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Tohoshinki will appear on the August Issue of Rolling Stone Japan.
Tohoshinki (also known as TVXQ/東方神起) will be the first Korean singers who appear on Rolling Stone Magazine as the cover.
Mika Nakashima (a Japanese singer) first appeared as the cover of Rolling Stone in 2008, and since then Rolling Stone choose professional and talented Asian artists to appear as the cover for Rolling Stone Magazine, now it’s time for Tohoshinki!! ^^

You can pre-order the Rolling Stone Magazine on HMV Japan.

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[The Year's First Half Idol Awards] Best Acting-Dol Yoochun

Sports Seoul has held a survey among about 100 idol group members to pick the best acting-dols of the first half of 2011.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun who is appearing in the MBC Drama Miss Ripley became the best “acting-dol” that idol singers picked. He received praises by challenging himself properly last year at acting with the KBS 2TV drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He drew the attention of the viewers at his first challenge in a proper piece with his calm voice, handsome face, and the tears-acting that did not seem to be that of a rookie. Fellow idol singers evaluated that he is showing off a much grown acting ability through Miss Ripley. He received praises of: “I like the stable and relaxed breathing” and “He pulls off the character well.”

Best Acting-Dol

1) Park Yoochun 36.3 %
2) Choi Siwon 34.5%
3) Hahm Eunjung 27.2%

(Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted)

Source: Sports Seoul
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Jaejoong is a kid who has a warm heart, and so he telephones from time to time to make conversation with me—“Mother, please take care to have your meals properly.”

One day, while we were exchanging texts back and forth, he said: “What kind (of food) do you like?” And so when I sent: “I’ll think about it (and let you know),” he immediately called me to say—“Mother, how do you feel about crabs?”

When I told him “Ah, they are good,” he invited me to an extremely nice restaurant and treated me to a splendid meal.

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Changmin working out so hot!

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QUESTION for Changmin

Q1. Which country did you visit recently?
A1 I visited Waikiki, Hawaii for photo shoot. I felt refreshed in the nice weather and beautiful landscapes. One of our staff members is always saying he want to live in Hawaii in the future, so I’m interested in Hawaii too. It was attractive more than I heard from him. I had time to relax and go shopping.

Q2 . You began boxing last summer. Are you still doing it?
A2 No, I’m too busy to have time to do boxing. But I’m willing to do any exercise because sweating through exercise is a good way of getting rid of stress.

Q3. You have a lot of opportunities to work with hubaes now. What will you do as a sonbae?
A3. Some are younger than me, but most of them are close in age. So I don’t think “I should do something as a sonbae” or “I should talk to them” or something like that. I know I’m a sonbae for the hubaes, but I don’t want to be bossy. I prefer to get along with them as friends as far as they have most basic manners.

QUESTION for Yunho

Q1. Which country did you visit recently?
A1. I went Toronto to appear as a dancer in a movie starring BoA. I met some famous dancers I know only from TV too. They dance well, have good manners and come up with fine ideas. We choreographed a dance together, frankly exchanging views. We got along just fine.

Q2. What sort of impressions did you get from Toronto?
A2. What strikes me is that people are living relaxed in that quest city. The movie crews were also relaxed. I’m almost always working on a busy place, so it was as if I had a holiday. I had a nice relaxed time.

Q3. You are always positive. Are there any moments when you think “I can’t go on any longer”?
A3. I’m a human being, so there are moments when I feel I can’t go on any longer (laugh). But a man should do his best once he has started something whatever the results. I don’t want to have any regrets. I do stick to something to the end to make it a good memory once I have started it.

Source: ELLE JAPON August 2011 Issue
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How do you meet you girlfriend with your hectic schedules?

Changmin: Isn’t there a saying that “Edelweiss that blooms on cliff is especially beautiful”? It’s really difficult till that extent. It’s not an easy task. Even when in a relationship, there are restraints due to my busy schedule. I wanted to be together and hold hands with the girl, but because I unable to do it, it hurt the other party. There are girls introduced by friends and some I naturally met. I have confessed to girl before, we met in a simple encounter.

Yunho has made a heart using candles

Yunho: That’s because I had a quarrel with my girlfriend and thus I prepared this as an apology and made up with her.

TVXQ’s dorm life

Actually, Yunho does not only accidentally treat Changmin’s undergarment as his and wore it, but Changmin’s clothes as well…

Changmin: As for Yunho wearing my pants, I’ve given up on that.

Both of you has your own rooms; is there a time where you will think “Let’s sleep in the same room today”?

Yunho: We didn’t have this thought before, but there are incidents where both of us are really tired and we fall asleep together in the living room.

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JYJ’s world tour, which has finally completed its two month marathon, has been revealed.

The episode of KBS2′s ‘Live News Feed’ that aired on the 28th showed scenes from ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU’, that took place on the 26th at 7pm at the Yeom Joo Gymnasium in Gwangju.

In the interview that took place before the concert, Kim Jaejoong talked about a happening in which he met Park Yoochun by chance at a bar.

Kim Jaejoong said, “Since the Busan concert, I didn’t have a single phone conversation with the other members,” and “But I bumped into Park Yoochun by chance three times.

To this, Park Yoochun burst out laughing and said, “I was tired from filming my drama but I didn’t want to waste the spare time that I had, so I went out for a glass of beer with my friends. But there was Kim Jaejoong, sitting in the bar we had just entered. I was really surprised.”

He continued to add, “The owner of the bar thought that I had come with Kim Jaejoong, who had been sitting alone, so he took us all to his room without even asking.”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun is currently acting in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ while Kim Jaejoong will be taking his first steps into the domestic drama industry with the SBS drama ‘Protect The Boss’. Kim Junsu will be greeting his audience at the Seongnam Arts Center’s Opera House through the encore performance of the musical ‘Mozart!’ till early July.

Source: [tv daily]
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(T/N: “Chaebol” is defined as a family-owned conglomerate, but is used in this context to refer to a person who comes from a rich & powerful family. )

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” has been enjoying high viewership ratings and popularity. In this drama, Jang Miri’s “lies” reflect how a society that focuses on paper qualifications forces her into forging her resume.

Also, playing the male lead in this drama is “Mr. P”, who is an actor-cum-singer in an idol group, and is one of the front runners as a Hallyu star. Due to his participation, there has been more attention on this drama.

In the drama, Song Yoo Hyun is the heir to Mondo Group, which owns resorts all over the world. Song Yoo Hyun has an attractive appearance, tall stature, a rich family background, abilities that surpasses the masses as well as a kind character. For Song Yoo Hyun to be able to express this warm charisma of a conglomerate heir so perfectly, what is his secret? Although his performance as a conglomerate heir is good, but could it be his appearance that makes this performance so outstanding?

When analyzed from a cosmetic surgery angle, he has a natural “chaebol” appearance. Last year, he was also chosen as “the male artist whose face is prettier and gentler than a woman,” making him a hot topic. Without any “sharp edges” on his face, exuding a fashionable city image, his clear white skin and well defined features make him a perfect canvas to portray a “chaebol.”

Due to the role, he is often seen in crisp, smooth suits, and his “straight shoulders”, tall stature and slim figure accentuates the fit of the tailored suits. Also, his polite mannerisms and kind voice, warm and calm expressions etc, are all important elements that enable him to play the role of the conglomerate heir perfectly.

Park Wonjin, from Wonjin Plastic Surgery said, “Slender and gentle facial lines, a fuller upper lip, as well as slightly high cheekbones are elements that bring about a boyish look from a “gentle and small” face. Especially since Song Yoo Hyun’s face is extremely close to the golden ratio of 1:1:1, a small face coupled with well defined features, brings about a modern and fashionable feeling.

Viewers who are immersed in the drama will judge the drama on how well the actors fit the roles that they play. The natural “chaebol” role of Song Yoo Hyun has attracted significant attention and definitely had an impact on “Miss Ripley.” Analyzing the characters’ appearances, images and roles is probably part of the entertainment when watching a drama as well!

Source : [baiduTVXQ + newswire]
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To commemorate the new drama “Miss Ripley” that will be aired on Mnet on 13 August, there will be a special drama preview (episode 1 & 2) for all guests.

Preview Screening Information
Date : 11 July 2011 (Monday)
Location : Korean Cultural Center, Hanmadang Hall (Tokyo, Yotsuya)

Screening Details :
・Miss Ripley– Episode 1 &2
・Actors’ Special Interview Video (Tentative)
※ The interview video is tentative. Please note that there is a possibility that only the actual drama will be screened.

Times : 140mins x 3 Screenings (Tentative)
① 11:00 ~ 13:10
② 15:00 ~ 17:10
③ 18:50 ~ 21:00

Special Gift: Those who participate in (watch) the screening will get a Mnet “Miss Ripley” Original Poster as a present!!

(Ticket Distribution & Other details omitted)

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“After being Park Yoochun’s teacher, he is now instructing Kim Jaejoong on his acting!”

Actor Ahn Nae Sang shares a miraculous fate with JYJ.

According to the TV drama personnel, Ahn Nae Sang is currently instructing Kim Jaejoong on his acting, for the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Protect The Boss.” One of the staff said, “Although Kim Jaejoong has experience acting in tele-movies and Japanese dramas, but this is the first time he is acting in a full-length Korean drama, so he still has a bit of burden when it comes to acting. However, after going through three to four acting sessions with Ahn Nae Sang, he has become more confident.”

Ahn Nae Sang played the role of Sungkyunkwan Professor Jung Yak Yong in last year’s KBS2 drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” and had a teacher-student relationship with Park Yoochun, who played Lee Seon Joon. Therefore, he has become a teacher to JYJ, both in and out of dramas.

Was this set up by Park Yoochun? A person close to Ahn Nae Sang said, “It wasn’t Park Yoochun, but because of “First Wives’ Club” director Son Jung Hyun. Director Son, who is producing “Protect The Boss” had asked Ahn Nae Sang to appear in this drama, but due to his confirmed participation in MBC’s “High Kick 3,” the schedules clashed and therefore his appearance (in “Protect The Boss”) fell through. After that, Director Son said, “Then please help with instructing Kim Jaejoong and his acting,” and that was how it happened.

Ahn Nae Sang, who was thankful to Director Son, as he had become a household name due to “First Wives’ Club” accepted Director Son’s request readily, and this is how he met Kim Jaejoong.

Source: BaiduTVXQ & Sportsseoul
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The JYJ World Tour which had a splendid run of 2 months was revealed. The “Live Information Connection – Entertainment Communication” that aired on KBS on the afternoon of the 28th visited the scene of the JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju that was held at 7pm of the 26th in Gwangju’s Yumju Comprehensive Gymnasium to relay the live recordings.

In the interview that was held before the performance of this day, Kim Jaejoong began with “one day from Junsu I received a text with “Hyung” and 10 exclamation marks” and revealed Junsu’s random appeal.

Kim Jaejoong poured out the deflating story, saying: “I thought that something had happened so I texted him back with “why?” Then a reply from Junsu came that said ‘Hyung, Hyunjoong’s phone number is changed. Tell me what it is.”On this day the members of JYJ also relayed their thoughts after finishing the World Tour. They revealed that they have grown a level through the World Tour, saying: “It was a time that we learned much. We shall work even harder. We felt that we should make more out of our lives.”

On the other hand, JYJ’s Park Yoochun is unfolding an enthusiastic acting through the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley and Kim Jaejoong will step out as an actor for the first time by appearing in the SBS drama Protect the Boss. Kim Junsu plans to meet with the audience until the beginning of July with the encore performances of the musical Mozart! that will take place in Sungnam Art Center Opera House.

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Part I:

JJ: You all came even in such a bad typhoon weather, it must be hard for everyone who came to Gwangju! Then, we heard that there’s a lot of people who were unable to come here. We will work hard for those empty seats, today’s concert will be even brighter! Firstly, members, please say your greetings.

JS: Hi everyone, I’m very happy to see you all. Today is a meaningful day, the long trip for 2010 World Tour will end today in Gwangju. Because we have prepared the handsome stage and performance, and the ability to interact more with everyone is good enough. Just like what was said, even though there’s a typhoon and yet you all came, really appreciate that!

YC: Hi everyone, I’m Yoochun. I’m very happy to see everyone. Junsu’s hairstyle for today is very handsome right? Jaejoong hyung and I, and I personally like this hairstyle of Junsu’s, thus was hoping to see this hairstyle. For the last performance today, Junsu especially styled this hair. Jaejoong hyung, you dyed your hair black for today too, right?

JJ: Yes, ah, erm… yes? Hahaha~

YC: No matter what, yesterday I read the weather forecast for today. This afternoon at 3pm, the typhoon warning was broadcasted right? (I) feel that with everybody’s passion and our hardworking performance, probably the typhoon would not come here. Anyway, (we) would experience the typhoon when we returned to Seoul. Because it’s the last stage today, therefore everyone seems to have came watching, with anticipation and reluctance. Today we said this when we were rehearsing, “Today is the last round,
(we) have to enjoy it well.” Thus we hoped everybody can watch it happily.

JJ: Yes, (today’s) last public performance can be the performance that round things up. And, kehahaha. Everyone has been saying if only our MC section can be longer. We will talk for a very long while today, don’t worry. Firstly, it just started, so we’ll now use our singing to thank everyone.

Part II:

JJ: Thank you. This performance will conclude with this song… I’m sorry to smile and talk at such a sad part. Ah, today is our last stop for the world tour, and also this place is, of course smaller than Busan’s, but because of the support that was not any incomparable to Busan’s, I’m really very happy, We JYJ were very blessed and very thankful. So, the last song that we all knew, and we know that (we and fans) are very reluctant to leave, but it really is the last song. If I were to continue like this, everyone will have to work hard on the internet in the end right? But can it be that it was the world tour’s last stop, our members would like to say a few words, lastly, let’s say our greetings one by one.

YC: Starting from me? Okay, in fact, if we were unable to have a concert, we wouldn’t have the chance to meet everyone, isn’t it? Right? Therefore, with such thoughts, no matter the singles we have prepared, the albums we have prepared, even though it was prepared, there’s no stages for us to perform. There were times of disheartened during productions, there were times like these. But because we debuted as singers, therefore we would want to be happy with everyone again at stage like this, the place that we adored the most. It is more meaningful than any broadcast, than any stage, the place that we loved the most is a concert performance. Due to the worldwide album, we are really thankful to be able to stand at a stage like this, it feels very good. Of course every member is very busy. What is the most important thing, what is the thing that we need the most, we also would want to remember that JYJ is not a normal name only. Hoped that everyone can continue to give us the support. We really hoped to meet everyone with an even more handsome public performance. Thank you.

JS: Today is the last stop for this year, and the last stop for the tour and what’s left is the next song. Although we have stood on many stages, but with the name of JYJ, and to once again breathe in the same place with everyone, it was the most basic to me, but was also the most difficult place. Therefore, our tour for this year was not spreading strength, it’s where we received strength, it would be good if this strength can last us till the end of this year. No matter when, although we have always said this, but we really want to truthfully thank everyone. Thank you.

JJ: So, this is the last song. Our story will continue in the future, and will present with no limits to everyone, a better look, a more suave look. We feel that the road for us in the future will still be endless. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of hurdles to overcome, there are a lot of newcomers too, and (we) also heard a bit about fans ‘climbing over the walls’ (T/N: changed to other idols-loving, i.e.) But, there are not much time, and we’ve aged. Recently, if I did not shave for one day, facial stubble could be seen, if we did not eat for a meal… the belly that did not protrude will also be out, it’s as though we have hit our first phase of andropause.

JJ: First and foremost, our passion and the things we wanted to do in the future that’s yet to be done, now is the ideal we had during preparation as trainees. Through that ideal, we feel that we will be more confident and grow even more. If the heart that believed in us will continue to support us, then we will do it with all our best effort till the end. Is there anyone who is in their third phase of menopause/andropause? Hahaha. Joking. Then… I’m sorry. Created such an ambiguous atmosphere. Firstly, we JYJ have worked hard for the tour, it was hard for everyone too. Presenting to everyone the last song, In Heaven.

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Hello, Bigeast!!

‘a-nation 10th Anniversay for Life Charge & GO! Wider in Jelly’ sales of official goods confirmed!!
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The official goods will be sold at a-nation site, Ehime Prefectural Sports Complex Track Field on the July 30th. You can also purchase from the mu-mo store from July 1st (Fri) 16:00 as well.

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AND, at the a-nation stadiums, in response to the continual request from the fans, we are also selling the Clear File Sets of ‘Why (Keep your head down) Japan Licenced ver’, which was only sold as Limited sales at certain CD stores!!

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・Clear File Set (2 Files) ¥1,000(tax incl.)

Please Look Forward to It!!!!!!

>>>Bigeast Office
sent on 2011/6/29

Source: Bigeast Offical Fanclub Email Letter, June 29th
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Fulfills the leadership/management role in Team 2 of the strategic business unit (SBU) operating under ‘C Corporation’. He is also the paternal cousin of Cha Jihun, who is the immature youngest son of said mega corporation.

Cha Muwon’s mother, Shin Sukhee, is the president of a subsidiary company under C corporation, as well as the sister-in-law of Chairman Cha of C Corporation.

Although Cha Muwon holds the position of Team 2 Manager, in reality, he is the Control Tower of the corporation. Muwon manages both Team 2 and Team 1, which was in fact originally intended to be supervised by his cousin, Cha Jihun. Because Muwon possesses substantial leadership skills and intuitive nature, he handles inter-personal communication excellently. He also holdes himself as a gentleman at all times. He, indeed, is the Prince of the Financial World.

In an attempt to gain more management authority, he secretly set in motion several plans that would set the stage for the power struggle with his cousin. Using his mother’s subsidiary corporation as a vessel, he discreetly utilized funds to increase his shares in the C corporation. At the same time, he roped in a number of shareholders and personnel over to his side. Also a part of the plan is the marriage to his cousin’s first love, Seo Nayun, who is the eldest daughter of ‘P Corporation’ President.

In order to keep tabs on his cousin, he strategically hired No Eunsul. But his eyes keep going to her….

Credits: 山米loveissami
Translated by: JYJ3
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Note: Jaejoong play the role of Cha Muwon

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“Changmin has become able to say what he want to say properly. He looks more biddable than ever”
- Yunho

“The amazing part of Yunho is the strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He never fails to accomplish even very tough goals.“
- Changmin

TVXQ came back with a single CD “Why? Keep your head down!” released last January. This CD sold 231,000 copies only in one week and won No.1 at every Oricon chart. 1,500,000 fans applied for their release memorial event which has a capacity of only 15000. This proved the high popularity of TVXQ. Also, tickets for SMTown Paris were sold out within a day and a protest for an additional date took place. In response to the demand, a concert date was added. Thus their popularity has spread beyond Asia to Europe.

The superstar TVXQ came to Japan for the recording of their new single, which will be released on July 20, 2011. I got a chance to have an interview wit them while they are in Japan. My mission was to analyze a question “Why is TVXQ that popular?” as a sociologist. This is more complicated than it sounds, because each fan has their own reason why they love TVXQ. However, I found out that there are some common perceptions among their fans. Firstly, they are fascinated by Yunho’s amazing dance and fall in love with Changmin’s outstanding high note. Secondly, they are impressed by their “close relationship”. I will search for the answer to the question by focusing on these points.

The TVXQ members, dressed in active-looking costumes, were giving off an undeniable superstar aura, but somehow looked like pure young boys. When I introduced myself as a professor teaching at a university, Changmin said with a wicked look “I envy you” and Yunho said with a big smile “I was a university student until recently”. At the beginning of the interview, I was knocked out by the miraculous coexistence of superstar aura and friendliness, which actually every and all interviewers praise them for.

High professionalism to provide only the highest quality products

First topic was music. Various composers and songwriters have offered them songs, but they compose and write songs by themselves too. “Checkmate” Yunho composed is very popular dance tune. “Confession” Changmin recently wrote attracted public attention with the rich poetry.

Q: Yunho, you compose and write songs, right? Do you have a stock of songs?
Yunho: Yes, I have some songs in stock. They include various genres such as rock and dance tune. Some songs contain a chorus of 2 or more voices. But I’m not satisfied with any of them yet, and want to work on them more before introducing to fans. I’m looking for the right time, for example, soon or at the next tour.

Q: You have a high goal, don’t you?
Yunho: Yes, because I think it is important to create a song that will be remembered forever.

Q: Changmin, you write songs. Where do the ideas come from?
Changmin: Sometimes I write in my diary. I want to keep it on a daily basis, but I can’t because I’m too busy. I read it to write a lyric poem based on my past experiences.

Q: Which diary entry did you read recently?
Changmin: An entry from about 2 years ago. I won’t tell you what kind of the day it was (laugh).

They always keep a stock of new songs and try to refine them before bringing them out. Now we know the persistent efforts they are making behind the great works.

Strong tie of mutual trust and respect

Let’s explore their “close relationship”.

What do they think about each other?

Q: Changmin, have you thought Yunho is great recently? If yes, what is it about?
Changmin: A very strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He has always been very responsible, but recently he became even more responsible.

Yunho: I’m listening while eating (catering sweets) (laugh)

Changmin: When I see him try a new job and accomplish it to the end, I’m so proud of him. Of course, I always believe he can make it, but worry at the same time because I know how much difficulty he is having. The difficulty and pressure he faces must be far greater than others can imagine. It must be very tough. But he never fails to accomplish them. That is an amazing part of Yunho.

How serious look Changmin shows when he talks about Yunho! You can feel that Changmin respects Yunho with all his heart. On the other hand, Yunho kept a gentle big-brotherly eye on Changmin, nibbling potato chips. Again, you can feel Yunho has an inordinate level of affection for Changmin.

I asked Yunho some questions while Changmin is shooting solo pictures.

Q: Changmin has been showing significant growth recently. Are there moments when you think he is still a child?
Yunho: When he makes a mistake, he really wants to apologize. But sometimes he can’t because he cares about what others think (laugh). When I see such a moment, I think he is still a cute child. But he has been grown up. He tended to hold back, just saying “I’m OK, I’m fine” before. But now he says what he wants to say properly. Personally I think this change is good for him because he must feel less stressed. Now Changmin looks more biddable than ever.

As the leader, Yunho keeps a close eye on Changmin’s growth. I believe Changmin could concentrate on his job with peace of mind because someone who really understands and cares about him is always there.

What Yunho think makes an ideal man?

Yunho is the dance king. His powerful but lithe movement touches the souls of all who see it. In fact, many people are attracted by Yunho and start dance. I asked Yunho, one of the greatest dancers in history, about how to dance well.

Yunho: I think the most important thing for dancers as well as singers is to know themselves. There are angles that make dancers look beautiful, and they vary person to person. There is a “line” that suits your figure. You need to find the line by checking yourself in front of a mirror. Check which line makes you look best. The ability to find the line a “feel”. If you have a real feel for dance, you can improve yourself quickly even if you can do only easy dance at the beginning.

Yunho’s splendid dance skill is based on his dance philosophy developed through the experiences. “To know yourself” well said. He analyzes not only Changmin but also himself. I asked one more question related to a mirror.

Q: When you look in a mirror, do you sometime think yourself good-looking?
Yunho: hahaha (laugh). Good appearance doesn’t make a real man. The important thing is to do your best to keep your promises. A real man should show his faith in action than words.

Changmin’ secret dream

It is the accepted view in the publishing industry that magazines featuring Changmin sell well. His outlook tends to draw attention, but he is good at smart talk too. He gives a clear and clever conclusion to each question with the rich vocabulary and sense of humor. He wants to try a radio DJ some day.

Q: What kind of program do you want to have?
Changmin: I’d like to have a late-night radio program. The listeners are people who have completed what they have to do for the day and are having a time of rest and relaxation . I will talk in a relaxed atmosphere. If it is a long program, I want to talk without restraint.

Q: Will you play your favorite guitarist Raul Midón’s songs on the program?
Changmin: Yes, I will. Like Stevie Wonder, Raul Midón’s is a blind artist. His guitar performance is extraordinary in a positive way. Of course, his vocal is also great. He is an artist loved by anyone who is interested in music.

Q: Are you practicing guitar now?
Changmin: I want to, but I don’t have time. I want to improve my skill, so will restart the practice some day.

What strikes me is the phase “people who have completed what they have to do”. People who properly accomplish what they have to do are Changmin himself and Yunho. From his concept of an ideal radio program, I can read his desire to support people who continue to make efforts like them.

Activities in Japan

Everyone wants to know about their plan of Japanese activities. What kind of TVXQ will they show us? First of all, I asked about their new single they have just recorded.

Yunho: The title is Superstar. It has a positive message “I want to be your superstar”.

Q: Will you sing the song at the a-nation concerts?
Yunho & Changmin (synchronized): I think we will.

Changmin: This song is just perfect for summer. Fans can chant to the song and we can have a blast together. I’m looking forward to it.

Q: You will be participating in a-nation in Ehime, Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka and Tokyo. You can meet a lot of fans who have waited so long.
Changmin: The a-nation is a meaningful stage for us because it a kind of history of TVXQ’s Japanese activities and a testament to our past efforts. We will work on extra hard because we participate after a two-year absence.

Yunho: The advantage of an open-air concert is easy to communicate with fans. I hope we can enjoy the summer festival together with them. For that, we are preparing our performance.

Q: What are you planning to do in Japan from now on?
Changmin: The details are still being worked out in discussion with staff members. In any case, we hope to release an album as soon as possible because a considerable time has passed since we released the previous album. We are now proceeding with the plan little by little, for example, recording songs.

Yunho: We’re going to try out new genres and show you different aspects of TVXQ. I hope we can offer you a high quality product. We will do our best to deliver a nice new album as soon as possible!

Changmin emphasized “In any case,” and Yunho showed his enthusiasm saying “We’ll do our best!” Once an album is released, they will have a solo tour……. TVXQ fans have a lot to look forward to.

Let’s get back to the mission. Why is TVXQ that popular? I reached a conclusion through the interview. It’s because they continue to work hard behind the scenes, respect and love their partner, know themselves very well and try to support people who work hard. It may be an ordinary answer. Yes, these are ordinal things when you see on a paper. However, if you try to do these, you will immediately know how difficult it is. TVXQ is a superstar because they can do “ordinary things” that look easy, but are actually very hard to do at an above-average level.

Far exceeding our expectations, TVXQ came back gorgeously and gracefully. They will continue to fascinate us forever.

Source: ELLE JAPON August 2011 Issue
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In MBC’s Monday Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley,’ Park YooChun and Lee Da hae’s lovable kiss scene has attracted the viewers’ attention.

During the 10th episode on the 28th ,MBC Monday Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ Yoo Hyun (Park Yoo Chun) received acknowledgement from his father President Song (Jung Yong) for his and Miri’s(Lee Dae Hae) relationship.

From falling in love at first sight with Miri’s outer appearance and to sincerely proposing, Yoo Hyun could not hide his happiness because of President Song’s unexpected gift.

Because of the talkative and lively Miri becoming his daughter in law, President Song has accepted the set of an engagement date.

First President Song grabbed an engagement date while Yoo Hyun took Miri to her doorstep and told her “I think it would be nice if our engagement date was our wedding date” for being apart would be unfortunate.

Afterwards, not being able to hold back Yoo Hyun plants a kiss on Miri’s forehead showing his deep affection.

Source: News Nate
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In the 9th episode of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ that aired on the 27th, Song Yoo Hyun played the piano and sang to propose to Jang Miri.

On this day, Song Yoo Hyun calls Jang Miri, who had just finished a special college lecture, to a church and turns on a slide show on a large screen that is filled with pictures of her while he sings and plays the piano.

Jang Miri sheds tears at Song Yoo Hyun’s romantic side and accepts his proposal. But the director’s decision to make Park Yoochun lip sync instead of singing live for the beautiful scene has made many viewers express their disappointment.

On the 22nd, staff of the drama who were present at a filming that occurred at a church in Gangnam, Seoul commented that they created the perfect scene with Park Yoochun’s adept piano skills and emotional voice. As his packed schedule meant that filming would have to occur in the early morning, the staff worried that Park Yoochun’s voice would be too hoarse to sing at such a time but Park Yoochun pulled through by fully utilizing the fact that he’s a singer and sang the OST piece ‘This Empty Place is For You’.

But in the actual drama, Park Yoochun was seen sitting in front of the piano but was never seen actually playing the instrument while the song was played through a BGM. Park Yoochun, who is a singer before he is an actor, had to lip sync for his drama.

Viewers who saw the episode said, “Why did they use the prerecorded OST? I’d like to know the director’s thought process”, “I don’t know why they went old-school and sat Park Yoochun in front of a piano when he’s able to both sing and play the piano”, “The scene could have been more moving but then he lip synced… that completely turned me off,” and “Because he lip synced, it actually got in the way of getting into the scene. It felt like the components of a beautiful scene didn’t work at all. I was disappointed.”

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Ahn Naesang, Continues from Teaching Park Yoochun to Also Guide Jaejoong’s Acting. “Curious Coincidence”

Actor Ahn Naesang (47) is in a curious relationship with JYJ.

According to an (insider) affiliate of the drama scene, recently Ahn Naesang provided guidance to JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s acting. Kim Jaejoong is stepping out on the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that is planned to air in August—Protect the Boss. One affiliate said: “Kim Jaejoong does have the experience of having appeared in a single-act peace (Telecinema—Postman from Heaven) and a Japanese drama (Fuji TV’s Sunao Ni Narenakute). However, because it is his first time appearing in a multi-episode drama in Korea, there were some feelings of pressure with regards to acting. But recently he received guidance on acting three to four times from Ahn Naesang and so came to have more confidence.”

Last year in the KBS2 drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Ahn Naesang played the Sungkyunkwan Scholar Jung Yakyong and appeared in a teacher-student relationship with the Sungkyunkwan student Lee Sunjun, played by Park Yoochun. Therefore, he has come to be in a teacher-student relationship with JYJ in and outside of drama.

Perhaps Park Yoochun was the person who connected the two? A close associate of Ahn Naesang said: “It was not Park Yoochun. [The guidance of Jaejoong] was initiated through the relationship Ahn Naesang had with Sohn Junghyun PD, who was the director for (the drama) Good Wives Club. Sohn PD took charge of Protect the Boss this time around and suggested that Ahn Naesang appear, but Ahn declined because it was difficult to find a time in his schedule because he came to appear in MBC’s High Kick 3. Then the PD relayed that ‘then, I put in your hands (to guide) Kim Jaejoong’s acting.’ That is how it came about.” The drama Good Wives Club is the representative work by Ahn Naesang through which he made his name and face popularly recognized. Out of a thankful heart, Ahn Naesang gladly accepted Sohn PD’s request and came to form this relationship with Kim Jaejoong.

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