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[TRANS] 110708 Translation of A Story Behind AnAn Shoot

A cosplay photo session began outside the studio!
When TVXQ noticed that, they………!

The cover of this week’s an an was graced by TVXQ! This was their first appearance on this magazine. Yunho dressed in a gray shirt and Changmin in gray parka smartly. They had an affectionate look in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a story before the shoot began. When we were waiting for them to change for the shoot, it got noisy outside the building. We looked down from the window and found out that “cosplay geek” girls are having a photo session on the street! The staff members were so excited and gathered at the window, completely ignoring the work, because the girls were wearing unusually designed colorful miniskirts…. At that moment, the two boys came in the studio greeting “I beg your kindness”. When they went in front of the cameras, a staff member said to them “Girls are doing a cosplay photo session out there!”

Yunho and Changmin glanced out the window and murmured “……oh” with a little bit delighted look. I thought inwardly “Not you, too. You are the most clean-cut and likable boys in Asia……..”. But they were different from the staff members. They put an earnest look on their face in a moment and stood in front of the cameras (while all the staff members were still at the window ignoring their work). They are so professional. They are not distracted at all even in such a disorganized atmosphere! During the photo shoot, they were awesome and amazing and made us completely forget the cosplayers.

Please check their photos in an an. They will make your body and soul melt.

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[TRANS] 110708 [TRANS] The Abilities of Xiah Junsu, the Game Maniac, as Seen by Seo Kyungjong?

What is the favorite game of Kim Junsu (JYJ), a well-known Soccer Fanatic and Game Mania?

Through ‘Today Korea Interview’, Seo Kyungjong, who recently retired from his career as a pro-gamer to become a game commentator, revealed the Korean Wave star Kim Junsu’s favorite games and his skills at them.

Seo Kyungjong and Kim Junsu are close friends due to Starcraft. They are such friends that Kim Junsu himself visited the set of Seo Kyungjong’s final game at the LOOX Hero Center on the 20th with 10 other players from the entertainers soccer team FC MEN to cheer for him.

Seo Kyungjong said: “Junsu usually likes to play Starcraft and Sudden Attack. As for Starcraft, his skills have improved dramatically lately He has now become equipped with such skills that even if he were to do a team play with a pro gamer he would stand his ground to a certain extent.”

He continued: “As for Sudden Attack, it is to the degree that I would learn from Junsu. He is so good to the degree that he would jokingly chastise me, saying ‘how can a pro-gamer be so bad.’”

Then what is the strength of Kim Junsu as a game player? Seo decisively picked “passion.” Seo Kyungjong said: “Junsu’s passion is amazing even from my eyes. At certain times it is above that of a pro-gamer. I think that perhaps because he has that passion as basis he has been able to stand as the top in that competitive entertainment industry and is recognized also in the field of musicals to which he has ventured forth. He is a good model for myself, who is starting anew as a game commentator.”

Seo Kyungjong laughed, saying: “I had a couple games with Junsu last summer on a random opportunity. After that we became quite close. We saw movies together, ate cup noodle on Han River, and shared stories of depth, and we became close. I think that our personalities match.”

Seo Kyungjong said: “In particular I thought that Junsu would be cocky since he is a big star. But actually it is comfortable because he treats others without pretense and with familiarity. Even now when I meet Junsu he treats me with such closeness that I feel- is this really the Xiah Junsu who is so charismatic on stage.”

Continuing, he revealed: “I am thankful and I feel encouraged because he has given me advice and shared stories about broadcasts when I retired as a pro-gamer and came to venture out as a commentator. A few days ago even he encouraged me saying that I should prepare hard so that I can stand in front of my fans as a great commentator and was a great source of strength.”

Seo Kyungjong said that “I am happy because there are many people around me who like Junsu are helping me.” He is heightening his value by establishing slowly himself as a game commentator and TV personality who gives people comfort.

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[INFO] 110708 Park Yoochun’s “Miss Ripley” Drama Shooting Location Tour

Miss Ripley Drama Shooting Location Tour
From July 8th to July 10th

Highlights of the tour will include
- Special access to Park Yoochun’s set
- Special access to scenes of Park Yoochun
- Fan meeting with Park Yoochun
- Making of video footage and unreleased screening
- The inside story of the shooting in Park Yoochun’s drama (episodes)
- Commemorative photograph with the group and Park Yoochun (one photograph each as a present)
- 2 songs of the soundtrack to be performed
- 3 posters gifted to all participants
- Soundtrack of the drama to be gifted to all participants with Park Yoochun’s autograph
- Chosen by lottery, one autographed original script of Park Yoochun’s to be gifted to participant.

For Japanese fans

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[TRANS] 110706 “Miss Ripley” Becomes A Novel

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” which is currently in the midst of airing, is now released as a novel.

“Miss Ripley” is a story about a woman who accidentally tells a lie, which leads to one lie after another and ends up caught in a web of lies, a classic melodrama. With societal issues as its material, coupled with the strong elite cast of Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung, it has been a hot tppic from its planning stage.

Joint writer Kim Sun Young was responsible for the screenplay for “Miss Ripley,” and previously won best screenplay for a drama in 1994. Also, through “The Season Of Puberty”、”Love & Farewell,” “Sleeping With the Enemy,” “Mr. Duke,” “Pretty Lady,” “Jang Hee-Bin” and other works, she has managed to gain much love from viewers.

The other writer Sohn Hyun Kyung studied arts and culture during his university days and is very good at expressing a characters’ psyche and conditions. Among his works, he has released drama novels for “Lovers In Prague” (2 books), ” My Princess,” “Secret Garden”(Overseas Translated Version) and others.

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[TRANS] 110708 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Deep Thought of the Day from Mr. Kim
(Jaejoong, 7:53pm KST) The world is like a coin^^

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[VIDEO] Yoochun - 'Miss Ripley' Interview Eng Sub

Turn on the CC

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[VIDEO] 110708 7-Eleven CM Behind the Scenes and Tohoshinki Comments

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[VIDEO] Tohoshinki's 'Superstar' Ringtone Version

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[TRANS] 110707 Park Yoochun: I Don’t Think I Will Be Able To Accept A Lover With A Lying Attitude

Photo Credit: JYJ3
Park Yoochun expresses, “I don't think I will be able to accept it if my lover has a lying attitude.”

Park Yoochun plays the plays the role of a second generation conglomerate heir, Song Yoo Hyeon. in MBC’s drama series “Miss Ripley”. He mentioned that if the same scenario in the drama happens in reality, he would not be able to accept such a lover.

On the 7th, the official website of “Miss Ripley”launched the interview video with Park Yoochun. In the interview, he revealed more on the character he was playing as, as well as his thoughts towards acting and the problems he faced during acting.

He said, “When acting as Song Yoo Hyeon, I didn't place much focus on his identity as a CEO, but I acted this character out with thoughts on his past and future.”

Park Yoochun also sang a track in the drama’s OST, named “A space left for you”. He mentioned, “I heard it’s on the music boards now, but I haven’t confirmed this personally. When I received this song, I was having the JYJ World Tour Concert in America. When I returned to Korea, I made use of time I had outside filming to do a second edit to the song recording, but there are still some parts which I wasn’t really satisfied with.”

He emphasized, giving a shy look,“I felt really shy when I saw myself on TV, and it felt weird when the background music that was playing was the song I sang.”

Park Yoochun’s recent haircut brought out his charismatic features, with that he expressed, “I was supposed to have a haircut during the 2nd or 3rd episode, but because of the world tour, I wasn’t able to do so until now. In the later part of the drama, I’ll be having scenes that will reveal a lot of my emotions, so I heeded the director’s, script writer’s advice and cut it. ”

In the recent episode of “Miss Ripley”, Song Yoo-Hyeon finally knows Jang Mi Ri had been scheming to know him for a ulterior motive, increasing the tension of the drama. Park Yoochun said, “Currently, Yoo Hyeon will be much affected by that, but even then, he will not just stop loving her, but will first try to clarify all his doubts.”

He also mentioned, “Although in his mind, he would really want to understand and accept her past, but it’s really not easy for him to forget them. If he accepts her past, then he would have to consider about bearing the pain every day. If it were me, I wouldn’t accept it. I think it’s rather difficult.”

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[NEWS] 110707 JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Drama Protect The Boss Begins Filming!

Photo Credit: SBS via Daum

Filming for JYJ‘s Jaejoong‘s upcoming drama, Protect The Boss (formally The Last Secretary), is officially underway.

So far, SBS has revealed photos of the cast’s first script reading, the drama teaser shoot, and stills from the first episode.

Netizens were particularly intrigued by still shots of Choi Kang Hee at various interviews. According to drama reps, in the first episode Choi Kang Hee’s character, Noh Eun Seol, interviews at a whopping ten places before she is hired by Cha Muwon, played by Jaejoong.

The photos show a serious Jaejoong sitting on the interview panel and Choi Kang Hee being a 4-D interviewee. (Who shows off their martial arts skills at an interview for a huge firm?!) After being asked “What are you good at?” she sings and dances to “Twinkle Twinkle” by Girls’ Day.

I suppose it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy without some really awkward first impressions, now would it?

Protect The Boss is about Noh Eun Seol, who gets a job as a secretary and gets caught in a love triangle between her boss, the immature heir to the company, Cha Jiheon (played by heartthrob actor Ji Sung) and his oh-so-perfect cousin/rival Cha Muwon.

Protect The Boss will begin airing on August 3, after the conclusion of City Hunter.

Check out more stills and promo photos below:
Cast’s first script reading, June 29 Photo Credit: SBS

Photo Credit: SBS

Credit: MTVK
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