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[TRANS] 110726 JYJ: An-an Interview (Forbidden Issue)

Note from SYC team
1. This interview was during 3HREEVOICES II DVD time.
2. Jaejoong and Yoochun flew to Japan before Junsu.
3. The interview contained the boys’ thoughts before their Charity Events in Japan.
4. This is the forbidden issue.

[TOHOSHINKI] a 5 member group that was extremely popular.

But 2009 summer, a shocking incident occurs. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, these 3 members filed a law suit against their agency to stop their contracts.
This made the “5 member” Tohoshinki’s activities to be suspended.
It has been a year and a half. The 3 members are facing many difficulties but have a new start as “JYJ”.
In Korea, they are not being able to go on music programs, and even in Japan, their activities are a blank.
Even at a situation like that, the album they released showed a big response, and through dramas,musicals,CF’s, their solo activities have been well received.
They are continuously showing results.

Also this month, the long-waited private DVD is going to be released.
The members who visited Japan after a long time, for a photoshoot, the fans welcomed them with passion.
The 3 members who are making their way, one step at a time right now, will we be able to interview them…?
They have finally responded to our offer.
JYJ who were filming for a DVD in Korea, we headed to Seoul in order to meet them!
Please enjoy the interview that was answered seriously, and the many expressions they showed the camera.

A day in March. In Seoul, Gangnam.

—– It’s ”welcome back” right?
First of all, Yoochun-san, and Jaejoong-san, how was the photoshoot in Japan, after a long time?

Yoochun(YC): When I saw the Haneda Airport I thought, oh~ we’re in Japan, and was able to acknowledge it.
It has changed a lot! But seeing that, I thought, ‘Oh it’s Japan’. I went to many different places. Like the Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, Meguro-Gawa, and etc.

Jaejoong(JJ): Same for me. We didn’t go everywhere together though. Oh! And Shibuya! It was so crowded, that hasn’t changed! The DVD’s theme was “a place with a memory”.

YC: For instance, the Tokyo Tower was when we went for Tanabata. That time, we wrote on the paper with our wish on it, and hung it on a tree…ah,bamboo?

— Do you remember what you wrote?

YC: I don’t remember- *laughs*

Junsu(JS): I remember! I wrote, I want to stand on a stage in Japan.

YC: …? Tokyo Dome right?

———– So, you remember *laughs*. Junsu-san, you're going to go after this, but where are you planing to go?

JS: I haven’t picked yet, but I’m thinking of going to the hot springs.

JJ: That’s a vacation, not work *laughs*

JS: Because, when I think memory in Japan, of course it's the hot springs!
During the tour, we went with out members too.

YC: Hot springs are good. This time, I didn’t have time to do those things.

JS: More like, I only have hot springs to go to, so I told the other two they can’t go!

JJ: In the beginning we talked about where we want to go. But the places with memory…it’s alike
Yoochun and I went to all the places in the beginning, so Junsu had no where to go.

JS: Where should I go.

YC: What about FujiQ high land?

JS: Ah, that’s good. We have memory there too.

YC: Like Dodonpa. (a roller coaster ride at fujiQ)

JS: Until I get there,(to Fuji Q) it should be fun too.

JJ: But I think we will end up going to the same places, for sure.

JS: ….well,if it ends up like, there’s nothing we can do…. But, the most important thing is that we’re going to Japan.

We want to go back to Japan and have a tour.

YC: Yeah. Japan is, how do I say it…it’s already been 6 years.

JJ: Yeah. So it’s not really a foreign place anymore. But after last year’s a-nation, we didn’t go for like half a year.

Half a year is really long.

JS: It is long. For more than 5 years, we were going back and forth between Korea and Japan. So it was the first time, not going to Japan for half a year.

JJ: You forget the words too.

——— So you do forget the language.

JJ: But when you use it, you remember it.

JS: Right now, I’m speaking in Japanese after a really long time.

JJ: When you go to Japan again, you’ll be able to speak naturally. Yoochun was with Korean staff, but out of no where, he was speaking Japanese *laughs*

YC: I still watch “One Piece” on television every week.

——– Speaking of Japanese, Jaejoong-san had tweeted in Japanese several times but the two don’t use Japanese that often.

YC: Junsu, can you type Japanese?

JS: I can’t.

YC: Me too. I don’t know how. Since I’m doing it (tweeting) from my phone, I can’t type Japanese.

JS: I get asked from Japanese fans, “If I write in Japanese, can Junsu read it?” but we can read it. We can read it but we can’t type it. System-wise.

————– For half a year, the Japanese fans were ” Lacking JYJ”, but when you were in Korea, were you able to feel that?

JJ: We did feel that. A lot. They flew from Japan to come to our events and concerts.
Many fans from Japan came to watch Junsu’s musical, and several hundred people came to visit Yoochun’s drama set. On twitter and online, everyone is passionate.
I feel that, they are waiting for us all this time.

JS: Because we were able to feel everyone’s feelings, it was hard for us…. we wanted to go.
We wanted to go to Japan and meet everyone in Japan, we had feelings of apology.

——– How do your feelings towards doing activities in Japan differ from then and now?

JS: (Thinking for a long time) Our feelings haven’t changed that much.
We feel that doing activities in Japan itself, we want to… treasure it… and work hard a lot.
It was the same before, but it’s like that again. That kind of feeling/sense.

YC: If we can normally do activities like before that it would be good but…. we have many different issues, and can’t right now.
I want to go back to Japan as soon as possible and have a tour… A tour and things other than tours, I want to be able to make a lot of chances to meet everyone.

Because we have the fans' support, we can think not to give up.

——– Last year, not just in Korea and Asia, you did some activities on Japan. What is your future plans?

JJ: Nothing is decided yet. In April, we’re going to have a world tour, and it’s after finishing the world tour.

——– Jaejoong-san, you’re the director for the world tour right?

JJ: Ah, yes! I decide the main/basic performance, and create the set list.
The live we did in Korea last year is used as the basic, and we’ll add a few more songs, change the performance, and edit the music orders. I’m hoping that it will be good.

——- it seems like you guys are going snow boarding, going a family trip,and having a satisfying private life. Is it like doing everything you all wanted to do before, all at once?

JS: Yes.

YC: Mmmm, I’m not really thinking about things like that, I’m just doing what came in my mind and thought “maybe I should do this-”.

———- Right now, at what times do you feel the most happiness?

YC: Everyday. (living life to the fullest) Everyday, I’m happy. Lately I’ve been going to eat with my family, now I have time to do things like that.
To be able to do those things, I now have more confidence, and time.

JS: For me… well, I think there is many different types of happiness but I feel the most happiness when I’m singing on stage.
Right now, there’s very little place I can feel that happiness…. The stage in Japan too, I’m hoping that we have more chance to sing on many stages. I want to feel the happiness I get from that more.

—— Last years New Years Eve,when Yoochun-san received the rookie award on “KBS Drama Award”, the 3 sang the title song “Found You” on stage.

YC: yes, for the first time.

JS: Last year singing that on stage was the first, and the last on television! *laughs*

——— How did you feel?

JS: it was a mix feeling… of course I was happy. I was happy but, feeling “happy” with just this one performance, it made me feel sad about myself that it made me happy.
But since it was a day to congratulate Yoochun and a happy day, I wanted to only think about good things. What I think is good is that, as an artist, being able to stand on stage isn’t a “normal” thing but “something really important”, that’s what we realised, that was really big….for us 3. With feelings like that, I think we matured compared to last year, and the year before.

JJ: What was normal became something that isn’t normal.

JS: Even during the difficult times, all of our fans are supporting us everyday, we feel that we cant give up, with that feeling right now, the 3 of us are “Gyu”/ hugging. *laughs* (Gyu- a sound effect in Japanese when you hug)

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Translation by: rieko@sharingyoochun
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[VIDEO] 110725 Junsu mentioned on Sukira (Eng Sub)

This story was revealed a long time ago but it's still so funny xD

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[TRANS] JYJ's "Get out" MV Staff Twitter (from July 24)

Yoochun was very calm and wonderful. Jaejoong's personality was brighter and more down-to-earth than I thought. Junsu was cute like the youngest child. I hope that this time the MV that JYJ is filming for their new album will be successful!

I've been listening for the song for the whole day so I can sing it now… it's so addictive. "You're the one I fell in love with~ To me you're the most beautiful one". And here is Jaejoong's car haha. The inside of the car is very beautiful but the car's key is even more impressive http://yfrog.com/h8dlcsvfj

T/N: The staff member didn't write which song the MV was for, but based on the lyrics, it is "Get out"

Source: @MJ_Kor
Translation: linhkawaii @ ONETVXQ.com
Please don't take out ONETVXQ's without giving proper credits.

[INFO] Watch “Protect the Boss” Press Conference Online July 27th 2PM

“Protect the Boss” Press conference will be aired by SBS Gorealra on Wednesday, July 27th at 2pm KST.

(Source: SBS Gorealra: @Gorealra)

To watch it live, download the Gorealra player HERE, as shown below. Double click on the downloaded “exe” file to install.

Once you’ve downloaded, installed and opened the player, click on “TV” on the left side:

Then, choose the channel below, as highlighted:

Then, you should be all set to watch:

Disclaimer: The above information is based on SBS Gorealra’s Tweets 1, 2. Team Jaejoong holds no responsibility if the program is not aired as announced.

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[VIDEO] Protect The Boss Trailer Eng Sub

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[PHOTOS] ‘Protect the Boss’ Releases Two Official Posters

SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, has revealed its two official posters!

The first version features all four of the main actors, who pose in a way to best bring out their character’s charms; meanwhile, the second version features Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee in comedic poses.

Choi Kang Hee plays the role of ‘Noh Eun Sul’, the new secretary to the rebellious son of a conglomerate, ‘Cha Ji Hun’ (played by Ji Sung). JYJ’s Jaejoong plays the role of ‘Cha Moo Won’, who’s considered the ‘prince of the financial world’, and Wang Ji Hye plays the role of ‘Seo Na Yoon’, a perfectionist lawyer who completes the love lines between the four characters.

The second poster was done as a parody of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” by showing a fed-up secretary taking charge over the actions of her boss.

The drama will begin airing on August 3rd at 9:55 PM KST.

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[TRANS] 110726 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “I Miss Yunho And Changmin Too!”, Garnering Fans’ Concerns‏

JYJ Kim Jaejoong expressed his feeling of missing for U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who have been active together as TVXQ and this garnered fans’ concerns. Kim Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter on the 26th, “I don’t know if I can say such words or not… I miss Yunho and Changmin too.”

Kim Jaejoong, together with Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun, filed a lawsuit against their company SM Entertainment in July 2009 for invalidity towards their exclusive contract and from then on, TVXQ’s activities were halted. The trio formed JYJ and is currently active as one. U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin continued their activities as TVXQ and released a new album.

The lawsuit is still in progress and during this period of time, the members who are on different sides have been suppressing their speech on this.

In such circumstances, Kim Jaejoong displayed his deep feelings for the two TVXQ members and the reason behind it attracted attention. Kim Jaejoong said, “No matter what anybody had said, they are my members as I know them better than anybody else. Although I don’t know if people would deemed this as unnecessary talk, it’s been so long and I really miss them.”, expressing his own thoughts.

Kim Jaejoong’s talk on U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin was naturally displayed during his talk on other JYJ members.

To this, netizens commented, “Of course (he) will miss (them), and could only miss…”, “TVXQ Forever”, “When you miss them, just say that you miss them. This is good.”

Source: sportschosun
Credit: amouryoonjae
Translated by: rachui@sharingyoochun
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[ADMIN POST] Red Ocean Project in Australia

I’m sure you have all heard that TVXQ (Homin) has been confirmed to perform at the 2011 Kpop Music Fest at the ANZ Stadium on November 12 2011, to celebrate the 50th Annversary since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Australia.

To have an additional celebration of our own for TVXQ’s first performance in Australia, we would like to create the world renown RED OCEAN.

Go to HERE to join the project!

[TRANS] 110725 Avex Sues The Sumo Association For 143.4 Million Yen

This is a more fuller & clearer translation of the previous post

(T/N: This article was translated from the magazine Shuukan Genzai. It’s a rather disorganized article and contains factual errors, so please take this article with a pinch of salt. Also, additional translator notes had to be added to make more sense out of this article, so please bear with me)

Even if you’ve never heard of the popular Korean idol group JYJ, you would probably be familiar with the name “Tohoshinki.” 5-man boyband Tohoshinki is a highly popular group that was ranked as the no.2 best selling artist for CDs & DVDs last year in Japan, with earnings close to 9.4 billion yen.

However, unexpected trouble has arisen due to their “Charity concert” which was held in the Ryogoku Kokugikan on 7 June this year.

Tohoshinki’s management company in Japan, the large recording label Avex has announced that they are currently suing the Japan Sumo Association, who owns and manages the Kokugikan. We will talk about the details of this lawsuit a little later, but Tohoshinki has been facing various issues within the year.

During spring of last year, 3 of the 5 members in Tohoshinki revealed their unhappiness with the low amount of remuneration they were receiving, and broke away from their (Korean) management company, which is one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. They became independent and started activities as “JYJ.” At the same time, they also left their Japanese management company Avex, and started doing activities independently. Currently, the two remaining members are continuing their promotional activities as “Tohoshinki.”

(T/N: This is a factual error. JYJ signed a new contract with Avex initially as JEJUNG/JUNSU/YUCHUN (JJY), which led to the release of the “The..” album as well as the “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” concerts, with Avex announcing the suspension of JYJ’s activities later in the year citing reasons as stated below)

However, it was later discovered that JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment’s representative was involved in gang-related activities, and this was picked up by the sports papers. (T/N: Sports papers = Japanese tabloids)

Sending Propaganda Vehicles to Avex

Furthermore, this issue became complicated in May this year.

“On the morning of 6 May, in Tokyo’s Bunkyo City, near Avex’s Executive Vice President Chiba Ryuhei’s home, right-wing propaganda vehicles turned up in an aggressive manner.

While yelling “AVEX!” they continuously played the Japanese anthem at a loud volume in the quiet residential area. These propaganda activities would happen for around 15 minutes at a time, and occur several times a day, continuing for a week. Chiba’s family were emotionally run down, and were too afraid to even step out of the house. Naturally, the police officers in the area came and gave repeated warnings about this.

Around the same time, the same propaganda vehicles visited the Avex head office in Aoyama, shouting about the nuclear plant and other unknown issues before leaving. The volume could be heard so loudly that it affected the operations within the office.” - Representative from the Police

The famous right-wing group that sent the vehicles explained that the protest was due to Avex’s actions to demand a prohibition.

According to this right-wing group, JYJ had been planning for this charity since May of this year.

“Initially they planned to hold it at Tokyo Dome, and we received an inquiry from them. However, we hold the management rights within the country, and having this concert with such disregard would be a breach of contract, and therefore could not be allowed. The event location was informed that they would be held responsible as well, so Tokyo Dome refused to give its approval (for the event.)

C-Jes then approached Yokohama Arena, Saitama Super Arena and others, for a location to hold the event. We received inquiries from various locations and we gave the same explanation, requesting for them to desist.“ - Avex related personnel

Saitama Super Arena, who had already started selling tickets, panicked and withdrew (from the agreement) after receiving this notice from Avex.

Immediately after this, the protests happened. Where the right-wing group heard about the event is unclear but, “After so much effort in organizing a charity event that could raise 100 million yen for the disaster victims, why are you raising objections and preventing the event from happening,” they argued with good reason.

It was around this time that suspicious people started “paying visits” to Avex.

Just before Golden Week, a man claiming to be from another right-wing group visited Avex, saying “The Koreans are helping to raise relief funds for the Japanese, so why are you causing problems for them?” and other things, raising his voice at the staff who served him.

Also, there was an incident of a man holding a name card of another group visiting the head office building, but was stopped by the security personnel.

Warnings Were Issued To (Japan Sumo Association) Chairman Hanaregoma

All of a sudden, the 7 June concert was to be held at the Kokugikan.

“An email came, with contents that said something similar to, “To the fans, this wouldn’t exactly be called a concert but more of a fanmeeting.” Although this was announced just before the event was held, most of the fans participated very happily. The tickets cost 8,500 yen per person. Compared to the time of Tohoshinki, the trio’s dances may seem a little lacking in power, and it was a pity that they couldn’t sing Tohoshinki songs, but the fans were really passionate as they were finally able to see the three members after a long time.“ - Female fan who attended the concert

However, Avex was enraged by this sudden concert. “We informed all concert venues that JYJ and C-JeS were in breach of contract, and requested for them not to hold the concert. However, the Kokugikan silently pushed through with it.

“On 10 May, we issued a warning letter addressed to the Executive Director of the Japan Sumo Association(JSA) and distinctly requested for a cancellation. But a representative of the Sumo Association called us on 12 May and said “Settle the problem among yourselves,” “Because we have already given them approval to use the venue, and also received payment.” in a hostile manner. On 2 June, just before the concerts, we sent another warning to Chairman Hanaregoma, but was completely ignored.” - Avex related personnel

Avex even applied for a provisional disposition to prevent the concert from happening, but it was held nonetheless. And now, they are now suing the Sumo Association and its management partners, requesting for 143.4 million yen in compensation at the Tokyo district courts.

This compensation amount was calculated from the expected profit that Avex would have earned as the rightful management company, if they had held the concert.

“All of the concert venues in Japan refused to hold this concert because they knew about the problems between ourselves, the right-wing groups and gang-related people. But for some reason, the Kokugikan agreed (to hold this concert.) We suspect that it’s possible that they may be connected to those (right-wing groups and/or gangs) sides” - Avex management staff

The Sumo circle have always seen gang-related people sitting in the “ijiin” seats (T/N: the best seats closest to the sumo ring) , and there has been rumours that the “oyakatas” (T/N: Sumo coaches) have gang connections as well. With regards to this lawsuit, the Sumo Association said, “ We have yet to be able to verify this writ, so we are unable to reply to your inquiries.”

For the Sumo Association, who were finally able to hold their “Grand Tournament,” after being plagued by misfortune, a popular idol group concert would definitely have been something that they would want very badly. However, it resulted in them antagonizing a big record company.

Source: Shuukan Genzai
Translated & shared by: dongbangdata.net

[VIDEO] 110724 Yunho - Kiss and Cry Ep. 10

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[TRANS] 110725 Jaejoong - Twitter Update

Junsu is always the first among the members to wake up. Among the tired members, the first to do his hair, make up and the first to do his shoot. He has been like this for 8 years. Junsu's sincerity is what brought us here and I've come to emulate Junsu as a colleague and friend. There are a lot of lifelong lessons to be learned from Junsu.

Yoochun who is always impartial. He is always in the middle watching over everyone. That's why the members do not have such thoughts that we're alone. During difficult times, he shares his free spirit with everyone and makes us feel secure.

Junsu and Yoochun who makes me think that..I must try harder..you both are greedy uhuhut!

I don't know if I can say this but..I miss Yunho and Changmin as well..They are our members no matter what other people say and they are the guys who know it best more than anyone else..though I'm not sure whether I'm being pointlessly silly but..I miss them after a long time.

Junsu to Jaejoong: Hyung, do you know?? That in this world, there's no other person like you...??

Jaejoong to Junsu: I think I can do without a girlfriend^^ Yesterday while we were shooting, after a long time - I felt that it is enough just having you guys^^ㅎ You've given me so much strength, Junsu-yah^^ We're in this together for a lifetime. Thank you, for being by my side

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Trans by: joejjang@twitter
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[TRANS] 110725 Kiss & Cry U-Know Yunho: “I’m Worried About Claudia Getting Hurt, Thus I’ve Learnt How To Fall.”‏

For his partner Claudia, Yunho even learnt the method to fall. At the 3rd competition on Kiss & Cry broadcasted on the 24th, U-Know Yunho and Claudia displayed their stage with a Marionette theme.

SHINee’s Minho was also present to give his support to this special stage with Yunho and Claudia performing the unique Marionette performance, attracting the judges’ attention. Additionally, the different trials on lifting displayed their improved skills.

Judge Kim Yuna praised, “U-Know Yunho displayed the difficult lift routine thus the steady improvement in his skill can be seen.” U-Know Yunho said, “It was really tough. Because I ever lift up Claudia and after that she fell badly.”

“Thus I wanted it to be different from that time. This time (if Claudia falls) I should fell first, thus I learnt the way to fall. During the practice of falling, I should fall first and then allowing Claudia to drop safely. Because of this, Claudia became confident in me and I gained my self-confidence too.” In order to prevent his partner from getting injured, he learnt the method to fall which made the judges pleased with Yunho’s hard work.

source: newsway.kr
credit: loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights