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(T/N: These are compilations of the NII fanmeeting Q&A talk and fan accounts from various sources, thus the style of how some information conveyed are different.)

JaeJoong: At the most, I can accept my partner to be 10 years my senior.
JunSu: I definitely can’t accept my partner to be older than me; I don’t want my loved ones to die earlier than me. (T/N: There are other sources which stated that this was said by JaeJoong and not JunSu.)
YooChun: I can accept girls who are older than me, since all girls who attracted me previously were all older.

The three of them signed a T-shirt each as gifts; and the fans whose numbers got drawn by the members will have the T-shirt. JunSu waved to the girl whose number he picked. There was a fan who asked how many tracks in the new album that are composed by the members. They replied that they are still preparing for it, so they couldn’t confirm how many there would be.

Question to JaeJoong: Do you remember your first love?
JaeJoong: We went out when I was in the sixth grade. It lasted for four years and eight months. We met up last year.

Question to JunSu: Will you be taking notice of a woman’s face or body?
(After this question was mentioned, the three of them started cutting in, saying things like, “If she’s pretty, isn’t that great?”) In the end, JunSu replied, “Body.”

JunSu jokingly told YooChun that he should start meeting up with people who are younger than him. YooChun replied that he would work hard for that, but he doesn’t know if it will be successful because he could not think of who to meet. 98% of the people he met up with were older than him.

The members were drawing the numbers, and fans who got selected could have a photo taken with them. All of the fans that JaeJoong picked were Japanese…

After that, the fans whose numbers got drawn were able to bring home a life-sized cardboard of one of the members. One of the fans was so surprised that she got picked, and YooChun even mimicked her expression. However, everyone was actually concerned about how to bring them home.

JaeJoong used Japanese to greet the fans. ♥ The translator said that JaeJoong is doing a better job than him~~

The members are giving JaeJoong’s drama “Protect the Boss” support. They mentioned that they are looking forward to meeting Cha Mu-won. JunSu said that he too wished that he could appear as Song Yoo-hyun’s secretary. YooChun then replied that he wanted a female secretary and JunSu asked, “Do I have to wear female clothes then?”

Everyone was looking at the photos for NII, where even though the weather was hot, the three of them still had to wear winter clothes. JunSu said, “We did the photoshoot at a fension.” YooChun corrected him, saying that it is a “pension”.

A fan dropped her wallet and it was found by JaeJoong. They even shook hands….

When the fans were screaming “Angel Xiah”, JunSu said that he has been an “Angel Xiah” for too long, and he would be a “Devil Xiah” one day.

YooChun-ah, let's take the train together... (F: miyaojeje)

I'm the winner! I've got the autograph ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (F: babypowder_JJ)

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This is Tohoshinki!
A-nation after two years' absense!!

We were nervous at the beginning since it was the first day, but we were so delighted that we were welcomed with very big cheers~~

And we cannot forget your delighted faces when we announced the album and the concert tour.
Please wait a little bit longer!

Oh, today was also very warm ~~ everyone, were you all OK?
Everyone! Please be healthy~~we will also take care, and cheerfully liven up the a-nation stages! Thank you for today!

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in a-nation Ehime, via cellular phone service.

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Singer-Actor Park Yoochun is currently active as the spokesperson of a brand of iced tea, and teasers for the second wave of advertisements have been revealed online.

On 30 July, this video was streamed online in some forum, with the title “Yoochun’s recently released CF video.”

In this advertisement, Yoochun is no longer the smiling, “warm guy” rookie teacher that was shown in the first set of ads, but is loud and frustrated, showing a straight-faced performance.

Furthermore, it seems like Park Yoochun was framed, looking helpless in front of the female teacher, and trying very hard to explain something. Looking at this situation, the netizens’ curiosity has been aroused.

Netizens passionately responded, “Park Yoochun’s acting standard has improved,” “Such a straight-faced performance, he acted very well” and other comments.

Also, Park Yoochun was playing main character for a drama that recently finished airing, and recieved a lot of love from the viewers.

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Juno, the older twin brother of Korean 3-man unit JYJ’s Junsu, held a commemorative handshake event for his debut Japanese photobook “JUNO,” with approximately 600 fans gathered for his first fan event.

On the (level of) completion of this product, “This is my first time, so 60 points” he replied humbly in Japanese. He has yet to show (the product) to Junsu, but said, “We’re twins but our characters are total opposites. (Junsu) is the type who will coolly express himself in a single sentence, so even if he saw it, I think he’d say “It’s cool~” and end it like that,” predicting (his brother’s) reaction with a smile.

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TVXQ have come out on top in a poll taken by Vietnamese netizens.

According to Kofice, a Korean foundation for cultural industry contents, and the Vietnamese ‘Best Fan Forever(BFF)’ contest homepage on the 22nd, TVXQ came in first place with 90,898 votes from fans.

Super Junior was second with 87,845 votes, Big Bang was fourth with 19,399 votes, 2PM was sixth with 5,032 votes, Girls’ Generation was seventh with 4,139 votes, JYJ were eighth with 2,967 votes, Wondergirls were ninth with 2,856 votes and SHINee were tenth with 2,005 votes. The fact that eight out of the top ten were Korean idols showed the popularity of K-Pop.

B2ST(14th), 2NE1(16th), FT Island(20th), Choikang Changmin(23rd), U-Know Yunho(27th), Kim Hyun Joong(28th), T-ara(29th), 2AM(32rd), Park Yoochun(33rd), Kim Hee Chul(35th), Kim Junsu(36th), f(x)(37th), Donghae(38th), IU(39th), KARA(41st), Eun Hyuk(42nd), Kyuhyun(43rd), Ryewook(44th), and Yesung(45th) ranked in the top 50.

Foreign artistes who made the cut included Justin Bieber(19th), Britney Spears(30th), Miley Cyrus(33rd) and Eminem(34th).

The current ranking.

Voting is still open. You can go here & vote using the box at top right corner.

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Next year January~ decision to hold Nationwide Arena tour.
Regarding the date and venue will be announced later, please be patient.
※ Tohoshinki official fan club Bigeast, all the fans that have been a member for half a year up to August 31st can join nationwide arena tour ticket pre-selection.
All a-nation venues can accept the membership application. We invite everyone to join.

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