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Tohoshinki has created an issue in Japan.

On August 27, at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium, where Avex hosted the Tokyo edition of the outdoor music festival “A-Nation”, Tohoshinki was honoured with the ending stage. Tohoshinki, who replaced “J-pop icon” Ayumi Hamasaki and ascended the stage, performed 5 songs, including “Superstar”, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”, “Rising Sun”, and received great responses from the 52,000-strong audience.

Japan’s best summer festival, the classic “A-Nation” song festival, is where many aces take part in. The ending stage of this festival carries the symbolism of “I’m the best of the best”. From the first year of A-Nation in 2003, Ayumi Hamasaki has, for 8 years consecutively, been the finale act. This is the first time a foreign singer has been bestowed with the ending stage. In the midst of the anti-Hallyu protests spreading in Japan, the fact that Tohoshinki has been honoured with the ending stage is an issue with much significance.

Particularly, before this performance, Ayumi Hamasaki seemed poised to stand on the stage as the ending act. However, to commemorate A-Nation’s 10th anniversary, Tohoshinki appeared on stage as the surprising finale act, causing the fans to be very surprised.

Japan’s influential media reporters have written special articles on Tohoshinki being honoured with the ending stage. On August 28, Nikkan Sports reported that “Tohoshinki’s ending stage honour gave the feeling of a stage which signifies the changing of an era. Although the audience who thought that Ayumi Hamasaki would be the ending act were surprised, they also welcomed Tohoshinki through loud cheers, saying that Tohoshinki was indeed right.” Daily Sports also had a special article reporting that the “Tohoshinki Ending Stage on August 28 2011 will be remembered as a history-making event”.

A Japanese media worker said that “Tohoshinki has proved that they have grabbed a deeply-rooted position in Japanese mainstream pop”. He also said that the “anti-Hallyu atmosphere doesn’t seem to have broken the vigour of Korean singers”. SM Entertainment analyzed the situation, commenting that “long before the K-Pop boom, Tohoshinki had wanted to thoroughly capture the market. Today’s achievements are the result of their hard work over a long time”.

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No, I don't. We artists all hold the same pain, so we gather together the same kindness and change it to power, and stand on stage as comrades. I do not have any regrets(^_−)−☆ RT @ymounkauro: @ayu_19980408 It was the best stage ever, everyone supporting each other. Ayu, you don't have any regrets, do you?

Keita~I want to see you~(*^^*)RT @keitamaruyama: I received courage from your words; always, anytime, sincerely, with your faith and love, creation, you face & decide & battle in a serious manner. Thank you. RT @ayu_19980408

Yes, there were places where I omitted. The reason of my distrust was because I was suddenly forced to change the set list, and also, the fact that the existence of the seniors (whom I highly think of) and my darling juniors were not respected.

Lastly. Masa (T/N: CEO Matsuura) was always by my side, and continued to protect / guard me, under any conditions, battling / struggling with his position as the CEO.

To tell the truth, I suffered whether or not I should stand on stage until the last minute. However, there were of course the audience who was waiting for me, and I remembered the faces of my fellows, staffs, and TA (fan club) members whom we struggled together with, thus, I decided to stand on stage.

Concerning the story of a-nation (which is the center of gossips), the truth is almost the same as everyone's guesses. (T/N: reading back ayu's tweets, it seems that someone did not like the fact that ayu sung with JUNO on stage in Osaka) However, one point is not right. I myself made a protest to the company (T/N: avex), and I myself refused to accept to be the last to perform in Tokyo's two days. It was because I became to distrust a-nation itself.

I thought that I would only talk to my TA (T/N: Team ayu, ayu's fan club members) in my blog, but it seemed that I am confusing Tohoshinki fans, too, so I would like to tweet. I will explain the truth, since everyone will be restless until I do so. However, this will be my first and last words.


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I will write this down since some are receiving DM from ayu. She replied to me, too. It was really touching. The words were the ones that I wanted to hear the most… "Tohoshinki is not wrong in any way. I am thankful and also proud that my wonderful juniors magnificently performed the last stage/performance. The unity/bond between the artists have become much stronger"…It was written like this.

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The Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ Nationwide tour schedule details and fanclub preorder schedule has been decided, so here is the information♪

☆Tour Schedule Details

(T/N: Only dates and locations will be translated, following column details are gate opening/event starting times, and enquiry details)

※ Gate opening / Event starting times may be subject to change

18 – 19 January – Yokohama Arena
25 – 26 January – Nippon Gaishi Hall (Nagoya)
11 – 12 February – Fukuoka Marine Messe
18 February – Niigata : Toki Messe
23 February – Sapporo : Hokkaido Kitaeru
3 March – Hiroshima Green Arena
9 March – Sundome Fukui
13 – 14 March – Osaka-jo Hall
17 – 18 March – Saitama Super Arena

★Ticket Price
Premium Seat ¥19,800(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Normal Reserved (With Penlight) ¥9,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Seating Reserved (With Penlight) ¥9,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Seating Reserved ¥8,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Normal Reserved ¥8,500(Tax inclusive)

(T/N: Based on a-nation, the “normal” reserved seats are the arena seats, and the “seating” reserved seats are in the stands)
※ Anyone above 3 years of age requires a ticket
※ For the S Seats, children below the age of 3 are allowed to enter. However, if a seat is required, then a ticket must be purchased.
※The S Seat penlights will be a limited edition penlight that is different from the normal tour goods.

(Other information omitted)

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Newly appointed UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors, Korean pop band JYJ joined UNAIDS to launch a social media campaign, that has taken the Twitter world by storm.

Inspired by JYJ hit song lyrics, the “LoveAlways” campaign encouraged fans to download a specially designed Twibbon heart icon to their Twitter profile, and to tweet messages to break down HIV-related sigma and discrimination such as: “Be the one—stop HIV discrimination with JYJ and UNAIDS. Show you LoveAlways.”

The campaign ran from 26-30 August 2011, coinciding with the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific which was held in Busan, Republic of Korea and where JYJ were officially announced as UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassadors on the opening day.

At the launch of the campaign, the three members of JYJ—Jae joong, Yoochan and Jun su—all tweeted messages to their personal Twitter accounts, grabbing the interest of their collective 1.4 million followers on Twitter.

In the six days of the campaign, more than 32 500 fans showed their support via the Twibbon application; followers of the UNAIDS Twitter account nearly doubled.

So rapidly successful was the campaign that the Twibbon site itself both tweeted and posted on Facebook that the LoveAlways campaign was one of their “fastest-ever growing campaigns.” This message went out to some 1.1 million people on Facebook and Twitter, and LoveAlways has been featured on the Twibbon site since.

“The impact of this campaign with JYJ’s involvement has been just amazing,” said Steve Kraus, Director of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and Pacific. “The reach JYJ have is extremely important in supporting our global goals of ending stigma and discrimination and we are delighted to have JYJ as our Goodwill Ambassadors for the region.”

The LoveAlways campaign has seen JYJ fans being creative and motivated through their tweets and messages. Many have pledged solid support to JYJ and UNAIDS to help eliminate HIV-related stigma and discrimination and encourage other young people to be more aware about HIV.

JYJ underlined their appreciation for their fan’s commitment: “We want to thank our fans for their great support for this campaign—they are showing that they LoveAlways and are ready to stop HIV discrimination. Their action makes us proud,” said band member Jae joong. “We hope our fans will continue to support us as we work on important AIDS issues with UNAIDS. This is a great start to our work and we are looking forward to more activities where we can speak out about AIDS,” he added.

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Dobris Castle was visited by TVXQ when they visited Czech Republic for the photobook, 'Prince
in Prague'.

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Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (32) revealed via her personal twitter that she chose to back out from doing her annual closing stage, creating an issue. It was said that this was a way of showing objections towards her company Avex, but what exactly happened?

This event in question was organized by Avex, the summer outdoor festival “a-nation.” Hamasaki Ayumi had, aside from the first year, been the closing act for 8 consecutive years, yet she did not do so starting from the 27 August performance in Tokyo, to the surprise of many fans.

■ Feeling of distrust for the event due to co-performer’s appearance termination

Instead of Hamasaki Ayumi, the closing stage was performed by the Korean male idol group who had been reduced from 5 members to 2 members, the reborn “Tohoshinki.” Hamasaki Ayumi performed just before Tohoshinki.

According to reports, the reason given was “convenience of performance” but pre-event materials for the media showed that Hamasaki Ayumi would be the closing act. Because of this, there were many speculations discussed on the internet. There was also the opinion that this was done as a strategy to combat the fact that fans would start leaving after the Tohoshinki performance.

In the three days after the event, replying to questions posed to her, Hamasaki Ayumi explained why she had not been the closing act.

According to this, the a-nation event song setlist had included the song from her mini album to be released on 31 August, with Korean artist Juno (24). Juno is the twin brother of Junsu, one of the members of “JYJ,” the unit that broke away from Tohoshinki. Juno’s appearance was suddenly terminated, and instead AAA’s Urata Naoya (28) who would be performing together with her for another song in her mini-album, would be singing Juno’s song.

Because of this, Hamasaki Ayumi bore distrust for the a-nation event, and showed her objections to the organisers, Avex. She considered pulling out of the performance, but after considering about the fans and staff, she decided to stay. Instead, she requested to pull out from doing the closing act for the two Tokyo performance days.

■ Dissention concerning Tohoshinki a reason?

With regards to her sudden pulling out, Hamasaki Ayumi said “The important thing is not “how can it be seen” but “how to protect it,” and this is the belief that resulted in everything that has happened today,” she explained in her tweet. After her own revelation of this matter, the Tohoshinki fans became confused.

Hamasaki Ayumi did not offer any explanation as to why Juno’s performance was cancelled. But without knowing the actual truth, there were speculations concerning Tohoshinki and the dissention due to the lawsuit between JYJ and their Korean management company SM Entertainment. On the internet, judging from the circumstances, suspicions such as the fact that the SM side had shown their displeasure with the appearance of Juno, brother of JYJ’s Junsu and other similar speculations have surfaced.

SM Entertainment Japan, when asked about this matter, said “As we have entrusted this matter to Avex, please direct your questions to them. As for matters regarding Juno, as he is not managed by our company, we cannot give an answer.”

We tried to contact Avex Entertainment about this, but the spokesperson could not be contacted.

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The concert for SBS’s “Scent of a Woman” which was scheduled for 11 September, to be held at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul, has been cancelled.

On 31 August, the production team said “As that day is the weekend that is the eve of Chuseok, the admission schedules and traffic inconvenience, as well as other issues which would leave the fans dissatisfied were considered. Furthermore, with the concert expected to end around 11pm, fans living in other areas may not be able to get home on time, it was decided that even though ticketing was already underway, the concert will be cancelled.”

Initially, this concert was planned so that audiences could watch the last episode of the drama “Scent of the Woman” while listening to the soundtrack, and as the drama’s main characters Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, proceeds of the concert was to be donated to children who were suffering from cancer. Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki Jun, Seo Hyo Rim and others appearing in the drama were to have a talk session, and to showcase the soundtrack, participants included JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun, JK Kim Dong Wook and others were scheduled to perform.

The production team said, “The organizers of the concert had announced the cancellation via the ticketing website on 30 August, and those who had already got their tickets during the presale which had ended, will be contacted individually.” And also “Despite preparing the event with good ambitions, but we’re sorry that it ended in a failure.”

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