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[TRANS] 110722 Official Biography: Cha Mu Won

Being Strategy Team 2′s team leader and director of C group, he is the first cousin of Ji Hyun and only son of CEO Shin Soo Hee who is the sister-in-law of Chairman Cha (the current executive of C group).

Although he is the director of Team 2, in fact he is the internal manipulator who is also in full responsibility for Ji Hyun’s Team 1. As he is good in interpreting and understanding people, this prince of financial world is excellent with interaction and would not lose his poise and graciousness at any moment.

When Ji Hyun got himself entangled in a web of rumours due to a scandalous incident, Mu Won was on the other hand being fully reported as the capable young management executive who is pulling through the responsibilities as the 3rd generation successor.

Though the highly rated facet, it was no falsity.

He has been receiving management coaching from his mother Shin Soo Hee since young and the impressive results he achieved soon after he joined the enterprise gained the trust of Chairman Cha and all the employees. With such achievement, the prediction that Mu Won would be the next C Group’s CEO instead of Ji Hyun appeared in the financial world.

Without a doubt, his main target was to have the conglomerate’s management. This ambition of Mu Won was descended by his mother Shin Soo Hee. The chairman position of C group was not originally the possession of the second son Chairman Cha, but of the eldest son who is Mu Won’s father. Chairman Cha took over the management’s helm from his brother, resulting in Mu Won’s father being outcasted in the conglomerate and died eventually.

Although Mu Won’s father dies of cancer, Shin Soo Hee and Mu Won blamed the death to Chairman Cha. After the negotiation with Chairman Cha, Shin Soo Hee solely took charge of her husband’s subsidiary company. With her angst and rivalry hatred, Shin Soo Hee stepped into the management and became the unscrupulous and capable female CEO, gradually aiming that control, in replacement for her husband. However this does not resolve the anger within her. She hopes to actualize the ambition that is left behind by her husband through her son, Mu Won.

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[NEWS] 110722 Nominees For The 2011 Seoul Drama Awards

The preliminaries for the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards (SDA)have been conducted and the results are out!

The organizing committee for the SDAs announced on July 20th at 11 AM, the results of the preliminaries through a press conference. Under the theme of "Drama Road", this year's SDA ceremony has been confirmed to cover 204 works from 37 different countries.

Non-Korean dramas up for awards include the US mini-series "The Walking Dead", British mini-series "Luther", Chinese full-length piece "Three Kingdoms", and German short film "Shades of Happiness".

From the domestic works side, there are the mini-series "Dream High" and "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho" and the full length projects "Twinkle Twinkle Shining".

In the Male Actors category, the nominees include Iris Elba from "Luther" and Chun Jenbin from "Three Kingdoms". In the Female Actress category, Maria Furtwängler from "Shaes Of Happiness", Laura Linney from "The Big C", and Na Moon-hee from the one-act play "Grandma, it's Me".

In the Hallyu Drama section, there will be seven awards given out. Nominated projects must have been aired from April 1st of 2010 to April 30th of 2011, with exports of $3 million or more. The contenders are "Sungkyungwan Scandal", "Baker King Kim Tak-gu", "Mary Stayed Out All Night", "Dream High", "Dongyi", "Queen of Reversals", "My Princess", "Kim Su-ro", "Giant", "Athena: Goddess of War", "Secret Garden", "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho", and "Bad Guy".

Of course the category that always attracts special interest is the Grand Award for best actor and best actress.

The male nominees are Jang Geun-seok for "Mary Stayed Out All Night", Park Yoo-chun for "Sungkyungwan Scandal", Song Seung-heon for "My Princess", Hyunbin for "Secret Garden", and Kang Ji-hwan for "Coffee House".

The female nominees are Park Min-young for "Sungkyungwan Scandal", "Moon Geun-young for "Mary Stayed Out All Night", Kim Tae-hee for "My Princess", Lee Yo-won for "49 Days", and Ha Ji-won for "Secret Garden".

The soundtrack songs up for recognition are "Found It" by JYJ from "Sungkyungwan Scandal", "Please My Bus" by Jang Geun-seok from "Mary Stayed Out All Night", Jungyup's "Nothing Happened" from "49 Days", Baek Ji-young's "That Woman" from "Secret Garden", and "The One" by Lee Seung-cheol for "Baker King Kim Tak-goo".

The final results will depend 70% on the votes of the 1 million international Hallyu fans signed up for and 30% on the international broadcasting contents buyers' votes.

This is with the exception of the Hallyu Drama category's Director Award and Writer Award, which will be determined by the votes of domestic reporters.

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[TRANS] 110722 Choshinsei's Yoonhak talks about Jaejoong in Japanese TV

T/N: The program Gokigenyou is broadcasted daily in FujiTV, one of the major nationwide broadcasting stations. This program was broadcasted on Jul 20.

(Question): What kind of words did you learn from your famous elders?

Yoonhak: For me, this.
MC: Yoonhak-san.
Y: From JYJ Jaejoong, his words "You can reach the top in Japan if you work earnestly !!!!"
MC & Audience: ohhhhhhhh
MC: Wow~!
MC: Did you hear the words when you made your debut?
Y: I heard them this year.
MC: This year?
Y: Yes, this year. When I first met Jaejoong, he said "Yes, Choshinsei, I know you." He is really younger than me, but they are our great seniors, so I have been watching them from before. He said "If you take your steps forward one by one , you can really go to the top. Hwaiting!"

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[TRANS] 110722 Uknow and Shinee’s Minho Stages A Perfect Performance Together

TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho becomes a topic for his puppet performance in the third round of “Kiss & Cry”.

Wearing a white mask, Uknow and his partner Claudia staged a performance which was somewhat similar to a puppet performance. The atmosphere hit the climax when Uknow took off his mask and ripped off his coat. Together with Claudia, they displayed their ability of skating through techniques such as steady lifting.

After the performance, Uknow expressed, “I have to fall earlier than my partner in order to protect her when she falls, so I learnt the way to fall”, turning the atmosphere of the filming site to be one filled with warmth. Judge Kim Jang Hoon remarked, “Even though I’m a guy, but after watching Uknow’s performance, I thought it was really handsome.”

Shinee’s Minho made a special appearance as the role who controls the puppet. Judges asked Minho, “you’re also one of the popular idols that is known for being a great athlete, after watching Uknow’s performance, do you have the interest in try ice skating?” Minho replied, “I thought Yunho was really amazing when I saw his performance live, if I were to practise ice skating…”; he deliberately did not finish his words, causing the studio to be filled with laughter.

In addition, a second elimination would be held in this week’s “Kiss & Cry”.

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[TRANS] 110722 The Reason Why Kim Junsu Chooses to Sing the OST for “Scent Of A Woman”

Kim Junsu will be participating in the OST of “Scent of A Woman”. In the weekend special of “Scent of A Woman” broadcasted by SBS on 22nd July, he will participate in the OST, and will also be having a special appearance in the show as the role popular singer Kim Junsu.

Kim Junsu had participated in the OST of Park Yoochun’s KBS drama “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal” last year as a form of support. Hence, this has aroused much discussion as to why he chose to participate in the OST of “Scent of Woman” instead of the OST of Kim Jaejoong’s “Protect the Boss”.

A related personnel to JYJ explained, “Both dramas are from the same production team, and it was agreed that Kim Junsu’s vocals were more suited to display the love shared between the roles played by Kim Sun Ah and Kim Dong Goon.”

Regarding the special appearance Kim Junsu would be making, he expressed, “ The members of JYJ would like to experience the different entertainment industries, but they would still be putting JYJ activities as a priority. Kim Junsu has an especially great interest to sing for the OST of a drama. Usually, he often sings drama songs such as “That man” and “Don’t forget me”, hence, as compared to acting in a drama, he would love to participate in an OST.”

The OST sung by Kim Junsu, would appear in the drama when it is announced that female lead Yeon Jae (played by Kim Sun Ah) has a limited time left to live on, hence feeling grieved by her love, yet at the same time, feeling the sweetness of her love. Especially with the lyrics, “You are so beautiful…you are so wonderful…I love you, I love you” being repeatedly sung, it makes the atmosphere even more grieving.

In addition, Kim Junsu will be making an appearance as popular singer Kim Junsu in the fifth episode of “Scent Of A Woman”. He would go on a sweet, happy date with female lead Yeon Jae. Kim Junsu and Kim Sun Ah will appear in a date together, and he would be personally singing this song, taking photos and give her his signature, displaying a much passionate scene. Yeon Jae, who has only a limited time left to live, would be the lucky successful one to be picked out for the event “A date with Junsu”.

The production team revealed, “Kim Junsu, who has the best vocals and acting skills, participated in the OST of ‘Scent Of A Woman’, and the outcome was much greater than expected; his guest appearance in the drama is also highly anticipated. I think we can expect a refreshing, happy sensation.”

Lately, Kim Junsu has been taking a rest after the end of his musical “Mozart!” and JYJ is currently working hard on their new album.

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[VIDEO] KBS Airs ‘Music Bank in Tokyo K-POP Festival'

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[TRANS] 110722 C-JeS Lodges Complaint Against KBS for Disruption of JYJ’s Activities

On July 22nd, C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement regarding the recent cancellation of JYJ’s scheduled broadcast appearance for Jeju Island’s special “N7W” concert.

Their statement reads as follows:

“We would like to first apologize to all the fans for causing them worry over JYJ’s cancellation. Illogical disruptions against JYJ continue to repeat themselves, and every time this occurs, we feel that hesitating is not being of any help to the artists involved, which is why we have decided to release a final statement.

Like a flower that blooms in the blistering winter, JYJ continues to make great achievements amidst exterior pressure and disruptions. Under the name of JYJ, they have released a worldwide album with the help of world-renown artists, and were even introduced on the American Billboard. They are also leaders of the Hallyu wave, having gone on a worldwide concert tour that has brought in over 100,000 people both in Korea and overseas.

Unfortunately, JYJ continues to encounter cancellations for their TV appearances, much like what happened recently.

C-JeS Entertainment will no longer pay such matters any attention and feel any joy or grief from them; instead, we will be doing our absolute best with everything in our power to take actions to ensure that JYJ will be able to walk the path they desire. We have filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission for this case with KBS, and we will take legal action for any further disruptions of JYJ’s individual activities.

Not only that, we will continue to focus on the original lawsuit by using the recent controversy (as well as many others) as an accumulation of evidence. Unfortunately, I feel that there will continue to be mountains standing in our way, even if we win the original lawsuit;the situation will not change all that much.

C-JeS Entertainment will continue to walk the path that JYJ have been on all this while. In the future, JYJ will continue to advance onto stages all over the world to show off their talents to their hearts’ desire, and to present joy through their music and acting.

Lastly, JYJ will continue to work as honorary ambassadors of the ‘NW7′ and promote the beautiful Jeju Island. We ask that the fans continue to lend their support and interest.”

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[VIDEO] 110722 Tohoshinki Perform 'Superstar' on Music Station

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[NEWS] 110722 JYJ’s Jaejoong explains why he doesn’t sing TVXQ’s songs

JYJ’s Jaejoong recently sat down for an interview with Newsen and expressed his thoughts on his image as an idol. He also shared his feelings on the controversy surrounding his composition, “Wasurenaide”.

Jaejoong opened the interview by saying, “I feel that I have an image that’s specific to me, something that’s not normal for an idol. I consider myself a celebrity that people either like or dislike, two sides of the extreme. I hated changing who I was, and I was scared that people who liked me would hate me. For example, I have foreign fans who cosplay. To them, that’s a source of joy and a fun hobby, but the minute I change, all of that could be broken.”

But with continuous effort, he’s honed and improved his skills – he’s not only able to compose, but also direct and even act as well. Jaejoong continued, “I was scared to change, but I realized that even if I did it slowly, those who liked me would continue to like me, and I’m grateful for that.”

Recently, controversy arose over a song he composed while under TVXQ titled “Wasurenaide” when a Chinese artist remade it without Jaejoong’s permission. Fans immediately opposed its release, leading the Chinese artist to state, “I know that there are a lot of memories associated with this song, and I, too, am a fan of Kim Jaejoong’s talent and works. I will reflect on my actions and resolve all matters with Kim Jaejoong.”

Soon afterwards, Jaejoong had written in Japanese on his Twitter, “‘Wasurenaide’ is not my song or anyone else’s. It’s a song that belongs to the five members of TVXQ. That’s why I don’t want to sing it by myself, or with the three members of JYJ.”

In his interview, he explained, “It’s something that occurs often in China, so I didn’t think of taking any particular action against it. I still hope that he won’t sing it, though. Whether or not it’s a song that I composed, it’s a song that belongs to the five members of TVXQ. Even I alone or with the three members of JYJ wouldn’t have dared to sing it.”

He continued, “I feel like it’s causing a wound to those memories that liked and still like TVXQ. The scent of that song conjures what fans believe to be the most beautiful time of TVXQ, and so to sing that song without permission is only wounding the fans.”

When carefully asked if he had no intentions of singing TVXQ’s songs in the future, he quietly nodded his head and replied, “If it’s possible to avoid it, yes…”

Moving onto the topic of conversing with his fans through Twitter, the reporter mentioned that he was direct in expressing himself, much to the point where it was easy for misinterpretations to arise.

Jaejoong didn’t seem to care, though. He explained, “I say what I need to say. I know that it may garner a negative response, but I don’t think it’s wrong. I’m not writing a personal opinion, but a feeling that I think is felt by others, by everyone…”

Commenting on his first Korean drama, he said, “I never had any greed for the leading role. I think it’s more important to consider how to breathe life into my character. For now, I want to be acknowledged for giving life to my supporting role. I really don’t have any intentions of getting greedy for a leading role.”

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[TRANS] 110720 TVXQ’s Single “Superstar” Achieves First Place In Japan’s Tsutaya Online Charts

TVXQ released a new single “Superstar”on 20th this month, and achieved first place under the audio category in Japan’s biggest audio and books online website Tsutaya.

This single has been highly anticipated since the start of the preorder last month. TVXQ, who were commercial ads models for 7-11, also released limited edition posters and ringtones to be sold exclusively on Although this in turn caused many fans to purchase the single on, TVXQ still managed to clinch high rankings in many other music charts such as Japan Amazon and HMV.

TVXQ had appeared in Japan Fuji TV’s “Hey!Hey! Hey! Music Champ” 700th episode special, and their rankings shot up once again after the broadcast. Currently, they are ranked 3rd under the preorder category in Japan Amazon and, as well as 3rd in the HMV weekly charts and 2nd in the preorder category.

It has been 5 months since TVXQ’s “Why-Keep Your Head Down” promotional activities. They will be performing “Superstar” in “Music Station”on 22 July.

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