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I totally forgot these, suppose to post these last week ago, at the end of ep 16 off Miss Ripley! Yoochunie in every Episode is so hot this is a Must Post!
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Last week, we reported on KBS’s official explanation as to why JYJ’s appearance on the program, “New Seven Wonders“, was suddenly cancelled. In that statement, KBS argued that SM Entertainment’s SNSD and f(x) were the original performers of the event.

Due to the unceasing uproar of JYJ’s fans, KBS released another official announcement to further clarify their reasoning behind canceling JYJ.

The producer of the show stated on July 28th, “The show was cancelled by the decision of the producers.”

“We received a call on July 15th that SNSD and f(x), who were the initial ambassadors chosen for the program, were eventually able to adjust their schedules for our promotional event.”

“As Jeju is an island, the citizens have a strong desire to experience popular culture, but it’s true that providing such cultural opportunities is limited in Jeju when compared to other cities like Seoul. After receiving confirmations from SNSD and f(x), we believed this program was a good opportunity to bring them performances by big stars.”

He added, “As this show is being broadcast worldwide (72 countries via KBS World), we believed SNSD and f(x) (who toured all the way in Europe recently) would have a greater impact on promoting Jeju for the ‘New Seven Wonders’ initiative. After laying down this judgment, we called JYJ’s agency on July 16th at 9 AM and explained the situation, sincerely apologized, and asked for their understanding.”

He concluded, “The producer of the show holds the authority as to who will perform or be cast for a show, and this decision was made after analyzing which artists would make a greater impact. We are very apologetic for dissatisfying the minds of those who gave their interest and support to this show, and KBS will repay the viewers’ interest with a great Jeju Island special episode.”

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Bunch of Bullcrap KBS, you could've just added them, and not removed JYJ for God sakes They're the Ambassadors! and foreign fans were slightly the main point (besides JYJ) duh!! "Tourist Attraction" The Whole point was to promote Jeju Island Worldwide, not just for Jeju Island residents as pointed with your dumb argument KBS. EXCUSES !!

[TRANS] Yoochun’s 2nd Tio CF

YC: No.. how that happened..
Woman: Ugh, forearm. Ugh, bus.
YC: Hey say something. Oh please I’m begging you.
Woman: Men are all same.
YC: The men are what…!! With her…!! Do you think me in that kind of way? Say something, please!! The age difference between you and me..!! Hey look. This expression a minute ago..! Give me that. That’s not it!!!

(T/N: This is only my guess! This is what i think happened in the CF. Yoochun somehow touched the girl and the woman saw it, so she thought Yoochun was sexually harassing the girl. LOL)

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August is approaching and Lotte Duty Free has released the new August Calendar Wallpaper ^_^
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On 27 July, Park Yoochun’s management said, “Yoochun’s condition has improved considerably. The blisters have become scabs, and are in the healing process.”

On 20 July, after it was made known that Park Yoochun was suffering from shingles, and fans have been very concerned. Then, Park Yoochun was still working throughout the night for the shooting of the drama “Miss Ripley,” and it was revealed that his accumulated exhaustion led to shingles.

After shooting for the drama ended, Park Yoochun has relatively more time to rest while attending his schedules and recording the album. After being released from his “killer” schedule, he finally had the opportunity to recover his health.

Also, other JYJ member Kim Jaejoong will be entering the domestic drama scene with “Protect the Boss,” and Park Yoochun has been giving Kim Jaejoong advice on “How to not sleep and practice while watching out for his health.”

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JYJ’s member and actor Kim Jaejoong expressed his zero desire for the new actor award.

Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts on debuting in domestic drama at the production press conference held on the 27th afternoon at Seoul’s SBS Mu Dong building for SBS new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect The Boss’ (Script by Kwon Ki Young and directed by Son Jung Hyun).

Although he had acting experiences through last year’s Japan Fuji TV’s ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ and acted with Han Hyo Joo in the movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’, but it is his first act in domestic drama and thus had the extraordinary sentiment.

Kim Jaejoong expressed, “It seems that I am starting to have the desire to achieve the new actor award but since this is my first challenge, isn’t it bad to have the thought of getting the award?”, “I have never gotten any other award in school other than the perfect attendance award.”

He continued humbly, “I am working at this as a total new acting experience and therefore I am learning a lot from the senior actors such as Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Wang Ji Hye etc.”

He talked about the difference between acting in Japan and domestically, “Acting in Japan was not done with my native language and on the contrary, my burden was lessened. But with the responsibility of performing well in my native language, I was therefore nervous every time.”

Additionally, Kim Jaejoong received a piece of special acting advice from JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun who acted recently in the popular ‘Miss Ripley’. To this, he said, “Have to practice on not sleeping due to the overnight filming. After the conclusion of this work, I plan to go on a holiday with the members.”

Kim Jaejoong is acting as the composed Cha Mu Won who is the 3rd generation of the conglomerate and his character surrounds the power struggle and involvement with Ji Sung’s Cha Ji Hyun, who is related as first cousin.

He relayed his thoughts, saying, “When I first joined in, I envied the free-spirited and a bit nonsensical character of Cha Ji Hyun.” He continued, “I am still unable to adapt and have to act according to the director’s expressions. The other actors are doing very well and it seems that if I am able to work hard, it will be fine.”

‘Protect The Boss’ which involves Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong, Choi Kang Hee, Wang Ji Hye etc, will be taking over the broadcast timeslot of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘City Hunter’, premiering on the 3rd of August.

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Kim Jaejoong attended the production press conference for the new Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama, ‘Protect The Boss’ on the 27th at SBS’s Mudong Building. He humbly said, “This is my first time watching my own acting through the trailer and the character doesn’t seems to be myself anymore. It is very novel. The editing looks good and the effects are not bad either, but I am still not satisfied with my acting.”

He followed on, “As the skill of acting would continue to improve with accumulation of experience, therefore I am still not satisfied. I think it is because I am still currently adapting to the role as an actor, thus it seems that I should adapt to the filming site first.”

In the drama, Kim Jaejoong acted as Cha Mu Won who is Ji Sung’s first cousin and the financial prince who is in a power struggle.

Kim Jaejoong introduced his character, “Although Cha Mu Won’s character is calm and sincere but he can be warm-hearted at times, and would display his child-like innocence.” He continued to express his thoughts, “The ability to act along the charismatic seniors is my honour. I will learn well and present to everyone a better self.”

Additionally, No Eun Seol who is facing a career crisis became the secretary for the delinquent boss Cha Ji Hyun after much hassle. As the takeover for ‘City Hunter’ broadcasting slot, the romantic comedy ‘Protect The Boss’ will be premiering on the 3rd of August.

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On the afternoon of July 27th, in the Seoul Mokdong SBS Drama Broadcasting Center, a press conference for the drama Protect the Boss (Screenwriter: Kwon Ki Young Director: Son Jung Hyun, first broadcast August 3rd at 9:55 pm) was held. At the press conference actors JiSung, Choi Kang Hee, Wang JiHye, and Kim Jaejoong were in attendance.

Though he is a rookie actor in this drama, Kim Jaejoong is actually a member of the popular group JYJ. His fans were greatly concerned on whether he would participate in the OST for Protect the Boss. In response, Kim Jaejoong has stated “I do have plans to particpate in the OST. However, the number of songs as well as the details are secret!”, causing great curiosity.

In Protect the Boss, Kim Jaejoong plays the Team Leader of the Business Strategy Group. He is cousins with Ji Heon (JiSung) but is very different from [Ji Sung's character], being a Prince in the business circle known for his excellent rules in life as well as never loosing his gentle, calm frame of mind. EunSol (Choi Kang Hee) describes him as a “daddy long legs” character who is more attractive and warm than he is expected to be.

What will happen when the chaebols face off to see who will head the company? The answer is in the pleasantly poignant Romantic Comedy with hints of melodrama as well as social satire. As a follow up to the drama City Hunter, Protect the Boss will air its first episode on August 3rd at 9:55 pm on SBSTV. Also, the first press conference was broadcasted live on-set by SBS Gorealra. You can visit the official site (http://tv/sbs/ to look through the photos that have been uploaded there.

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