tokyo Dome.

It’s the second time in two years for TVXQ to perform at this prestigious venue, the first being back in 2009. Yunho expressed how honored he felt to hold a stage there once again, as he said, “The Tokyo Dome is a special place for TVXQ in particular. We’ve received the opportunity to stand on it once again, but this time with our company family members. It’s a lot more meaningful this time around.”

He continued, “We had a period of hiatus, so we’re grateful that so many people showed up. As opposed to hoping for TVXQ to maintain their popularity, I want to continue to try new things. Since our juniors are doing so well and are making their way up, we have to act as seniors and continue to work our way out.”

Concluding, Yunho added, “More than anything, we enjoyed ourselves at the concert. It’s rare to find a concert where every single person is enjoying themselves so I hope that we’re able to continue this feeling into our future stages.”

TVXQ performed a string of their hit tracks including “Rising Sun“, “Mirotic“, “Superstar“, “Keep Your Head Down“, as well as a song off of their new September single, “B.U.T.”

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After much speculation, C-Jes Entertainment has confirmed that JYJ will hold several concerts this year in select countries in Europe.

According to C-Jes, "JYJ's show in Europe has been confirmed. After the show in Spain in October, there will be another one in Germany in early November."

The concerts will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on October 29 and the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany on November 6. The Palau Sant Jordi Stadium has a 24,000-seating capacity and hosted several events during the 1992 Summer Olympics, while the Tempodrom has hosted concerts by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Janet Jackson.

The trio have also expressed their excitement for the concert, stating that, "We don't want to make a huge difference between the Europe, North America and Asia tour. We are just deeply moved and delighted at the fact that we are preparing to meet fans we haven't met before in a new city. As there are high expectations for Hallyu globally, we will present the fans with the best performance and teamwork."

JYJ is currently preparing for their Korean comeback and will release the MV teaser for "In Heaven" later today.
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The JYJ trio have announced that they’ll be making their comeback this month!

They’ll be releasing a music video teaser for their new song, “In Heaven“, through the C-JeS Entertainment homepage on September 6th.

Speaking through Star News, representatives revealed, “Preceding the release of their next album, which will hold new Korean songs, JYJ will be releasing the music video for one of their new tracks, ‘In Heaven’. We’re currently working with our distributors.”

“In Heaven” has been performed at their concerts for some time now and is a favorite amongst fans thanks to its sorrowful theme and the members’ perfect harmonization.

Member Junsu will be working with labelmate actress Song Ji Hyo for the music video.

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Fallen Leaves

Get Out

In Heaven

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Empty and Get Out

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