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(I received the thank you message for Fukuoka from my friend (≧∇≦))


It was really a long time since we came to Fukuoka… we were delighted to see everyone in Fukuoka in high spirits.
We are happy that we can perform in the evening time, but we have mixed feelings thinking about all of you waiting under the blazing sun. Since it is a very precious time, please enjoy a-nation with all your hearts!
We received power from all of your cheers, and we were very impressed! All the fans in Fukuoka! Thank you very much!! So, see you~

(Changmin, Yunho, and all the Tohoshinki fans who participated….Thank you very much!!)

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Fukuoka a-nation via cellular phone service.

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Q: Do you often sleep with your brother?

A: When we lived in the U.S., we lived in the same room so we would always sleep together. Nowadays, hyung would sometimes come to my room to sleep, saying he’s very scared. I’m the same; when I have a nightmare, I would go to hyung’s room to sleep but come morning, I would get a shock, wondering how I came to be sleeping in a stranger’s room.

Q: What are you and your brother’s sleeping habits?

A: Hyung likes to intertwine his fingers into clothing; he’s had this habit ever since he was a kid. When asleep, he would intertwine his fingers into my clothes. I don’t have any bad sleeping habits. I sleep very closely to hyung and when he’s asleep, I would hitch my legs onto his body, but he would immediately knock them off.

Q: What kind of acting roles would you like to play with your brother?

A: Hyung and I once discussed this same topic over a meal. Playing brothers would be nice, playing adversaries would be nice too. In short, as long as we are acting together, it doesn’t matter what roles we play, it’ll definitely be very interesting and fresh.

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Kim JaeJoong made a special appearance on the SBS “Old School” radio program which was broadcasted on the 27th of July afternoon. It was a live broadcast program and also the first one he participated in after the dispute with SM Entertainment started. As a surprise guest, JaeJoong participated for approximately 10 minutes, whereby he shared his feelings and experiences regarding “Protect the Boss”.

Kim JaeJoong expressed, “Despite the short time, it has been sometime and I want to greet our listeners.” He added, “Everyone, please watch out for “Protect the Boss”.”

He also talked about JYJ’s activities saying, “Right now, we are preparing for our next album. Even though we are not sure about the exact release date, but we will bring to you guys good pieces of music.”

On the other hand, Kim JaeJoong will be acting as the Prince of the Financial World – Cha Mu-won in the SBS new drama “Protect the Boss” which will be airing on the 3rd of August, officially debuting in the Korean drama scene.

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Same talk as first video. KYHD Performance start at 3:42

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Five Fingers appeared on Mnet’s ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST’ and talked about the behind-the-scenes stories of TVXQ’s remake of the song ‘Balloons’, that most Korean citizens have heard at least once.

The group stated, “When TVXQ’s representative contacted us and asked if they could change the lyrics of ‘Balloons’ from ‘yellow balloons’ to ‘red balloons’ to match the color of TVXQ’s fanclub, we said no at first.

They then laughed and said, “We agreed on the condition that we receive 10 signed CDs from TVXQ. We’re grateful because the opportunity was used to remember ‘Balloons’ once more.

On this day, Five Fingers performed ‘Early Morning Train’, which became a hot topic through MBC TV’s ‘I am a Singer’, with YB. Yoo Do Hyun was later heard saying, “It’s moments like this that make me feel proud and honored to be hosting a music program.”

‘Yoo Do Hyun’s MUST’, which held a rock festival summer special, had guest appearances by Actress Kim Hyun Suk, the rock band Baek Doo San and the indie band Mongni.

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Boss’s Choi Kanghee Reveals Photos With Ji Sung – Kim Jaejoong. Mood Maker

The romantic comedy queen Choi Kanghee of the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss is producing photos and is becoming the talk of the town. Protect the Boss, which aired for the first time on the 3rd, is unfolding the story of the newbie secretary Eunsul and the delinquent third generation chaebol Ji Sung. Within two episodes its ratings are nearing 18% (AGB Neilseon Seoul Standard) and is gathering huge popularity.

In a shooting that recently took place in a theme park, Choi Kanghee wearing a cute hair band with leopard prints took photos one by one of the fellow actors and staff with a tablet PC and is gathering the attention of the town.

At the time, Choi Kanghee in the role of the secretary Eunsul had received the order in the drama from Park Youngkyu playing CEO Cha: “Make a plan to make the theme park into a top-ranked one in the Asian region.” Therefore, she was filming in the scene in which she was inspecting the theme park with Ji Sung playing Jihun, a director of the headquarters, and the hands-on staff.

However, it is that she began to take photos of not merely Sohn Junghyun PD but also Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Jihye, and staff whenever she had free time. In particular, she would decide the poses the actors should take, saying such things as “please make a V-sign” and “now, Mr. Ji Sung should hide behind the wall,” and heard from the production crew that “she should become the film director now that she’s at it.” The customers of the theme park who were visiting at the time also enjoyed the scene, saying “the super-young-faced Kanghee is super cute,” and “Kanghee looks like the mood maker of the filming set.”

On the other hand, Protect the Boss which will have the scenes in which Ji Sung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang Jihye do market research in the theme park can be met by the viewers on the coming 10th and 11th at 9:55pm.

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Full Version of Junsu cut in Scent of a Woman
Note: This is an extended version of the 6:30 min version posted earlier :) with the additional dinner date scene! enjoy!

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JUNSU You're just a cutey pie baked by cuteness
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Theirs something about his expression here, like he did something wrong but its so sexy that you wanna hug him... and take photos then make a sculpture of his likeness and put it in your room coz' u don't want to share it with anyone~aigoo jaejoong-ah
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Nice Scans

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