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[VIDEO] 110707 Fans Introducing DBSK & Talking About Jaejoong on Mexican TV Interview with Kpop Fans

Starts at 1:43

Fan: Dong Bang Shin Ki! Dong Bang Shin Ki is formed by 5 members. From left to right, Jung Yunho, here’s Shim Changmin, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu.

MC: (referring to JJ’s poster) So handsome. Why do you love him?

Fan: He’s unique. Even when he’s so handsome, it’s not only his face. It’s his voice, dancing, acting. He isn’t just a pretty face that goes and dances. No, he has achieved all this with hard work.

MC: He inspires you, is he a role model?

Fan: Yes, He IS a role model, helping me to go out of different situations. The stuff he composes came from his heart. He’s great. Because one day, if you’re sad, you listen to his/their songs and it cheers you up.

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[TRANS] Tohoshinki’s Rolling Stone Interview


As you may be well aware, Tohoshinki has come back to us with Yunho and Changmin. They have shown a complete comeback with their single, ‘WHY (KYHD).’ But that power is still evident in their new single ‘Superstar.’ NO, still evident doesn’t fit it. Their presence has never been this strong. One and Only. Yes, like a Superstar that Rules the Entire Asia.

Achieving the highest status in Korea as an artist didn’t satisfy them enough, Tohoshinki has learned Japanese from scratch to come to the music scene of J-POP. Again, reached to the very top. Their presence and status are that of complete difference compared to all other Korean artists.

We wanted to ask these tough minds about their thoughts as entertainers. But usually, these interviews with artists have many restrictions in terms of hearing their actual thoughts. The interview room filled with staffs, an ordinal scene of any interviews. And in reality, right now, as the two walked into the shooting scene, there are many staffs surrounding them. I personally was preparing for a tense shooting scene. My expectations turned out to be wrong. In a good way.

In between the shootings, Yunho played with a dog that one of the Rolling Stone staffs brought to onsite. Changmin was talking comfortably with the staffs.

Yunho’s shooting finished first. He came to see me in the interview room, where I was waiting for the two to finish shooting. Started a conversation with a heartwarming smile on his face, “I love Rock. I love listening to hard rock, like Linkin Park.” So, with this frank conversation, an interview of a superstar, leading Asia, began.

YH: “Regardless of the Circumstances, I Put All I Have. That’s How the Emotions are Created”

CM: “I Tell Myself: ‘Don’t You Dare Get Scared.”

-You like dogs?

YH: I have a Siberian husky at home in Korea. But I don’t get to see him so often. I’ve been a little busy with the schedule. I miss him.

-Yes, today, after the shoot, you are going back to Korea, and returning here in 2 days? That’s crazy!

YH: To be honest… yes, a bit busy (laugh). But that is a fortunate (happy) thing. When schedule is this tight, the body might get tired. But the mind is happy.

-What is the secret in keeping a healthy state of mind, even under such a crazy schedule?

YH: It’s now my hobby to look for a leeway in between my tight schedules (laugh). I feel and store good energy coming to interviews and shootings like today. It fills me with happiness. More than that, I have become abled to feel soothed by simple things, like a day with good weather. But it didn’t come to me naturally. It is because I was given the opportunity to experience many things.

(Changmin finished his shooting and joins. Interview with both of them starts here.)

-So, how was the shooting?

CM: I think I was able to show a more natural side.

YH: I really appreciate how it showed a different side of us, like ‘Yes, Tohoshinki has this side in us too!’ And, I am very grateful for being able to stand within a picture, right under the Logo of the Rolling Stone.

-Thank you. Oh, I was very impressed with both of your Japanese. To be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting I could do this interview in Japanese.

YH: But, we really couldn’t speak at all in the beginning…. Especially the pronunciation. I still remember the time. Year 2004. When we first came to Japan, everywhere I went, I was always worrying. I practiced Japanese so hard, and when I went to the convenient store for the first time. I was able to say, ‘I would like to buy this!’ I was really happy! Like, ‘Yes!!! I did it!!’ I secretly pumped my fist (laugh).

-Now, when you sing in Japanese, do you understand fully the meanings of the lyrics?

YH: Yes, of course we understand the meanings. But, the funny thing is that as much I understand the meaning of words, I face new challenges. For example, ‘Aishiteru’ and ‘Saranghe yo,’ they do not mean the same thing. There is difference in the nuances. It is very difficult to understand that, differences of nuances in words coming from differences in cultures. Indeed, we were born and raised in Korea, but we also have lived in Japan for a period of time, which we have struggled and captured the nuances in words. Even if it is in Japanese, we put our heart in the lyrics as our own words.

-You guys are bilinguals, in language. But Tohoshinki is also ‘Bi-Music’ of K-POP and J-POP. What is the difference in the two?

CM: That’s a hard one (laugh). J-POP is very broad, both in genre and in terms of people who listen. J-POP always has different kinds of music, but music scene in Korea tends to focus on a particular music. That could be one of the differences.

-I see. You know, it is such an extraordinary achievement to reach to the very top in these two different music scenes. And I hear about your activities in western countries. Honestly, do you believe that the music of Asia, be accepted in the west?

YH: Yes. I mean, I truly think that it would all get down to my thought that there are no differences in the meaning that music hold. If there are, then that’s a ‘trends’ of music. Other than that, music is mutual. When I was preparing for the Michael Jackson’s memorial concert, I had an opportunity to share music from Asia with the staffs from the US. Music that was well received in Asia, that music was also well received. Music that was not, the reaction was not well. As the music industries are different, the hit chart shows different songs. But good music is universal. It was a wonderful experience that made me realize that.

-I agree with you on that music has no boundaries in country. At the same time, the fact that you are accepted this much, regardless of country: That is because you such a high quality as an artist, as an expressionist.

CM: Whether it’s singing or dancing, when performing, I believe that the most important thing is ‘Confidence.’ I would be lying if I said I don’t get nervous. But, I tell myself. ‘Don’t you dare get scared!’

YH: I also get nervous before going on stage. But I also enjoy it. In the past, there were times when I wasn’t feeling well, I thought about slacking off a little bit…. But the audience will know when you are not putting your 100%. So, regardless of the circumstances, I put all I have. That is how emotions are created. That would lead to better and higher performances.

-Now, what do you want to express?

YH: Rather than thinking, ‘I want to do …,’ I want to CONTROL my expression. Just singing and dancing a happy upbeat song happily won’t do. It is also important to control emotions. But, that is very difficult.

-Who is your goal or inspiration as an entertainer, expressionist?

YH: Michael Jackson

CM: Recently, I was listening to ‘Someone Like You,’ and became a fan of Adele. She wrote the lyrics to this song herself. Heart aching, touching lyrics. But her vocal, she controls the emotions of the lyrics with her vocal. It is so touching because you can still feel the exact emotion.

-I see that your vision is toward the world. Please do share your goals for the future.

YH: Tohoshinki will continue to challenge in broad genres. And, we want to put our heart into music that, even when time passes, still holds a place in people’s hearts. For that, we are dedicating ourselves right now, and will continue to put all of our efforts in the future.

Source: Rolling Stone August 2011 Issue
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[VIDEO] 110708 Tohoshinki in NTV "Sukkiri!!"

Full Translation of the video

Changmin: Terry-san, Kato-san, everyone in the studio, and those who are watching "Sukkiri!!",
Yunho & Changmin: Good morning! We are Tohoshinki!
Yunho: The products which we have together collaborated will be on sale in the nationwide Seven-Eleven shops.
Changmin: Superstar, which is the CM song, will be released on July 20. Please check the song, too!

The very popular duo Tohoshinki will appear in the new CM, which is a tie-up with Seven-Eleven. This is the CM, which you can also hear their new song.

YH& CM: Seven & i.
The Seven-Eleven fair is TOHOSHINKI! You have the chance to get the popular goodies and original goodies (by every 700 yen worth of purchase). There are chances for you to apply for them, and there are also tie-up products.
YH & CM: Tohoshinki & Seven-Eleven Fair.
Now on sale!

They are so popular!
Yes, they are very popular.
The CM song, Superstar, the CD will be released on the 20th of this month. The CD should be selling like hot cakes! Please look forward to them!

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[SCANS] 110708 HoMin - Rolling Stone

OMG!! They look so awesome on Rolling Stone! Have you got your copy?
You can order Rolling Stone August Issue on HMV Japan.

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