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[PHOTOS] Yoochun - Full TIO Commercial Screen Caps

remember this part~ before this....

this happened hahaha cute~

OMG!!!~ must edit my face on hers I got a little~ info her name is Moon Gayoung
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[PHOTOS] 110804 Jaejoong - Protect the Boss Update

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[PHOTO] 110804 Stalking Jaejoong

literally "sexy back"

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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong Twitter Update + No.1 Searched + No. Trending in Twitter

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[SCANS] Jaejoong - Asta TV Magazine August Issue

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[NEWS] "Protect the Boss" Takes Off With Positive Ratings

Following in the steps after City Hunter, SBS's newest drama Protect the Boss premiered August 3rd achieving positive ratings.

The 16 episode romantic comedy drama starting Ji Sung, Choi Kanghee, Wang Jihye and JYJ'sKim Jaejoong proved to be just as big of a hit as its predecessor, bringing in an impressive 12.6% in viewership nationwide.

While viewers enjoyed the onscreen chemistry between leads Choi Kang Hee and Ji Sung’s characters, others praised Jaejoong's acting despite this being his first leading role in a Korean drama, with viewers commenting “The acting of Kim Jaejoong was more natural than I anticipated.”

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[NEWS] Jaejoong’s Acting– Passes the Test, is Favorably Received

This article is currently ranked #1 on Nate, the popular portal website.

The First Airing of Protect the Boss, the Debut Drama of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. Passes the Test on Acting, “Favorably Received”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong turned into a chaebol male, Cha Muwon.

On the first episode of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 3rd of Auguest, the cousin and rival of Cha Jihun – Cha Muwon – revealed himself.

Cha Muwon was portrayed as someone with more abilities than Cha Jihun who has fear of being around people. Even from the first appearance, he finished up the presentation instead of Cha Jihun who lost his words in the middle of the speech. Unlike Cha Jihun who is all over the place, he has the power of persuasion and makes others feel trust towards him, a character with abilities.

Cha Muwon also acted as Noh Eunsul’s protector. In the interview to select the secretary to Cha Jihun, he picked Noh Eunsul who made memorable remarks. When Noh Eunseul asked him “why did you pick me,” Cha Muwon answered: “Your boss, Cha Jihun, is not someone who is easy for a normal person to handle.”

To his own secretary, he poured out and revealed his heart and gathered anticipation for the future proceeding of the storyline: “As much as she is desperate, her loyalty will be greater towards me who picked her than towards Cha Jihun. Also, isn’t she cute?”

Kim Jaejoong pulled off the role of the calm, collected, sharp and witty persona of Cha Muwon without a problem. In pronunciation and vocalization also, areas which are typically pointed to as problem areas of actors who are originally idols, he received the evaluation that comparatively he was fine.

The viewers responded after the airing on the related online boards: “The acting of Kim Jaejoong was more natural than I anticipated.” “I worried when I heard that he is the counterpart to Ji Sung but he melded in without any ill feelings (on the part of the viewer).” “I shall look forward to Kim Jaejoong’s acting even more in the future.”

On the other hand, Hero Jaejoong has already done his initiation ceremony as an actor in Japan, through the 2010 Fuji TV Drama Sunao ni Narenakute.

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[VIDEO] LED Support Ad for Boss Jaejoong in Myeongdong by Kim Jaejoong International Fans & Jaetime

The LED advertisement will run in Myeongdong for 2 weeks and will be shown 150 times a day.

Kimm Jaejoong and Boss Cha Muwon fighting!

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[VIDEO]Official Homin "Rising Sun" at SMTown Paris

Official video of "Rising Sun" by Yunho and Changmin at SMTown Paris in June 2011.This is so so sad. The entire performance, although great, is just so empty without the other three...:'( nontheless, something to share with you all.

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[VIDEO] 110802 All About JYJ

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[VIDEO] Protect The Boss OST Part 1

01. 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요
02. 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요 (inst.)

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[NEWS] CassPH reigns at the Fanchant Battle, Second Annual Kpop and Culture Fest

Once again, Cassiopeia proved their never-ending faith and love for TVXQ by grabbing the first place in the Fanchant Battle of the Second Annual Kpop and Culture Fest that which held last July 31, 2011 in SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 2. The group – which was composed of 18 members: 13 dancers and 5 boosters – used a medley of Hug, Balloons, O Jung Ban Hap, and Purple Line for their routine.

Having been created a few months before the contest date, the participants was ecstatic to know that Cassiopeia Philippines will again participate in a Filipino kpop event. The excitement was felt in the first few days of practices. There was a lot of fangirling going around yet, as the days pass by, the road started to get bumpy. Conflicts arose between the members of the group specially when it came to the schedule of the practice dates. Some of them even considered quitting, and never did they had a complete attendance during the rehearsals except for the contest proper itself. Also, the pressure felt heavier given that they will not only represent one of the biggest fanclubs in the Philippines, but also the pride of Cassiopeia and TVXQ themselves. Written by Dan & Photo by Eka for Cassiopeia Philippines.
July 31st came. The group gathered in an area allotted for the participants to rehearse for the last time. While the 13 dancers were having their finishing touches in their routine, the 5 boosters roam around the event hall to bring together all the Cassiopeia that they could find. Despite knowing that their voices were critical for the contest, they still shouted from one place to another to find Cassies who are willing to learn the chant and participate. Several wanted to take part but couldn’t because of the time constraint, which greatly discouraged the boosters. They were able to gather around 20 Cassies and taught them the chant, specially Purple Line’s since an English lyrics was written to match the song. Good thing some already knew it, given that CassPH posted a tutorial video in their site several days before the event.

A few minutes before the contest proper, some of the Cassies that the boosters gathered disappeared, leaving them anxious. It was the dancers’ concern to show their best in the routine, and it was the boosters’ duty to have that ‘voice’ that needed to be heard. While the dancers were left backstage, the boosters positioned themselves near the stage, waiting for their fanclub to be called.

“No one might cheer for us and that no one might appreciate what we were doing.”, said one of the dancers. The fear of not having enough impact on the audience was greatly felt within the group. Carrying this worry in their heart, the dancers went up stage and started dancing..


The routine started with a voiceover saying “We are Dong Bang Shin Ki.”, and then no one was able to hear their own voices. Screams were heard all over the place. The boosters, together with the Cassies who participated, shouted their hearts out as the dancers gave their all in carrying out their routine. Red lights were everywhere, hearts felt like exploding while the performance was happening. The more screams and chants were heard, the more powerful the dancers became. The 4-minute performance was the epitome of unity and love. The dancers, together with the boosters, and everyone who shouted in the crowd, became one as they show their undying love for TVXQ. Cassiopeia became one for TVXQ.

Tears immediately welled up as the dancers and the boosters hugged each other the moment they met down the stage. “I was so worried. There were only a few Cassies I had with me minutes before the performance but then, it was as if everyone around me were screaming and chanting.”, mentioned by one of the boosters while crying backstage. The support received by the group was unexpected. They also said that if ever they did not win, they would whole-heartedly accept the result. What was important was that they were able to give their best in that fleeting yet unforgettable moment.

The sacrifices paid off as the emcees announced Cassiopeia Philippines as the winner. Again, river of tears flowed as the group went up stage to receive their award. Their tears did not only define their winning performance, not only the shouts of the crowd, but also the difficult journey they went through just to proclaim that even though their boys are currently not together, they will never, ever leave their position as TVXQ’s stars.

“Ate, your performance was great. What was the name of your fanclub again? Cassiopeia, right? Because of what you did, we feel for what you are experiencing right now.”, said by a non-Cassie to one of the dancers.

Cassiopeia, let us set up our world.
Till the end of time, we’ll light Dong Bang Shin Ki’s way.
Always keep the faith,
Keep on holding on, and hope to the very end.
Higher will be our progression,
Pearl Red lights, keep shining on.
Forever, Junsu, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Yoochun – always five!

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[VIDEO] 110803 - Protect the Boss 1st episode

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[TRANS] 110803 Taiwan Channel V Visits Korea To Film Junsu’s Cats

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s cats have become star animals of the Hallyu Wave.

Kim Junsu’s cats appeared in a program broadcasted by Taiwan’s Channel V on 2 August. The Channel V team had visited Korea in search of his cats, in turn proving the popularity of JYJ.

Photos of Kim Junsu’s cats, Tiger, Leo and Bakira had been revealed on his twitter. Netizens replied, “Cats have become world renown stars having met a good owner.”, “Visiting Korea just to film those cats, cool!”, “they could also have appeared in “Animal Farm”, “World renown stars forever!” “Kim Junsu should be feeling satisfied now.”

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[PHOTOS] 110803 Protect The Boss Episode 1 Jaejoong Caps Part 2

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