Friday, August 5, 2011

[PHOTOS] Jaejoong Filming JYJ's New MV

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[NEWS] Oricon Monthly Chart - July Ranking

1. “Paleo wa Emerald” – SKE48: 7/27 (378,747)
2. “Over” – Hey! Say! JUMP: 6/29 (290,804)
3. “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” – NMB48: 7/20 (232,862)
4. “GO GO Summer!” – KARA: 6/29 (189,064)
5. “Naminori Kakigoori – Not yet: 7/6 (189,062)
6. “Maru-Maru-Mori-Mori” – Kaoru To Tomoki, Tama ni Mukku: 5/25 (175,121)
7. “Superstar” – Tohoshinki: 7/20 (172,190)
8. “GOOD LUCK MY WAY” – L’Arc~en~Ciel: 6/29 (120,653)
9. “Kuchibiru Furezu” – Nōsurībusu (no3b): 6/29 (116,921)
10. “Fui ni” – Itano Tomomi: 7/13 (107,515)

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[INFO] JYJ "MINE" Photo Exhibition

JYJ Specially taken photos during "JYJ World Tour"

1. Location: Jongno-gu, hi Gallery B1F/1F/2F gwanhundong 29-23

2. Date: Fri August 12 to Sun August 21 (10 days)

3. Time: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

4. Planning: C-JeS Entertainment

5. Sponsors: Jinshan gallery, Greetings gallery

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[PHOTOS] 110805 Junsu Stalker + 110804 Jaejoong Stalker




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[NEWS] 110805 ‘Protect the Boss’ cast reveals who they want to protect + 2nd Episode Ratings

On August 3rd, SBS’s newest drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, kicked off to a positive start by recording 12.6% in viewer ratings.

Inspired by the drama’s title, the cast was recently asked whom or what they would like to protect. As expected, each actor chose either their family or their fans.

Ji Sung said, “My father, mother, younger sister.. I want to protect my family at all times. It’s because of my family that I’m here today, and I exist because of them. I would also like to always be with my fans.”

Choi Kang Hee replied, “I think that it’s important for me to protect myself first. I have to protect myself in order to protect my family, my friends, and all my fans.”

JYJ’s Jaejoong replied, “I don’t want to lose the memories of being on stage with JYJ’s Yoochun and Junsu, as well as my family. I want to protect everyone who shows us love.”

Wang Ji Hye nodded her head while adding, “Like the others, I want to protect my family first as well as my friends, relatives, and my fans.”

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"Protect the Boss" - TNS: Nation: 13.4%; Seoul: 16.3% | AGB Nielsen: Nation: 14.7%; Seoul: 17.8%

[NEWS+AUDIO] 110804 JYJ’s Junsu reveals “You are So Beautiful” for ‘Scent of a Woman’ OST

We recently revealed that JYJ’s Junsu would be making a cameo appearance and also sing in the OST for SBS’s new drama, ‘Scent of a Woman’.

Now, the OST track titled, “You are So Beautiful” has been released!

Check out the beautiful track below and remember to support by purchasing the music.

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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong - Protect the Boss EP 1 Screen Capture


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[PHOTOS] 110804 Stalking Jaejoong part 2

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[PHOTOS] 110804 Junsu & Jaejoong - Twitter Updates

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[VIDEO] 110804 Protect The Boss Episode 3 Preview

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[VIDEO]JYJ's White Day Fanmeeting in Seoul

JYJ White Day Fanmeeting Parts 1-9. The entire dvd is uploaded on this playlist so you can just press play and watch the entire 9 parts! Unfortunately this is not subbed but enjoy it nonetheless! p.s. includes lots of performances!

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