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JYJ 3hree Voices II English Subtitled, includes Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and the making. Enjoy!




The Making

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After receiving positive feedback from his seniors in the field, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong's acting is also being praised within the academe - Kim Min Sung, chairman of the board of directors of Seoul Arts College, has given his praise.

In response to Jaejoong's role as Cha Mu Won in SBS' "Protect The Boss", which is not the drama's main lead character, the chairman comments, "In contrast to majority of idol stars who appear glitteringly as lead characters with their popularity on their backs, the role that Kim Jaejoong has taken on is the sub-lead, the rival in love to the male lead. This drama in which ability-oriented actors such as Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, and Park Young Kyu are lined up, Kim Jaejoong is receiving great love through his stable acting and fantastic collaborative synergy."

He then goes on to praise Jaejoong's acting and mannerisms on screen, stating that, "As befitting as a top artist who conquered the stage of Asia, the acting of his eyes particularly stand out. Furthermore, even the stable vocalization and mid-low voice jump over the passing marks and near the honor marks."

However, it is not only Jaejoong's acting which was subject to praise, but also his ability to challenge various fields of the entertainment industry, "Just as his role in the drama who is the perfect man equipped with manners, abilities, and the art of living, Kim Jaejoong has many talents. As fitting of an idol, singing and dance come standard, but he is multi-talented—composing songs, writing lyrics, and directing performances. Since acting abilities are to be added to the mix, the term “Renaissance man Idol" is not enough."

After making his acting debut in 2009's "Heaven's Postman" and his TV debut in the Japanese drama "Hard to Say I Love You", Jaejoong made his Korean drama debut just this year. He currently stars in the hit SBS drama "Protect the Boss", alongside Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee and Ha Ji Won.

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SMTOWN webpage :

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“2011 Sweet Dream with JYJ”
- Limited to 2000 fans
- Fan-meet to be held in Seoul

1.Special fan-meet
2.JYJ talk show & mini concert (4 Songs)
3.High-five with JYJ
4.Each fan to receive one JYJ poster
5.Lotte World gift vouchers worth 10,000yen / Lotte Duty Free gift vouchers worth 5,000yen

Date: 2011/9/3 (Saturday)

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Tohoshinki’s Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) returned to the summer-filled Osaka.

Outside the waiting room before the appearance on stage, the two of them briefly did their warm-up regime and got themselves prepared calmly. If there is an acquaintance who passed by them, they would smile and greet them. In such a composed atmosphere, they surround with their Korean dancers and cheered each other up before they went to the backstage.

Prior to their own appearance on stage, their spirits were lifted while looking at their seniors TRF’s performance. Before their actual performance began, they shook hands tightly with Sam who had just finished his performance, lightly cheering up selves and then went on with their stage’s involvement. Changmin said as he smiled, “Looking from the backstage, it’s a surprise that I’m able to see the audience though it was separated by a screen.” Yunho said, “Although I am nervous, but I might not be able to perform well if I kept suppressing my nervousness. This is a good kind of nervousness.”

It was hearsay that for Osaka’s performance, the both of them have been looking forward to the food in Osaka. “Anything in Osaka is delicious and that is a charm of Osaka,” Yunho said. He loves Okonomiyaki and Udon, and surprisingly, curry. After the ending of the performance on the first day, both of them were discussing, “Really want to find some place to eat some delicious food.”

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With "Why Missha" and "black" as the themes for TVXQ’s Missha commercial, it is set to be revealed on September 1st featuring Jung YunHo, Kim HyeSu and Shim ChangMin. Also, through their more than ordinary endorsement photoshoots for Missha and the black suits which will be worn in this commercial, fans' anticipation for this commercial has increased.

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It has come to light that, there have been some announcement to advance illegal tickets selling by several companies that are unauthorized by 411 Entertainment.

We would like to make it very clear that, these companies have no official ties or connections with 411 Entertainment whatsoever. We sincerely regrets the actions that these companies have taken. We would like to illiterate that we care deeply about the fans feeling and any financial losses that they might face due to the irresponsibility of these companies.

We would like to state once again, that any news, promotions,activities or sales will be announced officially on 411 Entertainment website, or alternately at, only.

The company reserves the right not to take any responsibilities on the actions taken or any financial losses that may occurred as a result of the actions taken from the unofficial information from the unsanctioned sources.

We would like to thank everyone who have taken interests in our events, news and concerts.

411 Ent

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